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John. John, are you home? [mysterious music]

[phone beeps] [phone rings] [phone beeps]

Hey, Doc. Where are you?

I’m home. Where are you?

I’m down at the square. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d take a walk.

Are you on your way back?

Not yet. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was so late.

Yeah. Darling, are you OK? Shall I pick you up?

No, no, no, no. You’ve had a long day. Why don’t you go to bed? I’ll be home soon, honey. I love you.

I love you. [phone beeps]

[phone beeps]

[door clicks open]

[sighs] Hey.



Did you not take the shortcut?

Well, I got caught at the light at the corner. I didn’t know we were in a race to get home.

No race. It’s just that you drive a lot faster than me, and I was just wondering where you were.

Oh. [dramatic music]

I was also wondering what you were doing at the hospital. You seemed kind of mysterious when we ran into each other.



I didn’t mean to be. I was actually just seeing my therapist.

At this hour?

Yeah. Dr. Evans. She’s just really good about accommodating my schedule.

Marlena is your shrink?

I see her from time to time, yeah. What were you doing at the hospital?

[clears throat] My mom sent me over to go talk to Aunt Kayla. Actually, now that I think about it, it was kind of like a therapy session, too, but free.

Nice. What’d you talk to Auntie about?

What’d you talk to Dr. Evans about?

I asked you first.

So you have a confession. Does it have anything to do with you being a no-show at the pub tonight?

Well, actually, I did go to the pub tonight. I saw you there with your friends.

Why didn’t you come in?

[chuckles] Because I guess I realized… [clears throat] What I needed to say to you, I need to say it privately.

How the hell does a prison lose a prisoner?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna find out. I’ll make some calls, get some coffee started.

I’m going to need something a lot stronger than coffee. What the hell?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

OK, you stay right here. I’m gonna go around back, surprise whoever the hell broke in.

No, you can’t do that. What if they have a weapon? Absolutely not. I’m just gonna– I’m gonna call the police. [dramatic music] What the hell? That’s Harris.

What is going on? Lucas is missing. And if you don’t know where he is, you better find him.

You know what?


I’m all talked out. So why don’t we call a moratorium on talking about all the feelings and the goals and the regrets and all that heavy stuff, you know, and why don’t we– why don’t we do something really mindless and distracting?

I’m all for mindless and distracting. What’d you have in mind? You want to watch a movie?

Yeah, unless it’s on the big screen and I have a giant tub of popcorn, no, I’m not really in the mood.

Mm. How about a game?

I got “Monopoly” and “Scrabble” and “Cards of Humanity” in the closet, if you want.

OK. I have a better idea.


And I dare you not to like it.


So what do you want to tell me, Everett?

[sighs] This– this is harder than I thought it was gonna be, I guess because–


It just feels like a big risk.

You’re starting to scare me.


I’m scaring myself a little bit. But I have to do it.


Look, working with you has been amazing, right? Amazing. You’re so gifted at what you do, you know? And we’re obviously– we’re compatible as coworkers.

I agree.

And I totally respect the boundaries that you set with me from the beginning.


But I can’t stand it.

Can’t stand what?

This friend-zone thing.

It’s not working for me anymore.

John. Hey, John!

What are you doing, man? You out for a late-night stroll?

Something like that. What are you doing here?

Well, Kayla is working the late shift. I got restless. I thought some night air would do me some good.

No, I don’t think so. Marlena told you to come looking for me, didn’t she?

[sighs] Busted. She’s worried about you, man. And so am I.

You know, in our previous lives, when we used to meet in the shadows, we were usually on assignment and not always on the same side. [dramatic music]

So I’ve been told.

I think the right side prevailed on most of those missions, thankfully.

Again, so I’ve been told.

And you’re telling me that you still don’t remember anything from that time? You have no memories at all?

Come on, partner. Why do you keep asking me that? You know as well as I do, those memories have been wiped. [both sigh] Listen, I really try not to make myself crazy struggling to get them back or trying to fill in those blanks.

I know. I know that must be frustrating as hell. But I got to say, I envy you.

And why would that be?

I wish I could forget.

OK. So truth or dare, you know, the rules are really simple. We ask each other questions, and we have to answer honestly.


But… if somebody decides they don’t want to tell the truth, they have to say…

Dare, yeah.

Dare, yes. And then that person is given a task or an action to which they must comply. And if we play the game properly, that task should be a little bit embarrassing, you know, to make the person squirm and blush and feel like a total idiot.

OK, I got it I. I–actually, making people squirm or feel idiotic is very high on my list of worthwhile activities, so…

Oh-ho. Me too.

I know.

That’s why I think this is gonna be a really good game for us. And plus, it can lead to some really enlightening conversation.

Oh, see, I’m also all for lightning– lightning? Enlightening conversations. So who’s going first?

I will.



All right. [sighs] [both chuckle]

Alex Kiriakis…


Who was your first celebrity crush?

Easy. Lindsay Lohan. I watched “Mean Girls,” like, , times. I would literally delude myself to think that I would actually, like, get a date with her and then eventually marry her and have, like, a family.



Wow, that is some crush.



Pretty painful crush, to be honest, because eventually I realized that Lindsay is just unattainable.

Uh-huh. Right, I can imagine that was really painful. I’m so sorry. You see, this is where it gets enlightening, because now I know that you liked “Mean Girls” right from the start.


I mean, what are you doing here anyway? Because Lucas is missing. He’s missing from prison. And if anything has happened to him, that’s on you. Do you understand me? Where is my son?

Harris, you owe my wife an explanation. If you don’t have one, you better damn well have a plan to find Lucas now.

If you just give me a minute, I will provide you with more than an explanation.


It’s a relief. I’ve been having this running monologue in my head for so long that getting it out there feels– But judging from your face– are you upset?

Not upset. I just–I don’t know what to say.

Yeah. Well, at the risk of making an even bigger fool of myself than I already have, I will just say that… Steph, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And when you’re near me, my world feels right. I came to Salem to find you because… I can’t live without you. And I would give anything, anything, to get back to what we had.

Still don’t know what to say?

I just– well, I’m sure you can understand that I wasn’t expecting this. [dramatic music]

Really? Not at all?

I just feel like… [chuckles] I’ve been so obvious about my feelings for you.

Yeah. And I think I’ve been clear about mine.

Yeah. You have been. Sort of. I mean, you have, and you haven’t. Like, I totally understand that you want to stay friends right now because you’re still recovering from your breakup with Chad, but at the same time, it seems like you like spending time with me. I mean, you asked me to meet your parents. You just tonight asked me to come meet you and your friends at the Brady Pub.

Yeah, yeah, I did, because I wanted them to meet you. And I’ve been talking about you mostly in the context of us working together, but… Everett, my feelings for you are complicated.


When you disappeared– and, yes, I know now that you were in an accident, but I didn’t know it then. And so I was heartbroken. Shattered, really. And when I was able to heal at least somewhat from that hurt, I was determined to move on with my life, to get over you.

And did you? Did you… stop loving me? And now that I’m back and you know that I never left you by choice, are those feelings just gone?

I was gonna ask you to marry me, Steph.

You were everything to me. You still are. Some people wait their entire lives to find what we had. And now we’ve been given a second chance.

I’m begging you not to throw it away.

OK. My turn.


What would be…


The worst thing you could possibly do if you would never get caught? No consequences whatsoever.

I would break Tate out of that awful rehab juvie place and I would bring him home immediately.

Yeah. OK, yeah. I should have guessed that’s what you’d answer.



God, how I wish I could really do that and there would be no consequences.

I know.



OK. It’s OK. [clears throat] All right, moving on. Let’s see. My turn.

Your turn.

OK. Who is… the most… beautiful, interesting, witty, charming, sexy woman that you have ever kissed?

Ah. [smacks lips] Dare.



OK. All right, but you’re gonna be sorry. Because I dare you to kiss that beautiful, interesting, witty, sexy, charming woman who’s staring at you right now.

I’m not sorry at all.


What are you talking about? What do you wish that you could forget?

I think the same things that everyone wishes they could wipe from their memories, the bad stuff.

For me? About working for Victor back in the day.

And those memories, they just won’t let go, especially lately, when I’m anywhere in the vicinity of one Konstantin Meleounis.

Why, because of his association with Victor?

Yeah. And maybe because he reminds me of Victor…at times.

Me too. At times.

Yeah? So I guess this is bringing back stuff for both of us now.

You know, I think about Abe and how he’s lost his memory of the past. And I know that’s obviously really tough. But I don’t know if it’s worse not being able to remember or not being able to forget.

I think this will answer all of your questions.

Hey, Ma.

Oh, my God. Lucas.

Oh. Easy, easy, easy.

Oh, I’m sorry.

Not so hard.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m just so happy. I am so happy to see you alive and well.

Well, I’m alive and healing.


Harris, what happened? How did you manage this?

Well, under the cover of night and the laundry service, I was able to roll Lucas out of the infirmary in a linen basket. And when we got out of Statesville, we drove around for a couple hours, made multiple stops to make sure we weren’t followed. Now, look, nobody knows about this. Not even the commissioner knows that Lucas is here. So this has to stay between us. No one can find out.

Of course.

Sorry it went down this way. I’m sorry that you have to harbor the man who kidnapped your daughter.

Lucas, I’m harboring my stepson, and I know my wife is very happy and relieved to have you here, OK, safe, protected. And that means I’m happy, too, for her and for you. You are welcome here anytime, Lucas. Anytime. [dramatic music]

Everett, maybe you don’t understand what it was like for me when you walked out of my life.

I mean… I think I have some idea.

I’m not sure you do.

You see, once I got over the shock of your disappearance, I tormented myself for months, trying to figure out what I did to make you leave. I blamed myself, thought it had to be because I got on your nerves or because I wasn’t enough for you, not smart enough, not witty enough, not charming enough, not good enough in bed.

Oh, my god, Steph–

No, no, no, no, no. Don’t try to reassure me. I’m only trying to explain to you that… [sighs] I obviously know now that your leaving had nothing to do with me. I just–I’m only trying to explain that… [sighs] When I thought you’d ghosted me, I wasn’t just hurt. I fell apart. And I didn’t recover for a long time.

I don’t know why it was so…shattering. Maybe I’m just… not a resilient person. Maybe I’m constitutionally lacking in self-confidence. [sniffles] Prone to feeling like I– like I never measure up, like– like I’m always to blame when things go wrong.

I’m so glad… you’re finally opening up about all this, because it helps me understand, you know, the depth of the pain that you went through when I disappeared that day, albeit not by choice. But still, I need to say to you, I am so sorry that I hurt you, so sorry I hurt the most important person in my life, who I loved with all my heart, more than anything, and still do. All I want–all I want is to make it up to you. That’s all I want. Will you let me do that? Please?

All right. What aren’t you telling me? Oh, come on, man, you’re talking around in circles here. What is really going on with you? I’m assuming it’s got something to do with Konstantin.

It does. I’m becoming more and more certain that somehow… I don’t know how, but somehow he knows about The Pawn.

What? No, no. No. How is that even possible?

That’s what we need to find out.

Oh, The Pawn. My God, partner, I haven’t even heard anybody speak those words for years here.

I know.

How could he even know that? How much does he know, then?

I have no idea.

What did he say to you that led you to believe that?

He asked me what I knew about The Pawn. But he had this look on his face like he was an expert on the subject. He was taunting me, John.

Oh, my God. All right, all right, all right. All right. We’re just gonna have to– we’re just gonna have to figure out how much he knows and exactly what his MO is here.

Yes. That’s what we need to do, and we will. But, buddy, we have to be strategic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We have to be very careful. Now, listen. Hey. I can see this really upset you, understandably. So you need to go home to Marlena and rest. Hey, we’ll sleep on this, OK?

Yeah, right, we’re gonna sleep. [inhales deeply] But thanks for coming here. I am going home to Doc ’cause I know she’s worried about this.

I want you to take care of yourself.

Yeah. You too, partner. Thanks.



Mm, mm, mm. Nice distraction. Mm. But it’s my turn.


OK? And I’m gonna step my game up. This is gonna be a tough question, OK?

Ooh, you’re scaring me.

Well that’s the point, isn’t it? We already established that.

OK. Go on, then. Hit me with your really scary question.

Theresa Donovan, what is the biggest lie you have ever told?

Wow, you’re giving this one a lot of thought. [chuckles]


OK, that is a hell of a lie if you’re not even gonna tell me about it.


Oh, my God.

It’s just that, you know, I’ve told a lot of lies, even white ones. So I’d really just rather not get into it. [clears throat]

OK. All right. I’ll let it slide. Fine. So dare, huh? I dare you… to sing… your favorite childhood song at the top of your damn lungs right now.

Oh. I can do that. You ready?


[clears throat]

Am I gonna need earplugs?

Oh, I don’t know. I think you can handle it.

All right.

OK, here goes. [clears throat] [laughs]

I’m sorry.

OK, ready?

I’m ready.

* Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream * * Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily * * Life is but a dream *

OK, we’re turning the volume up right now. It’s a duet. Let’s go.

Oh, really? What a gentleman.


OK, ready? One, two, three. both: * Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream * * Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily * * Life is but a dream * [banging on wall]


Oh, no. Oh, God.

That is Mrs. Campbell. That is the grumpiest lady alive next door.

Sorry, Mrs. Campbell.

OK, all right. OK. Yeah, that might be enough singing for tonight.

Maybe at least just not on the top of our lungs, at least.

Yeah, I think that’s our cue. I think that’s the end. Maybe we should just, like, call it a night, go to bed. [dramatic music]

Everett, before we talk about the future and since we’re both opening up about what it was like for us after your accident, in the time that we were apart, what I don’t understand is why nobody went looking for you, why your family and colleagues didn’t send out a search party when you went missing.

Yeah. I mean, I didn’t understand that either… at first. But from what I was able to understand once I was mostly recovered, I wasn’t on any assignments at the time, so… when I didn’t respond to emails or phone calls, I think– I think my boss just must have figured I’d– I’d moved on.

OK, but what about your family? They didn’t try to find you?

Well… I lost my mom when I was a kid, as you know, and… my dad is my dad. He’s a–he’s a drunk, you know.

Yeah. No, yeah, I know. I understand why your family didn’t try to find you. I shouldn’t have asked.

No, it’s–it’s a reasonable question, you know. And family could mean cousins, aunts, uncles, you know, but I’m– I’m not that close with them. You know, they’re on the East Coast and…

Right. Well, it all makes sense.

Another thing I was wondering is, when you finally woke up from that coma, were you as lucid as you are now?

No. I wasn’t. I mean, my first diagnosis was retrograde amnesia, which is… inability to access memories or information from before an accident or an injury or a disease.

So, you know, all they could tell me was to– to give it time. Give it time.

I was really lucky, you know? Eventually my memories did start to come back.

Gradually? All at once?


The first thing that I remember with any clarity… was you.

And when that happened, when I saw you in my mind’s eye…

my whole world got brighter, warmer, and I felt stronger, more resilient because… I had purpose. And that was to get back to you. That was my goal. My only goal was to get back to you and tell you that you’re everything to me, everything.

You still are.

[sighs] [keys jingling]

Hey, Doc. What are you doing up?

Waiting for you.


Did you think I could go to sleep knowing that my husband was out there late at night, alone?

Well, Doc, I wasn’t alone.

You know I wasn’t.

You know, when Harris told me that he couldn’t make the deal to get you out of prison, I mean, I really panicked. Now you’re here. You’re here, safe and sound.

I thought transport was part of the deal. Was it some kind of ruse? Did you–what, did you kidnap me, Detective Michaels?

No, but I would have if I had to.

Well, what exactly did you do?

I called in every favor that I had. I kept pressuring the state attorney general. I kept reminding him how important it was to have our main witness alive if we were ever gonna bring a case against Clyde Weston. And then finally, the AG saw the light, signed off on the order to have Lucas in a safe-house situation. But when the threat’s eliminated, Lucas will have to return to Statesville to serve the rest of his sentence.

OK, then. I guess we’ll just be happy with what we have now, then.

Yeah, I guess we have to be happy. We have no choice, do we?

I’ll leave you guys alone.

Thank you for the game. That was fun. [laughs]

Yeah, it was fun.


OK, well, I’ll see you in the morning, then.

You’ll see me in the morning? [dramatic music]

I just think that maybe we should get a good night’s sleep.

OK. Yeah. If that’s what you want to do.



Sweet dreams.

Good night.




God, who am I kidding?


There you go.

Ow, ow, ow.

Oh. You comfortable? Can I get you anything else?

No. No, I’m fine. Thank you.


Feels so good to be here. Even though I know it’s just temporary, I really appreciate it, so– I know it’s not easy for you, Roman.

Lucas, come on. I told you before. You are my wife’s son, all right? So you’re family, all right? And I want what’s best for you. And what you did to help end this drug epidemic in Salem is honorable and brave. You put your life on the line, Lucas. I admire you for that.


OK. Look, it’s been a long night, and you should get some sleep, OK?


All right. I love you.

I love you. Good night.

Good night, honey.

[grunts] [exhales sharply]

Thank you.

Hey, Harris.

Steve, what are you doing out here so late?

Kayla’s on the late shift, and I got restless.

Yeah. Same. I’ve been pretty restless lately too.

Yeah, well, we both have jobs that can weigh heavily on the mind sometimes.

Ain’t that the truth?

Do you want to unburden?

You know, thanks, but not now. Maybe some other time.

All right. Good night.

Good night.

So you’re not upset that I sent Steve to find you?

No, not at all. In fact, he and I, we– we had a good talk.

I’m glad. I know that we can talk about anything at all, but I’m especially glad that you have someone with whom you can share your concerns, someone with whom you’ve been in the trenches.

That is true. And you know what else is true?


You always seem to know exactly what I need, and that makes me a very lucky man.

I just love you.

I love you.

Come on. Let’s hit the sack.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed us.

Me too.

Stay. Stay here tonight.

I can’t. Everett, I– I’m not ready.

I understand. I just– I just want to hold you in my arms.

I just want to sleep with you in my arms tonight, that’s all.

That would be nice.

[both chuckle]


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