Y&R Best Lines Monday, January 29, 2024

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Chance: Hey.

Summer: Hey, there you are. I thought for a second that maybe you were standing me up.

Chance: I’m very sorry I’m late. The night hasn’t even started and I’m already screwing up. It’s very typical.

Chance: Well, you know the motto, be prepared. And I’ve fallen short, I apologize.

Summer: Okay, you can relax. We both had to work late and I just got here too, so you’re fine.

Chance: Okay, well I did reserve one of the quiet tables, so that should make up for something.

Summer: Yeah, and if you help me with my coat, you’ll be well on your way to earning your first date badge.


Jack: Okay, I’m not asking you to give me newman enterprises secrets. I’m just saying we could share a drink. We do have a grandson in common. When was the last time you saw harrison?

[ Victor chuckling ]

Victor: Cute kid.

Jack: Yeah, he is. I’m still upset about kyle and summer.

Victor: Yeah, I must say. When one of one’s loved ones has a heartbreak, it affects me as well.

Jack: If I could take away their pain by feeling it myself, I would.

Victor: Yeah, but that’s what parenting and grandparentin isn’t it?

Jack: Yeah. So, what do you say? Have a drink together, old rivals, for old times’ sake?

Victor: All right. Bartender, kindly show me that same bottle of tequila you showed me before and pour a drink for each of us, all right? By the way, put it on his tab.


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