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I cannot wait to tell youand show you the progress I’ve been makingat physical therapy. Yeah, I’m getting some of my moves back.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, okay. Me too, honey. See you soon. Is trina here?

[ Sighs ] No. No, pop. She went out. I know you’re worried about her, son, but you give trina some time. She’s been through a lot, but it is true what they say — time does heal all wounds. Says the man who oughta know. Did you tell him? Tell me what?

[ Clears throat ] Oh. Sorry. No. Were you praying? Just thinking. How’s my little nephew? We are waiting for the test results. Yeah. Um, but kevin was here with a patient, so, um, he’s with him now. Ace has been so brave. He takes after his grandma. You know something? You can actually be sweet when you want to be.

[ Laughs ] I know your surprise is justified by my behavior, but it still stings just a little. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for the people I love, and there’s no limit to what I will do to anyone who tries to hurt them. Copy that. I’ll be returning to pentonville with the prisoner immediately.

[ Engine revving ] Dex, we’re not gonna get there any faster if you get pulled over for speeding. I’ll keep it to 10 over. Hey. I want to get there just as badly as you do. From what michael said, all hell is about to break loose and he does not exaggerate. It has to be connected to whoever was trying to take sonny out in puerto rico. Yeah, and that means whoever’s around him is in danger. Let’s try this again, sonny. Why are you here tonight? Please don’t say it was because you were setting up a card game with selina wu. Am I under arrest? Is — is ava under arrest? No. Not at this time. Okay. Then we are under no obligation to stay. John: This is a federal investigation, which means I can hold the two of you up to 48 hours without charging you. In fact, I don’t have to hold you at the pcpd. I can have you transported to an fbi facility. Sonny, I know you’ve been to one recently. How about you, ms. Jerome? You might benefit from the experience. You okay with this, anna? He’s threatening to take ava into federal custody. On what grounds? ‘Cause she’s standing next to me? Agent cates has the authority to investigate this case however he sees fit. This has nothing to do with any case! Tell them what it has to do with, jagger. It has to do with karen wexler.

[ Coughs ]

[ Groans and coughs ]

[ Breathing shakily ] Jason — no, no. Don’t talk, don’t talk.

[ Groans ] I’m gonna help you. Yeah, I’m on pier 55. A man’s been shot twice in the chest. Dante. Hey, dante. He just passed out. Get the paramedics here now.

Drew just tucked scout in her bed, and she fell asleep right away.

[ Laughs ] She was exhausted, but she kept saying how she was so excited that she had this birthday party. Well, you can always tell the success of a party by how much cake you find all over the house hours later. Oh, no, no, no. She was telling him that the cake — she loved it, the gifts. And she loved most of all that her dad threw her the party. Aw, after all the time he spent away from her, I bet drew enjoyed the party more than the scout did, right? Oh, he fell asleep reading her “the ugly duckling” for, like, the millionth time, and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. You know, I — actually, I remember that — that was dante’s favorite book, too. You know, I swear to god, I read that book to him so many times, it was like I could recite the thing by heart. I was always trying to skip over the pages to get to the end quicker, and you know what? He always caught me, every single time. Mm!

[ Laughs ] His first little detective work.

[ Laughs ] I love it. Dante’s so brave and solid. I just — I can’t picture in my head. I-I think I always forget that he was a little boy, too, once. Ah, he’s been through a lot, but he’s still that same sweet little kid that used to bring me flowers home from school. I mean, turns out they were mr. Coletti’s prize roses, but I digress.

[ Both laugh ] I love seeing my son happy. I’m so glad he found you. I am so glad that we found each other.

[ Chuckles ] I’m gonna call brick and see if he knows where sonny is. You really think brick’s gonna give you any information about sonny? Well, I’ll try. I’ll explain, and hopefully he’ll understand. Hey, brick, it’s joss. Do you know where sonny is? I — wait. Are you su– yeah. Okay. What is it? I’m looking right now. A police scanner in port charles is reporting gunfire on the waterfront. Authorities are looking to lock down the whole area. It’s gotta be sonny. What are you doing? You’re getting off at the next exit.

[ Scoffs ] Call a rideshare and go home. I’ll call you when I know more. Okay, forget it. I am not leaving you. I’d feel a lot better if I knew you were safe. But we don’t have time to argue about this. Good. Then we’ll stick to the plan, and we’ll go into port charles together. We are investigating attempts on your life and a possible connection to a larger conspiracy. Maybe that’s why the fbi sent you. But that’s not why

you’re here, jagger. Why — why are you calling him that? Oh, back in the day, his name was john. And then it was too ordinary, so he — he needed a cooler name, so he named himself jagger. And he had a girlfriend named karen wexler. I told you to keep her name out of your mouth! Thank you for proving my point. See, he hates me for what he thinks I did to — oh, I don’t think. I know. I had a front-row seat. So why don’t you tell ’em, sonny? You tell them what you did. No, jagger,

you tell ’em. I never claimed to be a saint. Far from it. You know that better than anyone, laura. But I do hope you know that my attempts to change are genuine. You do seem to be trying. Being a part of a family, of — of your family, has filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know existed. And I know I haven’t been trustworthy in the past, but I hope you believe me when I say that spending time with you has made me a better man. I know that there’s goodness in you. I’ve always known it, no matter how deeply you tried to bury it, but… words are not enough, even words quoted from the good book. Then tell me how I can prove myself to you. I can’t do the work for you. You need to figure that out yourself. Okay. But I will say this — I am very grateful to you for tonight, for helping me to get ace to the hospital quickly. Oh, I am so glad that I was there. Me too. I just hope you can keep him away from his other grandmother. Heather webber will be going back to pentonville, so she will not be able to get close to ace ever again. Look s like the warden’s out of patience.

[ Groans ] Time for you to go home. Your cell is waiting for you. Well, but wait. I-I-I’m still in so much pain! Doesn’t the doctor have to okay my release? I don’t know. That’s above my pay grade. I’m just following orders. Oh, but honey, the pain in my hip is really unbearable.

[ Gasps ] You don’t like to see an old woman suffer, do you?

[ Whimpers ] Honey, I am so parched. The — the nurse just left my water right out of reach. Could you pl– please? Right there. Okay, okay, okay, fine. And then we’re out of here. Ah! Come on!

[ Grunts ]

You’ll be fine. Oh! [ Chuckles ] I am seriously out of shape. I need more yard time. Okay. I don’t know why people are so nervous around cyrus renault. I think his radio show is very inspiring. That’s because you don’t know his history in port charles. That man is bad news. I just hope that lightning doesn’t strike the chapel while cyrus is in there praying for that adorable little nephew of his.

[ Scoffs ] Start praying for yourself, cyrus. So, are you saying that portia was on the right track when she suggested that you were misdiagnosed all those years ago? Son, your wife — she is an excellent physician and a very perceptive woman. Your father’s been off his meds for an entire year at this point without any symptoms. It seems obvious that he never suffered from schizophrenia at all. Hmm. Uh, that’s great news. Pop, um, you’ve had this information for a while now. How come you didn’t tell me when you first found out? You had some other things going on in your life, son. And, truthfully, I… I felt like a fool. I ran out on my wife and family, left you and tommy with no father, and all for nothing. I should have handled it all so, so differently. Well, pop, the past is the past. And you did what you thought was right at the time. But you’re here now. Now, I know it doesn’t make up for all those lost years, but at least you don’t have a schizophrenia diagnosis hanging over your head. It feels like I’ve traded one sword for another, since I still don’t actually know what was wrong with me. Well, uh, you want some? I know how much you wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I have been requesting old records and putting together a list of the revolving door of doctors who treated you for schizophrenia. Did you find anything? Actually, I did. I was able to find the signature of the so-called specialist that signed off on your father’s diagnosis. After all these years? Mm-hmm. This is great. Pop, this is great. So now we just — we track down that doctor and we get the answers we need. Pop, I know there’s something you want to tell aunt stella? Thanks. But no thanks. Yes. Yeah. He’s still breathing. Wh– what’s the eta on the paramedics? Okay, well, he can live if they get here in time.

[ Sighs ] Come on, dante, just hold on. You can make it.

[ Siren wailing ] Okay, good. They’re coming. Hey, you can make it. Karen was my high school girlfriend. She was smart. And she was ambitious. And she was beautiful. She was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

[ Sighs ] She repressed the memories, but it… it messed with her emotionally. Enter sonny. See, he owned a strip club called paradise lounge, and he convinced karen that she could empower herself, that she could take charge of her life… by stripping. Did I mention she was underage? Did you know that, sonny? Yeah, I did. Now, I will admit, sonny didn’t force her. He persuaded her. And when she got nervous about getting out there on that stage, he gave her drugs. And then in the end… …you slept with her. That’s the man you’re standing next to, ms. Jerome. And that’s the man you’ve been defending, anna.

30 years ago, I did own a nightclub called the paradise lounge. And it’s true, I befriended karen. She — she was curious about dancing, and I encouraged her, and — and I regret it 150%. And if I — if I had to do it all over again, I would do it totally different. Karen… was abused. And she was hurt and she was acting out. That’s how she made her way to me, because she needed somewhere to go. And I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I was there to help her. By sleeping with her? By giving her drugs? No, by listening to her, by understanding what it’s like to be a young kid, powerless, and you — you can’t stop somebody from hurting you! There’s a lot you don’t know about karen. And that’s the real reason you hate me, jagger. You are like the pied piperfrom hell, sonny. You find these damaged kids and you pretend to save them, when really you’re just exploiting them. That’s what you did to karen! And you did it to stone.

[ Siren wailing ] Dante? Hey, hey. Okay. It’s joss. It’s joss. We’re gonna help you. Someone did a field dressing. Well, we have to do something else. It’s a chest wound. From the way he’s breathing, the lung is collapsed. We need to plug these holes so the lung doesn’t collapse more. Okay, okay. Come on, come on, come on. Wait. Someone’s on the phone. Operator? Hello? Yeah, I’m on pier 55. A man has been shot. No, there’s nobody else here. He’s alone. Yeah, I can hear the sirens. How long until the paramedics get here? They need to hurry. Hey, honey, thanks for sticking around to help me clean up. Yeah, of course. It was the least I could do. After all, you helped throw scout’s party. Aw. The smile on her little face was thanks enough.

[ Laughs ] That and the gigantic chunk of cake I got stashed in the fridge for later. Um, I’m actually — I’m gonna go. Okay. And if scout wakes up, have drew handle her. Uh-huh. I, um… I don’t want to impose on their time together. Well, has that been a thing? I mean, are you — you guys are getting along, aren’t you? You know what? You know what? Ah! Olivia, shut your mouth. Just mind your own business. Just tell me to butt out. No, no, no. It’s okay, it’s okay. Um… no one ever said co-parenting was gonna be easy. Aw. Drew and I had our first disagreement over what’s best for scout. Right. Well, honey, that’s very normal. That’s gonna happen. You know, the stories that I could tell you about me and ned — I mean, two big personalities, and we butt heads all the time about what’s best for leo. But then at the end of the day, you know, talk it out, kiss and make up. Not that — I’m not telling you to kiss drew, but I’m just — no, I know.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I totally understand what you’re saying. I-I don’t want you to think that there’s friction between me and drew, because there isn’T. It’s not like that. Okay. The truth is, ever since drew came out of pentonville, something happened in there that changed everything about him. Well, I wish I could say that i don’t have experience with that, but unfortunately I do. You know, when — when dante came back with the ptsd, it was like he was a different person. You know, after the torture and the brainwashing, it was like — it was like the boy that I raised was just out of reach. I guess we’re really lucky that dante was strong and brave enough to come back to us. Luck had nothing to do with it, all right? My boy went through hell, and I didn’t think there was any way he was ever coming back. And then you came along.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It’s elizabeth. Cyrus: Good news, I hope? Uh, yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

[ Laughs ] Ace has a really nasty ear infection. He’s going to need a strong antibiotic, but after that, he’s gonna be fine. Oh, then my prayers have been answered. Does this mean you get to take him home tonight? Uh, yeah. I just want to fill this prescription while they’re getting him ready to be discharged. Is he old enough for lollipops? Because he probably deserves at least a couple for being so brave, don’t you think?

[ Laughs ] Well, I mean, if not a lollipop, I-I would say that he does deserve some sort of a treat. Ah. You kn ow, I-I really likehow you are when you’re thinking about what’s best for ace. Really, it’s like — like you are — you’re really learning how to be part of a family. Ah. That really means a lot coming from you. Uh, just please, uh, keep me informed how the little guy is doing, okay? I will. Thanks. Ah. Thank you, god.

[ Door opens ] Forget something? Never!

What are you doing here? Uh, what does anybody come to a place like this for? You’re a man of god now. You should know. I’m here to pray. And what do you pray for? An answer. Ah. Well, the lord is always willing to enlighten us. What’s your question? I want to know why a old, lying, bankrupt weasel like yourself gets to go on living while my sweet esme is dead. Does that seem fair to you? Don’t even try it! Oh, poof!

[ Laughs ] Isn’t she a beauty? It’s amazing what you can find in a hospital, the tools they have to fix people.

[ Laughs ] And then… the other things that you could do with them. Ha! Ah. Whoo! I want you to suffer, old man, the way my esme suffered! Stone was my brother. No! Stone was my brother. He was a street kid you took in to run your errands, and when everything blew up with karen, when you were busted for underage talent, stone became your ticket to respectability. You couldn’t be more wrong, jagger. You were lower than dirt in port charles before stone redeemed you. And suddenly you were sonny corinthos, mobster with a heart of gold, philanthropist. Who cares about his criminal record? All anybody could talk about was how good you were to my brother. I loved your brother, and you know that! Maybe you did. Maybe every moment you spent with stone was sincere, but it still worked to your benefit. You’re a shrewd investor, sonny, and this paid off for you in spades, especially with stone’s girlfriend. Robin treated you like a benefactor. She practically canonized you to the city of port charles, and to her mother. That’s the real reason you defend sonny. Because she loves him. Because he was there when stone died. And you weren’T. Are you quite finished, agent cates? So let me get this straight, pop. You don’t want to find the doctor that misdiagnosed you? That mistake cost you your family, your future. It won’t change anything, son. It can’t give me back the years, not the time I lost with irene and you and tommy. There’s no getting that back. My focus needs to be on the life I have now. I thought I made that clear. You did. And I heard every word. But that was your pain talking, the regrets you feel. And I don’t want to add to that. It’s just the opposite, actually. You have been suffering as a prisoner of someone else’s mistake for 40 years! This is your chance to set yourself free. Aunt stella’s right, pop. I know you’re scared, but I will tell you words that you told me when I found myself in this chair. You’re not alone. I miss mom. I miss tommy. But you got me. This is right up my alley. Use my skills. We can pick up the thread aunt stella started, and we could follow it anywhere it takes us, and we can finally put the past where it belongs — in the past. Your son is a smart man. Listen to him, marshall. Pop, let me do this with you, okay? Let me help you — let me help you get these answers. Paramedics are on their way. I can hear the sirens. Just hold on. Who would bandage him up and then leave him? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. Dante! How bad is he? From the amount of blood, it looks like multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. But we haven’t removed the pressure bandage, so we can’t be sure. I can’t find any other injuries. Okay. Uh, paramedics are on their way. I’m not getting a pulse.

[ Sirens wailing ]

Oh, no, I’m still not getting a pulse. Oh, my god. Paramedics have to be close. Okay, chase, take over for dex with putting pressure on the wound. I will do rescue breathing after you do chest compressions. Okay? Come on, dante, stay with us. We need you, man. Come on, dante. We’re almost there. We’re almost there. I cannot take credit for dante’s recovery. Oh, not all of it, no. I mean, he had to do the hard part himself, but… but you were a big part of that, sam. I mean, after everything he went through with the wsb, I’ll tell you, seeing him talk about you — and you guys weren’t even a couple then, by the way — it was the first time I ever saw that spark back in his eye, you know, the old dante. It was the first time I allowed myself to hope that everything might be okay. You never told me that. No, well, I’m telling you now, ’cause I know how happy you make my son. I am so grateful for you. I’m so grateful for your place in his life. I actually feel like the lucky one.

[ Laughs ] Because dante was a bigger man and he was brave and he was able to fight those demons. Yeah. And he got that strength from you. My son was at the lowest point in his life, and he needed something to live for. And falling in love with you

[Chuckles] Was a big part of that. Hmm. So, long overdue — thank you, sam. Thank you for giving me my son back. Come on, dante. Hang in there. The paramedics are almost here. Where the hell are they?

[ Vehicle doors slamming ] Hey, we’re back here! I got a pulse. Oh, my god! Hurry! My partner’s been shot. He’s got multiple bullet wounds to the chest that we know of. We lost his pulse, but we did chest compressions and rescue breathing.

[ Indistinct radio chatter ] The two of you may have just saved his life. Yeah, I hope so. Were you the ones who bandaged him?No, we found him like that. His legs were elevated, and the sweatshirt was tied around him like a pressure bandage. And whoever it was called 911. The operator was still on the phone when we got here. I am here for a job, but the job is not to take sonny down. That’s your job, commissioner devane, and I look forward to seeing you do it. If I find sonny or anyone else conducting a criminal enterprise, then I will use every legal means at my disposal to bring them to justice. Wonderful. Now that you both have declared your mission statements, you can get back to your investigation…[ Cellphone beeps ] …And sonny and I will get out of your way. One second. I have to go see one of the csi personnel. Ms. Jerome, mr. Corinthos, I’m gonna have to ask the two of you to stick around a little longer. How long are you gonna let him drag this out? I’m not letting him do anything. He has a case to work, and he has the authority to work it. After the show he just put on? Cates can’t be objective. He shouldn’t be anywhere near this case.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Excuse me. Oh, I-I have to take this. For what it’s worth, I believe you. What do you mean? About karen. I believe you, that you were trying to help her. Thank you. But cates never will, and an fbi agent with a grudge is a bad enemy to have. We’re in a place of god, heather.

[ Laughs ] Please, just put the saw down. Yeah. I-I don’t think so. I want you to listen to me! And I want you to admit what you’ve done. This little baby — it’s gonna help me make sure that that just happens. My esme came to you desperate and alone, and all she wanted was for you to help her. It — it would have been so easy for you to do that, but you didn’t! Instead, you betrayed her. I know that’s how it looks to you, but I was only trying to prevent — to prevent something bad from happening. Yeah, so you said. But you didn’t! You didn’t! And my little girl died all alone, fighting for her last breath! Just imagine the terror she felt, the sheer panic as she fought to keep afloat as that current pulled her under! I didn’t want that. Nobody did. Oh, how convenient that you say that now that my little girl is dead! But I will avenge her. I’ll avenge her, and I will become the mother to her son that she never got the chance to be. And, unfortunately, you will not be alive to see it. Aaah!

[ Thud ] Oh.

[ Panting ] Oh.

[ Gasps ]

There’s another problem. Just one? Spinelli planted surveillance cameras all over the warehouse, and if the fbi finds them, they’re gonna trace it to spinelli, and they’re gonna confiscate all the footage that happened tonight. Including shooters on the roof. Right. I can’t let jagger see that footage before I do. So they’re gonna detain me here probably like 48 hours. They’re not gonna detain you. You need to get a hold of dean, have him take you to spinelli’s, and get that footage. You’re trusting me?

[ Door opens ] Well, I don’t –[ Footsteps approaching ] Sonny? Yeah. I have a squad car waiting to take us to the hospital. Okay.

[ Door closes ] Dante’s en route to E.R. He’s been shot. He’s in critical condition. You’d do that for me? I’d do anything to help you, pop. But I have to admit, I’d be doing it for all of us. The whole family was affected by your diagnosis for decades. And now, thanks to aunt stella, we got a signature and a starting point. And with your son’s expertise, you should be able to find that doctor and finally know the truth. Mm-hmm. I see. It’s two against one. Talk about stacking the deck. So, um, is that a yes?

[ Laughs ] With my son by my side, I cannot lose. Hitting me over the head was a little extreme, don’t you think?

[ Chuckles ] You could have killed me, laura. You mean, before you killed me? Minor detail. You left me no choice, heather. But I’m glad you’re okay. Now there’s the laura webber that I remember. You were so sweet back in the day. It’s laura collins now. You can take her away. Just make sure they check her out for a concussion. Oh, wait. Oh! She doesn’t look well. I did hit her pretty hard. Do you think something’s really wrong with her? I doubt it. She’s probably trying to escape again. I wouldn’t believe anything that woman says or does.

[ Heather gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Wait! Hold on. I-I-I can’t —

[ Gasps ] I can’t breathe.

[ Gasping and wheezing ] So, can I be a little bit nosy here? And please, please, please tell me just to mind my own business and butt out if it’s too much. But, uh, you know, since you and dante seem to be so happy together, spending so much time together, I don’t know, any chance you’re thinking of making it official? Things are going great between dante and I, but I think we like things the way they are right now. Okay, okay. Fair enough. You can’t blame a mother for trying, though, right? True.

[ Laughs ]

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Hi.Oh, you’re a little late for the party, I think. What’s going on? Um, we just came from the pier. Dante’s been shot. Tell csi to tear this place apart. We need to know if there’s any others like this here. These cameras are state-of-the-art. The surveillance was obviously part of sonny and selina’s plan. I need to know what network these cameras are running on, what’s on that footage, and most importantly, who’s got it.

[ Panting ]

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