Days Best Lines For The Week Of February 5, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to Johnny)
Chanel: If the devil couldn’t keep us apart, the DiMeras sure as hell can’t.

(to Abe after they made love)
Paulina: Are you asking me to rate your performance?

(about Chanel and Johnny getting married)
Abe: Young love.
Paulina: Old timers’ lover ain’t bad either.

(to EJ when he asked where he was last night)
Stefan: You want to know where I was last night. I was on the corner of shut the hell up and none of your business. That’s where I was.

(to Stephanie about Clyde)
Kayla: He needs to go straight to Hell. He’s already halfway there after what he did to Abby.

(to Stefan)
EJ: When all the dusts settles, I’ll be the one on top while you’re off to jail to become someone’s bottom.

(to Kayla)
Stephanie: I hope I don’t have to marry the same guy four times before I get it right.

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