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ladio, no, listen to me. Somebody tried to take me out on my own private island. And you haven’t found out who it is yet? Okay, listen.[ Knock on door ] I’m gonna give you 24 hours to find out who it is. If not, I’m gonna find a new head of security. Do you understand me?! Hey. Sonny. I can’t believe spencer’s gone. Yeah, I can’t either. Come on in. I’m sorry about spencer. Ah. He was, uh… well, he was one of a kind, right? Yeah. Um, how’s alexis holding up? Mom is doing what she does best and just diving into work.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Just wanted to let you know that, uh, I’ll be unavailable for the next couple of hours. Okay. I’m taking tracy to a, uh, well, it’s either a late lunch or an early dinner. Whatever it is, it’s in the name of future in-law solidarity. Good. Have fun. Alexis, is everything okay? No, everything is not okay. My nephew, spencer, is dead. I need better… hay! Look at this. T-this is wrong. This is so, so very wrong. It’s coarse. It’s brittle. It’s dry. It’s icky. I know, we tried the artificial hay, but it was reading fake, so I put it back on the truck. Oh, I don’t care. You know what we’re selling? Come on, we’re selling rustic romance, not barnyard reality. I’ll get right on that. Oh, wait. Yes. Um, did martin happen to call for me at the office? No. Ah. Uh, but, you know, I really need for him to know where to find me. I left him a message about the photo shoot. Oh, great. Um, did you leave him all that — the time, the location, and my number, in case, for any reason, he couldn’t reach you. Okay. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Um, so, why are you still standing there? You know what we need? Oh. Giddy up. Go. Giddying up. Yeah. Giddy, giddy. Yahoo. Oh, martin, have you even called? No, not a text. Nothing. Fine. If you’re t gonna call me, then I will call you again and again. Oh, not to worry, lucy. I’m here. Yay. Great. Um, listen, I could really use some good news, so please tell me, how did it go with tracy and the flowers? I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her. That is not good news, is it? Well, I-I can’t get her to just call me. Well, why don’t you call her? Well, that would look desperate. Okay, then you could call her in a non-desperate way. And you need to make it fast, ’cause marty is so annoyed with me, you know? And I can’t really tell him what exactly we’re up to — our plan to take revenge on tracy. So could you please just call tracy and fast? Okay, lucy, take it easy.

[ Sighs ]

[ Line ringing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Chuckles ] Unh-unh, scott. You’re gonna have to twist a little bit longer. Hello, martin. Are you okay? Actually, no. You’re gonna have to forgive me, ms. Quartermaine, but at present, I neither have the will nor the patience to entertain any of your constant insinuations about lucy and scott. As I’ve stated ad nauseam, lucy’s past is none of my business. Well, isn’t that just the problem? Lucy never puts the past behind her, and when she gets involved with someone, scott comes sniffing around just like he is now. You know, if you’re gonna ke the accusation, least you could do is provide some evidence. Oh, okay. You want evidence? Well…the other day, when you and lucy had your little public dustup… scott bolted off, abandoned me… to go comfort lucy. O’neill’s in custody. Oh, good. Jordan ashford… meet jagger cates. John, please. I’ve outgrown the old nickname. How do you two know each other? John is a friend of my daughter robin’S. Tell her she owes me an e-mail from six months ago. I-I’ll mention it. So, can you fill us in on this investigation? Well, I’m the special agent in charge, and you two are interfering. My agents told you to stay out of this. You should have listened.

[ Gasps ] Hello, mother. Nikolas. Oh, my god, thank god. Thank god you and ace are alright. Oh, thank god.

[ Voice breaking ] I heard that, spencer… is it true? Yes. Spencer’s gone. W-what happened? Come in. Come in. Spencer went overboard. He was on a ship on the seine. The french authorities weren’t able to find his body, but the evidence suggests that he couldn’t have survived that. Was it esme? Yes. Which means spencer is dead because I took ace. My son is dead because of me.

[ Sobs ]

If you don’t mind my asking, what did the two of you fight about? Actually, I do mind. That is personal. It’s between lucy and myself. Don’t tell me the two of you broke up. No, we did not. I am so sorry to disappoint you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to see what lucy has done to you. Don’t you get it that scott and lucy cannot stay away from each other? And worse than that, they don’t want to. I don’t know why tracy cooled on me. You know, I thought I was making progress with her, you know? In fact, she even got a little jealous when she saw me paying attention to you and your dandy of a boyfriend. Your little squabble. You mean before you abandoned tracy in the middle of the metro court? Well, I was worried about you. Great. Well, how is being worried about me endearing yourself to tracy? Well, pardon me, lucy, for thinking about your emotional well-being. My emotional well-being is just fine. I am fine. Fine, fine, fine. I mean, it — it — it will be. I know marty is really angry, but I just think I can convince him to work things out with me, you know? Maybe you can. Maybe you can’T. I can, and I will. Is this guy really worth it? Yeah, of course he is. I mean, we’re just hitting a-a rough patch, you know? We — we really are good together. We are. Well, then… I hope you work things out. Do you really? No. I just want you to be happy. I gotta go. I-I gotta go right now. I need — I need to — to find marty now. Right this minute. I’m gonna go look for him. What about the tracy business? Oh, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. Uh, you stay put. Um, I’ll be right back. Stay. I briefly spoke with trina. She’s broken up. She’s with ava right now. What’s happening with that? How long is ava staying here with you? It’s open-ended. I mean, ava’s is going through a lot right now, and at least we get more time to spend with — with avery. I’m amazed the two of you have been able to coexist this long. Well, you know, avery’s happy with her mother, and that’s what matters. How was the, uh, family vacation on the island? It had its moments. I’m afraid I’ve got to get going. Oh, I didn’t even offer you coffee. Can I — I’m — I’m good. I’m gonna check on my mom at the invader. Okay. Okay, I’ll — I’ll see you at home. Yeah. I love you. I love you, too. Bye, sonny. Uh, you want to tell me what’s really going on? Death is never easy, especially when you’re blindsided. I just can’t believe that spencer’s gone. No, I know, but, uh, it feels like maybe there’s something else happening. You got extra security? Was there some kind of threat? There was an incident on the island. An incident? What do you mean an incident? Somebody almost took me out. Curtis ashford is my ex-husband. He almost died in the shooting. I understand that, but neither of you are law enforcement. Not anymore. You’re not even deputized. So I’m telling you, stop pursuing this.

Or you could deputize us. Oh. Problem solved. That’s not happening. But don’t you understand? Jordan and I were there when curtis was shot. I don’t see how you could expect us to walk away. Because this is an fbi investigation. And curtis ashford’s shooting is only one part of something much… much bigger. We’d all have been much better off if esme had just left town. My nephew would be alive if I didn’t offer her that job. But you gave her a chance to prove herself. And she did. She proved to be a capable assistant. She proved to us all that she was a capable mother. All of that because of your generosity of spirit. No good deed. I don’t believe reaching out to someone else is ever a mistake. Well, it clearly was a mistake, wasn’t it? And now we’re all well down that road to hell that I helped build. Nikolas is god-knows-where with ace and spencer is dead. Ace is finally down for a nap.

[ Sniffles ] I didn’t want your son to see you that upset, nikolas.

[ Sniffles ] You mean my one remaining son. Thank you. I — I wasn’t thinking. It’s okay. You’re in shock. We all are. I thank god that you still have ace. That is something to be really grateful for. It’s so good that you came home. You need to be with your family now. I was afraid you’d slam the door in my face. I suppose I-I maybe should have after everything you put me through. You know that you should never have taken ace, right? I know. And it’s what led to my spencer’s death. Sit down. Please. Please sit down. This is important. Okay. I want you to listen to me. You are not responsibl for spencer’s death. You didn’t do that. Esme did it, okay? Esme was trying to attack trina, and spencer tried to stop her. I know, and he lost his life in the process. I know. I know I didn’t put him in the seine, mother, but my actions did put himin esme’s osshairs. And I-I-I don’t even know how you can look at me right now. You are my son. I love you. I will always love you. I will always be here for you. Always. Thank you.

[ Sniffles ] I know I… I don’t deserve your kindness. Yes, you do. Honey, you do. You did the right thing by coming back here. You’re not gonna stay, are you? I can’T. If I stay, I’ll go to prison. You held a pregnant woman captive for months. Has it occurred to you that maybe you belong in prison? I know it’s what I deserve, but I still have one son who needs me. I-I’m sorry, mother, but — but I have to go. Are you kidding me? If that’s the kind of man you are, if that’s the kind of father you are, he would be better off without you.

Hi. Um, your secretary told me where I could find you. I-I suppose I should be glad that you allowed her to tell me. Well, I needed a little space. And do you still? Yeah. As youish. Um, you know, before I go, I-I just need to say, um… it’s really hard to apologize to you if you won’t answer my phone calls. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much to say. Oh, come on, for god’s sake. Really, it was just a slip of the tongue. I said I loved you, and I did. Before that moment, during this moment, at this moment, I-I love you. I don’t know what happened, I just panicked. I made a mistake. I think we both know how you meant it. No, pl– please just give me another chance. I don’t understand. Your island is like a fortress. How does someone get that close to you? We’re looking into it, dante. Looking into it? What do you mean? The shooter got away? I don’t want to talk right now. I don’t want any questions or anything. I’m not in the mood. I’m on your side. You know that, right? Well, really? ‘Cause it didn’t seem that way when I was being cuffed… okay. …And you were reading my rights. We already talked about that. You don’t want to be arrested, don’t beat people up in churches. Okay, I’ll take that as good advice. Hey, listen. You’re my father. No matter what, I love you no matter what. And I want to help you if I can. You’re right. You’re right. I-I… I shouldn’t have snapped. It’s just that I don’t know who to trust anymore. What are you saying? This was an inside job? Nikolas: You’re right. My — my taking ace wasn’t the only thing that led to spencer’s death. The loneliness that… led him to being vulnerable to esme in the first place… allowing him and all of you to believe that… that I was dead. Now, w-what kind of father does that to his little boy? Nikolas, this — no, ace is better off without me. Okay, I’m gonna — I’m gonna leave him here with you and kevin where he belongs, and I’m gonna disappear. It’s best if my son never sees me again. That’s not what I meant. You know that. I know, but I’m agreeing with you. I want ace to have a good life. Yes. He deserves to have a good life with his father. Nikolas, if you would just face the mistakes that you made and take responsibility for them, it’s not too late for you to have a good life, too.

I am so, so sorry. I have been distracted. I’ve been so worried about keeping my eyes on tracy and scott. But you got to believe me. It’s — it’s, um — it’s more about tracy, really, than scott. Well, this isn’t about scott. It isn’t? No. Buttercup, it’s about you and me. About us. You’ve been moving away from me little by little, inch by inch, for quite a while now, until finally, when bobbie spencer died, you…wanted to be with somebody else. With him, not me. No, it — it — it’s just because bobbie and scott and i have had a long and complicated, very turbulent history. That’s all. It’s kind of a tired euphemism for a garden variety love triangle, isn’t it? Doesn’t really matter regardless. I mean, whatever the reason is, simple fact is that now, whenever you require solace, your instinct is to turn to scott. That’s got to say something about you and me, doesn’t it? Gregory: Sorry to keep you waiting. Well, that’s okay. Uh, I’ve been kept waiting longer, believe me. I see you found something to keep you occupied.

[ Chuckles ] Those two? Who wouldn’t be curious? Given their expressions, I would imagine they’re discussing the same subject that held me up. What would that be? Uh, you don’t know? Um, I’m not sure how well you knew him, but, uh, martin’s great-nephew, spencer cassadine, was killed in paris. Thank you for coming. Yeah, just tell me what I can do to help. Apparently it’s incumbent on me to have to write spencer’s obituary, and I have no idea where to begin. Ooh, that’s a lot. Um… wow, mom, I don’t know. He had a lot of flair. He did indeed. And if I have to talk about him in the past one more time, I’m gonna lose it. I bet you I can make you smile with one word. No, I bet you can’T. Chupacabra. Chupacabra.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I forgot about that. And it turned out to be heather webber hiding in the stables. And all along we thought it was spencer ’cause he insisted. Do you remember when spencer went all “phantom of the opera” at the nurses’ ball? Yeah, he dropped those sandbags on cameron, right? And then there was the, um… election tampering, where he sent his chauffeur into the harbor to retrieve the stolen ballot box. Wow. I think that covers the big ticket items from when he was about…10.

[ Both laugh ] Spencer was a dramatic child. Never ceased to amaze me. Damn right. He was a brilliant kid. And he had a lot to offer. And now all we have are memories. Out of professional respect for you both, I’m gonna bring you up to speed on a few things, if only to persuade you that we have this under control so you can let it alone. Got it? By all means. Please. The rifle that was used to shoot curtis ashford is one of a large number of unmarked weapons stolen from the wsb. Other weapons from the same cache have been used in a string of shootings throughout the us. I’m afraid that’s all I can tell you. Oh, come on. Don’t be ridiculous. Come on, anna, you know how much I respect you. And I’m aware of your exemplary record as police commissioner of port charles. Thank you. But again, neither of you are currently law enforcement. I can’t have you conducting your own investigation. Of course you can’T. Thank you for understanding. So bring us in. We can work together. No, it is too late for me. I made all the wrong choices. And in the process… I lost my son. But ace is still here. Instead of giving him up, do what it takes to deserve a place in his life. By going to prison. You have got to make this right, nikolas. You have to. You have to fix what you can. And you have to atone for the rest of it. I’m sorry, but it’s the only way. It’s the only way that you can go back to being the good man that you were. I don’t know if I can do that. You’ve got to try. For ace’s sake, you’ve got to, please. Please, nikolas. We’ve just lost spencer. Don’t make me lose you again, too.

You really still have faith in me? Always. Even if I was to run away today. That would break my heart. But I would still hold out hope that you would one day find the strength to come back, to be a good father to the child you have left. Hm. I’m amazed you think I have any strength. I know you do. Because I saw it in spencer. And he got it from you.

[ Sobs ] Come on now.

[ Sobbing ] Come on now. Thanks for letting me know. Your superiors need a little bit more convincing before they bring us in? Actually, I’ve just been informed that you two have blown my best lead. How could we possib– mr. O’neill. The gun dealer you met with tonight in your little citizens’ stinoperation. He was supplying the unsub with weapons. Well, he has just lawyered up and is refusing to talk without the promise of full immunity, which my boss will not sign off on. So thanks so much for your help. I am sorry about that. You being sorry doesn’t do me a lot of good right now. If you really want to help, tell me all about the meeting with the dealer. Did you get anything useful from him? I have been different since bobbie died, you know. Her death affected me in… ways I never even considered. You know, losing a loved one will do that to you.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t you see? That’s just it. We didn’t love e– I mean, we didn’t even like each other. I think probably sometimes we — well, maybe hates too strong of a word, but we certainly never got along. And it — it wasn’t just because of scott. There were so many other reasons. Well, one way or another, she was important to you. I-I — she was. Think about it. I mean, you saw each other at your best, but over the years, you got to know each other… intimately at your worst, and that forms some kind of bond. I guess I never really thought about it that way, but… yeah. Yes. Now…you lose that person, that bond gets broken. All of a sudden, you look at your life with a new sense that… time really is short. That it’s precious. You get to realize the importance of… letting go of something when it just… isn’t working anymore. And we’re not working. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you. I didn’t realize you and spencer were close. Well, we weren’t close. I-I hardly knew him. Well, I-I don’t know all the details, but apparently esme prince was involved. She’s also missing and presumed dead. That is all a tragedy. How’s alexis? Grieving. I’m sure. And blaming herself. For what? For taking a chance on esme. I believe esme was making a sincere effort to be a better person, and she was proving to be an excellent mother, much to everyone’s surprise, so… I mourn the loss of the person that she could have been if her father hadn’t manipulated her feelings, turning her into a bitter, angry young woman. The shooter knew the layout and security so well that he got past the guards. He even knocked one guard out. Well, now I can see why you think it was someone from within your organization. You got any ideas? Not yet. But we’ll see. What next, detective? We question suspects. You mean the people that are closest to me? Everyone. We question everyone, no matter how much it hurts. Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise.

Alright, so how do we distill “the best of spencer cassadine” in 450 words? Mom, I think you just focus on the positive. So we leave out his teenage crime spree. I think we focused on what made spencer spencer. His love for drama,obviously. Of all kinds. Yes. How about his love for horseback riding? His quick wit. Both in quips and schemes. His resiliency. You knowspencer acting all shallow and spoiled when he was little… he was pretending. It wasn’t real. He was just guarded. And he was fearful,and he had every right to be. But then he grew up, and he really opened up and allowed us to see who he really was. And he was… …a gift. So much has happened between you and me. But now there’s this thing with scott. No, I swear to you, it’s not what you think. No. It’s — it’s something. I swear it’s not. It’s not.Lucy, it’s something. And whatever it is tends to eclipse whatever we are… or might have been. Now…I’d be the first person to admit I haven’t always been the most honorable man. But I love you.

[ Inhales deeply ] Oh, I love you. More than I ever loved any of the w– the women I married. You know, and that’s, uh… that’s done something for me. Now, I know I don’t want to spend too much time looking over my shoulder wondering what the hell is going on. I think… I think I deserve better.

[ Inhales sharply ] Bye, lucy.

[ Stammering ] G-g-goodbye?

[ Sobbing ] Thanks. I’ll call right now. I am sorry, tracy. Um, my doctor’s referring me to a new specialist, and I have to make an appointment right away. That’s — go right ahead. Take your time. Thanks. And I — I — I am sorry. I didn’t realize that spencer’s death would affect you so much. Oh. Thank you. I’ll be fine.

[ Sobbing ] Oh, for crying out — lucy! What took you so long? Uh-oh. What happened?

[ Exhales deeply ] Marty broke up with me. He said… he said… wait a minute. If he insulted you, I will knock his teeth out. And then I’ll slap a lawsuit on the dentist that fixes them. No, he said that he deserves… better.

[ Sobbing ] Oh. So you did get something from our gunrunner friend. Yeah. We learn something about the unidentified subject. But rather than just give you that information… after which you almost certainly would discard us. …I propose that… we have an exchange of information. Like we tell you everything we learned from the dealer, and you tell us everything you know about the unsub so far. Everythingor everything is a fair trade. Yeah? I mean, look, for starters, obviously we don’t believe that curtis was the intended target. We think it was sonny corinthos. Well, believe it or not, the fbi did consider the possibility that the crime boss may have been a more logical target than the nightclub owner. Well, there you go. And sonny has reason to believe that whoever is after him is still trying. So whatever you can tell us about the unsub could be incentive for him to tell us what he knows. You want me to provide you with intel that you plan on sharing with sonny corinthos? The man should have been in prison decades ago. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Well, that’s the sonny that you remember. It’s not the one that I know. Only because that’s the sonny he shows you. Perhaps. But I can keep him in line. Really? Because nobody’s ever been able to put a leash on sonny corinthos. Maybe I’ll be the first. Thanks for coming through for me like this. Yeah, yeah. Of course. You know, things have just — they haven’t been easy. I mean with michael and nina. What I’m trying to say is I — it’s hard to trust anyone, but I know I can trust you. Yeah, you’re damn right you can. And I promise you, this stays between us.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ah, it’s laura. Laura. Hey, what’s going on? I’m home. I need you to come over as soon as possible. Why? Is everything okay? I’m here with nikolas. He’s ready to turn himself in.

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