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[Theresa sighs]

God, I just can’t help myself. Every time the s version of “Pride and Prejudice” comes on, I just– I have to watch. I mean, don’t you think it’s just the most amazing love story?

I mean–

How the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth just develops, and how they’re so drawn to each other right from the start, but misconceptions get in the way?

As they often do.



But yet, they grew to understand that judging from first impressions isn’t always the best way to go and that sometimes if you just wait it out and just give the person a chance to reveal who they really are.

Yeah, maybe in the movies, but in real life, I’m not so sure.

Come on, Alex. When you and I first met, I was a hot mess.


And then you– you really took the time to know me. And look at us now.

[soft dramatic music]

You’ve been twirling that same piece of pasta around your fork for the past five minutes.

Yeah, well, it’s not like I have much of an appetite right now. Do we really have to have this conversation with her?

Tripp, we already decided. OK? We can’t keep walking around on eggshells. And besides, it’s out of respect for your mother that you have to– that wehave to talk to her.

Talk to me about what?

I am all ears.




[items clattering] Ow! Damn it! You got to be kidding me.


[dramatic music]

Get out! Get out!

What the hell are you doing? You scared the heck out of me!

What the–

Put the gun down!

What are you doing down here?


Oh, my gosh. I love her little backstroke with all the kicking and splashing.

It’s like she was intentionally trying to make us laugh with all the splashing. Right? You could see it in her eyes.

Yeah. Well, she’s obviously inherited your slapstick sense of humor.

Mm. Well, could be. I admit I am a splasher from way back.


[laughs] Well, whoever she got it from, she’s just– she’s just so sweet and funny. And she’s more and more aware of the world around her each day.

It’s a really special time, isn’t it?

Yeah. I’m really, really glad that we get to experience this together.

Gee, Charlotte. You know, I thought after you won five games of Fish, you’d be tuckered out.

I want a chance to win. Let’s play again.



Hey! What’s going on down here? I told you guys to go upstairs and go to bed.

We’re not tired, Daddy.

Not tired? You could barely keep your eyes open the last game of Go Fish. Come on. Let’s go. Go brush your teeth.

I already did. See?

[bell rings]

Sweetheart, you really should listen to your father.

OK. Can you tell us one story?

Well, I know that Uncle Doug is upstairs waiting to tell you a story or read one to you. But I thought… maybe we could make it a two-story night tonight.

Yay! Should I go grab you a book?

No, no, because this is a story that I know by heart. And I think you both are grown up enough to understand it. So make yourselves comfortable, kiddos. It’s going to be really good. Relax, sweetie pie.

[soft tender music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Come on, Alex. When you and I first met, you didn’t really think we were going to end up together, did you?

Probably not, but I also never voted against it either.

OK. Good answer.


Well, now we are indeed together.


And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. So–

Yeah. So OK. My bad. Um… all right, babe, I never really took you for the type of person that gets worked up over Valentine’s Day. So I do admit I didn’t plan anything very crazy for us.

What? Are you–what? Are you kidding? I love Valentine’s Day. I mean, that is when it’s with somebody that I really care about.

You care about me?



So I don’t know. Maybe at this point, it’s probably too late to make a reservation somewhere. So what do you think? Should we just stay in?

I think I’m down to do whatever makes you happy.


[chuckles] News flash, Alex. Being with you is what makes me happy.

So what do you want to discuss with me?

Tripp, we need to get this out in the open.

OK. Yep. You’re right. You’re right. We do. Um…

[soft jazz music playing]

I’m waiting.

Mom, last night when we walked in on you and Stefan, it was really awkward.

OK. Yeah. So this is what this is about. OK, listen. I know that you weren’t thrilled to see us together. And I am sorry.

No. No, Mom. There’s nothing to be sorry about. No, I, uh–I realize now that I was out of line. And I shouldn’t have given you a hard time about it.

It’s OK, Tripp.

No, no, no it’s not. It’s not. I acted like an immature jerk. And you did not deserve that. And Wendy and I may not think that Stefan is the best choice for you. But if we’re all going to be living under the same roof, then we need to respect each other’s boundaries. Like I said, Stefan isn’t my first choice but–

The heart wants what the heart wants. Emily Dickinson’s most famous quote. Yeah?

I’m impressed you know that.

Well, I did take a poetry course in college. And she was– she was my favorite. She still is. Anyway, listen, I’m so glad you guys aren’t upset anymore. And it really, it means the world to me.

You scared the hell out of me.

Well, right back at you.

What are you doing down here anyway?

I was hungry, OK?

Oh, OK. Well, you were supposed to stay in your room. What if someone saw you?

I was careful.


[scoffs] Well, not so careful that your own mother didn’t pull a gun on you.

The pub is closed. Nobody’s here. It’s no big deal, all right? You worry too much.

Well, clearly, one of us has to do that.

[soft tense music]

Once upon a time, in a land called Salem, there stood an enchanted house, Horton House, that had sheltered its family for generations. And you two are part of its magic. So, ready to hear a little history?


Ready. Great.

[chuckles] A long, long time ago…

There was a fine young doctor named Thomas Horton and his lady wife, Alice. They came to live in this grand old house. They’re your great-great-grandparents. They raised all of their children here. And one of their children was named Bill. Now he was a doctor, too. And he fell in love with this– with this lady fair and wise. Her name was Laura. And they were blessed to have a beautiful baby girl, so beautiful they named her Jennifer Rose.

Your grandma. What do you think happened next?


Well, she grew up. And she fell in love with this tall, dashing man who made her laugh named Jack Deveraux. And he is your grandpa.

Then they were blessed with another baby girl even more beautiful, and they named her Abigail Johanna.

Our mommy!

Your mommy. They gave her the old-fashioned name to honor Grandma Alice’s mother, Abigail, and Jack’s mother, Josephine.

There’ll be a quiz on this later.

Wait, really?


[laughing] No, not really. Not really. Uh– Julie is joking.


Well, when your mommy was a little girl like you, she loved being in this house. Sometimes she’d go into– into Grandpa Tom’s library, climb up on his lap, and just beg him to tell her a story just like you.

And Grandma Alice, best grandma in the whole world, because she gave all of us her heart. And sometimes when we were naughty, she’d be very disappointed. Aunt Julie was often naughty. And Grandma Alice would say, Julie, that’s not the way we do.

Grandpa Tom was a very great man. He had a soul full of kindness. He was the only person who could calm us all down in times of chaos.

I really wish I could have met Tom and Alice.

They would have loved you so much, not just for your good qualities, Chad, but because… because you loved Abigail so.

And so children, this magical house was always full of joy even in tearful times because it was a house built on love. And that’s a tradition, the heart and tradition of love and support. And that’s yours in good times and in bad. You can count on that. I can remember when I was about your size. Coming home from school, I’d open that front door, open the door, smell these wonderful smells coming out of Alice’s kitchen. The magic donuts.

Can we make some of her donuts now?

Nice try.

[laughter] Nice try, Thomas. No, no. But I’ll make us a fresh batch tomorrow.


[laughter] This house is– it really is a blessing for us.

For all of us.

We make a great team, don’t we?

We do indeed.


[chuckles] You know, you really should get out of those wet clothes.

[soft dramatic music] I mean I can help you.

You’re right, I– I really should get out of these wet clothes. And, um…

Yeah, you should.

And, uh, go for a run. Yeah. That sounds good. Go for a quick run.

[tense jazzy music]

Really? A run? Right now?

[exhales deeply]

It’s good to see the Bistro busy again.

Yeah. I know it’s been tough for you guys since New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, yeah. It was a real struggle, but Stephanie’s got a great PR plan in place. And it’s getting us back on track.

Yeah. It looks like it’s already working.

Yeah, yeah? It is actually. It’s a big relief.

It’s hard to believe what’s going on in our little town. I know firsthand what’s happening. I see it every day with the amount of OD patients coming in in crazy numbers.

Yeah. Yeah, well, it is heartbreaking to see what’s going on in Salem. But I got a feeling it’s all going to turn around real soon.

Oh, yep. That’s definitely the running attire.

Excuse me?

Well, it’s just my observation, but you have a very specific running outfit, which is completely different than the one that you wear for weightlifting and cardio at the gym.

Oh, yeah. That is true. I mean, my running clothes have to be able to breathe, and wick moisture, and keep me warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s hot, so yeah, I’m kind of picky about them.

Clearly. And I don’t think that this obsession is limited to your running clothes. It’s like you have all these different uniforms for all these different activities in your life. Like work, running, socializing, relaxing.

I like to be properly attired for all occasions.

But what would happen, and now hear me out. What would happen if, God forbid, they discontinued all the fancy designer shirts that you wear to work?

Oh, perish the thought. I mean, when I pop on one of my Eton shirts, I’m in work mode. But when I put on this–


Fine, this uniform, my body flips a switch, and it’s time to go and run. I believe the psychobabble term for it is fashion OCD.

Mm. Well, whatever it’s called, it’s just one of the many endearing qualities that make you you.




Mm! Want some?

No. I’m not hungry.

Come on. I’ll split it with you.

No. I don’t want–


Lucas, I don’t want any.

[door opens]

Come on.

God, Lucas, you got a death wish?


OK, look, it’s OK.

No. No, it’s not, OK, Kate. Him being out in the public like this is a major security risk. That’s it. Snack time’s over. Let’s go back upstairs.

Come on. Really?

Let’s go.

Oh, hold on. Hold on just a little.

[tense music]

OK. So we’ll have dinner in. We’ll order takeout.


What do you want to do for the rest of the day?

Hmm. Let’s see. Um… It’ll be really nice to take a little morning stroll, maybe into town. And then we can get some coffee and maybe some pastries at Sweet Bits.

Sounds good.


Maybe we can work for a few hours from home, too.

Yeah. Fine.


I’m good with that. I just would like to go to a meeting after work.

How did your meeting go today?

It was good.


Yeah. Actually, Brady was there, too.

Brady? What the hell was Brady doing there?

All right.

Hey. Careful with him. You know, he’s still recovering.

Yeah, which is another reason you shouldn’t be taking a risk like that. If anybody saw you, you’re a sitting duck. You can’t defend yourself.

Harris, come on, man. I’ve been cooped up in this room day after day. What do you want me to do? For what? I mean, have you and your cronies even made one iota of progress on this case?

I get it. I get it. You’re frustrated. It’s going to be over soon. I just need you to hang in there just a little while longer. Can you do that?

And now, Thomas and Charlotte, it really is time for bed.

Can you tell us one more story?

No, no, no, no. You have school tomorrow, remember? And you want to be well-rested for your Valentine’s Day party so come on.

I’m not tired yet.

Sweetie pie, Uncle Doug is waiting to tell you a story. Why don’t you find your very favorite book and bring it to him? OK? Night-night.

Come on.

Sleep tight.

[soft tender music]

Come on. I love you.

[both chuckle softly]

Oh, sweetheart, we have to cherish these moments. You know, before long, they’ll be in their growing-up years. They’ll have their little friends. And they’ll have all their activities. And they’re not going to ask us to tell them a story.

Time really does fly by, doesn’t it?


You know, it’s, um… life though, it’s been– felt… a bit more normal lately. Yeah. You know, I mean the kids, you know, they miss their mom, of course, but… they don’t cry about it as much. And they’re doing a lot better in school. They’re doing better and better in general. And we have you and Doug to thank for that. So thank you.

That’s what we’re here for. That’s what families are for.

[chuckles softly]

You don’t think it’s a little late to be running?

Well, sometimes a little night air is exactly what I need…

[soft dramatic music] To push me to work out harder.

I know a hard workout. Granted, no night air. But it wouldn’t require you to leave.

So Brady just happened to be there at your meeting?

Yeah. He got there a little bit after I did.

Ah. So he’s spying on you.

What? Alex, no. He didn’t even know I was going to be there.



Listen. Brady went there for the same reason that I did.


[soft dramatic music] Look. This is a hour coin. You get one of these when you’ve been sober for a day. And then after a month, a year, two years, and so on, and so on, and you get a different coin. And over the years, when I would feel myself slipping into self-destructive thoughts, I would… grip on to this coin like a life preserver. Like I’m doing right now. That’s how it works. You show up just like Brady did, just like I did. And you’re there for each other one day at a time. Brady needed that meeting just as much as I did.

So did you get the support you needed today?

Yeah, definitely.

Good. Yet you still think you want to go to another meeting tomorrow?

Yeah. I do.

[soft dramatic music] Alex. Addiction is– it’s a lifelong disease. I would think that–

[chuckles softly] You would have read about that and you would know that. Especially since your roommate is a recovering addict.

No, did. I did. I read a fair amount about it. Yeah.

OK, then I would assume that you’d also know that somebody who is struggling with addiction… has this constant voice in their head that’s telling them that if they just get high… that all their worries and anxiety will just go away.

And when I go to these meetings, I’m able to quiet that voice.

Right. I understand that.

I mean, there are people in my group who are , years sober and they still go to regular meetings.

What about you? Do you think you’ll be going to meetings for the rest of your life?

Yeah. Most likely. Because I have to be vigilant every day and accept that I am… I’m an addict. And I have to constantly quiet that voice in my head.

Are you going to be able to accept that about me?

Sorry. I had to take that call. So wait, do you guys have Valentine’s plans?

Oh, well, we’re definitely doing the geocaching event.


Oh, yeah. You know, I heard about that event. But all right, listen, I might be a little older. But can you explain what geocaching is exactly? I don’t–

Oh, it’s like a– think of it as a treasure hunt with a tech twist.

Hmm. Well put.


So a bunch of items will be hidden around town. And participants will be using an app to try to find them as quickly as possible. So it’s a race.

Yeah. But the item you find may not be like a tangible object. It could just be a location where you have to complete a task or answer a trivia question.

Hmm. So I guess the main objective of the whole thing is just to bring the community together?

Yeah. Exactly. It’s something that families can do together, or friends or couples, you know, whoever just wants to join in and celebrate the day together.

Hmm. Nice. Well, you know, we could definitely use something uplifting like that in the town right now. We could all use a reason to smile.


[sighs] Lucas, we’re all doing our best. OK? With any luck, this whole thing will be over soon, especially now that the article in “The Spectator” dropped.

The one about the drug epidemic. Where I was the unnamed source.


[Harris sighs] Are you kidding me? When did you talk to reporters? No, no, no, no. Stop! No, no. What were you thinking of, talking to reporters?

I had the same reaction initially, Kate, because your son, without my knowledge, thought it’d be a great idea to call Chad DiMera over and have a little chat.

Oh, my God, Lucas.

Don’t worry about it. Relax. Everything’s going to be fine, all right? I trust Chad. I trust Everett. They’re not going to give up their source. They wouldn’t do that.

[suspenseful music]

[Kate sighs]

You know, I have always wondered what was in that cabinet.

Well, this is Grandpa Tom’s special cognac. It was brought to him by a grateful patient all the way from France. And on great occasions, it would appear from nowhere, and he’d pour us just a little sip. So we could toast.

Well, I’m honored that you feel this is a worthy enough occasion for Tom’s special cognac.

Oh, eminently worthy because we’re drinking to family, and family is what the Hortons are all about.

To family.

[glasses clink]

[soft dramatic music]

I think we both could do with some good old-fashioned adult time. Don’t you agree?

Actually, I’m finding it very difficult to disagree.

Then don’t.

Ah, Sarah, I– I really do need to get in some road time. And right now would be the perfect opportunity–

Xander, please stay.

Alex, you have been so supportive. And I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I need you to understand how important my recovery is to me.

[soft dramatic music] Especially because I really have to be strong. For my son.

And even though Tate doesn’t know that I slipped, I still feel like I’ve let him down. And I cannot let that happen again. I can’t ever let that happen again.

You’re a good mom, Theresa.

Oh, God. I’m a lucky mom. Tate is a great kid. And with all my dumb, stupid mistakes, he still puts up with me. He still even loves me most of the time. And… I cannot ever undermine that connection that I have to him.

He is– he’s my one constant in my life that gives me hope for the future, you know? As corny as that sounds, it’s–

What? What are you thinking?

[Alex sighs]

I was just thinking that connection… between a parent and their kids, how it can literally change overnight.

[suspenseful music]

Well, I have a few things I need to wrap up before the big day tomorrow.

[chuckles] So I’m just going to let you two enjoy the rest of your evening together.

I’m glad we got to talk, Mom.

Me, too. Love you, honey.

Love you, too.


[soft jazz music playing]

Are you OK?

Definitely. Thank you for encouraging me to sort things out with her.

I’m so glad you did. So what do you want to do after the big Cupid event tomorrow? Dinner and a movie maybe?


Do you already have something in mind?

Actually, I do.

[Wendy chuckles] All right, see, I’m taking off work tomorrow.


And I thought I would start the day off by making you an incredible breakfast in bed, French toast and bacon.

Oh. Well, I’m liking this plan so far.

Mm-hmm. And then after Steph’s event, I figured we could come home, change, and then head out for a night of magic and dancing.

Magic and dancing? So like magic in the air?

No. Like a real life magic show. There’s a pop-up magic lounge happening tomorrow night, and it’s very hush-hush. I was able to score some tickets.


[chuckling] You definitely put some thought into this.

Yeah. And then I figured afterwards, we could dance under the stars on the rooftop and maybe a nightcap of that Amaro you like so much.

That sounds perfect.

[chuckles softly] I’m sure this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember.

[Wendy chuckles]

So… you forget about going out in that nasty cold night air… And just stay here with me.

Sarah, I’m sorry, but…

[somber dramatic music] I really do need that run right now.

[phone beeps]

[Xander sighs]

[baby fussing] Oh.

Oh, no. I got it. I got it.

OK. Well, I won’t be long. Don’t wait up.

[door closes]



Lucas, I just got you back. If anything happens to you–

Mom, if what I said in that article even saves one person, it’s worth the risk.

[phone beeps]

I got to go. You stay here in this room for the rest of the night.

All right. I will. I guess I’ve had enough drama for one night anyway, but keep it down when you come back in. I’m going to try to get some sleep, OK?

[soft tense music]

[tense music]

[clears throat]

Thank you for sharing the story of this home with me and the kids tonight. It was amazing and really lifted my spirits. I mean, you always do, no matter what story you’re– what story you’re telling me.

Oh, you’re too kind. You know, I love to talk about the family. I love to talk about us as we were then. Before so many of them went away forever.

Me, too.

You understand.

Yeah, I do.

Chad, when I look in your children’s eyes… I see all the love that you showered on Abigail.

I can see it all the time as well. You know, I do feel her presence here in this home.

I feel it, too.

When I’m in this home…

[delicate dramatic music]

I feel like I can breathe. Knowing that the kids are in the right place. And that they’re safe. And you know, me too. And it’s like we’re home.

Honey, you are. You’re home.

[soft tense music]

[Xander panting]

So does Doug have a hot date cooked up for the two of you for Valentine’s Day?


[laughing] Oh, my. Not that I’m aware of. But he loves surprises, so I’ll keep hoping. How about you? How about you and the kiddies?

Well, we’re going to attend the geocache event if the kids haven’t crashed from all the candy they’re going to eat at the Valentine’s Day party.

They’ll be up for it, sweetie. They’ve got energy to burn.

[ominous music]

And here we are.


What’s this for?

[Wendy chuckles]

Well, on this Valentine’s Eve, I thought that I’d propose a toast.


[Ava chuckles]

To love. What? Too on the nose?

It works for me.

Me, too.

Well, OK then. As long as there is love in our hearts, there is hope for a new day… and the promise for happiness to come.

I’ll drink to that.

Hear, hear. To love.

To love.

To love.

[tense music]




He left his phone.

[phone beeps]

Is what done?

OK, I’m going to shoot off a couple of emails before I go to bed, but do you need any help straightening up out here?

No. There’s not much to do.


I’ll be in in a minute.


[Alex sighs]

[door closes]




If you put your jacket back in the closet and just–

[soft dramatic music]

[Theresa gasps]

Ava, where… are you?

[dramatic music]

[Harris sighs] You. What are you–

[Harris groaning]

[Harris groaning]




[mysterious suspenseful music]

[Harris groaning]

[Harris groaning]

[Harris exhales]

[Harris groaning]

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