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[ Phone ringing ]

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Hello, adam.

Adam: Hi, I’ve given connor’s situation some more thought.

Chelsea: Me too.

Adam: So, how do you want to handle this, do you want to drive there together?

Chelsea: I don’t think we should go.

Adam: What is that supposed to mean?

Chelsea: The last thing he needs right now is you running up there.

Adam: He has to know that he has my support. If you don’t want to go, that’s your decision, but I’m going. I already called him.

Chelsea: You did what? What did you say?

Adam: I left him a voicemail and I told him to call me back. I want to talk to him directly and tell him that I’m on my way.

Chelsea: Adam, just do me a favor, okay? Do not speak to connor or go anywhere until we can discuss this together in person.

Adam: Fine. I’m at society.

Chelsea: Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: I take it that was adam and he hasn’t changed his mind.

Chelsea: No, he hasn’t changed his mind, he plans to go straight to the school and yank connor out.

Billy: Just like him. Add fuel to the fire.

Chelsea: I have to stop him.

Billy: I know. I get it. Just do me a favor, okay? Take a breath.

[ Chelsea breathes deeply ] Just enjoy the tea with me for a second. Because we both know if you go hard on adam–

Chelsea: He’ll dig in, and make things worse.

Devon: Well, sharon, we really appreciate all the presentations that your team sent over on how our companies can partner.

Nate: Yes, yes, you’ve done a great job positioning cassidy first technology.

Sharon: Well, thank you. We, uh, put a lot of time into these proposals, and I made it a priority because I really believe that we can do great things with chancellor-winters. Our tech and your content. But I know that pitch decks only go so far, so I wanted to meet in person to see if there’s anything else I can answer for you. Um, are we waiting for billy?

Devon: We’re not, no, just going to be us today, and i think you’ve already addressed our follow-up questions.

Sharon: Great. Well, I hope that means you’re ready to make a deal.

[ Traci sighs ]

Ashley: Ca va?

Traci: Oh, oh, oh.

Ashley: I’m sorry I’m late.

Traci: I’m so glad to see you, I was afraid maybe you had changed your mind about meeting here. I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t blame you, of course. You sure you don’t want to go somewhere else? This place must be very triggering, you know? A constant reminder of the fight with tucker.

Ashley: Well, actually, what’s triggering is being told that my memory’s wrong.

Traci: Yes, very upsetting, I’m sure, um, the possibility that you might have exaggerated tucker’s anger. Memories can be tricky.

Ashley: Yeah, I didn’t exaggerate anything at all. It’s good that I’m back here, so I can remember what happened. What really happened. I can look that– that waiter in the eye, and I know that he’s lying because tucker paid him off. Did I tell you that tucker actually suggested that I come back to this cafe, and question the waiter? Clearly, a setup.

Traci: Well, I certainly wouldn’t put it past tucker to try to pull something like that. It’s what he does.

Ashley: Exactly.

Traci: I do think that we should prepare ourselves for another possibility.

Ashley: And what would that be?

Traci: That he didn’t pay them. That they’re telling the truth.

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Ashley: I can’t believe that you’re actually taking tucker’s side, and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Traci: I’m not taking tucker’s side, I’m– I’m sure that his– his anger was terrifying. I’m just questioning whether he paid off the staff.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, well, you know that he’s capable of anything and everything, right?

Traci: Agreed, but did he do this particular thing this time?

Ashley: Of course he did, traci. When I called him to confront him, he basically doubled down.

Traci: You called him?

Ashley: Yes. He will do anything at all. He just wants to punish me. He wants to make me pay because I didn’t cut ties with jabot. And he’s such an egomaniac. He’s– he’s threatened by the thought that i could actually love anybody more than him.

Traci: Well, of course that’s absurd, ashley, you have a huge heart. And I am here to help you protect it.

Ashley: It would help me if you would trust that I know what I’m talking about.

Traci: Of course I trust you.

Ashley: Because he’s capable of anything, like I said. He would have no qualms paying off an entire waitstaff, let alone one waiter. His whole life revolves around revenge. That’s what he’s doing. He’s trying to make me think that something’s wrong with me just to get back at me. Well, it’s not going to work! I’m on to him! Sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m ruining this night, aren’t I?

Traci: No. No, it’s fine.

Ashley: I am. We’re in paris. I’m with my sister. I’m not going to let tucker ruin this, too, okay? I’m sorry. Let’s get some wine.

[ Traci laughs ] Garçon?

Devon: I’m glad that you wanted to meet with us in person because I know how easy it is to get distracted by outside concerns. But, uh, I think that we are ready to make some decisions about the deal today. Right, nate?

Nate: Yes, yes. Absolutely. Uh, we’ve run it by lily, but we’re still waiting on billy and jill’s final sign-off.

Sharon: They haven’t agreed?

Devon: They have to the partnership, but we still just need to run by the specific points with them, and I’m very confident we’ll be able to get you the paperwork you need by this afternoon.

Sharon: That would be amazing. I know no deal is really done until the paperwork is signed, but I have to say, I’m optimistic.

Devon: I am, too, I really am, as long as you guys like what we send to you, I don’t see why we can’t get this partnership solidified within the next few weeks.

Sharon: That sounds great. Okay, well, I better get back to the office, and prep my team.

Devon: Yes.

Sharon: This is exciting!

Devon: It’s very exciting. I think this partnership makes perfect sense. Thank you for having that dream.

[ Nate laughing ]

Sharon: Sometimes, our unconscious bubbles up some inspired ideas.

Nate: Well, with any luck, we’ll be sipping on some different bubbles very soon.

Devon: Yes. We’ll be in touch. Have a good rest of your day.

Sharon: You, too.

Devon: Well, congratulations, man, looks like this is the first big deal you’ve landed since being back.

[ Nate clears throat ] What the hell is going on between you and audra?

[ Nate sighs ]

Audra: Are you staring at me to distract from the fact that devon’s over there ignoring you?

Tucker: Is devon here? Ah, there he is. What do you know?

Audra: Yeah, very funny.

Tucker: I only have eyes for you right now.

[ Audra chuckles ]

Audra: Sorry, but this just doesn’t sound like the tucker I know.

Tucker: I’m serious. I feel so close to you right now. Closer than I ever have. Do you not feel the same?

Audra: I– I feel a shift in our dynamic. I just hope it lasts.

Tucker: “A shift in our dynamic,” wow. You’re such a poet, audra. I think you’re still on guard about ashley.

Audra: Oh, god. Yeah, well, I know you very well. And I’m realistic. So, yes, I am on guard.

Tucker: Give me your hand. Give me your hand. I meant what I said upstairs. I choose you in all ways possible. It’s you and me from now on.

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Chelsea: Thank you so much. Yes, that approach makes sense. I will speak to his father and fill him in. Okay. Bye-bye. Oh, see? This is why I love that school.

Billy: They’re on top of things.

Chelsea: Yes, they said they will keep an eye on connor. They will work on getting him back to his sleep schedule, and they’ll make sure he’s eating again because he’s been so upset that he hasn’t been able to think about food.

Billy: That’s good. Just get him back to basics. He’ll be all right.

Chelsea: The way they explained things was really, really helpful, so I just have to make adam understand it’s not the right time to go visit connor. Let’s see if he takes their advice.

Billy: You want me to join you for moral support?

Chelsea: I would love that, but I think that would set adam off even more. Thank you for the tea and the advice.

Billy: Of course.

Sharon: Hey there.

Chelsea: Oh, sharon. Hi. Congrats again on your launch.

Sharon: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Chelsea: I want to hear more about it, but unfortunately, I have to run, I’ll– I’ll see you soon, though. Wish me luck.

Billy: I’ll check in with you later.

Chelsea: Okay.

[ Billy sighs ]

Sharon: So, how are things going?

Billy: Uh, yeah. Everything’s good. Chelsea’s just dealing with some co-parenting issues.

Sharon: Well, I hope connor’s okay.

Billy: I think he’s going to be just fine. Of course, adam is handling it the way you would expect adam to handle it.

Sharon: Is that why, uh, you weren’t at the meeting today with devon and nate?

Billy: What meeting?

Sharon: To finalize the partnership.

Billy: I wasn’t aware there was a meeting. And I don’t have anything in my calendar. Who set this meeting, sharon? Because I assume that I should have been a part of it.

Sharon: Well, I had reached out to devon, but I just assumed you’d be there.

Billy: Yeah, well, nothing’s getting finalized without me, so I assumed I should have been there, too. But I guess devon doesn’t agree.

Sharon: Oh, well, I don’t think it was anything like that. Um, and nothing has been finalized. He said that he’s going to run the numbers by jill and you, and then send them over later.

Billy: And yet no fresh emails, and my phone isn’t ringing.

Sharon: Are you and devon having some kind of a conflict? Because if there’s going to be issues before this partnership even gets off the ground–

Billy: It’s nothing like that. We’re just figuring out how to work together again. That’s all it is.

Sharon: As long as it’s not going to be contentious.

Billy: It’s all about collaboration for me.

Sharon: Uh-huh.

Billy: Look, if I get my feathers ruffled because of a missed meeting, that’s one thing. I just don’t want it to get to my mother, okay? So, I will remind devon that I need to be kept in the loop. Other than that, everything is going to be just great.

Nate: There’s nothing going on between audra and me.

Devon: Then, why do you keep looking over at her?

Nate: She and i worked closely together. I just hate to see her get sucked back into tucker’s drama again. I thought she’d finally shaken him off.

Devon: Yeah, but who cares? She’s a grown woman. And after everything tucker’s done, I’m sure she’s aware of it. And the fact that she’s sitting over there holding his hand should tell you all you need to know about her.

Nate: You may be right.

Devon: I am definitely right. And I would recommend that you steer clear of her. Because she’s nothing but drama. And you don’t need her drawing you back into a place that your family doesn’t want you to be in.

Audra: You’re not really a public display of affection guy.

Tucker: You haven’t pulled your hand away.

Audra: I don’t hate it.

Tucker: Mm.

Audra: But that doesn’t mean you can distract me from business.

Tucker: Ugh.

Audra: So, what happens now?

Tucker: Well, bringing you back changes my original plan, so I’ll have to do some thinking about it.

Audra: Work it out together? It shouldn’t be that hard. After all, I was going to run glissade when your plan was to fold it into jabot. So you must have had a plan when you first asked me to join you. Okay, come here. Look, everything you wanted to have with ashley, you can have with me. Only it will be real. Not some fantasy or unattainable ideal. Hey, if I’m in, I am all the way in. And you claim you are too.

Tucker: 100%. Never doubt that. And I’m glad to be there. But right now, can we just bask in the afterglow? Being us, over a nice lunch, without talking business?

Audra: Yeah, of course. Just remember, you make promises. And I’m going to make sure you remember every single one of them.

Tucker: Yes, ma’am.

[ Tucker sighs ]

Ashley: Sorry about that. Oh, tucker just upsets me.

Traci: I wish that you could see that when you let him do that, you let him win. I really don’t like that you called him. The only way to take back control is to not think about him at all.

Ashley: I was trying to do that, that’s why I came here, was to get closure. Instead, I was just faced with a bunch of tucker’s new lies. I just have to go in another direction.

Traci: Well, I hope that direction includes exorcising him from your thoughts and moving on with your life.

Tucker: I’m done. Goodbye, ashley. Go to hell.

Traci: Ashley? Pain hits fast.

Traci: Ashley. Oh, I knew that coming here was a mistake.

Ashley: I keep thinking about tucker’s version of what happened here and he’s wrong. It did not happen that way.

Traci: Okay, you know what? Why don’t we go get on that jet and go home? We’ve learned all we can here. Why stay the night?

Ashley: Yeah, I’m not ready to give up or go home.

Traci: But what else is there for us to do?

Ashley: If tucker can get the waiter to lie, then maybe I can get him to tell the truth.

Traci: And how are you gonna do that? Offer him your own bribe?

Ashley: Of course not. I could pay him for his time.

Traci: Ashley, any waiter who can be bought by the highest bidder is never going to tell you the truth. I think we have to face the possibility we’ve reached a dead end here.

Ashley: I’m not accepting defeat.

Traci: I wish you wouldn’t think of it as win or lose. How about moving on with your life? Ashley, the waiter lied or he didn’t lie. We’re not going to know unless we hook him up to a lie detector test.

Ashley: Well, I could make the suggestion.

Traci: Please, you’ve got to find a way to let this all go and I will do everything in my power to help you. And so will jack, and so will billy. Come on, let’s just go home.

Ashley: Please.

Traci: Surrounded by people who love you.

Ashley: Stop treating me with kid gloves, please. What, you think I’m going crazy?

Chelsea: Thank you for waiting.

[ Adam clears throat ]

Adam: Mm-hmm, of course. Nothing is more important than our son.

Chelsea: I know how much you love him, adam. And I– I know that’s why you get so, uh, intense.

Adam: Yes, yes, I overreacted when I first heard, I threatened to pull him out of the school, but it’s only because I care about him so much.

Chelsea: We both do. And that’s why we have to do what’s best for connor.

Adam: Agreed.

Chelsea: Okay, uh, well, i spoke to his guidance counselor and the head of the school, and they are going to put some protocols in place. They’re going to make some accommodations. Get him some more tutoring. And, uh, evaluate him to figure out what’s going on. So, it is a long process and when you’re diagnosing a learning difference, it does take time. And, um, it’s very specific. So they think that we should wait until parents weekend to go visit.

Adam: And you made all of these decisions already without me?

Chelsea: Um, no. Actually, I was just getting advice as to what to do here. Um, I just needed their advice as to what to do and make sure and clarify that we should wait before we go visit our son at school.

Adam: You mean you were getting more ammunition to back up your opinion?

Chelsea: I think that creating conflict is probably not a good thing for our son right now is what I’m saying.

Adam: Or, in other words, you think that I’m going to make a scene.

Chelsea: Adam, you just admitted that you overreacted when I told you about this in the first place.

Adam: That’s because I’m playing catch up, responding to partial information.

Chelsea: What are you talking about? I’m here talking to you so we can be on the same page.

Adam: Okay, do I get any input?

Chelsea: Of course you get input.

Adam: Connor called you, you called the school, and now you are making decisions about connor before anybody has consulted me.

Chelsea: If you just listen to me–

Adam: Chelsea, he has two parents. You don’t get to call all the shots.

Nate: You still think I’m one slip away from betraying our family again, after all I’ve done to repair things.

Devon: Well, listen, something caused you to betray us before, right? You didn’t just do it. And I suspect that your weakness has to do with the temptation of wanting more.

Nate: What is that supposed to mean?

Devon: It means that having ambition is fine and great as long as it doesn’t cloud your judgment and lead you to make bad decisions that only serve yourself and not the company that you work for. And victoria was the road to you doing that. And from what I’ve seen, it just– I feel like audra presents that same temptation.

Tucker: You think you’ll ever really trust me?

Audra: You’re the one who taught me to never fully trust anyone. I know you don’t trust me. You suspect I have my own agenda.

Tucker: Yeah. That’s part of the thrill. How alike we are. How we keep each other on our toes.

Audra: Well then, where does that leave us?

Tucker: Hm. In our happy place. Ah. I don’t want you to ever tell me your plan of your own accord. I want to figure it out on my own. It’s much more thrilling for me.

Audra: Look, I’m not sure being constantly suspicious of each other is as romantic as you think it is.

Tucker: Oh, well, what could be more romantic? We thrive on– on mystery, on piecing everything together. And there’s always the chance we could seduce information from each other. I certainly look forward to doing that with you. I look forward to everything with you.

Audra: Salud.

Tucker: Salud. (Vo) if you have graves’ disease,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Devon: All right. We should get back to the office so we can get jill and billy to sign off on these numbers and get them to sharon.

Nate: I’m actually surprised billy didn’t show up for this meeting. Was he tied up?

Devon: Uh, no. No he wasn’T. I just figured that you’d been running the numbers and working it, so we’d keep the meeting tight. What?

Nate: I mean, I’m flattered. I’m just wondering how billy would take that.

Devon: I mean, there’s nothing to take. There’s– there’s no reason for the three of us to meet. Sharon didn’t bring her executive team.

Nate: True, but she brought the idea to the two of you in the first place, didn’t she?

Devon: She did. Yeah. But this is just one of many meetings over the course of this partnership, so he’ll be at the next one.

Tucker: Yeah. Devon’s resolve is impressive. He doesn’t even glance my way anymore.

Audra: See? There it is.

Tucker: What?

Audra: I mean, you claim it doesn’t hurt, but you’re not as cold-blooded as you pretend to be.

Tucker: Hey, I– i tried to repair things with him. If he doesn’t want me in his life, I can’t force the issue. Nate, on the other hand, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. I don’t think he liked, uh, you giving me the time of day. He seemed to hate it.

Audra: Or maybe he just hates you.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: But he wouldn’t be the first, would he? Nah, he’s obviously got a thing for you. Those, uh, those trysts you said you two were having. Truth?

Audra: Do you really want to know? Wouldn’t that break our rules of engagement, of keeping each other guessing?

Tucker: I think that applies just to business.

Audra: Ah. You’re jealous.

Tucker: Yeah. Maybe a little. He is younger and better looking than me. But I’m still curious as to why he was shooting daggers our way.

Audra: Nate’s just a friend. Yeah, I know you don’t know what those are.

[ Audra laughs ] But friends are protective of each other.

Tucker: And what is nate protecting you from, exactly?

Audra: You.

Tucker: Yeah. Little does he know, I’m putty in your hands.

Audra: Mm. He just wants to make sure you don’t wield any undue influence over me.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. And, uh, just how much influence does nate wield over you?

Audra: Never as much as you.

Adam: Thi– this is why I need to go to the school. And I need to talk to connor and the school staff myself because nobody seems fit to include me.

Chelsea: Oh, okay. I see what this is about. Your ego is bruised because connor called me first. For god’s sake, adam, he’s a kid!

Adam: Yeah, and that’s why he shouldn’t be alone to deal with this, chelsea.

Chelsea: You think I don’t want to run to that school and hug connor so tight and tell him everything’s going to be okay? Of course I do.

Adam: Okay. Then let’s do it.

[ Chelsea scoffs ] Why are you fighting me on this? Why are you acting like this is the worst idea in the world to go reassure our son who is hurting right now? You were the one who told me how upset he was on the phone. Okay, I need to see him, and I need to reassure him that everything is going to be okay.

Chelsea: It’s not about you! Ugh, adam, it’s no– it’s not about you. Put yourself in connor’s shoes. He is struggling. He was just told he needs learning accommodations at a school he was going to because he felt different. So, no, we’re not going. The school says it will make him feel worse, it will put a spotlight on him and that is the last thing he needs.

[ Chelsea sighing ] I’m sorry. I was trying not to lose my cool.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Adam: No, it’S… you’re– you’re absolutely right. My late father-in-law lit up a room,

Chelsea: You think I’m right?

Adam: So is the school. Turning this into a big deal, making it some– some tragedy is not the way to go. It just kills me to think that he’s beating himself up over this or he’s depressed and he’s overwhelmed. And us not being there, it’s the worst.

Chelsea: But we will be there for him. In the right way, at the right time.

Adam: Thank you.

Chelsea: For going off on you?

Adam: For pushing me to– to see what’s best for connor.

Chelsea: Sometimes, it’s hard to know what that is. Adam, you don’t think I hate the fact that connor sought out this school in the first place because of me?

Adam: What? No, chelsea, no, I’m– I’m not going to let you blame yourself for connor’s issue. Okay, I get that instinct. I do it too. And sally helped me see that. You were right. Yes, I was upset that connor called you first, but it wasn’t because of my ego. It was because I felt like I let him down. If I had just been a better father, you know, hell, if I had– had just been there for him when he was little.

Chelsea: Sally’s right. Connor knows how much you love him. So do I. I have to be honest with you. I’m– I’m surprised to see you come around like this. In the past, you…

Adam: Probably would have dug in and doubled down.

Chelsea: Yeah, exactly.

Adam: I’m working on controlling my less than productive tendencies.

Chelsea: Oh, well look at you.

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: It’s connor. What do I say? You want to wait? Should I call him back?

Chelsea: Answer it. Let’s talk to him together.

Adam: Connor, buddy. I’m here with your mom.

Billy: Hey.

Devon: Hey, billy.

Billy: So, I heard you had a meeting with sharon about finalizing the partnership.

Devon: Yes, we did. And it went really well, actually. And nate has some numbers to share with you and jill, so we can get them back over to sharon as soon as possible.

Billy: Seems like something I should have been a part of. Sharon agrees, actually. Is there a reason why I was excluded?

Devon: You weren’t excluded on purpose. The meeting just came together quickly and I knew we wanted to keep the ball rolling, so I made it happen. We didn’t sign any contracts or anything like that.

Billy: Well, you can’T. Not without me.

Nate: Uh, billy, if you have any issues with the numbers, uh, we can adjust. Nothing’s been set in stone.

Devon: Yeah, nobody’s making deals behind your back. We told sharon that we have to run all the points by you and jill. And I think you’re going to be really impressed, too, because nate’s done a fantastic job.

Nate: This is going to be an exciting venture. Lots of potential.

Billy: Great. Happy to hear that. So let’s just chalk it up to a scheduling mishap. Make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because this is all about collaboration, right? That’s how we keep chancellor-winters strong.

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: Agreed. Mm-hmm.

Billy: Great. Because I don’t think we’re free of tucker’s threat. So, let’s get this deal done as soon as we can, so we become so big that he can’t mess with us. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting of my own. Give me those numbers when you can, and I’ll get to them. Thanks, guys.

Devon: Yep.

Traci: I swear, I am not implying there is anything wrong with your mental state. I’m just saying, tucker has worked his way into your head. He’s taking up undeserved space there. He’s not worth it.

Ashley: Damn right, he’s not.

Traci: And I really believe that it would just be better for you to move on, surrounded by your family. Staying here in paris, it’s just reminding you of the trauma.

Ashley: Yeah. You’re not wrong. This place has a lot of bad energy. I can’t wait to be rid of it.

Traci: Oh, thank god. Thank god. Let’s go home. I will call the jet.

Ashley: I’m not ready to go. I’m not leaving. To 50 years with my best friend.

Chelsea: Okay, mister. Well, we can’t wait to see you over parents weekend.

Adam: Yeah, you got this. We love you.

Billy: I take it that’s connor. How’s he doing?

Chelsea: Yeah, he sounded good, right?

Adam: Uh, he’s a little shaky, but I think he’s on board with the school’s plan.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, he sounded a lot better than the first time I spoke to him, so…

Billy: Great. Glad to hear that.

Adam: I think he’s relieved that there’s a solution. He seemed to relax a little bit when he realized that other kids deal with similar issues.

Chelsea: Yeah, and we’re going to set up a schedule for video calls so we can check in on him every once in a while.

Adam: Low-key. Not to make it seem like there’s anything wrong.

Chelsea: Yes. Just to show support and tell him how excited we are for our next visit.

Billy: Well, that’s great. Sounds like a very solid plan. I have to say, it’s really nice to see you both in a cooperative space.

Adam: In other words, you think I would revert to form and run up there and blow up?

Billy: In one word, yeah.

Adam: Well, luckily, chelsea helped me see that that was not the way to go.

Chelsea: Actually, I’m the one that went off on adam this time.

Adam: Well, in a good way, for good reason. I assume you know how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Billy: I do indeed.

Nate: Do you agree with billy about tucker still being a threat to the company? I’ve been focused on your personal relationship with tucker. Wasn’t thinking in terms of him coming after chancellor-winters.

Devon: Well, business and… personal, family, are one and the same for tucker, so…

Nate: So, you are worried?

Devon: I mean, I try not to worry about things I can’t control, but I’m not going to let my guard down. The plan is to keep him out of every part of my life, which he’s aware of, but he’s also aware that I’m keeping my eyes out for any moves that he makes.

Nate: I don’t know. I don’t see tucker as an imminent threat to chancellor-winters. He just fired the board at glissade, hired a new group of loyalists. There’s still a lot of damage control to do before he thinks of looking elsewhere.

Devon: Yeah, but his whole life is damage control, which he thrives on. So, I think we all just need to stay on alert.

Nate: Well, you know, if– if tucker is making a move, there could be an advantage to having audra as a friend.

Audra: Ah. Now that we’ve enjoyed our pleasant lunch, how about you tell me what your plans are for next steps at glissade?

Tucker: Patience is not your best attribute, is it?

Audra: Nor yours. Why can’t you just tell me, okay? Why are you stalling?

Tucker: Didn’t we say that keeping each other guessing is more exciting?

Audra: Sure. About the long game. But we’re talking short term. You can’t keep me in the dark, tucker. I need to know if I made a mistake opening up to you.

Tucker: You didn’T. I promise. Wow.

Ashley: I’m going to stay. I need to talk this out with someone.

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: Okay, if that’s what you want, and that’s what you need, then that is what we will do. I will stay here with you, and I will listen.

Ashley: I want you to go. I need you to go. Please, alone. I’m going to stay here and talk this out with a friend of mine that’s in paris. I need peace of mind right now, more than anything. I need peace of mind.

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