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Devon: So Billy’s going away on a short business trip, and he has provisions for me. He wants me to bring chance in on everything while he’s gone. Even though chance is brand new and can’t make decisions. So, why would he do that?

Abby: But you have an idea.

Devon: I do, yeah. I think that he wants to have a fly on the wall here. So that nothing happens without him knowing about it. Or he’s just flexing his power.

Abby: Wait, do you know when lily’s coming back?

Devon: I don’t. That’s a great question. Which means I have to figure out how to work with Billy in the meantime.

Abby: Hmm. Well, that’s not stressful at all.

Devon: Oh, yeah. It’s just unfortunate, because it makes things a lot less productive around here than they need to be.

Abby: And it’s draining. I mean, I know, I had one of the worst business partners ever in phyllis. It doesn’t get any worse than that. I mean, Billy can’t possibly be that bad, right?

Devon: They’re different. I don’t want to badmouth anybody in your family, but I think that they’re equally bad in their own ways.

Abby: I hate seeing you like this. Is there anything I can do to help?

Devon: No, no. I appreciate it, but this is something that I have to deal with on my own, and I will. I’m actually kind of happy that Billy’s going to be going out of town. Because even with chance in the mix, I think things will run a lot smoother with him being gone.

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Billy: Hey, why don’t you take it easy. I’m not telling you how to be a parent. I made a comment because I’m looking out for Connor.

Adam: You think I’m not looking out for my son? Okay, is this how you plan to console Connor, by insulting his father?

Chelsea: No, we are not doing this. We are not doing this. We are not fighting. We are not wasting precious energy arguing. Remember what Sharon said? We have to take this one step at a time and not jump to conclusions.

Adam: Okay, all I’m saying is we should not take what the therapist says at face value. We should get a second opinion. Hell, we maybe should get a third opinion, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Which is what jumping to conclusions means, Adam!

Adam: It doesn’t.

Chelsea: We haven’t even heard what the specialist has said yet, okay? But we have to listen to the doctor who specializes in this exact issue. And you know what Connor doesn’t need right now? He doesn’t need to feel the tension between you two, fighting and me playing referee. If you both can’t control yourself, then maybe you both should stay home.


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