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[ Upbeat music plays ]

Eric: You look dazzling.

Donna: Oh, I feel like a– a princess in this dress.

Eric: You are a princess in this dress. I had it sent over from forrester especially for you.

Donna: Eric, um, you know I’m always, always ready for a party. But I– I just really don’t want you overwhelming yourself.

Eric: I won’T. Don’t worry. This is gonna be a wondrous night. You’ll see.

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Well, well, well. There’s the man of the hour.

Ridge: And we are ready to celebrate with you.

Eric: Yes, and we’re gonna celebrate today, my beautiful, darling donna.

[ Knock on door ]

Rj: Hey, man.

Zende: What’s up?

Rj: I don’t know. I just wanted to come over and talk to you and make sure there was no tension between us before the party.

Zende: No, no, of course. Tonight’s all about granddad. I’m surprised, uh, you’re not with your girl.

Rj: Oh, you know, she’s, uh, she’s getting ready with her mom at the office.

Zende: Well, I’m sure that luna will look beautiful tonight.

Poppy: Hello. Oh, my god, it’s beautiful. And so chic. Oh, my sweet baby. I’m so thrilled for you.

Luna: Thank you. And this look is to die for, right? I’m obsessed.

Poppy: Yes, I am too. And rj is gonna love it.

Bill: Well, so– so finish with what steff was telling you about eric.

Liam: Well, I mean, long story short, it looks like eric’s been given a clean bill of health.

Bill: Well, that’s good news.

Liam: Yeah, well, it’s good. He’s not out of the woods yet. But obviously, steffy is elated. The whole family is, um– the whole family is really relieved, dad? Hi.

Bill: What?

Liam: Okay, you’re a little distracted and I think I know why.

Liam: So, uh, when the hell do I get to meet poppy?

Bill: Look, we’re not, uh, rushing things. You– you know that poppy and I have our history.

Liam: I do. You’re not rushing things, but you still want to see where this goes, don’t you?

Bill: I do. Even though the time we spent together back in the day was relatively fleeting, it was also, um, extremely impactful. And I think it’s something that we can build on in the future.

Poppy: You’re going to have the most fabulous time.

Luna: Well, I’ll definitely have the cutest date, that’s for sure. And the best hair and makeup thanks to you.

Poppy: Well, any excuse to spend quality time with my daughter. Now, let me just touch up that blush, hmm?

Luna: I mean, it’s an honor to even be invited. The fact that eric specifically asked for me to be there…

Poppy: Well, he admires you, honey. And he knows how important you’ve become to rj. There. You look as beautiful as you do on the inside. Rj won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

Rj: Can’t wait to see luna in her dress.

Zende: Definitely a different vibe from the last time we got dressed up to go to a party.

Rj: Yeah, grandad’s goodbye party. Thought we were gonna lose him.

Zende: Almost did.

Rj: Then he got a second chance.

Zende: I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate.

Rj: Me too.

Donna: Well, it’s gonna be a cozy little gathering. Finn is working and hayes is sick, and steffy didn’t wanna chance getting you sick.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Brooke: And hope and thomas couldn’t come because they have that big hope for the future meeting.

Eric: Yeah, I wouldn’t want them to cancel that. No, no, I was aware it’s just gonna be a small gathering. It’s fine.

Carter: Hello.

Donna: Oh! Oh, my goodness.

Eric: Carter and katie. Look at you.

Katie: You all look gorgeous. You most of all.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you.

Carter: How are you, man?

Eric: Welcome.

Donna: You look stunning, and not so bad yourself.

Rj: Hey, hey, there he is.

Zende: Who’s ready to get this party started?

Eric: I am, I am. Thank you both for joining donna and me for this party tonight. I promise everyone a memorable evening.

Donna: Hmm… y’all wayfair is the talk of the neighborhood, c’mon!

Liam: You know, I am really excited for you. ‘Cause I haven’t seen you this enamored with a woman since… maybe ever.

Bill: I felt this way about your mom too, son. She was an all-around knockout.

Liam: Thanks. Hey, I know that you’re not like a foo-foo, la-la, destiny, fate kind of guy, but… I really think it’s possible that poppy came back into your life for a reason, and… who knows, maybe she’s got something that you didn’t even realize you were missing.

Bill: Yeah, you may be exactly right, liam. In fact, I’m gonna cut our meal short and see if poppy’s available.

Luna: All right, this one? Or this one?

Poppy: I like that one.

Luna: Same. Great minds think alike.

Poppy: Yeah, well, what time does the party start? You don’t want to be late.

Luna: Um, it’s at– oh, my god, we totally lost track of time. I have to get going.

Poppy: Uh, do you want me to drop you off?

Luna: Uh, no, that is okay. I’m taking a car service.

Poppy: Okay. Um, are you sure you don’t wanna wear a wrap? ‘Cause it might get cold later.

Luna: Uh, no, no, it’s okay. Um, I’ll be fine.

Poppy: All right then. Have a fabulous time.

Luna: Thank you, mom. And thank you for helping me with my glam.

Poppy: Listen, I know tonight’s about eric and celebrating his miraculous recovery. But I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy you found rj. A guy who treats you with kindness and respect. Don’t let anything come between you and the man that you love.

Luna: I won’T.

Poppy: Now skedaddle. Go.

[ Luna laughs ]

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Rj: Well, luna’s on her way.

Eric: Good, that’s marvelous. I’m glad she’s gonna be here. She’s a very big part of this whole thing.

Rj: Yeah, luna’s strength and support while we were keeping it a secret– the health stuff– was nothing short of amazing, right?

Eric: When you find love, you stick with it. You hang on to it. Don’t let go. Not ever.

Rj: That’s exactly what I intend to do.

Eric: Everyone! I’m very aware we’re not all here, but I’m very, very proud and happy that you’re all here to help donna and me celebrate this wonderful evening. Thank you. It’s gonna be fun. And, uh, I’ll have more to say about all that later.

Ridge: You okay?

Eric: Yeah, I’m just a little, uh… I’m just a little disoriented. Last time I had a lot of people in this room, I was, uh… I was on the floor there. I collapsed, you know? And, uh… I wasn’t sure I’d ever be back.

Ridge well, you are back. You made it.

Eric: You knew my wishes, ridge.

Ridge: You gave me the power to make the right choice when the time came. And I did. And I’d do it again. You’re here. You’re alive. Is that what you want, or would you rather be dead?

Eric: That’s not what I’m saying. Not at all. You know that. I love this life. I love– I love this family. I love– I love donna.

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: But right now, your face is telling a different story.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, well… I went to the other side, ridge, you know, and I saw that. And it was beautiful. It was indescribable. I mean, uh… you wouldn’t understand. I mean, you just can’T. I want you to know something. When my time comes again, and it will, I’m not afraid. I don’t want you to be afraid for me. Understand?

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Make no mistake, I love this life. I want to live. Cheers.

Ridge: Cheers. (Kids) get him!

Bill: There you go.

Poppy: Thank you.

Bill: Thanks for coming, poppy. I’m happy to see you again.

Poppy: It’s nice to see you too.

Bill: I’m sorry for the last-minute phone call. I don’t want you to think that I’m just assuming you’re available.

Poppy: Consider this your lucky day.

Bill: I do consider it my lucky day. I hope I didn’t take you away from anything too important.

Poppy: No, I was with luna, but she had plans.

Bill: How is your lovely daughter?

Poppy: She’s doing well. She’s enjoying work and her social life. She’s never been happier.

Bill: Really? That’s nice to hear.

Poppy: She’s in a wonderful relationship and very much in love with rj forrester.

Rj: Wow, you look stunning.

Luna: Thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself.

Rj: Granddad’s been asking about you. Granddad? Luna’s arrived.

Eric: Luna, hi. Welcome. I’m glad you could make it.

Luna: Thank you.

Eric: Hi. Well, make yourself at home. You know this area here pretty well. You spent enough time here with rj and me and donna when I was– when I was sick.

Luna: I’m so happy to be here. Thank you so much for including me.

Eric: Wouldn’t be the same without you. I’m sure rj feels the same way.

Brooke: So, no signs like before?

Donna: No, I mean, eric gets weak and– and tired sometimes, but all the other symptoms from before are totally gone. You know, I’m just crossing my fingers to hope that it stays that way.

Katie: Well, I just hope he doesn’t overdo it.

Donna: I don’t even know what I’d do if I lost my honey bear.

Eric: Carter, have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have you here?

Carter: Well, there’s no place I’d rather be in this world, eric. You always treat me like family.

Eric: That’s because you are. You’re an integral part of this family at any gathering we have. More than anyone realizes.

Luna: This house and this room, it has such a warm place in my heart.

Rj: Yeah, mine too. I mean, the first time we ever laid eyes on each other, it was like right here.

Luna: Yeah.

Rj: Yeah.

[ Luna chuckles ] I’m uh, I wanted to tell you that I’m glad that, you know, we waited to take the next step in our relationship.

Luna: Yeah, me too. It made our night even more special.

Rj: You’re special.

Luna: I can’t wait to be alone with you again.

Rj: Is it hot in here? It’s a little hot in here. Is it just me? Do you want a drink? I’m gonna go get us drinks. I’ll be right back.

Zende: Having fun?

Luna: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s a great party. What about you?

Zende: Yeah. Yeah, I’m, uh, I’m enjoying it a lot more now.

Bill: I knew rj and luna were seeing each other. I didn’t realize it had progressed to the “I love you” stage.

Poppy: Well, it’s still pretty new, but it’s progressing quite well. They’ve already been through so much together, dealing with eric’s health condition. And, um, it really bonded them.

Bill: Well, I’m happy that luna’s happy. And that her beautiful mom is happy as well.

Zende: You are just beautiful. Rj is a very lucky man.

Luna: Thank you.

Rj: Hi.

Luna: Hi.

Rj: For you.

Luna: Thank you.

Zende: I was just telling luna how amazing she looks.

Rj: Yeah, she does.

Zende: Hey, I gotta give you guys props for all you did to support granddad when he was sick. Especially when none of us knew that he was sick.

Rj: Thank you. Thank you for saying that, zende. I appreciate it. Luna was, I mean, as always, she’s– she’s an incredible help. And, um, you know, we’re lucky. Lucky those days are behind us and granddad’s doing better.

Zende: I’ll drink to that.

Eric: All right, everybody. Attention. If I could have your attention for a moment.

Rj: Uh-oh. Pay attention, everyone. Granddad is about to make a toast.

Ridge: This may take a minute. Might as well take a seat.

Brooke: Oh.

Eric: Look, very funny, you two, very funny.

Ridge: I’m sorry. Dad, I’m really glad to be here. I can’t wait to see how this beautiful evening unfolds.

Eric: All right.

Donna: May I, um, say something, actually?

Eric: Well, sure.

Donna: Yeah. Uh, wow, um… I, uh, I don’t even know where to begin, I– I feel like, um, I’ve been with you forever. Yet it feels like we’re only getting started. I’m so grateful for every single precious moment I get to share with you. You nourish my soul, eric. You– you’ve completely transformed my life. All of our– our lives. And we’re here today to honor you.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you, donna. But I respectfully disagree. It’s not about me. This is all about you tonight, donna. About you and our life together into the future. That’s what this is about. Yeah, I wouldn’t be here, uh, at all, tonight, if it wasn’t for all the love and the kindness that I felt from everyone here. But no one more than you. No one more than you, my– my wonderful donna. You’re the person that stood by my side through this whole difficult time, and I– and I appreciate that. I know it hasn’t been easy. But every time you pleaded with me to go to the hospital, I– I absolutely refused.

Donna: Yes, you did.

Eric: You didn’t give up on me. And I’m never gonna give up on you either. And so, that’s what tonight is all about. It’s about you, wonderful donna logan. You’ve given me so much humor and warmth and love. And you’ve given me the desire to live every day, to live another day. And another day after that, and another after that, and to live every day with you by my side. Until the end.

Donna: The end.

Eric: You never ask anything from me. And you give everything you are, to me. It’s time for me to give back.

Donna: What?

Eric: Ridge, give me a hand here. Yeah, thanks. I can do this. I can do this.

Donna: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Eric: Something I should’ve done a long time ago, donna. You’re everything to me. You’re my rock and you’re my– my well of happiness. I– I want you to be my wife. Will you? Ridge, give me, give me, here. Yeah. Marry me, donna.

Donna: Eric…

Eric: Will you marry me? Will you marry your, uh… will you marry your honey bear?

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