Y&R Best Lines Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Phyllis: Oh, hey.

Danny: Hello.

Phyllis: Hi. I was hoping to find Daniel here.

Danny: He just took off for a meeting.

Phyllis: Oh, I should know that since I’m his employee.

Danny: Well, I’m sure you can meet up with him over at the*** office.

Phyllis: Oh, no, that won’t do. Um, I just brought him this housewarming gift. It’s a succulent. They tell me you can’t kill them.

Danny: Oh.

Phyllis: Sort of like me.

Danny: Okay.

Phyllis: Too soon?

Danny: Yeah.


Adam: This is good.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

Adam: Mhm-hm. It’s not awkward at all.

Sally: It didn’t even cross my mind.

Adam: I just really don’t want to mess this up. I mean, not that there is anything to mess up. We’re just– just having lunch.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, what could go wrong?

Adam: With us? Everything. Or everything could go very right.

Sally: So, how do we do this whole nondate thing?

Adam: Well, um, I’m gonna have a salad. You’ll probably have a cheeseburger. Rare. And an iced tea because it’s a workday.

Sally: Well, you know me. And you have really thought this through.

Adam: I have. Because this is where we do best. The now. Just you, me, and the daily specials. Not the past, not the future.

Sally: What if I want dessert?

Adam: Oh, dessert is always available.

Sally: Do you really think that we can hit the reset button?

Adam: I’m sure as hell willing to try. And I’m hoping that you are too.


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