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Devon: Checking out the big office while billy’s gone?

Nate: Uh, my power grabs are behind me. Just dropping off some figures to support chance’s pitch.

Devon: Oh, yeah. Now, that music festival is a great idea. And it was a great idea back when you pitched it before, too. Just wasn’t the right time. But I definitely see the value in doing something like that right now.

Nate: Well, I hope you could say the same for billy some. Too bad he came at it so hard.

Devon: Yeah, I actually think he said no to it just because I said yes, if I’m being honest.

Nate: It’s the only thing that makes sense. He’s been pulling for chance in every other way. He’s really taken him under his wing.

Devon: Yeah, tell me about it. He asked if I would loop chance in on all executive decisions while he’s out of town.

Nate: Not the kind of thing you do if you have it out for the guy.

Mamie: Hmm. As far as I’m concerned, billy abbott is just getting too full of himself.

Nate: Okay, aunt mamie.

Mamie: No, no. Shooting down good ideas, trying to add the abbott name to the company? And now he’s just coming and going as he pleases. I mean, didn’t he just go out of town and leave work?

Devon: Yeah, he had personal issues to deal with, but we talked about it. It’s fine.

Mamie: Yeah, well, it’s clear to me he has more invested in the family business. It might be time for us to consider grooming chance to be our ally.

Nina: Sweetheart!

Chance: Hi. Thank you for making time for me on the way to new york.

Nina: Of course! I had to see you. Oh, my goodness. Well, I will just never get tired of seeing you in a suit.

Chance: You wanna pick up my dry-cleaning bill?

Nina: Yes, I will. Absolutely. Because it means you’ve been working in an office and not on a case. Oh, my gosh. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that the only injury you’ll be risking these days is a paper cut.

Chance: Oh, well, don’t be too sure, mom.

Nina: Yeah, well, office politics? You were kind of vague on the phone. Is everything okay?

Chance: Yeah, everything’s fine. I’m just getting used to the new job. You know, a lot to learn. Not just numbers and spreadsheets.

Nina: But you’re still liking it?

Chance: Sure.

Nina: Well, you know, you don’t have to say that just to appease me. If the corporate world isn’t for you–

Chance: Look, the work’s fine. It’s exciting at times, really.

Nina: Well, I can tell something’s got you down, so what? Are you sorry you resigned as police chief?

Chance: Well, let’s just say that c-suite players can be just as slippery as criminals.

Nikki: I am telling you, seth reaching out to me was not as innocent as I thought it was. Jordan put him up to it. I am certain of that. And I have her phone number. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

Victor: Well, then kindly take us through it again, because I wanna be absolutely certain this is not a trap.

Victoria: I agree, mom. We all know how devious jordan is.

Cole: What did seth say exactly?

Nikki: Okay, I met with him today at crimson lights and he kept mentioning this woman, isabel, from our aa meetings. And she used to be a friend of mine and then urged him to reconnect with me. Only I don’t know anybody named isabel.

Cole: And she– she matches jordan’s description?

Nikki: Well, not the way he described her, but she does like disguises, so I don’t know.

Victor: Sweetheart, that’s exactly why I don’t want you to leave the ranch. That seth guy could have led jordan right to you.

Nikki: But he didn’T. And since I told him I don’t know any isabel, he is as suspicious as I am.

Cole: Does he know where this isabel or jordan, does he know where she’s staying? Because if so, we’ll just call the cops and have them check it out.

Nikki: He just said that she approached him at a bar. He didn’t say which one.

Seth: Two more for the road. Now, tell me, what is the real story with you and nikki?

Jordan: I– I– I– I can’t believe that she said that she doesn’t remember me.

Seth: Not even a glimmer.

Jordan: She’s denying that we were even friends?

Seth: She says she’s never known an isabel.

Jordan: She hates me that much. I have let her down that much.

Seth: No, no, no. Maybe she just doesn’t remember. You said you guys partied a lot back in the day.

Jordan: Yeah, but this isn’t right. No, no. I– [ Exhales ] I changed my mind. I wanna see her. So please, call. Call nikki. Set up a meeting with her. Tell her that you wanna meet her somewhere private and out of the way, and I’ll join you. I need to look at her in the eyes. There’s no way she could have forgotten me. When you have chronic kidney disease…

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Jordan: I’m sure that once nikki sees me, she’ll recognize me. It’ll all come flooding back to her.

Seth: I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure it will come flooding back. Especially after she sees you out of that cheap wig.

Jordan: Excuse me?

Seth: I didn’t really notice it at first, but it’s kind of obvious, really.

Jordan: You know, it’s rather impolite to comment on a woman’s appearance.

Seth: Hey, cut the crap, isabel. You’re not nikki newman’s long-lost friend. You’re the monster who kidnapped her and forced vodka into her veins. You’re the reason that she fell off the wagon.

Jordan: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Maybe you’ve had one too many.

Seth: Oh, come on. You think a couple of drinks is enough to get an old professional drinker like me sloshed? That’s just another sign that you’re not who you say you are. Yeah, that and that little act of you throwing the drink in the bus car.

Jordan: I don’t have to listen to this.

Seth: You are despicable. You’re not going anywhere.

Nikki: I asked seth to string isabel along to buy us a little time, but I don’t think should wait on this.

Victor: Well, I’m not gonna rely on seth, okay? I’m gonna call my security and the cops, and don’t do anything until I get back.

Victoria: Mom, are you okay? I cannot believe how this woman continues to find ways to get to us.

Cole: It’s outrageous. The fact that she infiltrated your aa group?

Nikki: Well, luckily, I figured out her game before she could do any real damage.

Victoria: Well, let’s hope so, but you still seem really shaken up right now.

Claire: I think I know another reason why nikki’s upset. Me. Having me out of the hospital and living in your home, it must be unnerving. I’m sorry.

Nikki: No, you shouldn’t feel that way. You’re family. You’re welcome here.

Claire: I appreciate you saying that, but there’s no way that you aren’t still furious about what jordan and i put you through. And pretending that those feelings don’t exist, it’s not healthy for any of us.

Nina: Who’s being slippery? No, seriously, I want names.

Chance: Stand down, mom, all right? It’s nothing like that, but I do feel like I’m caught in some sort of power play between billy and devon.

Nina: Over what? It seems like they both have plenty of power there.

Chance: Yeah, well, I think devon resents that jill brought billy into a high-level position without consulting him.

Nina: They’ve worked together in the past. I mean, why do you say that?

Chance: Well, you know how billy’s been mentoring me?

Nina: Yeah, yeah, you said it was going good.

Chance: Yeah, it has. I was a little hesitant at first, but he’s been great. He’s been showing me the ropes. He’s invited me to meetings. He’s answering my questions. It’s good. The other day, I pitched this pretty big idea, right? And devon liked it.

Nina: Good.

Chance: Well, it was, until billy saw that devon showed interest. And then billy had this, like, about face. You know, he basically dismissed my proposal right there, right in front of everyone.

Nina: Oh, that was pretty rotten of him. Must have stung.

Chance: Well, it’s not the rejection I’m worried about. I don’t care. You know, I nearly died in the field. I mean, I can handle somebody turning down my proposal. I just don’t wanna be used. I don’t wanna be a pawn in whatever this is brewing between the two.

Nina: Can you talk to billy about it?

Chance: I tried. And he denied it all. And get this. He just left town on a personal matter. Made me his eyes and ears.

Nina: So, he shoots down your idea and then wants you to report back to him?

Chance: Puts me right in the middle. I feel like I’m working undercover again. You know, I’m spying on the people I’m supposed to be in with.

Nina: So, what do you want to happen here?

Chance: I gotta figure out how to play this, you know? I guarantee this isn’t the last time somebody asked me to pick sides.

Nina: You know, you don’t have to stay there if you don’t want to.

Chance: Whoa. That’s a 180. What happened? I thought you liked me in the suit.

Nina: No, I love the suit. Keep the suit. Just, um, leave the job if you need to. I mean, believe me, I want you behind a desk. I don’t want you in the field. But there are other places that you can do that. I want you safe and I want you happy. Just because your name is chancellor doesn’t mean you have to work there. I mean, it’s your birthright, but the choice has to be yours.

Chance: Yeah, I guess you’re right. I could always leave. Or I could stay. Turn things to my advantage.

Devon: I don’t think it’s a good idea to use chance as part of some backroom maneuver.

Mamie: Billy and jill don’t have any qualms with it. It is very clear that they’re grooming him.

Nate: He’s a chancellor. It makes sense.

Devon: I understand that, but there’s enough tension as it is between me and billy without using chance as a pawn. And I like chance and his ideas.

Mamie: Well, then all the more reason to have him on our side.

Devon: Well, it doesn’t help when you talk about sides like that either.

Mamie: Billy abbott doesn’t belong here, devon. You know that. I know it. I have no doubt that he is scheming how he can wrest more power from you. But you know what? He can’t help it. It’s just the way that he thinks. He’s always been a gambler at heart. He’s always trying to figure out how he can get over on someone. How he can get the better hand.

Amanda: I don’t think it’s fair to say that billy’s the one with power on his mind. Wow. This must be the famous mamie johnson. It is my honor to meet you. (Hamlet) it’s beggin’!

Mamie: Ms. Sinclair.

Amanda: Please, call me amanda.

Mamie: I can do that. I heard that you were visiting genoa city.

Amanda: Yeah, jill asked me to come since she has other commitments.

Mamie: Oh, now, honey, you can be more straight with us than that. She sent you here to spy.

Devon: Okay. Hey, you know what? Nate and I actually have some things we need to go over.

Nate: Maybe we can all get together some other time.

Amanda: No, but I always wanted to meet your aunt. It’s not just anyone who can take on jill abbott.

Mamie: Oh, now, maybe we should go somewhere and get some drinks.

Devon: No, you definitely don’t need to do that, mamie.

Mamie: But I want to, devon. I have a message that I’d like to give to amanda to pass on to her boss.

Amanda: Intriguing. That’s exciting. What kind of message?

Mamie: Call it a proposition. One that might put this imaginary battle behind us.

Chance: Devon and billy, they’re distracting. So, this is a great opportunity for me to prove I’m above all that.

Nina: Oh, I don’t think I like the sound of this. I thought my days of worrying about you were over. It sounds to me you’re putting yourself smack dab in the middle of a fight.

Cole: Listen, we all still have feelings about what happened, but we’ve been working through those.

Victoria: If my mom says you’re welcome here, she means it.

Nikki: But you’re right, claire. Anger doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about what your aunt is continuing to do to all of us. And yes, you are a reminder of that.

Victoria: Mom!

Claire: No. It’s okay. I want to hear this.

Nikki: More and more, when I look at you, I see victoria. Her strength. Her intelligence. And I am determined to get to the point where I won’t think about your aunt when you walk into the room. Because I am not going to let her have that kind of power over me. And I am so pleased that your recovery is such that a judge approved your release.

Claire: Thank you. And I promise you, all of you, I will not make you regret that.

Nikki: This is your home now. For as long as necessary.

Claire: Now, what do I need to do about my aunt jordan?

Jordan: I need some air. You bought me a lot of drinks. Not all of them got dumped.

Seth: Yeah, I was trying to get you sloshed. Get you to slip up, admit something, but you’re tough nut to crack.

Jordan: Fine. You got me. I lied about knowing nikki as well as I claimed. We’re not best friends. But I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Kidnapping? Forcing vodka into her veins? That’s insane.

Seth: Sure is.

Jordan: Who the hell would do something like that? Because it sure as hell wasn’t me.

Seth: Well, there’s an easy enough way to find out. We’ll just go meet with nikki, like you asked, and her husband, victor. And you know what? We’ll throw in a couple of cops for good measure, just in case our suspicions about you are correct. And if you’re telling the truth, then the laugh’s on me. Sound like a plan? Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Nate: I don’t know how much patience I have left with aunt mamie. She is determined to drive a wedge between the chancellors and the winters. Create a problem where there is none.

Devon: I mean, I know she’s stirring things up, but I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say there’s a wedge between us.

Nate: Look, I agree, billy coming on board drew a line that didn’t exist while lily was here. Yes.

Devon: Now, you are right about that, ’cause I never felt like it was us versus them until jill brought billy in. And I do agree with what mamie says about billy. I think that he does want more control and more power.

Nate: Look, I am all for keeping our eyes on billy, but the man left town to deal with personal matters with all this going on. That doesn’t sound like a man on a power-grabbing mission.

Devon: Well, I don’t have a big problem with him taking personal time for himself, but I do think he wants to have it all. And I think he enjoys being able to sit in an office like this and do what he wants to do and leave when he wants to leave. Whereas, you take chance, you know, and it just feels like already, he’s a little more committed to the business.

Nate: Are you saying you think mamie’s right? That we should cozy up to chance?

Devon: No, I’m saying that she’s not wrong in thinking that chance might make a good ally if things get messy.

Chance: Don’t worry, mom. I’m not looking for any trouble. I wanna do just the opposite. I wanna show that I’m the adult in the room, you know? Prove that I actually have the company’s best interests at heart, not my own.

Nina: Unlike devon and billy.

Chance: Exactly. And I think nate’s in the same position. I mean, he told me he was exactly where I am now. Putting out ideas and getting them shot down. So, maybe he’s the one I need to align with. I mean, I doubt he likes what’s going on between devon and billy.

Nina: Ugh, all this talk about alliances. I don’t know. Oh, mamie! Hi! And amanda! It’s so nice to see you. Did you know amanda was in town?

Chance: I did.

Amanda: Yeah, going to chancellor-winters, it’s like old home week.

Nina: Chance was just saying how exciting it is to work at such an amazing company.

Amanda: Yeah, and jill is thrilled to have him, really.

Mamie: Devon and nate are always singing your praises. They said there’s a proposal, too that they’re very excited about. I’m looking forward to what you’re going to do in the future, young man. Well, we’re gonna leave you to your mother and son date you must be so proud. He’s brilliant. Handsome, too.

Nina: I am proud. Thank you so much.

Chance: You all are great for my ego, thank you.

Amanda: Nice to see you both.

Nina: Enjoy.

Mamie: You know, chance is quite a lovely man. I’m actually very impressed with how he and devon work well together.

Amanda: Oh, jill will be very happy to hear you say that.

Mamie: Yes, well, there is history, but adults learn how to let things go.

Amanda: Just like you let go of your old grudge against jill, right?

Chance: That is not good.

Nina: Why not?

Chance: Well, there’s no reason for those two to be meeting alone. Something’s up.

Mamie: What I feel about jill is not a grudge.

Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry. How would you describe it?

Mamie: Why don’t we have our drinks first? We’ll be nicer that way.

Claire: You got me out so I could help. I’m ready.

Victor: You’re right. Now that we have a possible phone number for jordan, it’s time for you to reach out.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re up to it? You don’t have to do this tonight.

Cole: Claire, talking to jordan isn’t gonna be easy. It’s bound to bring up a lot of feelings. I mean, you can wait till morning, get a good night’s sleep.

Victor: Cole, time is of the essence.

Nikki: If jordan is using seth to get to me, she clearly has a plan. Let’s take advantage of her slip-up here.

Claire: I agree. And I won’t be able to sleep anyway, not until this is over with. Maybe a phone call will give us a better idea of what she’s up to, and then victor will make sure that she can never torment us again.

Victor: You bet.

Jordan: Your grip is very strong. You’re hurting me. Please let me go.

Seth: Not unless you agree to meet with nikki and victor.

Jordan: Fine. But the laugh will be on you, so you better get ready to apologize.

Seth: We’ll see. Hey, where do you think you’re going?

Jordan: I’m gonna go get that air that I need.

Seth: Okay. All right, then we will go outside, and we can call nikki together.

Jordan: Really? Really? Is that necessary?

Seth: I’m not letting you out of my sight. Come on, after you.

Jordan: Go on, make the call. I’m looking forward to the reunion.

[ Engine revving ]

[ Jordan grunting ]

[ Car crashing ]

[ Jordan panting ] I would’ve called yesterday. it was just awful.

Jordan: Someone call 911! Oh, my god, there’s been an accident out there. It was just awful. It was awful. I tried to get him to stop and he just said he wanted it over. He wanted it to stop, and then he looked me right in the eye, and he said, “tell nikki newman that I’m sorry.” And then, he just walked right out in front of the car. He killed himself right in front of me.

Claire: Do you have that number?

Nikki: Yes.

Claire: No answer. It’s a voicemail. It says leave a message for isabel.

Victor: Hang up right now. Be patient. We cannot let her know we are on to her.

Cole: Claire, are you okay?

Victoria: You look disappointed.

Claire: I had psyched myself up that things might be finished soon. We could all get on with our lives, but I just wanna focus on the future. I can’t do that until jordan’s dealt with.

Nikki: Amen to that.

Nate: I’ve got to wonder if this is more about you and your need to always be in the middle of some corporate scuffle. Everyone talks about billy jonesing for a win, but maybe it’s you who needs the adrenaline hit.

Devon: Where is this coming from?

Nate: Think about it. First, lily. Then, it was with me, and now it’s happening all over again with billy. Three dierent battles, but you’re the constant.

Devon: I’m the constant. That’s how you really feel?

Nate: I’m just pointing out a pattern.

Devon: Okay. Well, let me point out that on all three of those occasions you just brought up, I was trying to protect the company, and more importantly, neil’s name and legacy. And if you recall, our biggest threat came from you. And then I forgave you and gave you a second chance by hiring you back here, and then you’re gonna stand in front of me and tell me I have an issue?

Nate: I am not trying to turn this into another fight.

Devon: What are you trying to do?

Nate: I just think the best way to protect the company and the winters’ ne is by focusing on the work. Let billy self-destruct. It’s what he does best. And when he does, we’ll be strong as ever.

Devon: And I’m all for doing that, but I’m not gonna turn a blind eye and let us become vulnerable.

Nate: If you wanna know the truth, I think the person we should be most concerned about is in our own family. Aunt mamie.

Mamie: Amanda, I’ve heard some really wonderful things about you over the years, from both devon and nate.

Amanda: Um, well, they both adore you. I’m sure you’re very happy to be spending so much time with them.

Mamie: Yes, I’m very fond of my great niece and nephews. And I’ve just recently come into a really different focus on my life right now. So, you know, family and tradition and legacy, those are all very important to me right now.

Amanda: You know, jill has been saying some of the same things. I think you two are more alike than you wanna admit.

Mamie: Yeah, well, jill and i can both get what we want, but not right now. I am proposing that we have a clear and concise redivision of chancellor-winters.

Amanda: I’m sorry. You want a divided chancellor-winters? You wanna undo the merger?

Mamie: Well, it’s more complicated than that, but yeah, uh-huh. That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s time. So, you know, that’s the message I want you to give to her.

Amanda: With all due respect, jill would never agree. It would undermine and undo all of chancellor-winters advances. It would make leadership look weak and unstable. We would lose all public confidence.

Mamie: Okay, so we don’t do it in any public-facing way. We do it internally. The company remains a united front, but we do our paperwork to create clear internal boundaries. We work independently. We do our thing, you do yours.

Amanda: That would defeat the purpose of the merger.

Mamie: Which ultimately was a failed move.

Amanda: Again, jill would disagree with that assessment.

Mamie: Let’s all just get back to work and stop all of this infighting. Let’s just get back to what we all know how to do well.

Amanda: Hmm. Ms. Johnson, I have to ask, what do you get out of all of this?

Nina: Look over there. There are two brilliant, successful women who could easily be working together, but are clearly at odds. I mean, amanda’s stepping in for jill, right?

Chance: Yeah, basically.

Nina: Yeah, so it’s jill abbott versus mamie johnson. Cue the fireworks.

Chance: Well, that’s the business. That’s what I’m learning, anyways.

Nina: Ugh. All this posturing and politics. Two things I know you hate.

Chance: Yeah, true. But you know what? I do have one advantage. The line between right and wrong has always been clear to me, so if I just stick to my instincts, nobody can mess with me. Hi, I’m sally.

Nina: Well, I guess a corporate battle is still safer than a shootout.

Chance: There has been no blood, so far.

Nina: I just don’t want you to become so disillusioned that you change your mind about this career move. I need you to be safe, but I also want you to be happy. You know, no conflict, no drama.

Chance: Yeah, I know when to engage and when to back away.

Nina: Yeah, well, I know how jill can get when she’s in a fight, and if that’s where this is headed, it’s not gonna be easy.

Mamie: My one and only agenda is to protect my family, and right now, we are worried about jill and billy. When she put him back into position, it just destabilized everything. People didn’t know what their motives were. No. My plan puts an end to that threat and the doubts that it caused.

Amanda: Ms. Johnson, I see your logic and I do respect your motives.

Mamie: Now, you can be certain that jill will assume the worst. So, you be sure to give that idea your blessing when you fill her in on it.

Amanda: I could tell jill that it’s the most brilliant idea in the world, and still, it would be a resounding no.

Devon: Mamie is not the problem, billy is the problem, and the fact that you don’t see that makes me question where your loyalty lies.

Nate: So, we’re back to that, that I am the problem?

Devon: Did I say that? I just said billy is after you just accused me of being the problem.

Nate: I accused you of having a blind spot about your role in creating conflict.

Devon: I see. Well, either way, we’re not getting anywhere, are we? I think maybe we just need to wait and see what this proposition is that mamie has for jill.

Nate: And it doesn’t bother you that she didn’t discuss it with us first?

Claire: I just said I won’t be able to sleep, but now I’m so tired.

Victoria: I know. This day has been so much for you. Why don’t we take you upstairs so you can at least try to get some rest, and we’ll make that call again tomorrow.

Cole: Your mom’s right. Listen, I’m gonna take off too, and I’m gonna check in with you first thing in the morning, okay?

Victoria: I’ll show you to your room. Come on.

Nikki: Good night.

Claire: Sleep well, sweetheart.

Cole: Have a good night.

Victor: See you, cole.

Nikki: It’s a miracle that victoria got her daughter back.

Victor: All the more reason we put an end to this jordan threat.

Nikki: I was hoping I would have heard back from seth with an update.

Victor: Any response?

Nikki: No. What if I’m wrong? I mean, what if this is just a woman named isabel and I forgot about her?

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: I don’t think you’re wrong. What we’ll do is we’ll proceed with my original plan. We will stage a photo shoot in front of victoria’s house. The whole group. That way jordan will think that is where claire lives.

Nikki: Between that and the news item you planted, when jordan sees that claire has been released to our care, she won’t be able to help herself.

Victor: And we have got jordan right where we want her.

[ Jordan panting ] Why don’t you come and join us?

Amanda: It was nice seeing the two of you.

Nina: Oh wait, amanda, why don’t you come and join us?

Amanda: Um, yeah, sure, I will.

Nina: Good. So, I guess you’re meeting with all the heavy hitters at chancellor-winters while you’re in town?

Amanda: Uh, yes. Jill has me taking care of a few things for her, but I am happy to do it.

Nina: And I suppose you know about jill and mamie’s eternal feud.

Amanda: Some. I think I understand it a little more now. There are only two choices when people are that much alike. Best friends or mortal enemies.

Nina: Oh, right? Nailed it.

Chance: I think they actually respect each other and they just enjoy sparring.

Amanda: Yeah, don’t tell your grandmother that.

Nina: Oh, god, no.

Mamie: Oh good, you’re both still here.

Devon: Well, I assume that you came back because you had something to report about your conversation with amanda?

Mamie: I do.

Devon: And was it a business proposition that you gave her?

Mamie: It was.

Devon: So you’re gonna talk to us about drawing lines in the sand and then go send a proposition to jill before discussing with us first?

Mamie: Oh, honey, I was just merely testing amanda out. I threw her a line to see if she would bite.

Nate: And did she?

Mamie: Well, she saw my point of view, but she was sure that jill would just turn me down flat. Oh, well. It would have been nice if we’d been able to hash this out as two old friends, but, you know, this less peaceful way suits me just fine.

Victor: I’m gonna go and make you a cup of tea.

Nikki: Oh, thank you, darling. That’s so sweet.

[ Phone ringing ] This is nikki newman. Who is this?

Padilla: This is officer padilla, gcpd, calling about seth morgan.

Nikki: Has something happened?

Padilla: I’m sorry to tell you there’s been a hit and run. Mr. Morgan didn’t survive.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Padilla: Witness told the bartender he stepped in front of the car on purpose.

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