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Marlena comes home and calls out to John, asking if he’s home. Marlena then pulls out her phone and calls John. John is walking through the town square and answers, asking where she is. Marlena responds that she’s home and asks where he is. John says he couldn’t sleep so he took a walk in the town square. Marlena asks if he’s on his way back. John says not yet and then apologizes as he didn’t realize it was so late. Marlena offers to pick him up but John assures that he’ll be home soon and says he loves her as they hang up.

Alex comes home to Theresa, who says she was just wondering where he was and why he was at the hospital as he seemed mysterious when they ran in to each other. Alex tells her that he was just seeing Marlena as his therapist and asks what she was doing there. Theresa says that her mom sent her to talk to Kayla and it was like a therapy session too. Alex asks what she talked to Kayla about. Theresa asks what he talked to Marlena about. Alex says he asked her first.

Stephanie questions Everett having a confession and asks if it has to do with him not showing up at the Pub. Everett reveals that he actually did go to the Pub and saw her with her friends. Stephanie asks why he didn’t come in. Everett responds that he realized what he needed to say to her needed to be in private.

Roman and Kate walk past the Brady Pub. Kate questions how a prison loses a prisoner. Roman says that’s what they are going to figure out. They then look through the window of the Pub, which is closed, and see someone inside. Roman tells Kate to stay there while he goes around back to surprise them. Kate worries about if they have a weapon and says she’s going to call the police. Kate then sees that it’s Harris, so they head inside. Kate questions what is going on and says that Lucas is missing, so if Harris knows where he is, he better find him.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s all talked out and suggests they do something really mindless and distracting instead. Alex asks what she had in mind and if she wants to watch a movie. Theresa says she’s not in the mood for that. Alex suggests a board game but Theresa says she has a better idea and she dares him not to like it.

Stephanie asks what Everett wants to tell her. Everett says this is harder than he thought it would be because it feels like a big risk. Stephanie says he’s starting to scare her. Everett says he’s scaring himself a little bit, but he has to do it. Everett tells Stephanie that working with her has been amazing and he totally respects the boundaries she set with him in the beginning, but he can’t stand this friend zone thing. Everett declares it’s not working for him anymore.

Steve finds John pacing in the town square and asks what he’s doing. John calls it a late night stroll and asks what he’s doing there. Steve says Kayla is working the night shift and he got restless. John doesn’t believe him and guesses that Marlena sent him to come looking for him. Steve admits that she’s worried about him and he is too. Steve says in their previous lives, when they used to meet in the shadows, they were usually on assignment and not always on the same side. Steve thinks the right side prevailed in most of those missions. John says that’s what he’s been told. Steve questions John still not remembering anything from that time. John argues that he knows those memories have been wiped. John says he tries not to make himself crazy over trying to get those memories back. Steve knows it must be frustrating as Hell but he envies him because he wishes he could forget.

Theresa suggests to Alex that they play Truth or Dare, noting that it can lead to enlightening conversations. Theresa decides she will go first and asks Alex who his first celebrity crush was. Alex tells her it was Lindsay Lohan which Theresa jokes with him about.

Kate questions what Harris is doing here when Lucas is missing from prison and if anything has happened to him, that’s on him. Kate asks where her son is. Roman tells Harris that he owes Kate an explanation. Harris responds that if they give him a minute, he will provide more than an explanation.

Everett calls it a relief as he’s had this monologue in his head but guesses that Stephanie is upset. Stephanie responds that she’s not upset, she just doesn’t know what to say. Everett calls Stephanie the best thing to ever happen to him and says when she’s near him, his world feels right. Everett adds that he came to Salem to find her because he can’t live without her and he would do anything to get back to what they had. Everett asks if she still doesn’t know what to say. Stephanie is sure he can understand that she wasn’t expecting this. Everett questions that as he feels he’s been so obvious about his feelings for her. Stephanie think she’s been clear about her feelings. Everett feels she has and she hasn’t. Everett understands that she wants to stay friends because she’s still recovering from her breakup with Chad but at the same time, she likes spending time with him, had him meet her parents and asked him to hang out with her friends at the Pub. Stephanie says she just wanted them to meet him as she’s been talking about him but her feelings for him are complicated. Stephanie says when he disappeared, she was heartbroken and when she was able to somewhat heal, she was determined to move on with her life and get over him. Everett asks if she stopped loving him. Everett adds that now he’s back and she knows he never left her by choice. Everett questions if her feelings are just gone. Everett reminds her that he was going to ask her to marry him and calls her everything to him. Everett states that some people wait their entire lives to find what they had and now they’ve been given a second chance. Everett begs Stephanie to not throw it away.

Alex asks Theresa what would be the worst thing she would do if she wouldn’t get caught. Theresa responds that she would break Tate out and bring him home immediately. Alex says he should’ve guessed. Theresa wishes she could really do that. Theresa then asks Alex who is the most beautiful, interesting, witty, sexy, and charming woman that he has ever kissed. Alex decides to pick dare instead. Theresa says he’s going to be sorry as she dares him to kiss her. Alex responds that he’s not sorry at all and kisses her.

John questions what Steve is talking about and what he wishes he could forget. Steve says it’s the bad stuff which for him was working for Victor back in the day but those memories won’t let go, especially lately when he’s anywhere near Konstantin. John asks if that’s because of his association with Victor. Steve adds that it maybe because he reminds him of Victor at times. John admits he does to him too. Steve guesses this is bringing back stuff for both of them now. Steve brings up how Abe has lost his memory and how that’s really tough but he doesn’t know if it’s worse to not be able to remember or not being able to forget.

Harris brings Kate and Roman to a room above the Pub where Lucas is inside. Kate hugs Lucas and says she’s so happy to see him, alive and well. Lucas responds that he’s alive and healing. Roman questions how Harris managed this. Harris explains that he snuck Lucas out in a laundry basket and that nobody knows about it, not even Rafe so no one can find out. Lucas says he’s sorry it went down this way and that Roman has to harbor the man who kidnapped his daughter. Roman calls him his stepson and he knows that Kate is happy to have him here safe and protected which means he’s happy too. Roman declares that Lucas is welcome here anytime.

Stephanie says Everett might not understand what it was like for her when he walked out of her life. Everett thinks he has some idea but Stephanie is not sure that he does. Stephanie states that once she got over the shock of his disappearance, she tormented herself for months, trying to figure out what she did and blamed herself for not being enough. Stephanie adds that she obviously knows now that it had nothing to do with her and she’s just trying to explain that when she thought he ghosted her, she wasn’t just hurt, she fell apart and didn’t recover for a long time. Stephanie doesn’t know why it was so shattering and guesses she’s just lacking in self confidence or prone to feeling like she never measures up and is always to blame when things go wrong. Everett takes her hand and says he’s so glad that she’s finally opening up about all of this because it helps him understand the depth of the pain that she went through when he disappeared that day. Everett tells her that he is so sorry that he hurt her and calls her the most important person in his life, who he loved with all his heart more than anything and still does. Everett declares that all he wants is to make it up to her. Everett asks if she will let him do that.

John asks what Steve isn’t telling him since he’s talking in circles. John assumes what’s really going on has something to do with Konstantin. Steve confirms that it does and reveals that he’s becoming more certain that somehow, Konstantin knows about The Pawn. John is shocked and can’t believe it, asking how that’s even possible. Steve responds that it’s what they need to find about. John says he hasn’t heard anyone say The Pawn for years and questions how he could even know or how much he knows. John asks what he said that made Steve believe that. Steve informs him that Konstantin asked him what he knew about The Pawn but he had a look on his face like he was an expert on it and was taunting him. John decides they are just going to have to figure out how much he knows and what his motive is. Steve says they will but they have to be strategic and careful. Steve sees this really upset John so he needs to go home to Marlena and rest. John thanks him for coming and says he is going home to Marlena because he knows she’s worried about this. They tell each other to take care of themselves as Steve walks away.

Alex and Theresa kiss until he says it’s his turn in Truth or Dare. Alex then asks Theresa what is the biggest lie she’s ever told. Alex comments on her giving this a lot of thought. Theresa then decides on a dare. Alex says it must be a hell of a lie if she’s not even going to tell him about it. Theresa responds that she’s told a lot of lies so she’d rather not get into it. Alex lets it slide and instead dares Theresa to sing her favorite childhood song at the top of her lungs. Theresa sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Alex joins in until a neighbor knocks on the door, so they decide that’s enough singing for the night. Alex suggests they should just go to bed.

Stephanie tells Everett that before they talk about the future, she doesn’t understand why nobody went looking for him in their time apart like his family or colleagues. Everett says he didn’t understand that either but from what he understands once he recovered, he wasn’t on any assignments at the time so he thinks that his boss just figured he moved on. Stephanie asks about his family not trying to find him. Everett reminds her that he lost his mom as a kid and his dad is a drunk. Stephanie understands and says she shouldn’t have asked. Everett calls it a reasonable question since family could be cousins, aunts, and uncles but he’s not that close with them. Stephanie decides it all makes sense. Stephanie asks if Everett was as lucid as he is now when he finally woke up from the coma. Everett admits that he wasn’t and says his first diagnosis was retrograde amnesia which is inability to access memories or information from before an accident, injury, or disease. Everett adds that all they could tell him was to give it time and says he was really lucky as eventually his memories did start to come back, gradually. Everett tells her that the first thing he remembered with any clarity was her and when that happened, his whole world got brighter and warmer and he felt stronger because he had purpose to get back to her. Everett declares that his goal was to tell Stephanie that she’s everything to him and she still is as they hug.

John comes home to Marlena, who is reading a book as she waited up for him. Marlena says she couldn’t go to sleep knowing he was out there late at night alone. John responds that he wasn’t alone and she knows that.

Kate tells Lucas that she panicked when Harris said he couldn’t make the deal to get him out of prison but now he’s here safe and sound. Lucas thought transport was part of the deal and questions if Harris kidnapped him. Harris says no but he would have if he had to. Roman asks what Harris did to. Harris talks about pressuring the attorney general and pointing out how important it is to have their main witness alive if they ever bring a case against Clyde and finally, he signed off the order to have Lucas in a safehouse situation. Harris adds that when the threat is eliminated, Lucas will have to return to prison to serve the rest of his sentence. Kate guesses they will just be happy with what they have now then. Lucas says they have no choice. Harris decides he’ll leave them alone and exits.

Alex thanks Theresa for the game and says it was fun. Theresa agrees and says she’ll see him in the morning then as she thinks they should get a good night sleep. Alex agrees if that’s what she wants to do, so they head to their own bedrooms. Theresa then asks who she is kidding and goes to Alex’s room.

Kate gets Lucas comfortable in bed. Lucas says it feels so good to be here even if it’s just temporary. Lucas adds that he knows it’s not easy for Roman. Roman insists that Lucas is family so he wants what is best for him. Roman acknowledges that what Lucas did is honorable and brave, so he admires him for putting his life on the line. Lucas thanks him. Kate decides it’s been a long night so he should get some sleep. They say goodnight. Kate thanks Roman.

Harris runs in to Steve in the town square. Harris asks what he’s doing out so late. Steve says Kayla is on the late shift and he got restless. Harris admits to being restless lately too. Steve says they both have jobs that can weigh heavy on the mind sometimes. Steve asks if he wants to unburden. Harris thanks him but says maybe some other time. They say goodnight as Harris walks away.

Marlena asks if John is not upset that she sent Steve to find him. John says not at all as they had a good talk. Marlena is glad and knows they can talk about anything, but she’s especially glad that he has someone who he can share concerns with. John says that Marlena always seems to know exactly what he needs which makes him a very lucky man. Marlena says she just loves him as they kiss. They then head to the bedroom together.

Everett and Stephanie end up kissing. Everett tells Stephanie that he’s missed them. Stephanie admits she did too. Everett asks Stephanie to stay the night but she says she can’t as she’s not ready. Everett says he understands but he just wants to hold her and sleep with her in his arms tonight. Stephanie admits that would be nice, so they get in bed together.

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