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[suspenseful music]

My, my. Girl, you do get around.

Leo, what are you doing here?

I live in this building, remember? And according to the guest registry, which I may or may not take a peek at two times a day, you do not.

Ha. This is not what you think.

[gasps] So it’s even better? Oh, my imagination is on fire.

Well, hose it off. It’s a false alarm.

Oh, that’s what they all say, cookie.

Leo, where I spend the night is my business.

And maybe Lady Whistleblower’s.

Hi, my love.

Nope, not your love.

Hi, I– I’m sorry. I thought I heard Tripp come back home.

No, sorry to disappoint. Seems like his -hour shift has turned into overtime.

OK, um, well, then, I’m just going to go back in my room and meditate.

You know, Wendy, you could meditate later, right?


Great, great, you know what? I’m going to make us a cup of coffee and then you and I, we can have a woman-to-woman chat.

[playful suspenseful music]

[inhales deeply] One year ago today, you made me remember my love for you. And boy, did I remember.

[soft dramatic music] We made up for lost time.

[sighing] Oh, my God.

[door opens] How did we end up here?

[door closes]


Morning. Any coffee left for me?

You know where the pot is.

Right. Hey, do you know if my dad’s up?

Well, Johnny… since I am my brother’s keeper, I happen to have his minute-by-minute schedule in my phone. Let me check it for you.

Jeez, Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Uncle Stefan, come on, the sky is clear. The grass is green. It’s a beautiful day. And I’ve got some big news.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Chanel and I are getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Good for you, Johnny.


“Good for you, Johnny”? You’re not even going to congratulate me?

Sorry, kid, it’s kind of hard for me to get excited about somebody getting married. You see, I got married six months ago, and right now, my wife’s in federal prison.

Yeah, I know. And–and that sucks, but… don’t you have a thing with Ava Vitali?

That is none of your damn business.

[tense music]

[indistinct chatter]

Hi, Kayla.


Happy crack of dawn.

Oh, yeah. Same to you. You know, sorry, I just got off of a long shift. And I know you’re probably not open, but I ordered online some of your fabulous mini banana muffins. I wanted to surprise Steve and Stephanie. Any chance they’re done?

Oh, well, they will be out of the oven in a couple of minutes and then they still need a few more to cool down. But if you want to wait, then it gives you just enough time to admire my engagement ring.

[Chanel laughs]

Oh, look at you. Congratulations. Wow, that Johnny DiMera is a lucky man.

Yeah, I’m the lucky one. We’re actually getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Ah, that’s what Steve and I did.

Oh, my God. Well then, hey, it worked out for you too.

Yeah, we’re pretty crazy about each other still. That’s a plus.


Yes, definitely, definitely.

Boy, your mom must be so thrilled.

She is, and it’s giving her something to focus on other than her illness.

Good morning.

Good morning, Dr. Horton. You have a patient waiting in the exam room.

Really? This early? Who is it?

Oh, it’s listed as confidential.

[suspenseful music]

That’s strange. OK. Thank you.


[door opens]

Oh, you’rethe mystery patient.

[sighs] I guess it helps being mayor.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, Lady W, I’m so sorry to deprive you of what would surely be titillating, if not perhaps mind-blowing gossip, but Everett and I are colleagues, just like you and me.

Hmm. Colleagues with benefits?

No, just friends.

Mm, but Harry and Sally clearly taught us that men and women cannot just be friends because the sex part gets in the way.

Yeah, well that movie came out decades ago, maybe early ‘s, I believe. So it’s quite dated, in my opinion.

Oh, it is not dated. It’s a classic. And do not slander the genius that is the late, great Nora Ephron.

Leo, my purpose for being with Everett last night is, as I think I’ve already mentioned, none of your business. And speaking of business…

[suspenseful music] You do want to keep your job, don’t you, Lady Blowhard?

I sense a threat coming.

Not only am I tight with Everett, I’m also close to his boss, who also happens to be your boss.

There’s the setup.

And as your boss’s PR consultant, I would hate to tell him that Lady Whistleblower’s column is a detriment to his newspaper.

And there’s the threat. I’ll see ya.





Any chest pain?


Numbness or vision changes?


All right, well, let’s look at your neck. It feels like the same size to me. But why don’t we do an ultrasound just to be safe?

Mm. Oh, can we do it now?

Of course. Have you had anything to drink in the last few hours?

No, no, I just woke up kind of panicky, hard breathing. And I just came right over here.

I’m very glad you did. We’re going to make sure that you feel much calmer before you leave because you are in excellent hands, and you are going to get the best care possible.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, Sarah.

I know that the radiology schedule is pretty tight today, but I will get you in as fast as I can.

Oh, oh, thank you, but, Sarah, please don’t hold someone else back on my account. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that the mayor interfered with their health care.

That’s very thoughtful of you, but don’t worry. We will make it all work.

Oh, thank you.

Paulina, would you like me to call Chanel?

Absolutely not!

[tense notes]

[soft tense music]

Oh, oh, oh, oh.




No, no, no, no.

[shushes] Sorry, go back to sleep.



Go back to sleep.

Pretty rough night, baby. I was out late with John.

Out late? I talked to you after : PM, and you said you were on your way to bed.

Marlena texted me, and she wanted me to meet him. She’s worried about him. So am I.

Is this work-related?

No. No, listen, just never mind. It’s really not a big deal.

[clears throat]

Marlena calls you after : p.m. and it’s not a big deal?

[somber suspenseful music]

OK. It’s about Constantine. John and I don’t trust him, and we don’t think Maggie should either.

Well, I’ve heard this before. Do you have something– something new?

Well maybe just a new take on it, on him, his history with Victor.

Something’s not right.

Well, does Maggie agree with you now? I mean, she was– she was pretty taken with him, I mean, at least at first.

Well, unfortunately, she’s still taken with him. Every time John and I try to warn her about him, she shuts us down.

[ominous music]

Well, do you or John have any proof that Maggie’s in real danger?

No, nothing tangible. But I’m telling you, Kayla, the man is dangerous. I mean, his ties to the Greek mafia, that baby kidnapping, not to mention his monumental debts.

Well, you know, Maggie is a strong woman. She clearly trusts that he has changed and that he is a good man at heart.

Well, I’m afraid that if she trusts that he’s anything but a con man and a liar, she’ll regret it.

Well, if he is all that, apparently she is going to have to figure out for herself, OK? So why don’t you try to shake it off and go to sleep, OK?


[sighs] I can’t go back to sleep now. I smell–


Banana muffins.



[tender music]

I made yours with almond milk. You know, might as well use it up since you love it so much. Tripp absolutely hates it.


Oh, come on. Sit, sit, sit.

Oh, listen, Wendy. I understand how awkward it can be, you know, having your boyfriend’s mother living with you.

No, Tripp and I are fine with it, really.

Really? I mean, come on. It’s got to be tough, though, right? I mean, you want to let your hair down and you want to be able to just really be who you are.

OK, Ava, I’m sorry that I called you my love. That was really embarrassing, and I should look before I speak.


[laughing] No, don’t worry about that. Look, I am saying this because it seems like you and Tripp, that you two have gotten close. I get the impression you’re really into him.

Well, I am.

Yeah? Good. But you know, so here’s the thing. Tripp has been hurt, a lot. Oh, God, by first there was, well, I don’t know, Allie and Haley and Ciara and oh, God knows how many others. But, um… women tend to take advantage of Tripp. You know? They string him along for a while, and they just cast him away. All right, look. I have a reputation of being very direct when I want to be, so I’m just going to come right out and ask you. You for real?

[tense music]

Um, am I for real? OK, I’m not even sure what that means.

What it means, are you interested in my son in a serious way? Because, you know, if you aren’t and you’re just going to kick him to the curb as soon as the next guy comes along, then I’d just rather you bow out now.


[scoffs] I must say, Ava, that I do resent you implying that I’m a fickle, insubstantial person. So I’m reluctant to even dignify that with a response.

Look, I’m just concerned about my son, all right? And since you just lost your brother, I’m just wondering if maybe, I don’t know, you’re looking at Tripp as a nice, safe place to land. You know, like a security blanket that’s warm. And if that’s all that he is, then–

No. That is not all he is, Ava. And with all due respect, you are really crossing the line.

Yeah, I may be. But you’ll understand one day when you’re a mother. I’m just looking out for my son’s best interests.

[tense music]

[knock at door]


[German accent] Room service!

I didn’t order any– Leo, what–


[gasps softly] Are you all right? You look like the before photo in a makeover show.

Um, it was a long night.

Oh, yeah, I know. I just saw Sally leave.


She had the nerve to insult Nora Ephron. Can you believe that? Well, she didn’t actually insult her, but close enough. She said that Nora’s most wonderful movie of all time, that would be “When Harry Met Sally,” IMHO, is dated. Can you even?

Leo, what–what–what are you talking about?

Our PR guru? I saw her leaving your room. You two spent the night together.

Wow, OK, you are so out of line, Leo, jeez.

Oh, did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed with Ms. Johnson on the other side, AKA the right side?

OK, Leo, we need to talk.

Great! Let’s–

No, no, not here. Stay.


[suspenseful jazz music]


Let’s go.


Here, it’s fresh. I haven’t touched it yet, and you look like you could use it more than me.

Mm, thanks.

Mm-hmm. So are you headed home? You just missed your mom. She was on her way home from the hospital. She left that way, so she didn’t see you.

Wow, thanks.


You’re probably wondering why I’m leaving the Salem Inn at this hour.

Nope, I wasn’t wondering. You know why? Because you’re a grown woman. Whatever you do is your business and no one else’s.

[tender music]

Well, good news. radiology can get you in for that ultrasound now.

Oh, well, that’s great. Oh! But did someone else get pushed back?

No, no, no. There was a cancellation. So no strings pulled, just pure luck. And how are you feeling now?

Well, I’m feeling a whole lot calmer now, thanks to you.

Well, good, I’m glad. So all right, jewelry off. I know you’ve had this procedure done before. So you know how simple it is. The technician is just going to put a little bit of gel on your neck, place the probe, and start scanning. You’ll be done in about minutes.

Oh, OK. Um, Paulina…

[tender music] I know if it were my mom that was being admitted to the hospital, I would want to be here to support her and hold her hand. You sure that I can’t call Chanel for you?

Thank you, Chanel.


I wish the rest of this town didn’t feel so free to nose around in other people’s business.

Yeah, I wish that too.

And for some reason, people are so fixated on my love life, which is not that interesting.

[Chanel laughs] Believe me. Wait, is that what I think it is?

Oh, yeah, Johnny and I are engaged.

Oh, my God! Congratulations.

Thank you.

And this ring is beautiful.

I know, right? We are actually getting married on Valentine’s Day, which, I heard, is when your parents tied the knot.

They did.


Best news is you’ll never forget your anniversary.

Oh, my God. Johnny said the exact same thing.

Oh, this is so wonderful, Chanel.

Thank you.

It lifts my spirits to know that there are people out there who are happy and in love.

You know what? I am both of those things.

[phone rings] Ooh.

[sighs] Oh, you know what? I am so sorry. I have to take this.

Oh, God. Go ahead, go ahead. Congrats again.

Thank you.

Look, I know you said you wanted to chat, but I cannot talk on an empty stomach.

Oh, good, because I’d rather you listen.

[tense music]

Well, I listen much better when I have a mouth full of pastries. And since this was your idea, breakfast is on you.


Sorry, Uncle Stefan, I had no idea bringing up Ava was going to set you off like that.

You have no right sticking your nose in my personal life. You got that, Johnny? Whatever you were implying is completely untrue. I love my wife.

Right, right, you’re madly in love with your wife. But she’s in prison. You planted a kiss on Ava right here in this living room in front of Chad.

[somber tense music]



[sighs] Things in this life aren’t always black and white.

You’ll understand a little better when you grow up a little bit.


Oh, right, right, I’m sure that’s it. So about what age would you say I need to be before I get the memo that you can always find a way to justify cheating on your wife? Hey, boys will be boys, right?

[sighing and laughter]

Mm, mm, really hitting the spot, sweetness.


It’s the best way to wake up.


Well, second best way.

[laughter and sighs] Mm.

Mm, I’m glad. Ooh, you taste good.


You know what? I really– I just really need to go to sleep. I am beat.

Mm-hmm. OK, you go to sleepy. Are there any more muffins out there?

Yes, but they’re for Stephanie. I’m sure she’s going to want one when she wakes up.


[door opens]

Oh, that might be her now. Did you hear that?

I did. Somebody opened the front door.



[knock at door]



Did I wake you guys?

No, I worked all night. Listen, there’s some banana muffins in the kitchen if you want.

Ooh, yum. Yes, I will grab them.

[soft dramatic music]

She just getting home?


[scoffs] That’s your excuse for insulting me this way? Looking out for your son’s best interests?

Look, I don’t need an excuse to be protective over the most important person in my life. And I’m not insulting you, Wendy.

Mm. I’m just trying to establish that you treat my son with the respect that he deserves.

OK, you are completely off-base. So let me try to make this clear for you. I love Tripp, Tripp loves me, and we want to be together. And I’m not going to suffer the third degree from you or anyone else about our relationship. That is nobody’s business but his and mine.

[phone rings] Harris Michaels.

Let it ring. If it’s important, he’ll call back.

[suspenseful music]

So where were we?

We were both being direct.


So in keeping with that, let me ask you a question. Are you in love with Harris Michaels or Stefan DiMera, or both?

Listen to me, you little pissant. You have no right to judge me.

Mm, pissant, that’s a–

[inhales deeply] That’s a funny name to call someone. Look, I’m not judging you, OK? I’m not judging you. I’m just telling you what I’ve observed. You’re so madly in love with your wife, but you’re sneaking around. I mean, you’re not even sneaking around. You openly kissed Ava in front of your family members. And I’m just saying I don’t get it. You love Gabi so much. You two waited so long to finally be together again. Then why are you doing this to her?

[somber reflective music]


[sighs] Look… I have screwed up a lot of relationships in my life. And Gabi is the one woman that I vowed to be faithful to, and I meant it. And I think about her every minute of every day. And it makes me sick not knowing when or how she’s going to get out of Statesville.

Then why are you doing this?

Because, Johnny, Ava is… a beautiful and fascinating woman, and I am alone.


[sighs] You know what? Dude… you don’t have to explain yourself to me, OK? I just hope you can live with wherever this is going.

Me too.

[ominous music]


Uh-oh, come on in. Here, here’s a spot for you right here.

Here you go.

Well, don’t you want them?

No, no, I already had two. I’m good.


No, oh, God. No, I just couldn’t. I’m so tired.

Oh, all for me.


[chuckles] So how was your night, baby?

Oh, it was fine.

Oh, Stephanie… if you’re going to stay out all night again, just please let us know. Your mom and I worry about you.

I will let you know next time.

So you think there’ll be a next time soon?


OK, OK, you’re right. It’s none of my business. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Don’t worry. I will be out of your hair soon.


Hey, you are not in our hair at all. Nobody’s pressuring you to leave.

Thanks, Dad. You know what? Maybe I will have one more of those.

Oh, you’re lucky it’s not too late. So just out of curiosity, where were you last night?

[soft dramatic music]

I spent the night at a friend’s.

[suspenseful music]

Creampuff, my favorite. Ah, fruit tart! My favorite!

[gasps] Chocolate-filled croissant, my favorite.

Why do I feel like I’m having breakfast with a toddler?

[quirky tense music]

Everett, do you smash beehives in your free time? Because you are an absolute buzzkill.

Well, it’s not the only thing I’m going to kill, Leo. I better not see a story in Lady Whistleblower’s column about me and Stephanie.

Oh, come on. You telling me the two of you were up all night working on a PR plan for “The Spectator”?

We were just talking.


Yeah, and you know, we fell asleep. We’re friends, all right? We’re just friends. There was no hanky-panky.

Well, that’s too bad, because I would certainly hanky your panky. But only if you wanted to hanky mine. It would have to be reciprocal, of course.

Wow, wow, wow.


Um… why do you do that?

Why do I do what?

That. Like, hit on or sort of fake hit on every guy you come across?

Not every guy. Only the hot ones that make my heart go pitter-patter. Besides, a fisherman needs to cast a wide net, you know?

Well, forgive me if I’m treading too deep here. But it just–it sort of feels like you’re compensating, like you’re using humor to hide, um… deep-rooted pain.

Isn’t that how everybody uses humor, Mr. Smarty Pants? Ever heard the expression comedy equals tragedy plus time?

I have heard that. Do you have a therapist, Leo?

Not at the moment. But I do read a lot of self-help books, most of which encourage me to live out loud. Hence, my admitting I would hanky your panky. Also, there is take a small step, change your mental maps, remember the end of your life, and perfection equals procrastination.

They all sound, uh, super fascinating. All I’m saying is that self-help books can be great, but talking to somebody might be helpful.

[soft upbeat music]

Well then, I’m glad you’re here.

You weren’t going to call me?

I didn’t want to drag you away from something important, but Sarah insisted.

And I’m glad she did.

Mm. I just don’t want to be a bother to anyone. I hate it.


[knock at door] Oh, come in. Oh, you called him too?

Of course, I did.

You’re going to be my mama too in a couple of weeks.


[chuckling] Oh, two sons-in-law, both sweet and handsome.

[laughter] I am a very lucky lady.

How are you feeling?

Oh, well, all right, I guess. My blood pressure went back down. I’m breathing better.

Yeah, and we will have the results of that ultrasound in the next few days.


[sighs] And thanks again, Sarah, for getting me in there so fast. I’m–I’m relieved.

[all chuckle] And starving. Oh, well, who wants breakfast? On me?

That sounds good to me, yeah.

Oh, yeah, that’s why you came, huh?

[laughter] Well, I’m just going to go get dressed. And then I can go, right?

You may, indeed.

OK, I will wait outside. And I’m glad you’re feeling better, Paulina.


[soft dramatic music] Oh, oh, baby girl.

[laughs] You are one lucky lady too.

And don’t I know it, Mama.


Well, are you in love with Harris Michaels?

You know, it turns out I’m not a fan of being interrogated either. So I’m not going to dignify that with a response.

[Wendy chuckles softly]

[suspenseful music] We good?

Sure. I have to go meditate now.

Talking to me can do that to a person.

[phone rings] Ugh, not again.

[Ava sputters]

[phone rings] Oh, Harris! Just give it a rest, will you?

Uh, it’s not Harris, Ava. It’s me.

[ominous music]

Ava, are you still talking to that cop after what he pulled on you at the station? Ava, it is not safe. That hotshot is hell-bent on blowing Clyde’s operation sky-high. Remember the operation where he has us laundering money and drugs through the bistro?

Oh, I sure as hell hope you are somewhere private, dumbass!

Nuh-uh, uh-uh! Don’t, don’t. I know you. I know how you work. I know your game. You start calling me names to get me all riled up so you can dodge the subject when the fact of the matter is, Ava, that cop is dangerous. And what the hell is he doing calling you anyway?

I don’t know. I don’t have any freaking idea.

Then why did you even answer?

I shouldn’t have, OK? I won’t do it anymore.


Good! Let it go.


[suspenseful music]

[scoffs] Wait a minute, you’re not– are you with him right now? Where are you right now? What are you doing?

Wait a minute. I got one day off and what? You miss me already?


[laughing] Oh, please.


[chuckles] Listen, I– I’m at home. I just finished giving my son’s girlfriend the third degree. And don’t worry, everything’s good. They are genuinely happy and in love. At least somebody is, right?

Well, we’re happy and in love too, remember?

No, we are happy and in lust. And frankly, I’m glad to have the day off. It’ll be a nice break from faking it.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, is playing hot for me such a chore for you?

You know, it actually is. You know, you’re not as attractive as you think you are, right? I mean, you’re actually kind of creepy. I mean, really, I don’t get what women see in you. I mean, you know what? You are–you’re like– you are like a sloppy AI rendering of Popeye and Bluto.


[chuckling] Oh, yeah, yeah? Well, well, you, OK, you– I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman with as little sex appeal as you, Olive Oyl. That’s right! I can’t even look at you sometimes!

Oh, well, it must be a chore for you too, having to fake it.

Yeah, it is, all right? And kissing you is downright taxing. That’s right. I said it. When I have to hold you close, when I feel your lips on mine, I’d rather make out with a toilet seat!

Yeah, well, you know what? I can relate because you smell like a toilet seat. Every time that I have to come near you, I cringe. Yeah, yeah, that’s the right word.

Yeah, I get it.

Yeah, me too. And you know what? Since I am so vile, I think I’m going to go and take a nice hot bubble bath. Yeah, that’s right, Bluto. I’m lying here naked in my room. Mm. It’s a little chilly. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to rub some hot oil all over my body.

You still there?


[sigh] Still here.

Good. Sleep well.



All right, got to get to work.

I’ve got to get to bed.

You know, someday, Leo, when you grow up, you might try working for a living, like the rest of us mortals.

What? I amworking! I troll the streets at night looking for gossip. With an occasional stop at the all-night dance club strictly for exercise.


Well, as long as you keep delivering brilliant columns on time, who am I to complain about the hours you keep?

Thank you, boss.

[inhales deeply] And if you say nothing happened between you and Stephanie, who am I to doubt you?


[chuckles] I knew there was a grown-up in there somewhere.

And look, anything that you shared tonight will be strictly classified. Pinky swear.

[suspenseful music]



Now, your mom’s out cold.

Mm. I remember when I was a kid, she’d come home exhausted after a late night at the hospital, and she’d find me waiting for her in her big bed.

[chuckles] I think she liked me being there. She’d wrap her arms around me and we’d fall asleep just the two of us.

Yeah, just the two of you.

[soft dramatic music] I wish I hadn’t missed so many years with you, baby girl. I would do anything to get those years back again, to be your Papa, watch you grow up. But I want you to know as soon as I was able, I made it right back here to you and your mom.

It was hard not having you here. But having you here now makes me appreciate you so much more.

I hope you know how much I’ve always loved you.

I love you too.

And I worry about you.



I think I know where this is going, so I’m just going to cut right to it. Yes, I was with Everett last night. No, nothing happened. Maybe I still have feelings for him, but no, I’m not going to rush back into a relationship with him. Does that answer all your questions?

It does, and thanks. And I’m glad that you’re taking it slow. And listen. If you want something and it feels right to you, don’t let what anyone says keep you from going for it, OK?

Got it.

[both chuckle and sigh]

[phone rings] Oh.

[phone rings] Oh, speaking of. Hey, Everett, Thanks for last night. Yeah, no, it was like old times.


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