Y&R Best Lines Friday, December 1, 2023

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Audra: Look, I think you’re wrong, tucker. I’ve seen the look in Kyle’s eyes. I can tell when he wants something and he wants this, badly.

Tucker: What he wants is his daddy’s approval. Nothing more. And to capture the Abbott white whale, me. Also to push Billy out of the chair he thinks rightfully should be his.

Audra: Okay. Well, if you’re right–

Tucker: I’m right.

Audra: All right then. If you really feel that way, what are we doing here? How is this plan gonna work?

Tucker: We’re gonna use the knowledge to our advantage. He’s so desperate for his dad’s approval, he’ll be easier to manipulate.

Audra: I’m warning you, tucker, you’re underestimating Kyle.

Tucker: You know what? Someone should tell him that about me. Why do you keep sticking up for him and justifying him? Audra, please don’t tell me you’re falling for this guy.


Kyle: I wasn’t here because I had to deal with the electrical issue.

Billy: Oh, yeah. Were you up on the ladder with a voltage meter trying to get the lights turned back on?

Kyle: No, not exactly, but why do you care, Billy?

Billy: Why do I care? I– I– I find it odd that you would, you know, be late on your first day back at jabot.

Kyle: Well, I didn’t realize I was still interviewing for the job.

Billy: Kyle, you were so contrite with jack, insisting that this miraculous turnaround was real. You know, brimming with enthusiasm to be back at jabot. And no, it’s not in the position that you actually wanted, but it’s a family company and now you’re late on your first day.


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