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by Michele & Cheryl


Eric from Days

This week’s episodes had us scratching our heads. We had some questions about the things that happened this week.

When did Eric get a photo studio? We remember him talking about getting the studio, but he never mentioned anything else about it again. Out of the blue, he suddenly had a photo studio. Clearly the writers did this so the audience wouldn’t wonder what he was doing for money when Sloan said she didn’t have any money.

Speaking of Eric’s photo studio, what were the odds Leo was his first client? Of all the people in Salem, Leo happened to want to get his pictures taken. Eric never said he advertised the studio so how did Leo know to schedule an appointment with him? Also, what were the odds the studio happened to be at Eric and Sloan’s apartment? It was an excuse to have Leo and Sloan run into each other.

Where did Sloan get her confidence to threaten Leo not to tell Eric the truth? If she was so tough, she never had to let him blackmail her. He could have told Eric the truth about the baby. She took a risk threatening him because he could have let the truth slip out easily. Sloan would have been sick if Leo had told Eric the truth.

Why was Brady offended that Rachel didn’t want him and Kristen to get back together? Brady made it painfully obvious he had no interest in reuniting with her so why did it matter that Rachel didn’t want them together? What would he have done if Rachel wanted them together? He wouldn’t have gotten back together with Kristen so what difference did it make if Rachel wanted them together?

Why did Alex have to convince Theresa not to leave town? Theresa was the one who kissed another man in front of him, but he had to talk her into staying in town. She was clearly manipulating him to make up for the fact that she kissed Brady. Leaving town doesn’t change the fact that she kissed another man. Alex must not have any pride left that he would beg her not to leave town. It’s funny that he would beg her not to leave him, but he wouldn’t beg Justin to forgive him for the way he was treating him.

Speaking of Theresa, why would she stay in town when her son is in rehab? We know she can’t see him right away, but she could have stayed in the same city. If she did, it would make it easier for her to see him. All she thought about was having sex with Alex. You would think sex would be the last thing on her mind when her son was “suffering” in a rehab center.

Why would Maggie take Konstanin’s side when Steve tried to warn her about him? She had known Steve for years but wasn’t willing to side with him over Konstantin. Maggie took a stranger’s word over her good friend. Personally, we can’t wait to see Maggie’s face when she finds out Konstantin was after her money. It would serve her right if he took her money. What is she going to say when she finds out Steve was right about him?

Why would Everett threaten to quit the paper over one story? He basically had a temper tantrum because he couldn’t put a story in the paper. If he was going to quit, he could have stayed gone when Chad fired him. Is Everett the only good reporter in town? We find it hard to believe Everett is the only one who could run the paper.


Maggie from Days

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