Days Short Recap Thursday, February 15, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada told Stefan and Ava that Harris wasn’t out of the woods yet. Stefan wondered what she wanted from them. He let her know they didn’t know anything. Ava wondered if Jada had any leads. Jada told her what she knew. She let Ava know that she was the one who sent him a message to meet at the docks. Ava assured Jada that she wasn’t the one who reached out to Harris. Chad told Everett that someone tried to kill them at the Horton house. He told him what happened at the house. Brady let Kristen know that he’s been seeing Theresa lately. She tried to badmouth Theresa, but he didn’t want to hear it. Kristen wasn’t happy about Theresa has been getting his attention. She thought there was a chance they could get back together. He thought she was certifiable. Ava prayed that Harris would survive getting shot. Sarah was with Xander and she assured him that she believed that he didn’t shoot Harris. Justin arrived at the station to help Xander. Xander was lost so Sarah and Justin told him about the fire at the Horton house. He realized he heard sirens. Stefan followed Ava to the chapel. He didn’t see Ava as the praying type. Stephanie showed up at the police station and talked to Jada about spending Valentine’s Day with their guys. Jada agreed to hang out with Stephanie and her guy.

Brady reminded Kristen about what happened when they were together. Kristen explained why things went wrong with them. Brady wanted to talk about the people she hurt. He reminded her that she raped his brother. Kristen said that Eric forgave her for that. She reminded him that he tried to kill her. He listed the things she did to him. Rachel heard the things Brady said and wanted him to stop talking to her like that. She wanted them to stop fighting. Rachel yelled at Brady and Kristen. Kristen told Brady to leave. Everett realized the article he wrote played a factor in what happened. Chad told him that he had to go after Clyde because of what he did to his wife. Everett wanted to help him stop Clyde. Ava told Stefan how hard it was to stay away from Harris. She wondered if Clyde would go after Gabi and Tripp. He wasn’t sure. Ava didn’t think they would be free of him. Justin questioned Xander about what he did when he went out. Xander explained what he did. Justin said the police would want to see his phone records. He admitted that he received a call about killing someone. Jada went in the interrogation room and Justin wanted Xander out. She showed him the gun. Rachel wondered why Kristen and Brady always had to fight. Kristen tried to make her feel better, bur it didn’t work. Stefan and Ava didn’t want to feel vulnerable. Ava felt like she was supposed to strong and no one is supposed to intimidate her. She blamed herself for Harris being on the dock. Stefan let her know that she wasn’t alone. He would be there for her. Stefan assured her they would get through it together. Jada told Justin that the gun was recovered in Xander’s apartment and it’s the same gun that was used to shoot Harris.


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