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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex and Theresa talked about their plans for Valentine’s Day. He didn’t want to do anything, but she said it was her favorite holiday. Tripp and Wendy met with Ava to talk about walking in on her and Stefan. He apologized to Ava for the way he acted. Tripp said Stefan wouldn’t be his first choice for her, but he was going to accept it. Ava was happy that they respected her choice. Kate questioned Lucas for walking around in the dark. He told her she worried too much about him. Julie told Thomas and Charlotte a story about the Horton family. Ava told Wendy and Tripp that Stephanie did a good job helping the Bistro do better. Tripp brought up the drug problem in Salem. Ava said she had a feeling things were going to get better soon. Harris showed up at the pub and asked why Lucas was in there. He made Lucas go upstairs. Alex asked Theresa about her meeting. She said it was good. When she told him Brady was there, he wanted to know why. Harris told Lucas he could have been seen in the pub. Lucas asked if he was getting anywhere. Harris asked if he could hang on for a little while longer.

Alex asked Theresa about Brady being at the meeting. She said he showed up out of the blue. He asked if Brady followed her. She said Brady didn’t know she was going to be there. Theresa said Brady needed the meeting the way she did. Alex asked if she got the support she needed. Theresa said she did. He asked if she was going to another meeting. She said she did and thought he should have read about needed meetings. The meetings helped her feel better. He asked if she was going to meetings for the rest of her life. She said most likely because she had to be vigilant every day. Theresa asked if he would except that about her. Wendy and Tripp told Ava about the treasure hunt they’re doing on Valentine’s Day. Harris told Lucas that the police was doing the best they could. He said the article in the Spectator helped. Lucas said he was the unknown source. Kate was upset that he talked to the press. Lucas said Chad and Everett weren’t going to tell who their source was. Theresa told Alex her recovery was important to her. She said she had to be strong for her son because she felt like she let her son down. Alex said she was a good mother. Theresa said she was a lucky mother because Tate was a good kid. Kate told Lucas she didn’t want him risking his life when she just got him back. Lucas said it was worth it if she saved one life. When Chad and Julie left the living room, a masked person broke in the house. A person with a gun was in the pub. When Harris left the pub, someone shot him. The person with the gun in the pub shot at Kate and Lucas. The person in the Horton house poured gasoline in it and lit it on fire.

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