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[ Mellow music playing]

Brooke: Did that seriously just happen? Eric pulling a ring out of nowhere.

Zende: And an entire wedding ceremony.

Katie: You did great, babe.

Carter: Ah, thank you.

Ridge: A forrester ceremony can’t be a challenge for you anymore, can it?

Carter: Well, usually I have more time to prepare. But, um, when you have two people who are clearly made for each other… words tend to come pretty easily.

Donna: You hear that, honey bear? Clearly made for each other.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah.

Luna: No, what are you doing?

Rj: I had to tell you something. I couldn’t wait another second.

Luna: What?

Rj: I love you.

Luna: Oh, hold on.

Rj: Hang on what? A mint? Right now?

Luna: Okay.

Poppy: Bill, you’re making me uncomfortable looking at me like that.

Bill: Look, I’m not– I’m not trying to make you uncomfortae. Come on, poppy, the stakes are pretty high. I’ve got to ask you again. Are you absolutely certain there’s no chance I’m luna’s father?

Poppy: Bill, I already told you.

Waitress: Here we go, guys.

Bill: Thank you. Thanks. You already told me what you think I want to hear or the truth? Because I– I can’t help feeling like you are covering. Maybe out of concern for my reaction. I wouldn’t be upset, poppy. In fact, quite the opposite. If luna is my daughter, I would look after her. I would do everything I could to make up for lost time. Wel– welcome her into the spencer family, if that’s what you and she wanted. So I’m gonna ask you again. Is luna my daughter?

Luna: Congrats to you both.

Donna: Oh, thank you.

Rj: You know what? I should’ve known. I should’ve known that you were up to something. You were so adamant to throw a party. I’m kicking myself.

Eric: You missed the clues, my boy. You missed them. Listen, um, I want to thank you for all the care and concern that we’ve felt from you the last few months. That support’s been very important to us. And you two are very important to the two of us. I see a big future ahead for you. Look at these numbers, just look at them.

Poppy: I’m so impressed with your willingness to step up and embrace luna. And I think you’re remarkable. But she’s not your daughter. I mean, as much as I would want that for her, the doors that it would open. But you’re not. I mean it, bill.

Bill: But you know who is.

Poppy: I know it’s not you.

Bill: So it never bothered you, not having another parent involved?

Poppy: I’m happy with the way things are. Luna and me. It’s our power, as we like to say.

Bill: Okay.

Poppy: I am touched by how much you would have wanted it, and that you would have accepted her.

Bill: She’s an incredible young woman.

Poppy: She is. I mean, moving to los angeles, interning at forrester. I mean, falling for rj. She couldn’t be happier.

Rj: Oh, what’s this– what’s this little look in your eye?

Luna: What do you mean?

Rj: You seem– you’re like all relaxed. You’re very like, zen, I guess.

Luna: Hmm, I don’t know. It makes sense? It kind of feels like we can now.

Rj: Finally.

[ Phone rings ]

Rj: I gotta take this. I’ll be right back, okay?

Luna: Okay.

Katie: I’m so happy for you.

Donna: Can you believe it?

Katie: Well, yes, I can. You’ve been going down this road for a while.

Donna: Oh, yeah.

Carter: Hey, eric, I have to say you made a wise choice.

Eric: Don’t I know it. Thank you.

Donna: And thank you for officiating. It was a bit of an ambush, I know.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Carter: It was my honor.

Ridge: Well, dad, you have proven it once again.

Eric: Proven what?

Ridge: That you are the master of romance. No one can touch you.

Eric: I’m not sure about that.

Brooke: Oh, it’s true, eric. A surprise wedding? We were swooning right alongside donna.

Eric: I simply could not go another day without being her husband.

Zende: Where you hiding him?

Luna: Huh?

Zende: Rj. He’s barely left your side all night. But I get it. If I were him, I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t either. Someone as beautiful as you, nah.

Luna: Um, he just took a phone call. He should be right back.

Zende: Okay. If he gets lost, let me know. And don’t forget, I live right here on the property. In the guest house. If you ever need me, you know where to find me.

Luna: Okay.

Rj: Hi.

Luna: Hi.

Eric: Everyone, if I may, um, I’d like to raise a toast to my beautiful, wonderful wife. This woman never ceases to amaze me. You bring me such happiness and joy, every day. I think loving you is wonderful, but… being loved by you is, I think, the happiest moment of my life. So… to you. To donna logan-forrester.

Brooke: Wow. Yes.

Eric: Cheers.

All: Cheers. Head & shoulders is launching something huge.

Bill: Your sister doesn’t know you very well, does she? The real you.

Poppy: Um, no, not really. What made you think of that?

Bill: Well, there’s a certain kind of woman who would try to take advantage. Pin a child on me that wasn’t even mine. Li thinks you’re a gold digger. Clearly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Poppy: It might be hard for you to understand, given your wealth and immense resources, but I’ve always been content having very little. Just a simple, pleasant life. Me and my daughter.

Bill: You know what? I’m gonna order another drink.

Waitress: Right away.

Bill: Thank you. You sure I can’t get you a glass of wine? Maybe something stronger? And I know you have your own way to unwind.

Poppy: No, I’m good, thanks. Not if I have my…

Bill: Something missing?

Brooke: Just promise to never go to bed angry.

Ridge: Good.

Brooke: Okay?

Donna: Good advice, sis, but, um, I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna be angry at this man. Not before bed, not in the morning. Never, never, never.

Eric: Pure wedded bliss, right?

Donna: Right.

Eric: Except for the very rare occasion when she denies me a nice evening martini. But that’s– that’s– that’s not so much anger, it’s just irritation.

Donna: What?

Rj: Hey, are you okay?

Luna: Yeah, I’m just like a little tired.

Ridge: Donna, the way you fought for my dad, the way you stood by him, um, there’s not a doubt in my mind you guys are gonna have a long and happy marriage. So, here’s to you and my dad. Love you guys. Cheers.

All: Cheers. Donna and eric.

Donna: Thank you, ridge, and, um, well, thanks to everybody for, uh, all the kind words. But, um, mostly thanks to you for this wonderful surprise. I can’t believe I get to call you my husband again. The kindest, most handsome man. A man that I thought I was gonna lose. And I’m so grateful for, um, having more time to, uh, have more surprises like this.

Eric: Okay.

Donna: More time with the one true love of my life, eric forrester.

Eric: Thank you. Look over there. Look over there.

Rj: Couldn’t be happier for them.

Luna: Seriously.

Rj: Yeah. Come here.

Luna: Ooh, hold on. Hold this. Thank you.

Bill: Can’t find your mints?

Poppy: No. They’re not here.

Rj: You’re perfect, so I’m gonna be right back. Okay? All right, one second. My lady, come here.

Donna: Oh, oh, why, thank you.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Zende: I have not been able to take my eyes off you tonight.

[ Luna chuckling ] Really?

Zende: Yeah. Something’s different about you. You’re, like, glowing. Look at you shedding that shy intern image.

Luna: Well, I’m only shy until you get to know me better.

Zende: Invitation accepted. Really, though, I would like that. To get to know you better. And if you ever get bored of rj, remember, my door is always open. Right across the courtyard.

Rj: Hello.

Luna: Hi.

Rj: Are you okay?

Luna: Yeah, I just got really tired all of a sudden. Um, I think it’s best if I just go home.

Rj: Really?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t want to disappoint.

Rj: No, no, you’re not– you’re not disappointing. It’s okay.

Luna: Thank you for being understanding. You’re so sweet, rj. I love you so much. When barbara switched to turbotax…

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Luna: Please thank your grandfather and donna for me.

Rj: You don’t wanna say goodbye?

Luna: No, I do, I do, but I think it’s best if I just slip out.

Rj: I– I could drive you.

Luna: No, no, no. That’s sweet. You’re so sweet, but I’m okay. I mean, your grandfather just got married, so you should stay. I’ll just order a ride.

Rj: You’re sure?

Luna: Yes, I’m sure. Ooh, I love you so much. You’re like the dream boyfriend, you know that?

Rj: As long as you think so.

Luna: I do. And I agree with what your granddad said about us. About us having a beautiful future ahead of us. Okay.

Rj: Be safe.

Bill: Your little happy mints. Where do you think you left them?

Poppy: I have no idea.

Luna: I’m so thirsty.

Zende: I think I’m gonna call it a night.

Eric: What, already?

Zende: Yeah, keep the racket down, will you?

Eric: Okay, I’ll do– I’ll do my best.

Zende: I’m happy for you. Congratulations.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: Thank you.

Eric: Nice, huh?

Donna: Yeah.

Rj: Hey.

Eric: Where’s– where’s luna?

Rj: Uh, she was exhausted and she decided to head home early. But she wanted me to tell you just how happy she was that you invited her and that she had a great time.

Donna: Aw, look at us, we’re outlasting the young people.

Rj: Ah, you’re cool, huh?

Eric: Well, I’m sure you and luna are gonna have many, many nights to celebrate in your future. She’s a terrific girl. Don’t let her go.

Rj: I won’T.

[ Mellow music ]

Zende: Luna? Hello, luna.

[ Luna giggles ]

Luna: Hi, you.

Rj’s voice: You’re here.

Luna: Waiting for you.

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