Days Short Recap Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John met with Steve and told him about his conversation with Konstantin. Harris went to see Clyde and told him that he lost five kilos of drugs and lost a dealer. Steve wanted to know why John didn’t tell him about the meeting with Konstantin. He wanted to go with him. Steve reminded him that they are supposed to meet people together. John got frustrated with Steve’s questions. Theresa saw Brady at her AA meeting. He felt like he needed to be there too. John admitted that he made a mistake meeting with Konstantin. Steve agreed with him. He wondered what he told Marlena. John admitted that he lied to her about meeting him. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. Clyde told Harris that he’s been in prison so he didn’t have anything to do with the drug bust. He blamed Harris for the bust going wrong. Harris showed him a phone, but Clyde never saw it before. John told Steve that he demanded that Konstantin tell him about his background. He said he taunted him. Konstantin told him that he had the eyes of a killer so he put his gun on him. He said he was the only who could put a bullet through a man’s eyes and Konstantin told him about a woman’s eyes. Konstantin told him about Katarina. John wanted to know if Steve knew about Katarina.

Theresa was surprised that Brady needed to go to a meeting. Brady told him about the letter he got from Tate. Theresa told him that Tate thanked her for what she did. Brady told her that his letter was different from hers. He admitted that he wasn’t a great father to his kids. Brady needed a fix because he thought about the way he treated his kids. He decided to go to a meeting instead. Sloan let Eric know that she felt like Jude was coming between them. Steve said that he didn’t know anything about Katarina. John suddenly had a panic attack. He calmed down, but he wanted to know what Steve remembered about the pawn. Steve wished he remembered. The only thin he knew is that John wasn’t that person anymore. He had to believe it and wanted John to believe it too. Harris wondered what they would find on the phone he showed Clyde. Clyde told him that the phone would incriminate someone he didn’t want to know about. Theresa wondered if Brady felt anything when she kissed him. She knew she felt something when she did it. Eric wondered why Sloan was upset with him lately. Sloan felt like she was worried about Jude being in the bed with them. She wanted to have sex and didn’t want to wait for him to be grown before they could have it. Eric and Sloan began to make love. Clyde and Harris put each other on notice. He warned Harris that he made a mistake, but he wanted to take his chances.


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