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Phyllis: Diane.

Diane: Phyllis.

Phyllis: You’re looking lovely. It’s a lovely necklace.

Diane: Well, thank you. You’re looking lovely as well.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Diane: Yeah.

Phyllis: Some people are saying that I have a special glow these days.

Diane: Oh, really? Well, I would love to hear all about that glow. But I’m so busy myself, I’m always almost late for a meeting. I’m sorry to be abrupt.

Phyllis: Oh, no. Nothing you do or say could change my mood right now.

Diane: Oh, well, then maybe this is a good time to tell you my good news.

Phyllis: Oh. Tell away.

Diane: I got a promotion.

Phyllis: Great.

Diane: Yeah.

Phyllis: Good. What are you, head of rubber band balls? Or you got my old position at Marchetti home, following in my footsteps. I love that journey for you.

Diane: Well, actually, my new position isn’t nearly as small as your old division. I’m running jabot. All of it, side by side with my husband.


Phyllis: You’re running jabot with jack.

Diane: Co-CEOs. Does it get any better?

Phyllis: Unbelievable.

Diane: Yeah, I knew you’d be thrilled.

Phyllis: When does karma play a part?

Diane: Oh, I think I’m exactly where I should be.

Phyllis: Well, exactly where you schemed to be when you came back from the dead.

Diane: Oh, my god, we’re not going to revisit the whole back from the dead thing, are we? Talk about following in footsteps.

Phyllis: It’s really impressive, though, because you got exactly what you went for, didn’t you? Jack’s ring on your finger and his company under your thumb.

Diane: For your information, I didn’t scheme to get here. I begged jack to rehire Kyle as co-CEO, but he just insisted that I was perfect for the job, and Kyle agreed.

Phyllis: Through no manipulation of your own, I’m sure.

Diane: You know, your glow seems to have faded. Are you okay?

Phyllis: Oh, it’s definitely not faded, but thanks. There’s actually a special someone in my life who cares for me. It’s a great feeling. It’s so much better than being offered a pity position by my husband.


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