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Adam: I’m thinking burgers after this. What do you say?

Chelsea: Well, I– I don’t know. I think, um, I think pizza would be a better bet, right?

Adam: Okay. Well, we got one vote for pizza and one for burgers.

Billy: I like both. I abstain.

Chelsea: So, I guess we need a tie breaker.

Adam: Well, clearly it’s gonna come up to the big man. But before you decide, let me just say, burgers comes with milkshakes for dessert.

Chelsea: This is true. But cupcakes follow pizza. So, that’s a solid choice.

Connor: Am I in trouble?

Adam: What?

Billy: Of course not.

Chelsea: Why would you think that, sweetheart?

Connor: You’re all here at the same time. So, if I’m not in trouble, then maybe you’re here because something’s really wrong with me.

Christine: Well, you were right. I am so glad I made that call. So thanks for the advice.

Nina: Oh, no. Well, thanks for taking it. You know, the only reason danny’s all turned around right now is because phyllis is being phyllis. You just need to sit down with him and talk to him and make him see what’s at stake.

Christine: I mean, I don’t wanna give up on danny. I know this is right for both of us, but for him to say that it’s a competition between the two of us. I mean, I– I have to make it clear to him and obvious that phyllis is the one playing games.

Nina: Yeah, but that’s an intellectual argument. You know, what matters is the heart, the deep emotions, the love, the longing, even the fear and loss. If you don’t force danny’s hand and make him realize that he’s pushing you away, he’s about to lose you for good. This could go on for god knows how long.

Christine: No, no. We don’t have god knows how long. I don’t wanna waste any more of my life because phyllis is a vulture and danny’s too nice.

Nina: Well, this is my point. Good. So, hopefully he’ll call soon. And listen when he does–

Christine: I– I know. Don’t mention phyllis.

Nina: Okay, good. Just focus on the two of you and no one else.

Christine: Well, let’s just hope she hasn’t gotten to him first and scared him away before this reverse psychology plan has a chance to work.

Phyllis: Hey, ooh, abby. Just the person I wanna see.

Abby: Phyllis, what do you want?

Phyllis: Okay. I– I want to rent out your restaurant for the evening. Not just a restaurant, the kitchen too.

Abby: Oh, tonight? Now? Ha! No! Excuse me.

Phyllis: But… how’s that a response?

Abby: How is it not?

Phyllis: Well, we can at least have a conversation about it.

Abby: We just did.

Phyllis: But– but no, no, no, we didn’T. You– you have to let me do this.

Abby: Apparently, you don’t understand because this is my restaurant and I don’t have to do a damn thing.

Phyllis: No, no. You don’t understand. Everything in my life right now is riding on this. (Husband) rock, paper, scissors for who’s on dinner duty?

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Nina: Danny’s not gonna leave town without saying so, without saying goodbye to you.

Christine: I’m not so sure about that.

Nina: What are you talking about?

Christine: Look… as far as danny’s concerned, this isn’t about him and me. This is about me and phyllis. And that might be enough as it is to scare him away. Look at what happened the last time phyllis thought I was coming between them. She tried to kill me, for god’s sake. Danny doesn’t wanna go through that again, and neither do I.

Nina: [ Softly ] I know.

Christine: And if he is already scared, you know, she’s gonna blame me and–

Nina: Okay. Okay, cricket. Stop it. Just stop it.

Abby: Phyllis, I have a sold-out book of reservations, so what am I supposed to do? I’m supposed to call all of those people and tell them to make other dinner plans because you, phyllis summers, of all people has waltzed in here with some hare-brained emergency.

Phyllis: I mean, well, that won’t be effective, of course.

Abby: You think?

Phyllis: You know what, abby, I believe in you. I know you can think of something. You could say, you know, uh, “our kitchen caught fire.” Or, “hey, everyone, our fridge blew up, you know, and all our food is spoiled.” Or, “our entire staff came down with, um, the bird flu or something like that.”

Abby: Yeah. Yeah, phyllis, that’s exactly what I should do. I should tell everyone that our– our kitchen equipment is unsafe and that you could potentially get food poisoning here. Yeah. You have a real business sense.

Phyllis: Okay. I will financially make this worth your while.

Abby: Which is exactly what you should tell the other restaurants in town when you give them your crazy idea. I’m sure they would be happy to take your money.

Phyllis: I don’t want any other restaurant. I want this restaurant, abby. I want yours. That should flatter you enough to do me this favor.

Chelsea: Sweetheart, the reason we’re here is we love you and we know you’ve been having a hard time, so we just wanna figure out why and how we can help you.

Connor: The way you got help?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, everybody needs help every once in a while for something, right?

Adam: Absolutely.

Chelsea: And that’s nothing to be frightened about.

Adam: Yes. Believe it or not, your mom and I don’t know everything. I know, but it is true. That is why we arranged for you to see a specialist.

Connor: What’s she gonna do? Give me a bunch of tests or something?

Adam: All she’s gonna do, she’s gonna ask you some questions. And all you have to do is answer them truthfully.

Connor: What kind of questions?

Billy: She’s just gonna ask you about, you know, what you’re thinking, how you feeling. Get you to open up a little bit so you can feel like yourself. Think about it this way, you know, the more she knows, the more she can help you figure out how to make it easier on yourself.

Alcott: Hello, connor. I’m so happy to meet you. I’m dr. Alcott. Why don’t we go talk for a bit? Oh, I think just one of your parents will come in right now. How about mom? That work for you?

Adam: Are you sure? Because I think maybe–

[ Adam sighs ] No, that makes sense. I’ll be right here buddy.

Chelsea: We got this.

Billy: Maybe we should check and see if dr. Alcott has a spare hour when she’s done with connor.

Adam: What the hell is that supposed to mean, billy?

Billy: You gotta get a handle on yourself, adam. Do you honestly think connor can’t pick up on your attitude? Breathing claritin clear is like…

Alcott: Just to tell you a little about myself, I got my phd in psychology at northwestern university in evanston, illinois. I specialize in cognitive behavior therapy and I’ve been practicing for 31 years. Which is a long way of saying I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve met a lot of wonderful kids. Connor, I want you to know there’s nothing you can say that I won’t understand. So, I’d like to get started by asking you a few questions. That okay?

Chelsea: Remember what we talked about. Everything’s gonna be fine, I promise.

Adam: Who are you trying to impress, billy? Hm? The doctor? Connor? ‘Cause you’re not his parent. You don’t have any say in this.

Billy: Lighten up. Just relieve some of the tension, okay? Maybe put a smile on the kid’s face so he’s not walking in there thinking it’s all doom and gloom.

Adam: You’re here for chelsea. I’m here from my son.

Billy: Yeah. And he’s nervous. He’s afraid. And you sitting there all wound up ’cause I’m here is not helping.

Adam: So in other words, you think you know better than me what he thinks and how he feels? Is that what you’re saying, billy?

Billy: No, it’s not what I’m saying. In fact, it’s exact opposite of that. ‘Cause I can be a little bit more objective. ‘Cause as much as I care about connor, he’s not my son. So, I can pick up on a few things that you’re too upset to register.

Adam: Well, thank you for your insights… dr. Abbott.

Billy: I’m not attacking you, okay? I am 100% here to support connor. And that puts us on the same team, whether you like that or not. I know this can’t be easy on you, all right? If it were johnny and katie in there, I honestly, I don’t know how I would feel. I really don’T.

Adam: The kid hasn’t had a break in his entire life, okay? I was there, I wasn’t there, finding out about johnny, watching what his mom went through, and now this? I mean, I look at him and I see how perfect he is. I– I— I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know what he was going through.

Billy: But he’s here now. You put him in a situation to be surrounded by people that know how to handle this, okay? That’s a good thing.

Adam: Okay. So then, what if the school’s suspicions are right? And what if he does have ocd?

Billy: Then, you deal with it the way that you would deal with any other diagnosis. You find the right specialist, you get the right treatment, and you move forward.

Abby: Society is the only restaurant that you want? That must mean all the other restaurants in town turned you down. Am I right?

Phyllis: You know, abby, I thought we got past the point of hating each other. I really did.

Abby: Phyllis, this is nothing personal. It’s business pure and simple.

Phyllis: No, no, it’s not. Because if anybody else in this town, anyone you didn’t despise asked you for this, you would absolutely say yes.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Okay. Maybe I can work something out.

Phyllis: Really?

Abby: Later in the week.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. It has to be tonight.

Nina: Cricket, you’re letting phyllis drive this thing. This whole fear that danny has about this being a competition between you two and that he’s essentially beside the point.

Christine: Which is ridiculous.

Nina: Yes, it is. It’s ridiculous. So put a stop to it. Just forget about phyllis. Remove her from the equation. Put her out of your mind and concentrate on what you and danny deserve.

Christine: Yeah, believe me. I would love nothing more.

Nina: This is your time. You two have finally found your way back to one another after all of these years.

Christine: Right? It almost makes you start believing in fate again.

Nina: No, not almost. Look, you have to stop inviting phyllis to become part of this scenario. I mean, really, phyllis?

Christine: How could you– inviting? What?

Nina: Well, maybe you’re not opening the door to her, but as soon as she’s there, you are right back at it. You’re lowering yourself to her level.

Christine: I admit she brings out the worst in me.

Nina: Well, she can try, but you let her. That’s a lot of power to hand over to a narcissistic drama queen.

Christine: A narcissistic drama queen who should be in jail.

Nina: I know. She should be in jail. We all know that. But she’s not. Get over it. Cricket, come on. You’re better than this. You’re better than her. You gotta start acting like it. I guarantee danny is not gonna stop seeing this as some game that you’re playing until you stop playing it. Stop dragging her into it.

Danny: Hey.

Christine: Hi.

Danny: Hi.

Christine: Did you get my message?

Danny: Yeah. Um, I– I’m really sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve just been really swamped scheduling some added tour dates.

Christine: Added tour dates?

Danny: Yeah. I’ve moved up the second half of my concert tour, and so I’ll be, um, hitting the road in a couple weeks.

Christine: So just like that, you’re– you’re leaving? Are you really ready to give up on us? You know that feeling of having to re-wash dishes

Nina: I’ll leave you to it. I’ll see you.

Danny: Yeah.

Nina: I’ll call you.

Danny: Take care.

Christine: She’s right. We need to talk alone. Let’s go out here.

Danny: Of course. Yeah.

Christine: I, um, I guess I was afraid that you didn’t call me back because you were surprised to hear from me and you didn’t know what to say.

Danny: Well, um, actually, I… I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I kinda knew you’d call.

Christine: You did?

Danny: Yeah.

Christine: Look, I– I know that you are tired of this constant back-and-forth battle between phyllis and me.

Danny: [ Chuckles ] Tired is an understatement. I am exhausted.

Christine: I’m exhausted too. In fact, I– I’m so exhausted that I’ve– I’ve had enough.

Danny: What does that mean exactly?

Christine: The fact that phyllis is even part of our conversation, it just, it makes me sad. I– it doesn’t even make– it– it makes me furious. What the hell is wrong with you?

Danny: Wait, I–

Christine: Danny, danny, just when I thought that we were almost there, that we were getting back to the place that we both wanted to, you essentially let phyllis come between us. I mean, she can try, but you let her get to you. And if that’s the case, I… I don’t even know how I’m supposed to think about a future between us.

Abby: So, it has to be tonight. What’s so special about tonight? Hm? Who’s the unlucky prey?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s me all over the place. This evil, relentless predator. That’s who I am.

Abby: Oh my gosh, phyllis. I was kidding. Sort of.

Phyllis: You know what? Even if you weren’t, it doesn’t matter. I would never tell you who my prey is because you would just misinterpret it and mock me, make fun of me like everybody else in this town. You know what? Forget it. I rescind my request.

Abby: Oh, great. I’ve already forgotten about it.

Phyllis: Can I have a martini? Three olives, please.

Phyllis: Grazie.

Danny: Prego.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: All right. Mm. Oh, my goodness. That’s incredible. It’s so good. It’s better than I could have ever thought possible. How can I thank you?

Danny: By letting me cook this way for you for the rest of our lives.

Connor: I like to sit in the back.

Alcott: What’s better about sitting in the back?

Connor: Because then no one’s looking at me.

Alcott: You don’t like anyone looking at you?

Connor: No.

Alcott: So, tell me about your favorite part of the day.

Connor: I guess I don’t have one.

Alcott: There’s nothing about school you like?

Connor: Not anymore. I used to like some of it, but it’s a lot harder lately.

Alcott: Why do you think that is connor?

Connor: I don’t know. Just can’t concentrate anymore.

Alcott: Well, that’s interesting. You used to be able to concentrate and now you can’T. Did something change and that keeps you from being able to concentrate?

Connor: It’s the thoughts. Scary ones. All day long and out of nowhere, no matter what teacher’s talking or if I’m in the middle of practice, they keep coming and won’t go away.

Alcott: Like what, connor? Would you be willing to share what some of those scary thoughts are with me?

Adam: When you said earlier that everyone gets help?

Billy: Yeah?

Adam: Did you, you know, for the, uh, gambling addiction?

Billy: I did, off and on. A little more off than on. You know, I tried to white knuckle my way through it because, you know, I’m billy abbott and I gotta be stronger than some stupid self-destructive compulsion. Looking back on that, that was stupid and self-destructive.

Adam: Huh. So in general, you would say that therapy worked?

Billy: Yeah, I would. There was one time that it actually made me crack.

Adam: What do you mean crack? You had a breakdown?

Billy: Maybe a little too much information, so just forget I said that.

Adam: Hey. Kinda too late for that. I mean, you just backed yourself into a corner there.

Billy: Adam, uh, let’s not worry about my situation, okay? Let’s focus on connor here because I think it’s best I try and ease your mind so you can be calm and connect with your son when he walks outta here. ‘Cause the last thing he needs is a freaked out father.

Adam: And the last thing that you need is to expose any more of your weaknesses to a man that you often see as an enemy.


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Billy: Believe me, adam, I have zero interest in hiding myself from you or anyone else. Who I am, who I am not, what I have done, the things that I have been through, you name it, I own it.

Adam: Well, that’s good to know.

Billy: Yeah. I had a breakdown. And I was in the throes of it when I tried to run you down with that car a few years ago.

[ Adam scoffs ]

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, that happened. Thank god for kevin and chloe or I’d be dead right now.

Billy: If I never said this to you before, I will regret that for the rest of my life. And I agree. Thank god for kevin and chloe. They didn’t only save your life, they saved mine as well. I got into therapy right after that and I have been better and stronger ever since.

Adam: Well, I’m glad to hear that, billy. I really am.

Billy: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have the feeling that you’ve reached out for help from a few professionals over the years. Is that right?

Adam: Yes. Yeah, I have.

Alcott: What are some of these scary thoughts that keep barging into your mind?

Connor: Well, like when I eat, I can be really hungry, but then I get scared the food might make me sick.

Alcott: Is that why you don’t eat lunch sometimes?

Connor: It’s not just food either. You can get sick from other things too.

Alcott: Like what?

Connor: Like everything. There are germs everywhere. And germs can make you really, really sick.

Alcott: Have you ever gotten really, really sick?

Connor: No, but that’s because I wash my hands all the time to get the germs off of them.

Alcott: Sounds like a good idea to me. So thoughts of getting sick keeps scaring you. Anything else?

Connor: Lots of things all the time.

Alcott: I’d love to hear what they are if you’d like to tell me.

Connor: The kids are talking about me. The– they’re making fun of me and they’re going to hurt me.

Alcott: Oh, connor, I’m so sorry. I’m sure that’s not true. So, of all these scary thoughts you keep having, what are the scariest ones of all?

Connor: You mean the ones that wake me up in the middle of the night and like, can’t go back to sleep?

Alcott: Exactly. Will you tell me what they are?

Chelsea: It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re doing great. What are the scariest thoughts of all?

[ Connor sighs ]

Connor: That something horrible will happen to my mom and dad and it’ll be all my fault.

Danny: If I’ve ever given you the impression ever that she has taken priority over you, then I am sorry. But– but no. Never. Yes, I– I– I see that she’s changed somewhat and– and I’m supporting daniel and– and I’m supporting her. But she’s taking this and she’s running with it and she’s turned this into a huge competition.

Christine: Which is what I’ve said all along.

Danny: And you were right. I didn’t shut the door in her face. But, I mean, this is on you too. You know, you have been more than willing to engage in this battle with phyllis. This is about beating phyllis and then whoever wins, you get the door prize. Me. And I just come too far in my life to know that I do not wanna settle, and I am not going to get sucked in by anything that’s not real.

Christine: Okay.

Danny: You understand?

Christine: Yeah. Well, guess what? I have never thought of you as a door prize, and I never will. You’re the man I’m falling back in love with. And I believe with all my heart that if you just shut out phyllis’s noise just for a second, you would see that you’re falling back in love with me too.

Danny: I was such a fool to even think that there was a future with christine. My future and my destiny is right here in your arms where I belong.

Phyllis: And I belong right here with you in your arms. That’s the truth. I’m so happy you finally realized it.

Abby: Good. You’re still here. Bipolar 1, I got help to push back.

Phyllis: Yes, I am still here. The humble petitioner throwing herself on your mercy.

Abby: Can you please stop, phyllis?

Phyllis: Yes, I can.

Abby: Okay. Here is what I am willing to do. I looked at the reservations. My last reservation is at 8:30, so if that’s not too late for whatever, uh, thing you have planned, I can hand the restaurant over to you at 10:00.

Phyllis: That’s fantastic. Thank you.

Abby: But you have to pay my staff double time.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. I– I don’t need your staff. Um, my prey, as you call it, um, he’s gonna bring the food, I’m gonna bring the drinks.

Abby: Do you honestly think I’m gonna leave you here alone in my restaurant?

Phyllis: Well, I’m not gonna rob you.

Abby: I don’t know what you’re gonna do. Besides, someone has to close.

Phyllis: Fine. A double pay for your staff.

Abby: And don’t make a mess. No one’s cleaning up after you.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, abby. I just wanna say thank you. Really. You have– you have no idea what it means to me that you changed your mind.

Abby: You’re welcome… I think. Enjoy.

[ Phone rings ]

[ Danny sighs ]

Danny: I’m sorry.

Christine: What’s wrong?

[ Christine groans ] You’ve gotta be joking.

Danny: I– I should have turned the phone off.

Christine: She just doesn’t give up, does she? And what’s this? Um, phyllis can’t wait for what?

Alcott: And when these scary thoughts start invading your mind, what do you do to try to keep them away?

Connor: Sometimes, I count to drown it out. Counting calms me down, but it can only be certain numbers.

Alcott: Why is that?

Connor: Those numbers make it so bad things won’t happen. That’s why I hate math. I have to deal with numbers that aren’t lucky.

Alcott: I can see how that would be hard for you. What are your luckiest numbers?

Connor: Seven. And– and numbers that can be divided by seven, like 14, 28, 70, numbers like that. Oh, you know what else helps me keep the scary thoughts away? Straightening up my room. I do that a lot. My closet too.

Alcott: I see. It’s important for you to keep things in order.

Connor: It’s like the numbers. If everything is exactly right, then nothing can go wrong. It gets rid of germs, which is a bonus too.

Alcott: Thank you so much for talking to me, connor, and letting me get to know you. You’ve been very helpful.

Connor: That’s good, right?

Alcott: It is. And outside, uh, in the waiting room is your father and your mom’s friend?

Connor: Yeah, billy. He’s a good guy. He likes me and I can trust him.

Alcott: I’m glad to hear that. Would you mind waiting outside with him for a while I talk to your parents? It’s nothing bad. Just to get some more information from them.

Adam: That, uh, expose that you published about me a few years ago, you know, “the making of a monster?”

Billy: Yeah. Not my finest moment.

Adam: Oh, well, I probably should thank you for that.

Billy: No. Please don’t do that.

Adam: No, I mean it. When I learned that I had been suppressing the fact that I– I killed a man when I was 11 years old, I got into therapy myself.

Billy: And did it help?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I managed to expose some, um, past traumas that I didn’t realize were still driving me.

Billy: I think we all assume that we can handle the psychological issues that were dealing with, but the truth is, we all need help at some time or another.


Billy: So, how’d it go?

Connor: Pretty good, I guess. Better than I thought it’d be.

Billy: That’s good. What’d you think about dr. Alcott? Did you like her?

Connor: She was nice. She asked me about the things that bother me and scare me. She didn’t act like I was a freak or something.

Billy: Well, you’re not a freak or something, but that’s good. Sounds like you were comfortable with her.

Connor: I was. And you wanna know what else I liked about her?

Billy: What’s that?

Connor: She made it okay to talk. Like I was safe.

Billy: You know, she could only do that because you were brave and honest. I’m really proud of you. Give me some.

Alcott: For a child to come in and relax on his first visit and to open up the way he did, that’s a child who knows on some level that he is loved and supported.

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, we– we love him so much.

Alcott: It’s clear he’s been struggling.

Chelsea: He’s been in so much pain, adam.

Adam: So, um, were you able to get enough information to make a diagnosis?

Alcott: I was. Your son is showing all the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder or ocd is a mental health disorder. I’ll be emailing you both a wealth of information and it’ll be a lot to take in all at once. But for now, I can say that his symptoms aren’t unusual. Invasive thoughts create anxiety and get in the way of connor’s day-to-day functioning. His fear of contamination, germs, illness are overwhelming. His need to arrange things until he feels they’re right, like the objects on my table, he put them in order. And the relief he seems to find in straightening up his room and his closet. The counting, he mentioned. The lucky and unlucky numbers.

Adam: This is what he’s been going through every day?

Chelsea: Yeah. The way he was talking, adam, it’s taking up every waking moment. I mean, it’s no wonder he doesn’t wanna participate in sports and– and he can’t focus in class. I mean, things have been awful for him.

[ Chelsea sniffling ]

Adam: Um, what causes ocd? I mean, is it, um, is it genetic?

Alcott: There are no definitive answers to what causes it. Genetics, neurotransmitters, the environment, all possibilities. But it’s not productive to look for blame, especially self-blame. What’s important is you’re taking the steps that connor needs so he can learn to manage the illness.

Adam: Wait a minute. Manage? Are you saying that there is no cure for this?

Chelsea: No, adam, there is no cure. But we will manage it and we will make sure that connor has the tools to remain the wonderful kid that he is out of pain. And we will get those tools as well. We can’t panic or do anything that’s gonna get in the way of helping connor.

[ Connor sighs ]

Connor: What did she say? Am I really sick?

Adam: You know what? Why don’t we go for those burgers and we will talk there.

Connor: Please, just tell me.

Chelsea: Sweetie, you have something called obsessive compulsive disorder.

Connor: Do people die from that?

Chelsea: No, no.

Adam: And we would never let that happen. And it can be treated. Okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, the way I treat my depression. So we’re gonna learn all about it. You, me and your dad, and, the doctors are gonna help us figure it out.

Connor: Am I going to be okay?

Adam: Yes.

Chelsea: Yes, you are. I promise you.

Danny: You’re right. Phyllis won’t give up unless I stop her.

Christine: You know, not too long ago, your exact words to me were, “I want you.” Remember?

Danny: Yes, absolutely.

Christine: Okay. And did you mean that or was that just something you said in the heat of the moment and now you regret it?

Danny: No. No. No. I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

Judah: All kids have worries. It’s part of growing up.

Melissa: But worries and anxiety can turn into something more.

Mark: And when that happens, it’s time to get help.

Melissa: Talk to your doctor. Treatment looks different for every child.

Mark: To learn more about children’s mental health…

Melissa: Including the warning signs for ocd visit onoursleeves.Org.

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