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cyrus. Thank you for coming. How could I not? This is the first time you’ve invited me to your home. Well, you usually take it upon yourself to just show up, don’t you? Well… uh, do I actually get to come inside, or is the invitation only good for the doorway? Please come in. Thank you. And what precipitated this step forward in our relationship? Well, uh, kevin is with a patient tonight at the hospital, and, uh, ace is sick with a cold, so I couldn’t leave him alone. Any problems? None so far. Alright. Let’s get this over with. Daughter-in-law! Good to see you again! And so soon. So this is where you’ve been hiding. I’m not hiding. I just didn’t want to get coerced into pinning a tail on a donkey. Coerced by a 10-year-old. Losing your edge. Didn’t want you to miss out. Thank you. And, uh, what else do you want? You certainly didn’t seek me out because of our shared love of buttercream. Something happened with lucy. What’d she do now? She asked me to work against you so she can regain control of deception. And why would she think you’d go along with that? Because lucy knows something you don’T. Our arrangements can continue as before. I conduct my operations discreetly, abiding by the agreed-upon boundaries and under your protection… in exchange for which you’ll receive a 10% cut of all profits. The savoy is off limits. If I can get a separate accommodation from curtis ashford… the savoy is off limits. I didn’t realize this negotiation would be so realistic. Alright. You know what? Since we’re here, let’s get down to business. -Nobody move! -Hands in the air! Fbi! Federal agents! Nobody move! Hands where we can see ’em. Looks like we’re late to the party. Man: We missed our window. Ah… I can still get the shot.

I haven’t been completely honest with you. Not liking the sound of this, but go on. I went to maxie and proposed a way to get you out of deception. Do tell. The idea was to convince you that I loved running deception so much that eventually you would take a step back and give me control of deception, including your voting shares, and then I would turn around and give those shares back to maxie.

Brava. That is a scheme worthy of a quartermaine. Treachery. Deceit. Betrayal. You have surpassed my expectations. You might live up to your potential yet. Well, I learn from the best. Look, you only got control of deception because you blackmailed me into bringing you the — the development notes of the deceptor. Lucy stole blair cramer’s idea. She committed intellectual property theft. She brought this on herself. Who cares what lucy did?! You, my own grandmother, forced me to betray my friends! And I hate the fact that I did what you wanted, especially to maxie. Oh, you were just gritting your teeth. You were enduring the time you spent with me. You were pretending to want to learn from me. And dr. Robinson! Boy, I must rate if I get the co-chief of staff to do my examination. I’m honored. There are some things that I would rather do myself than impose on my staff. Oh, I’m sorry if I’m imposing with my injuries. I’ll be outside if you need me. Oh, no. Don’t go! I could really use a friendly face right now, honey. Please stay. Only if it’ll help. Okay. I see that you’re here for an mri and you’re experiencing some hip pain? Ohh! That is correct. I-I am in absolute agony. And I have been, ever since I was attacked and brutalized by those pentonville guards. Are you kidding me? They were trying to calm you down. If anything, it was your resistance that caused your injury. Wait. I was confronting a man that was responsible for my daughter’s death. It was — okay. We need to examine this patient. Do you mind just go ahead and waiting outside for us? Thank you. Sure. I’ll be right outside. Really appreciate that, doctor. It is really nice to be treated like a human being for a change. Okay. Tell us what’s going on. You said that you’re, um — you’re having some hip pain that’s bothering you? Well, it’s just that every time I put weight on my right hip, there’s terrible pain. I went over your scans from the infirmary, and it shows nothing. But I do see you had a hip replacement, what, 20 years ago? Well, yeah. Skiing accident. I was young, fit, wild and free. I had a little run-in with a mogul. And you’re also complaining of a rash that you have on your lower back. Now, how long have you had that? Well, it actually comes and goes. The sheets in pentonville are so rough, and I-I have really delicate skin. Like, these cuffs are really chafing my wrist right now, and it’s putting me in a very strange position, which hurts my hip. Hm. So you think maybe that we could just take the cuff off, you know, for now? Come sit down. Please. I just wanted to talk to you about, uh, what happened at pentonville a few days ago. Mm. I mean, of course, anna has briefed me already on the conversation that you had with the gun dealer, o’neill. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And first of all, I want you to know that I’m very grateful to you that you were willing to go through with our plan. Well, I did it for you. Uh, but as you no doubt heard, we were interrupted before I was able to get any significant information. I can tell you the guy is terrified of some figure he knows only as “stone.” Why? Did he say? Well, this guy has managed to convince the world that he’s dead. Uh-huh. I understand your microphone “malfunctions” in — in the conversation with o’neill. Yes. I was attacked by heather webber. She’s got it in her head that I’m somehow responsible for her daughter esme’s death. Uh-huh. And so that’s how the microphone got damaged in the struggle? How else? You know, I don’t know. I’m just very frustrated that we were not able to get your complete conversation with o’neill on record. So, I mean, would you mind terribly just taking me through it step by step? Do you think I left something out? You tell me. What’s the problem, agent cates? We’re investigating allegations of racketeering and rico violations. This is my warehouse. You’ll find nothing amiss. Well, then I’ll take that as permission to conduct a search. While we wait for a team to arrive, you want to tell me the nature of your meeting tonight? Mr. Corinthos and I are avid gamblers. We’re planning a poker game. Strictly legal, of course. You a poker fan, ava? Texas hold ’em. Play whenever I can. Seems kind of unusual to bring a cadre of bodyguards to a warehouse for a card game. Detectives storm my private residence without any provocation.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

I actually enjoy working with you. It’s surprisingly fun. You’re too kind. Grandmother, I am being completely sincere. You are incredibly smart and freakishly shrewd. Oh. Don’t stop now. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. I am learning so much. And w-while I don’t believe that lucy has committed intellectual property theft, I do agree that lucy’s unprofessional whims have hurt the company. Deception deserves better. And what would that look like? Would it be me? You? Us? I’m not gonna lie. Music is my passion. Why can’t you just accept that? Oh, please. You cling to music like it’s some tatty security blanket. Why will you not allow yourself to do other things? What, like running a cosmetics company? You just said that you enjoy, you’re having fun at deception, and you happen to have the quartermaine head for business. You are not listening to me. This isn’t my dream job! I just can’t picture myself running deception in the long term. Things need to change. Alright. I have a proposition for you. You’re still suspicious of me, after I went against my better judgment and did what you asked. I appreciate the effort you made. Truly. I do. But the fact that your microphone was compromised at that crucial point — that gave everyone pause. Do you think I planned for that lunatic heather webber to attack me? Ugh! I swear on my mother’s life that I accurately and completely relayed everything that gun dealer said. You said you wanted to believe me. That meant everything to me. Why won’t you let yourself?

[ Ace crying ] I’ve got to get the baby.

[ Sighs ] God. I’m gonna check your vitals, ms. Webber. But — but my cuffs. It’s standard procedure for a prisoner to be in handcuffs at all times when they’re at the hospital. My hip is in so much pain. I can’t even walk! I couldn’t possibly escape. Elizabeth: You’ll be going for your mri soon. When you get back, we’ll ask the guard if he can help you get into a more comfortable position.

[ Groans ]

[ Beeping ] Well, you do have a low-grade fever. 99.5. See? I’m sick! And I’m still in major pain. I’m gonna call radiology right now and have them get you in right away.

[ Groans ]

[ Door closes ] Excuse me. That woman was not mistreated by the guards. If her hip is bad, she did it to herself. We’re well aware of heather’s duplicity. We weren’t taken by her bid for sympathy. This whole trip was a waste of time. Everyone is entitled to proper medical care, and so now that ms. Webber is a patient of this hospital, that’s exactly what she’s gonna get. Excuse me. Yes, this is dr. Robinson. I’m sending over a patient. She’s a transfer from pentonville. Can I get an mri of the pelvic region with contrast, please? Mm-hmm. Heather webber. And I need her seen and evaluated A.S.A.P. Thank you. The sooner we get heather to pentonville, the better for everyone. You got a casino in puerto rico, don’t you, sonny? You can fly down there any time you want. Why would you waste your time in this grubby warehouse? I object to your characterization of my property. I’m sure the commissioner’s not trying to be rude. She’s just embarrassed. Am I? Sonny: This raid was jagger’s idea, and he talked you into kicking those doors down, guns blazing. And what did you find? Absolutely nothing!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Indistinct shouting ] -Cover! -Quick! Get under! -Above! -Skylight on the roof. Man: On the roof! You ruined my shot! Let’s go. He’s pinned down. I can still get him. They know the shot came from the roof. Cover’s blown. No, no. Just leave it. Let’s go. Anybody hit? -No casualties here. -All clear on our side. Selina: I’m unharmed. Sonny? We’re good. Okay. They could still be up there. Chase and i will check it out. No, no. Everyone shelter in place. Anna? Sniper rifle. Looks like the position is up in the skylight. They could be waiting for one of us to break cover. No. You know what, anna? We can make it. Shooter can’t see us. Go. Proposition. What do you have in mind? You and I continue at deception. We build it into a cosmetics empire. Wow. Shocker. I’m not done. You’re a creative, right? Ceos are creative. They create a vision for their company, and they organize all the moving parts to see that vision come to life. It’s a different kind of art. Sorry, grandmother. It’s not the kind of art that inspires me. How do you know that unless you try? I want you to experience the thrill of seeing your vision succeed. And when you do… if you still want out, you may leave with my blessing, and I will sell my stock back to maxie and sasha. Lucy gets nothing. Well, I agree with you there. After the way lucy treated you, she does not deserve control of deception. Just another example of how you and I see eye to eye. I’ll sweeten the deal. You can still produce artists on the side, although I think you’re gonna be too busy and too invested and having fun. Do we have a deal? I don’t get it. Why is it so important to you that I run deception? Because it’s something we can do together. You’re a very smart woman. You can do anything you put your mind to. You remind me of myself. And believe it or not, I-I like to have fun. And, brook lynn quartermaine, you are exasperatingly fun. And you’re the future of this family. They’re ready for heather in radiology. Okay.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Ace crying ] Oh, elizabeth! Thank god you’re here. Is everything okay? I’m not sure. Ace is running a temperature of 104. Hey. I mean, he’s had a cold for the past few days. He was just coughing and sneezing. But tonight all of his symptoms got a lot worse and he got really fretful. And as you can see, he’s just burning up. Yeah. Yes. Did you feel him? What is he doing here? I-I was visiting my sister, dr. Robinson. I came out of concern for my great-nephew. Yeah, anyway, um, I know babies can spike a very high temperature, but I just thought it was best to bring him in anyway. Um, is there any way that you could take a look at him? Or would you rather that I just go to E.R.? No, no, no. I-I can see him. Will you be okay with the other patient? Oh, absolutely. Okay. Is that ace?! You! You get away from my grandson! Yeah. Single shot. High-powered rifle. Okay. I want — I want units to cordon off a six-block area around the warehouse… law enforcement’s on the scene. …At 257 water street. No, there’s no casualties. Yeah. I need a csi team here to collect evidence. I’m guessing it’s safe now, huh? Well, we just gotta wait for the all-clear. When did you become so cautious? I’m not worried about myself. All clear. Where’s dante? While on the roof, we observed two suspects approximately 200 yards away, heading toward the waterfront. Detective falconeri told me to secure the scene and call for backup. He’s in pursuit of the suspects. Police! Freeze! Freeze! Do not move! Do not move. Slowly put your hands behind your head. Put your hands behind your head! Do it now! Turn around. I said turn around. Slowly.

What the hell? Jacobs. Leave him. You killed my daughter! I don’t want you anywhere near her child! Guard: Hey! Oh, god! Heather, heather. Calm down, please. You’re scaring the baby. And he’s sick. He needs to be examined. What? He’s sick? You better take care of him, laura! That’s why I’m here, heather. Wait. Is this what you wanted all along? To have ace all to yourself?! Heather, please calm down. I will sedate you. That is ridiculous. Is it?! Then why didn’t you take care of his mother like I begged you to?! Laura, I trusted you! I told you esme’s plans so that you would keep her safe! But you didn’t! And now my baby is dead! Heather, I tried to find esme. I tried, and I just — I couldn’t do it. But do you think I wanted this to happen? I lost my grandson, too. Well, at least there’s some justice. Let’s get out of here. And keep that man away from my grandson! Heather, heather. Calm down. Can you take her straight to radiology, please? And no stops, no matter what she says. Man: Yeah. Now you’re talking, doc. Let’s go. Dr. Robinson… the waiting room is right over there, and you can wait for laura and ace there. I-I’m sorry. I just wanted to inquire after your husband. How is curtis doing? Why are you staring at me? Because you like me. You just said you want to keep working with me. You just said it yourself! I meant absolutely everything I said about you. And, yes… I do like working with you, mostly. Well, we don’t have to work at deception to hang out. Oh, please. Every time we’re together, we talk about work. That can’t be true. We also talk about planning my wedding. Yes, we do. And guess what. You’re getting married. And once you are, we’re back to only having deception in common. We won’t let that happen. Really? Yes. How? Are you gonna take me up on my proposal? ‘Cause I’ve been really generous. I don’t think you can refuse. Alright. I’ll stay. Whoo! For…now. But…my terms are that we make an effort to get to know each other better. Ooh. You drive a hard bargain.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, in the effort of getting to know each other better, what is going on between you and my future father-in-law? Did you ask gregory to the wedding? Chase: There’s an abandoned rifle near the skylight. I could only do a quick search, but I couldn’t find any shell casings. Go up to the roof and wait for csi. Let them be the ones to retrieve the rifle. These guys took out of here in a hurry. Maybe they left something traceable behind. Care to lay odds that the rifle used was one stolen from the cache of the wsb? Fits the pattern. It also means the intended target is almost certainly — sonny! Yeah? Look at your coat! Is that — sonny, that’s a bullet hole. As I was saying, it means the intended target was almost certainly sonny. Looks like your trap worked. Just not the way you thought.

Mr. Renault… I’ve had a very, very long day and I am tired. I don’t wish to have small talk with you about anything, much less my husband. I-I merely wondered — what part of “stay away from me or I’ll get a restraining order” do you not understand? I’m trying to figure this out. Okay. It was five months ago. And since that time, I’ve been living my life as a respectable citizen. I guess I was hoping your feelings might have changed. I’m really trying here. I’m trying to be professional. But you really think that I’m gonna forget that you terrorized me and my daughter in our home? The gunfire. The standoff. And it certainly wasn’t five months ago when you went to ava’s gallery and you approached trina. That was an accident. I didn’t know she’d be there. I was looking for artwork. Well, what did you do when you saw her? Wh– did you leave? No, you didn’T. You stayed. And you actually tried to talk to her? Mm. Yeah. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with heather webber. I — stay away from my child! Don’t ever, ever go near trina again! Do you understand me? I will call the cops so fast, your head is gonna spin. I am truly sorry I’ve caused you this much grief and anger. I-I hope you can find some way to let go of it. You can really drop the charade. Laura’s not here. She’s not here to see this act. ‘Cause I’m not buying it. Okay. Got it. And maybe you’re right. Maybe what I did is unforgivable, but I can’t go back and change it. I — I just hope that one day you can see that I’m sincere. I… I am no longer the wretch who terrorized your family. God has changed me. And my life today is about trying to help others. You want to help? You really, really want to help? I do. Stay the hell away from my family. I think it’s safe to go back. They must have pinned the tail on that damn donkey by now. Oh, no, you don’T. We have a deal in place. And I want the tea. Not just the one in your cup. So spill. What is up with you and gregory? Gregory is taking alexis davis to your wedding. Huh. They do work together. Did you even ask him? I was planning to. I went to the invader to extend the invitation, which is when I found out that he was taking alexis. I mean, they are colleagues. They’re not a couple. Gregory said they’re friends. “Good” friends. Okay. “Friends.” Means there’s still a chance. I am not throwing myself at gregory. Well, according to chase, you don’t have to. What did chase say? Just that you joined him and finn and gregory at dinner and that he noticed that gregory was more relaxed with you than he is with most people, especially now that his als is more noticeable. He also said that he was impressed with the way that you helped gregory without making a big deal out of it. That really meant a lot. It’s not a big deal. People’s bodies change. Sometimes you can’t do things you used to be able to do, so you adapt. And you and gregory obviously have chemistry. Chase said that? Oh, please. Men are oblivious to that sort of thing, which is why you need to be direct with him! Chase? Gregory! You need to tell him that you are interested in seeing him. Put it out there, plain and simple. Okay. Units are en route. Okay. See that ms. Wu, her bodyguard, and sonny’s are taken to the station. You hold them as persons of interest. Got it. Ms. Wu, if you’ll come with me, please. It’s my policy to always cooperate with law enforcement.

[ Selina speaks mandarin ] Hey, cates. What do you got against a friendly poker game? Oh, you’re not helping anyone by stonewalling, sonny, least of all yourself. There have been multiple attempts on your life and at least one on ms. Wu’S. So, you agreed to meet here tonight in order to lure your enemy into making another attempt. So that what — so you could identify them and presumably stop them? That is not your job, sonny! That is the job of law enforcement. So far, your record has been less than stellar. What are you doing here, miss jerome? Well, I’m looking for a card game, like I said. At one point, you were the co-head of the jerome crime family, but that was almost a decade ago. You haven’t been involved in organized crime since. That we know of. Well, the fbi knows quite a bit. It’s unlikely miss jerome’s been targeted. But you have a daughter with mr. Corinthos, don’t you? And you’re currently living with him, correct? Should I call my lawyer, agent cates? Well, you can if you want, but your presence here when the shots were fired puts it completely within our purview to bring you in for an interview. Back off. Ava has nothing to do with this. She does now. Thanks to you. You said yourself sonny was the intended target here tonight, which makes him the victim. You should not be harassing sonny. You should be protecting him! We’re gonna miss the extraction.

[ Dante groans ] Just go to the pick-up spot. I’ll find another way out. Your call.

[ Gun cocks ] Watch your six.

[ Grunts ]

Hm! Thank you so much for changing ms. Webber’s position. She seems a lot more comfortable now. How was everything in radiology? She give you any trouble? No. Just back to her charming self. Well, let me know if anything changes. I’ve still got that sedative.

[ Both chuckle ] Are they keeping ace? No. No, they’re not. The, um, pediatrician on call wants to get an x-ray of his lungs so he can rule out pneumonia, but, um… elizabeth told me I should come sit here for a while because my emotional state was upsetting ace. Oh. Sit, laura. Yeah. Anyway, she’s, um… she’s holding him, and he is — he’s falling asleep in her arms. Hm. Probably reminds him of esme, right? Yeah. How are you? I’m really sorry that heather lashed out like that. I’ve certainly survived worse slings and arrows. I can brush off anything heather webber has to say about me. Ah. Yeah. Well, she is a mother who lost her child… yeah. …So she’s entitled to her grief. She might want to work on how she expresses it. Yes, of course. But, uh, I do sympathize with her loss. Yeah. [ Grunts ] Oh, dear. It’S… are you alright? Yeah. It’s just a twinge. It’S…

[ Breathes deeply ] Is that because of what sonny did? That certainly didn’t help. But, uh, t-the years have left their mark. You know, when I was a kid, I didn’t really care about risking my life or how much damage I sustained. I-I had this idea I was going to get rich and powerful on my own terms… or die trying. Because, really, what kid that age can even conceive of — of their own death, except maybe as a ultimate act of rebellion or the final scene in their own movie? Maybe that’s what happened to esme. Maybe she was so desperate to get her son back, she convinced herself that she was willing to do anything, that she was… that she was willing to die trying. Yeah. And then she did.

[Crying] And she took my spencer with her. I appreciate the compliment and the faith in my abilities. I will take what you said under consideration. Do I still remind you of someone? Oh, that. Maybe.

[ Chuckles ] But you wear your heart on your sleeve much more than I do. That’s dangerous. Well, detective harrison chase has my heart now, so it’s perfectly safe. You surprise me, miss jerome. You’re a change from sonny’s usual defenders. Well, I am simply pointing out that a crime was committed here tonight. An unknown person took a shot at sonny. And instead of trying to apprehend that shooter, you and commissioner devane here are — are questioning him like he’s done something wrong! And I could make the argument that sonny’s obstructing justice by refusing to cooperate in a criminal investigation. All I’ve done is cooperate. You’re the one who broke in here. I didn’t resist. I didn’t try to run away. All I did was listen to your stupid questions. And guess what. I got shot at! Okay. Alright. I understand that you have a history with agent cates. -That’s an understatement. -Fine. There’s no love lost. But I hope you know me well enough to believe that I bear you no ill will. Unless I were to find out that you committed something criminal. Then I would investigate you to the full extent of the law. But I’m not out to get you. In fact, far from it. I don’t want you to die. Well, we agree on one thing, then. Okay. Somebody out there is trying to kill you. And you have to have an angel on your shoulder because I have no idea how that sniper missed you from this range. But do not bet that they will miss you the next time. So why don’t you let us help you and tell us what you know?

[ Footsteps approach ] Okay. Ms. Wu, her bodyguard, and the two corinthos guards are all en route to the station. What are the charges? I’m detaining them. Persons of interest. What about your detective? And do you have an update on his pursuit of the suspects? Nothing yet. Dante hasn’t called. Alright. That’s good. You’re doing good, dante. Just keep breathing. Okay?

[Weakly] Jason… you’re gonna be okay.

[ Groans ] I got you.

[ Wheezing ]

[Theme music]

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