Days Short Recap Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan got upset that Harris woke up. Ava talked to Steve about wanting Harris to wake up. Steve told her to stay focused about Tripp and Wendy. Ava didn’t know what to say to Wendy’s parents. Chanel had a surprise for Paulina. Lani and Eli showed up at the hospital to see her. Paulina told Lani that her heart’s failing, but she planned on getting better. Clyde talked to Stefan about his people watching him. He wanted him to focus on his number one problem. Clyde told him that Harris woke up. Ava had a video of Tripp and Wendy. She showed it to Steve. Tripp warned Ava not to tell anyone what she knew. He warned her that she’s being monitored and she had to watch what she said to people. Ava told Steve that Clyde doesn’t make empty threats. He makes promises. Steve made a phone call to someone. Abe sent Chanel, Lani and Eli out the room because Paulina was exhausted. He wanted to be alone with her. Stefan told Clyde that Harris didn’t remember him shooting him so he was in the clear. Clyde said he wasn’t off the hook He reminded him that he was supposed to finish the job immediately. Stefan said he couldn’t walk in the hospital and shoot him. Clyde took care of the details. He was certain Stefan couldn’t screw up the plan.

Chanel told Lani and Eli that Paulina might need a heart transplant. Lani couldn’t believe she got married during everything that happened. Chanel explained why she got married the way she did. Eli wanted to know how she was doing. She was trying to be okay in front of Paulina. Chanel believe the twins being in town would help lift Paulina’s spirits. Clyde gave Stefan the instructions on how to kill Harris. He said Harris would appear to have a fatal heart attack. Clyde warned him to do the job and not screw it up. Stefan opened the box at the mansion and had a surprised look on his face. Stefan had the stuff he needed to take Harris out. Steve assured Ava they would find Tripp and Wendy.


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