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[mysterious music]


What’s with–

It’s just a precaution… in case you’re being followed or I’m being watched.


[chuckling] Morning, Stefan.

You’re back. When did you get in?

Last night.

Holly okay?

They’ve started treatment. Nicole’s being set up in a flat nearby. It was–it was time for me to head back.

Hopefully, it’ll all be all right. Any coffee left?


[tense music] You were home late last night. What did you get up to?

What’s it to you?

Just want to know where you were.


[chuckles drily] You want to know where I was last night, mm. I was, uh, on the corner of shut the hell up and none of your business. That’s where I was. What the hell is with the, uh, inquisition, counselor?

Well, if you’d bothered to check today’s headlines when you finally came ’round, you’d know that the Salem PD made one colossal drug bust overnight.


Hm. It’s all here in this morning’s “Spectator.” “Cops seize nearly kilos. “One suspect dead, several others in custody. “Sources say that the drug ring was being run out of Statesville.” I mean, who would have thought? I’m just relieved that you made it home safely last night and you weren’t caught up in all this, brother.

[door opens]

Good morning.

Oh, Chanel.


[chuckles] You stopped off at the bakery on your day off?

Oh, well, bakers don’t really get a day off, Mama.

Even the day before your wedding?

Don’t worry. I have the rest of the day off.


[chuckles] How was your night with Johnny?

Cozy. Want one?

No, none for me, darling. Not right now.

Okay, you two are being really quiet. What’s wrong? Wait, Mama, did you get your lab results back?

[soft dramatic music]



Okay, here you go. Strong and hot, as requested. That should get you up and going.

Thank you.

Although I do wish you would just go back to bed.

Yeah, maybe later.

You know, I’ve been a little concerned because you’re not sleeping very well lately–

I know, I know.

I’ll hook up with my doctor, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Good. Please do that soon. I know you’ve got a lot going on right now, your concerns about Tate and– and Brady.

Well, they’re going through a lot more than I am.

I waited up for you last night. I guess you got home pretty late. How–how was it with the new client?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”


Mm-hmm. Mm, try the avocado toast, Mom. It is so good.

Wow. That looks delicious. Thank you.

[cell phone beeps]

Yeah. Oh.

[light country music playing]

[gasps softly] “The Spectator” article about the drug bust is trending. It’s all over the internet.

Well, good. I hope that Clyde Weston goes straight to hell. I mean, he’s already halfway there after what he did to Abigail. You know, we are losing more and more people every week to this drug crisis. I mean, I hate to say it, but Holly is lucky. She’s hanging in there.

Well, from what I hear, the PD is stopping every shipment that they can. I’m really grateful for Jada and Harris and the task force. Chad and Everett are doing their part, too.

It’s Everett’s story, right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I’m really proud of him. Can’t wait to take him out later to celebrate.


[hushed] Okay, last night’s bust was massive– kilos, half a dozen arrests. We dismantled the primary location. The intel was solid.


[hushed] Okay, so what does this mean for me? Has Clyde been neutralized?

Not yet. There was a complication.

Are you serious? I don’t know how much longer I can hold out, Harris. You promised me.

I know, I know. I remember.

[mysterious music] Just–just tell me the truth, okay? I can–I can protect you.

No, you can’t.

No, I can, and I will. I will protect you… because I love you. I-I think maybe you already knew, but… I-I love you, Ava.

Well, you better learn how to stop. I mean it. You better get over that–

[barely audible] Okay.

[louder] Okay. You don’t have to stop.

Will you trust me? Please.



All right, Stefan and I, the Bistro, we are all involved. Clyde is blackmailing us. He already broke Gabi’s leg, and he– he’s threatening to do more if Stefan doesn’t toe the line. And as for me, Clyde threatened to kill Tripp.


[sighs] That son of a bitch.

Look, Clyde’s guy, Gil Carter, used his weapon. And when I killed him in self-defense, he forced me to take over for him at the Bistro.

Okay, when we bust Clyde, I mean, how do you–how do you feel about testifying?

Oh, come on. Look, if–if I do testify, God only knows what Clyde’s gonna do to retaliate. Look, he may be rotting in jail, but you know that his slimy tentacles, they reach all over this town.

I know, I know. And as soon as I can, I am gonna eliminate his leverage over you and Stefan. I-I promise you that. But I’m gonna need you to tip me off about the drug shipments. Can you do that?

I can. I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

I’ll be in touch. Okay. We need a cover. So I need you to make a scene and just go ahead and slap me as hard as you can.

How’s your cheek?

Did you have to slap me so hard?

We fooled them.

And we need to keep fooling them until Clyde is stopped permanently.

Ah, kudos to the drug task force, huh? Cleaning up our streets, getting those designer drugs out of the hands of our youth. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before they take down everyone that’s involved in this filthy business.

I’ve seen enough.

Oh, but did you– did you read this part?

[chuckling] I love this. “Police have identified convicted felon Clyde Weston as a key suspect in the ongoing opioid crisis.” I mean, there’s no surprises there. That lowlife has a history of dealing drugs in this town. But what makes me wonder, for their next bust– and make no mistake, there will be many more– if it’s going to be your ugly mug underneath the headline.

Yeah. The meeting last night. Ah, waste of time.

[tense music]

What do you mean? What happened?

Didn’t show up. I called him, waited around forever, and he never turned up.

Wow. You’d think he would have the decency to let you know he wasn’t going to come.

Eh, these things happen. People flake out more often than you think, Doc. Sometimes you get cold feet. Sometimes they just figure they can handle it on their own. Must be hiring a PI for this guy just… wasn’t the right call for him after all.

Uh, sit down. Sit down, honey. Uh… the test shows that the nodule’s gotten bigger, which means the cancer’s more aggressive than they thought it was at first. So my surgery is being moved up.

Oh. Well–well, that– that’s a good thing, right? That–that means you’ll have it behind you that much sooner. So when is the surgery?

[door opens]

Okay. Finally found a parking spot. Now who is…ready to talk about our wedding?

[soft dramatic music]

Real nice, EJ, toying with me like this, especially when you couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger when Clyde was blackmailing me.

And you know damn well why. As district attorney, I’m sworn to uphold the law.


[laughing] Oh, please.

And what would you have me do, hm? Go to the police and tell them everything and have you arrested in the process?

You can sell that crap to somebody who’s buying it, because I’m not. You and I both know you would bend the law in a second to save your own ass. Not to mention, if I end up going down for this, how’s that gonna make you look? Your reputation as DA will go down the toilet.

Oh, on the contrary, I’m certain the public will support me completely when I choose to uphold the law rather than protect a criminal merely because we share DNA. The good people will know that I value what’s right and will respect what I had to sacrifice to go against blood. And when all the dust settles, I’ll be the one on top while you’re off to jail to become someone’s bottom.

You traitorous son of a bitch.

Oh, chin up, Stefan. You won’t have to bother with me soon enough. It’s only a matter of time before we have enough evidence to take Clyde Weston down. And when that happens, I wonder how long it will be before he gives you up.

[clicking tongue]

You said there was a complication.


What was it?

Unfortunately, Clyde’s “candyman” was taken out.

The guy that I told you about?

Yes, fired at a cop, and he got the worst of it.


[sighs] Damn it. All right. So what now?

Well, Clyde’s gonna replace him. And we’re just gonna have to get the next guy. Look, Ava, I’m gonna get you out of this, okay? It’s just gonna take a little more time. Can you hang in there just a little while longer, please?

I mean, do I have a choice?

[ominous music]



What’s going on? Where were you just now?

Just thinking about my career as a PI and…all the other jobs that I’ve had from ISA agent to priest. Got a hell of a résumé, don’t I, Doc? Some of it good, some of it…not so much. And it just tends to make you wonder, does the past ever really stay in the past?

Well, the– the past is always with us. It just– it shouldn’t define us. What’s going on? Why all this introspection?

Oh, well, Steve was talking the other day about the, uh– about the old times. It was around– around Christmas. And I just got to thinking. You know, I know that we’re supposed to learn from the past so we can improve ourselves in the future, but that’s– that’s not always possible.

Well, why shouldn’t it be?

Well, what if there are things in the past that you may regret that you don’t remember? How do you learn from that?

So you and Everett, it’s going well?

Pretty well.

Only pretty well?

[light country music playing]

Okay, very well. He and I are getting to know each other again.

Well, given the way the two of you were looking at each other the night that he came for dinner, I did have a feeling that you were already getting pretty close.

You want to know how close, right, Mom?

Oh, I mean, not if–not if you don’t want to tell me.

I don’t.

Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean? Come on, now. You don’t have to tell me the details. You know I respect your privacy. But I mean, I’m a mother. And I want you to be happy. And nothing would make a mother happier than to know that their daughter is with somebody who makes her happy.


[sighs] Okay, well, yes, I– I am with someone who makes me happy. Everett and I, we had this– we had this great connection in Seattle. And now, two years later, we still do. He makes me laugh. He’s also really smart. We just have all these great conversations. We talk about everything from history, philosophy, to music, movies, theater. I just–I just have a really great time with him.

That is music to my ears, my baby girl.

So the surgery could be as early as next week?

Mm, not sure. They want to schedule it for some time in the next couple of days and let me know.

Okay, well, whenever it is, just know that we will be there for you, no matter what.

That’s right. Every step of the way.

Oh, I’m so blessed to have the support of family, including my soon-to-be son-in-law.

[chuckles] Oh, speaking of which, let’s talk wedding bells.

All right, over some freshly baked chocolate scones.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Come on, let’s just dig in there. Mmm. Mm-hmm.

[soft music]

So basically, I’m screwed, even though my brother’s the DA, right?

Actually, if I wasn’t DA, I’d be more inclined to help you. If I was a private citizen, say, I don’t know, CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Oh, that’s right, you and Gabi stole it from me.

I extended the olive branch, damn it. I offered you your position back, and you turned it down.

Because it was too little, too late, as I said at the time. So now, as district attorney and Holly’s stepfather, I need to let the police do their jobs and get those drugs off our street, lock up anyone who has dirty hands.

[tense music] Well, I must be off. I need to get to the station and congratulate our force on…

[clicks tongue] Another job well done.

[sighs] Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Face it, little brother, you made a bloody mess of things, didn’t you? And now it’s very likely you’re going to end up behind bars. Mm. Mm-mm-mm.


[snaps fingers]

What are you searching for?

It’s–it’s not that I’m searching, Doc. It’s–it’s just fearing more unwelcome surprises popping up in my life because of my past.

All right, well, if we have any unwelcome surprises cropping up, we will handle them as we always do– together. And we’ll remember that old phrase– why borrow trouble, hm?

[no audible dialogue]


[sighs] Believe me, nobody’s happy how this went down. I mean, the officer who shot Clyde’s puppet master, she’s taken it really hard, even if the guy she took out was trash. So obviously, we can’t go back and change what happened. We just gotta push forward.

[soft dramatic music]

[both panting and moaning]

Ava, what–what’s wrong?

Everything. I-I make one bad decision after the next.

You’re too hard on yourself. You’ve gotta give yourself a break.

No, I don’t– I don’t deserve one. I don’t. I-I am a broken mess. And once you find that out, you are gonna bail.

No, I’m not. I’m not going anywhere. Hey. We’re a team. And we’re gonna get through this.

[cell phone beeps] Okay, I gotta get back to the station. Stay strong. We’re almost at the finish line.

[cell phone rings]


[sighs] Hey.

Hey. Can you talk?

Um, soon. I just ran into Harris.


[sighs] What– Ava, I told you not to talk to him.

It was a random encounter. It happens.

He mention the bust?

Yeah, he said they scored big.

Right. I need to speak to you now. Meet me at my place.

I’ll be right there.

Thank you for that pep talk. How is it that you always know how to make me feel better?

That was not a pep talk. That was– that was me reminding you of who you really are.

[soft, sweet music] Because you are an amazing father, a spectacular grandfather, a loyal and loving friend, and the best husband a woman could ask for. And I wouldn’t have you any other way.

I love you just the way you are.

I love you, Doc.

Good morning, Detective. Is the commissioner in his office?

Uh, he’s all tied up at the moment dealing with the press about the bust.

Yes. I read the “Spectator” article giving some of the details, naming Clyde Weston as the possible kingpin. Weston is locked up, so logic would suggest that someone on the outside is doing his bidding.

Yeah, and that someone, unfortunately, was killed in the raid this morning.


[sighs] How was he killed?

He pulled a gun on one of our cops, and she had no choice but to fire in self-defense.

[tense music]



Rough morning?

Were you followed here?

No, but who cares? We work together, and supposedly, we’re sleeping together.

Supposedly. What did Robocop tell you?

Just that they seized a bunch of product and some dealer is dead. It’s all in the paper.

You know I don’t like you talking to that guy.

Oh. Oh, oh, okay, Pops, wh-whatever you say. You know what, I think I’m just gonna do my homework now.

This is not funny, Ava. Harris is nothing but trouble for us. For all we know, he could have followed you here. And he probably knows exactly what happened between us last night.

I stopped by St. Luke’s yesterday, so everything is ready to go for tomorrow.

And I confirmed the early morning deliveries for flowers and cake. Mama, did you get in contact with the caterers?

I did indeed. And our dresses are ready, my darling. So we’ll just run right over there and pick them up when the boys pick up their tuxes.

Oh, and I found a photographer. So better late than never, right?

Oh, well, they’re going to have to take plenty of pictures so we can send them to Eli and Lani and– and Big Mama, too.

Olivia’s not going to be there?

Oh, well, she wishes that she could. And I know that we all wish that, too, I know. But she has an ear infection. She–she can’t fly.

Oh, no. Okay, I’ll have to give her a call later.


[cell phone rings] Oh. It’s the hospital. Hello.

[soft dramatic music] Yes, I’m aware.

Oh, I see. Well–well, but isn’t there another– Mm. Mm. Mm-hmm. Yes. Yes. Midnight. I understand. Thank you for letting me know. Mm.

Well, who was it? What’d they say?

Did–did they reschedule the surgery?

They did… for tomorrow morning, same time as the wedding.



So you’re saying that Everett’s moving faster than you are?

He is, which is sweet on the one hand, but it’s also a little scary, you know? I mean, he’s completely enamored. He wants to pick up where we left off. He even brought up moving in together.


Yeah, but I– I told him to slow his roll.

I think that’s good. I mean, if it’s meant to be, it’s gonna happen. I mean, look at your dad and me. True love always wins out.

[light country music playing]

[phones ringing]

And that’s it. You’re up to speed on everything we know.

Well, thank you, Detective. That was a very thorough report. I’d been given an abbreviated version while I was in Italy. But I’m glad to have the full picture. And now that I do, Clyde Weston’s involvement is undeniable. So how do we go about proving it?

Well, now that the dealer is dead, that was our best way to expose Clyde. Now we’re gonna have to wait until Clyde replaces him with somebody else, but we’re on top of it.

Good, good. Good to hear. I want a rock-solid case to end Weston for good. I don’t want him slipping through our fingers.

Trust me, we’re gonna nail that bastard and everybody else involved.

[soft dramatic music]

Look, Harris doesn’t know anything about what happened last night. And who cares? He was already under the impression that we had. I thought you only cared about Gabi finding out.

Yeah. And it never happened.

Right. Exactly. Never happened… except that Wendy and Tripp saw that it did.

Okay, but they’re not gonna say anything, right? You told them not to say anything, right?

Okay, not yet, but–

Not ye–wh–

Okay, w–just listen. Just calm down, all right? I will talk to Tripp soon.

And Wendy–soon.

Okay. I will talk to them. Don’t worry about it, okay? Right now, we got much bigger things to worry about. You know that Clyde’s henchman was shot last night at the bust?

I know. And they suspect Clyde’s the drug lord.

God, he’s gotta be losing his mind right about now. And you know how dangerous Clyde is when he’s feeling cornered. So with him out on the warpath, looking for payback…

We’re already in his crosshairs. So what the hell are we gonna do, Ava?

Tomorrow morning?

Can’t they reschedule?

Well, based on my test results, they want to get me in right away. They don’t have any other openings, you know, for the rest of the week, so tomorrow morning it is.

Okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. We’ll just– we’ll postpone the wedding.

Oh, no, no, no. I will not hear it. Now, this wedding is going to go on tomorrow.

Mama, no, there is no way that we’re gonna–

I will not listen to this, Chanel. No, we’ll– we’ll just have to improvise. Now, Abe, he can give you away, and Johnny’s photographer, he will be taking tons of pictures.

No. Mama, this is our wedding. And there is no way that we are getting married without you there.

Don’t you dare.

No, Paulina, I’m with Chanel on this. We’re not having this wedding without you, okay? You already missed our last wedding. There is no way in hell we’re gonna let you miss this one.

It is their wedding. And so it’s up to them to decide and, you know, from the looks of it, I think their minds are made up.



[clicks tongue] Oh! Oh, well, clearly– clearly, I’ve been overruled. And we’ll cover the cost of postponing. I’m so sorry.

What? No, Mama. There is no reason for you to be sorry.

Well, even so.

[sighs] I’m just–you know, I’m tired, I’m tired– and from all these ups and downs. I-I think I’ll just–I’ll go and just lay down a while.

I’ll go with you and get you settled in.

Okay. I love you, Mama. Have a good rest.

Oh, love you, too. Love you both.

[intriguing music]

You sure you’re okay with postponing?

Yes. Absolutely.



But what?

Maybe there’s another way.

Another way?

Yeah. Yeah, I think I have an idea.

Can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day– and your anniversary.


Do you have anything special planned?

Well, every anniversary with your dad is special, whether we’re doing anything or not. I know that sounds corny, but it’s the truth.

Not corny. It’s very sweet. I just hope I don’t have to marry the same guy four times to get it right.

Well, maybe we just couldn’t live without each other. So how lucky are we?

Aw. I hope I’m even half as lucky in love as you guys have been. Hopefully without all the drama in between weddings.

Well, I think maybe the drama was worth it. But listen, my beauty, whether it’s dramatic or it’s uneventful, all I hope for you is to be as happy in your life as your dad and I are right this very minute.

[light country music playing]

Look, I just might have a way to save our asses and end this blackmail by Clyde for good.

[mysterious music]

Well, what is it, Ava? Spill it.

Okay, well, the key word is “might,” okay, but listen, if what I am thinking falls into place, we have got our way out.

Okay, I don’t like this, Ava. I don’t like being kept in the dark.

Okay, you just keep your head above water, okay? Let me worry about ending this nightmare.

What are you gonna do? Don’t do anything without talking to me first.

Look, I swear to you, I won’t. All right, everything’s gonna be revealed in due time. Just trust me.

Just before I left for Italy, the Bistro was raided, and nothing was found. It all looked like it was on the up and up.

Yeah, apparently so. We interrogated Ava and Stefan, and they lawyered up real quick.

So Ava Vitali is involved?

Nothing’s been confirmed yet on that front. But we’re keeping an eye on her and your brother. Is that gonna be a problem for you?

Not at all. Go where the evidence leads you, Detective. And at the end of the day, if it turns out my little brother is mixed up in this whole mess, so be it. He’ll rot in prison beside Clyde Weston.

You know, after our little talk, something tells me that I– I might sleep better tonight, maybe make it all the way through the night.

Mm, fingers crossed.

[soft, sweet music] I–I got some errands to run. Uh, will you be here– will you be here when I get back?

Sure. No plans.

Good. Then I will see you.

Bye, honey. Be careful.

[tense music]

[line trills]

Hey, Steve. Can you meet me at the office? There’s something I need to tell you.

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