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[romantic music]

OK, open your eyes.

Oh, my god, Johnny! You remembered.

Of course I did. It is a blue diamond surrounded by Venetian glass.

In memory of our time in Italy.

That was the idea.

But how did you get it so fast? You just proposed last night.

Well, like I told you, I have been planning this for a little while now. The ring wasn’t supposed to be ready for another three or four days, but the jeweler called me. He put a rush on it and said I could come pick it up this morning. Had I known that, I might have held off last night.

Oh, but I loved your proposal.


Mm-hmm. And I really love this ring.

Well, just so you know, the Venetian glass was imported from Murano, and the blue diamond is actually an extremely rare one. I had to have the DiMera jewelry consultant help me buy it at auction.

The DiMeras have a jewelry consultant?

Well, the DiMeras have a lot of weddings. Now, if I were a name dropper, which I’m not, I would tell you that this beauty may have once graced the hand of Elizabeth Taylor.

You’re kidding.

Yeah. I had the stone removed, set in Venetian glass, not only as a reminder of our time in Italy, but also I wanted to make sure that this ring was as unique and special as you are.

That is probably the most romantic thing that I’ve ever heard. And isn’t this just so perfect? I mean, here we are, in front of this tree with a plaque of one of Salem’s founding couples.


I hope our love lasts as long as Tom and Alice’s did.

[phone rings]

Oh. I’m sorry, Abraham, I meant to call you, but– no, no, no, I’m fine. I’m fine. No, I’m not overdoing it. Oh, no, I’ve been out of the office all day at the hospital, as you know. Then I just have a few things left to take care of. Yes, yes, I promise. I won’t be long. Mm-hmm.


Almost done.

Yeah, with what? What are you writing that’s got you so put out?

My resignation letter.

What? What are you talking about?

You hired me to run this paper with integrity, to make it strong, to make it relevant, to make it a beacon of editorial excellence. Protecting your family is not what I signed up for.


So to be honest, I feel really duped. Completely, completely, completely duped. So I’m moving on.

OK. I’m going to have the online registration ready for us to beta test soon.

Great. And I had a graphic artist mock up this poster for the event. What do you think? What? If you don’t like it, now’s the time to speak up.

I hate the name, or really, that it doesn’t have one.

Oh, you’re right. We need– we need something catchy.

Something with the word “geo” or “caching.”

What if we did something about love, since it’s on Valentine’s Day?

Caching Cupid?

Perfect. Tripp, what do you think?

I’m–I’m sorry. I was a little distracted.

Yeah, I noticed. Your head’s been somewhere else since I got here. Are you worried about your mom?

What do you mean by that?

Just keep smiling.

I’ve been in this situation many times before. You’re the one who needs to play it cool.

Do you see me sweating? I’m totally cool.

I just wish I knew what the cops were planning.

They’re bluffing. Hey, they’ve got nothing, and as long as we keep our mouths shut, they’ll continue to have nothing.

Got it.

Good. Just letting them chill out for a while.

Yeah? Maybe it’s time to turn up the heat. Our raid at the Bistro may have been a wash, but these two are up to their necks in Clyde’s drug ring. And I can squeeze it out of them.

You think, huh? That Ava, she’s one stubborn woman.

Don’t I know it?


Hello, again.

All right. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hello, Commissioner, Detective. You didn’t think you’d be questioning my clients without their lawyer present, now did you?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Yeah, Tom and Alice were great people from what I’ve heard. Definitely not fans of the DiMeras.

From what I’ve heard, they were very open minded and non-judgmental people. And they gave everyone a chance as long as they proved they deserved it.

Well, OK then, it’s settled. I am going to prove to them and to you that I deserve you, Chanel Dupree.

Johnny, you have already proven that. I can’t wait to be your wife again.

Yeah, me neither.

You do know where we’re going right now, don’t you?


OK, you know what? You’re overreacting a little bit.

Oh, really?


OK. So you didn’t ask me to kill all mention of the Bistro in the drug raid story because your brother preyed on your sympathies and asked you to?

OK, you know what, I’m not even particularly fond of Stefan, all right? But I do think that there should be a modicum of loyalty between family members.

No! No! There should not be. There should not be a modicum of loyalty to anyone or anything to the detriment of the truth. Otherwise, you do not run an unbiased newspaper. There has to be a clear cut delineation, Chad. You know that as well as I do. And God knows we’ve seen what selective reporting has done to this country.

OK, do you know what? I didn’t– I didn’t cover anything up, all right? So spare me the lecture. And you know what? This wasn’t even really about loyalty, all right? Stefan had some–had some pretty valid points, all right? So why should his business be damaged, possibly irrevocably, when there were no drugs found at the raid?

Can I tell you why?

Yes, please.

OK, I will tell you why. Because it was part of the narrative! The Bistro was one of three locations raided that night, the only one that bore no fruit. Let the readers make up their own minds based on the full story.

[suspenseful music]

Let me– let me ask you a question, and you have to be honest with me. What if they had found something?

Then that would be the headline, and my brother would probably be in jail.

You sure about that? Because it’s pretty easy to say when it didn’t happen.

I’m sure. Yeah, I’m sure. So are you gonna delete that resignation or do I need to find a new editor in chief?

Why would I be worried about my mom?

Well, I just figured with everything going on at the Bistro. I mean, first there was that tragic overdose, and then the police raid looking for drugs. And even though neither of those involved any wrongdoing on behalf of the Bistro or its staff, it’s just– it’s really hurt the reputation of the restaurant, which is why Ava and Stefan hired me to do PR for them.

Yeah. Yeah, I know, and I really hope that you can help them with that.

Yeah, I’m going to do my best to try to counter all the negative press with good PR. It’s just– it’s just so terrible what this is doing to their business.

Yeah. No, I couldn’t agree more. What’s happening at the Bistro is terrible.

You know our attorney, gentlemen?

Oh, we are well acquainted.

Grateful to have you here, Miss Peterson. Thank you.

I’ll start.

No, I will. My clients have done nothing but cooperate with the Salem PD. They were subjected to a police search that negatively impacted their business, and to what end? It turned up nothing. They were both grilled before and after the search, and now you’ve dragged them back down here to do more questioning. I mean, guys, this is bordering on harassment.

Well, Miss Peterson, we have uncovered some new evidence. And we were hoping your clients could shed some light on it.

What evidence?

I’ll handle this.

We have reason to believe that the new drug ring is being run out of Statesville Prison.

So…tell us what you know about Clyde Weston.

Hey, Mama.

Chanel, Johnny, what are you two doing here?

Just came to give you a hug, see how you’re doing.

Oh, hey. Oh, well. That’s so sweet of you. I’m doing just fine, and hanging in there.

I was really sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Paulina.

Oh, thank you, Johnny.

But from what I’ve read, even though cancer is a scary word, it sounds like yours is pretty curable. And even if it weren’t, I’m living proof you can beat it, right?

Mm-hmm. Yes, you are, Johnny. Thank God for that. And from, you know, what all the doctors have told me and from everything that I’ve read, I know that my treatment is generally very successful, and that the type of cancer that I have, you know, can be completely cured. No–just like you said, Johnny, no chemo required.


So I am a very lucky woman.

Yes, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Oh, my darlings, what would I do without you? Here, come, come.

If you will no longer allow your family to in any way influence any future coverage of any of our stories, I won’t resign. Can you guarantee that?

I can. I do.

Then we’re good.

Good. Now, we have a newspaper to publish, so let’s get back to work.


Where are we at with the fundraising thing, the scavenger hunt?

Well, I told them that we’re onboard to sponsor despite Xander’s objections, which, of course, I didn’t mention. Just glad to have your vote on that. There’s going to be a big PR push by the city. The mayor’s office is onboard. We’re going to cover both the charity angle and the fun and games of it all. I’m pretty confident it’ll be successful, very beneficial for the paper.

Good. I’m glad you’re interested in that.

Well, I was at dinner at Steph’s the other night and I sort of got recruited into helping plan it.

You had dinner with Stephanie?

Oof, well, that was very productive. We got a lot accomplished. Thank you for your help, you guys.

Well, I didn’t do anything. Wendy did most of the heavy lifting on our end.

Ooh, and she came up with a very clever event name. Good job.

Thank you, but Tripp has been really helpful too.

Don’t let her fool you. I basically was just her cheerleader on this one.

Well, we all need a good cheerleader. All right, Wendy, I will connect with you tomorrow about the beta test.


And, Tripp, if you’re not working, could you maybe help Dad hide the treasures?

It’s a big if, but, yeah, I’d love to help if I can.

Great. OK, well, have a good night, you two.


Night, Steph.


I’ll see you later.

When she asked if you were worried about your mother–

Yeah, tell me about it. I could feel myself going pale.

Do you really think she’s going to be able to help with all the bad juju they’ve had?

I think it’s going to take a lot more than a PR guru to get my mom out of this mess.

Clyde Weston? Yeah, I know who he is. Don’t know a thing about him.

Yeah, me neither. I mean, just by reputation.

So you haven’t been in communication with him or know anything about his illegal business operations?

My client just answered that.

Yeah, yeah, I know what they said. But maybe your clients can explain, given that they know nothing about the man, these visitors logs from Statesville where Clyde is currently, apparently and clearly showing that Stefan and Ava visited Clyde in the past few months.

[suspenseful music]

Oh, so would you look at the time? It’s getting late. Shouldn’t you go home and get some rest?

No, I’m fine. I’m fine. Keeping my mind occupied is good for me. And this city isn’t going to run itself.

What is this document about?

Oh, that’s a proposal for a charity event involving geocaching.

Geocaching? I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard it’s fun.

Stephanie Johnson is planning a geocaching treasure hunt in the Horton Town Square.


Hmm, interesting.

Mm-hmm. Sounds like a good community even, right?

It does. Definitely does.


Mama, would you look at my hair? I tried something different today. What do you think?

Well, it kind of looks the same. But whatever you’ve done, it’s very becoming. You look beautiful as always. And, Johnny, if you’re interested, they’re looking for more volunteers, I mean, for the treasure hunt.

Oh, yeah.

They want to do it on Valentine’s Day.

Johnny is busy that day. You see, we have important plans.


[gasps] Holy shiitake mushrooms!



You know– you know, my mom has been trying so hard to turn things around, and then something must have derailed her. I mean, she’s clearly in trouble.

Yeah. Obviously. And, Tripp, I’ve been thinking. OK, you believe that she could be using the restaurant to front the drug trade, right?

It’s possible.

Well, if the Bistro’s POS system is cloud-based, I could probably hack into it. We can look for patterns and anomalies. I mean, it might not give us anything, but it can’t hurt to try, right?

Thank you, Wendy, but no. The more I’ve been thinking about this, the less I want you getting involved, OK? It’s not safe.

We went through this last night, remember? We’re in this together, Tripp.

And you are the greatest girlfriend in the world for wanting to help me with this. But, Wendy, please. You have to let me handle this on my own.

Why should you have to?

I’ll tell you why. Because this involves my mother, Ava Vitali, whose own father drugged and manipulated her, who’s been in prison and in psych wards, and when I think about the things that she’s done– people have died because of her.

Yeah, um, Steph invited me over for dinner with her family. It was a last minute thing, honestly. I don’t know if you know her dad very well, but I sort of ended up in the hot seat with him.

Yeah, let me guess, grilled you about your intentions the whole time.

I guess you do know him fairly well. Yeah, I mean, I assured him that Steph just wants to be friends and that I totally respect that. So, you know, save the speech about staying away from your daughter and not breaking her heart.

Yeah, good. Good, yeah, and, um– you know, when I asked you about you having dinner with Stephanie, I didn’t– I didn’t mean it to come across as jealousy. It was just–just curiosity. You know, I get it. I don’t even have a right to ask that, so– but, I mean, whatever happens between the two of you, I really do wish you the best, you know, whether that’s a continuing friendship or– or something more.


[chuckles] Sorry, it’s just– it’s a big from the Chad who confronted me about all this before.

Yeah, I know. I just–I was wrong. If you two mutually agree to something more, then who am I to say anything, right?


[chuckles] Wow. Thank you… for being clear about where you stand on my relationship with Stephanie, and for being cool about that.

Cool about what?

Scavenger hunt. Xander didn’t want the paper to sponsor, but we have overruled him.

Good, ’cause I just spent a good chunk of my evening with Wendy and Tripp going over all the details, and it’s going to be great.

[phone beeps] And I wanted to go over where we are with it.

You know what? You are just gonna have to hold that thought. Because I just got a tip that Ava Vitali and your brother have been hauled into the police station for questioning. So I’m going to get down there and see what I can find out. I assume you have no objections to that, boss?

No, go.




What was that about?

If I could just have a moment to confer with my clients?

No. You know what? Clyde Weston? Yeah, he’s the son of a bitch who butchered my sister-in-law. So, yeah, I went to Statesville, paid him a visit to look him in the eye, tell him I hope he rots in hell. Is there a problem with that?

No, no problem at all. How about you, Ava?

Miss Vitali was exploring opportunities to volunteer with the incarcerated.

OK, nobody’s gonna buy that. Right, you want to know why I was there? Clyde tried to kill my son. And he sent a message that if I didn’t work for him, that he would succeed. So, yeah, I went to the prison to tell him I wouldn’t do it.

And what, he took– he just took no for an answer and he backed off, just like that?

Well, what can I say? I can be very convincing.

Well, Ava, you’re not very convincing right now… because obviously every word out of your mouth is a lie.

OK, that is enough. You need to back off, Detective, and you need to get control of your cops.


And since neither one of my clients is under arrest, we’re leaving.

You’re free to go.

Not me. Not yet.


I want to talk to Detective Michaels first. Alone.

No. No way.

I have to strongly advise against that.

Not a good idea, Ava.

Yeah, well, I have the right to speak to whoever I want.

Well, you also have the right to remain silent, which I strongly advise.

Yeah, well, I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna speak to him whether you like it or not.

Fine. Your neck.

What’s going on in there?

I wish I knew.

So you had Everett pull the mention of the drug raid at the Bistro.

Yeah, and– and it didn’t sit too well with him.

I’m sure it didn’t. But since I’ve taken on the Bistro as a client, I appreciate your discretion, especially since the raid proved fruitless, as you know.

Yeah, no, I know, but Everett still thinks that I’m censoring the story to protect my family. Anyway, you know, we–we hashed it out. We came to an understanding, both professionally and– and personally.


Yeah. You know, I’m not– I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. But, you know, I– I have a tendency to be a bit of a hard-ass with Everett, especially when it– when it is concerning you.

More than a bit, considering you got him fired because you didn’t want him around me.

Yeah. Well, you know, I– I can get a bit worked up and overreact.

You think?

But, you know, I’m– I’m changing courses now. You know, I’m a new leaf, as they say. After spending some time with him, he’s a–he’s a– he’s a good person. He’s honest and he’s ethical and, I mean, you know, the only– the only two people that should have anything to say about you and him are you and him.

Is that what I think it is?

It took you long enough to notice.

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Oh, this is so wonderful and exciting! Oh, I couldn’t be happier for you both!

Thank you.

Oh, you adorable people, and so in love! Oh, nothing could lift my spirits more! Let me see that rock. Oh. Oh, and now I’m just going to shamelessly namedrop. Liz Taylor?

None other.

Johnny had it set for me in Venetian glass.

Oh, this is the best news ever. Oh, we need to talk wedding date.

Oh, we already have one. Valentine’s Day.


This Valentine’s Day? Well, that’s just around the corner. Oh, no. Uh-uh. Don’t tell me. Don’t you–don’t tell me you’re eloping again. I’m not going to miss my daughter’s wedding for the second time. I refuse. You–you are not going to deny your mama a chance to see her baby girl walk down the aisle.

OK, don’t worry. You will be there. But Johnny and I did agree to have a small gathering out of respect for his family and everything that they’re going through with Holly.

OK. Oh, yeah, I understand. I understand. Oh, my little girl’s getting married!

[laughs] Oh, we have so much to do and so– not enough time to do it. So let’s get to work. Let’s get to work. Hand me that pad.


So I need to call the florist, make sure we have enough flowers. You know, they’re gonna have a run on roses on Valentine’s Day, so we need to get the pick of the bunch. Let me see, what else, what else? Oh, I know, I know, I know. I need to call Diana, my gown consultant, get her started right now on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. Oh, it’s late in Miami. Who cares?

The DiMeras have a jewelry consultant. Mama has a gown consultant.

I guess my family’s not so weird after all.

Oh, Diana? It’s Paulina Price. You are not going to believe the wonderful news I have.


You know, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the family you’re born into can affect the trajectory of your whole life.

It can, of course. But you can also be determined not to follow in your parents’ footsteps, right? Whatever those footsteps are or were.

That’s true. You know, and ever since I found out who I really was, that my mom was a part of the Vitali crime family, I’ve been trying to distance myself from it. But then maybe– I don’t know. It has me wondering maybe it’s just in my DNA.

Tripp, OK, first of all, your last name is Johnson, not Vitali. And second, you are not responsible for the sins of your mother, or your grandfather, or anyone else. OK, you are a good man. You are an honorable man. You’re a doctor, dedicating his life to helping people, and I love you for that.

Look, I’ve– I’ve thought a lot about what you said to me on the loading dock about when we were together, about how you saw the real me.

I always have because what we had was real. You can trust me.

I know I can. That’s why I wanted to talk to you alone. Because I had real feelings for you too, and I don’t want you to get hurt. Now, listen, I’m not saying that I’m involved in anything here, OK? But I’ve got a feeling this could turn out to be really dangerous. So you need to back off for everybody’s sake.

We’ve been dancing around this for way too long. No more hypothetical conversations. Just tell me the truth. Ava, please. I can protect you.

No, you cannot.

No, I can! I can. And I will. Because I love you. Look, I think maybe you already knew, but I love you.

You better stop real quick. You better figure out a way to get over this–

Commissioner, hey. I thought while we had a minute I’d like to take a look over that search warrant you had for the Bistro. You know, make sure the I’s are dotted, T’s crossed.

Yeah, yeah, sure. Right this way.

Just so you know, Mr. DiMera, you’ve– you’ve used your one and only get out of jail free card. I go where the story takes me. And if it leads me to you, Chad will no longer be there to step in to protect you.

My brother owns the paper.

He co-owns the paper with Xander Cook. You really think Xander is gonna be there to protect you? And besides, I now have assurances from my boss that he fully backs all my efforts. So your best bet is to talk to me.

You son of a bitch!


I’m really happy to hear you say that, Chad. It means a lot to me to know that you now appreciate Everett as an employee and are no longer upset by my friendship with him.

Yeah, no, I’m not. It’s–you know, even more importantly, I’m– I’m just glad that you and I are still on good terms, that we didn’t end things on a sour note. Because I– I know the timing wasn’t right for us, but you’ll always be someone really special to me.

I feel the same way about you. Please.



Now, if we had the reception at the country club ballroom, we could have a Roaring ‘s theme, but not at the carriage house because it would clash with their more rustic décor. Plus it only holds .

Mama, what part of “small wedding” didn’t you understand?

Oh, yeah. OK, OK, yeah, OK, keep it down. Keep it down. , .



But, look, I don’t think I can get Alicia Keys onboard if I can’t get a grand piano.

Mama, no Alicia Keys, no grand pianos, no eight tier wedding cakes.

OK, OK, OK. Six tiers. Six tiers is fine. It’s fine. Oh. Oh, you know what? Oh, this is so exciting. We’ve got to celebrate. Let me call Abe.

[phone rings] It’s the oncologist.

[suspenseful music]

Hello? Yes. Yes, this is Paulina Price. Really? That long? Oh, yes, OK. Yeah. I understand. Thank you. They said the– the soonest that they can do my surgery, the only date that’s available is about two months from now.

What? That’s unbelievable.

No, unacceptable.

Well, it’s kind of good news, isn’t it? I mean, that there’s no urgency to getting the nodules removed, right? It’s kind of slow growing cancer, right? It’s not too aggressive.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that you’re right. And, I mean, but even if it does mean that, don’t you want to get this behind you, Mama?

You know what? I’m going to make some calls. I’m sure Kayla can probably get it moved up and, you know, sorted.

No, no, no, no, no, no, it’s– it’s for the best. It’s for the best. And, you know, it won’t interfere with the wedding. OK, OK, come on, come on, come on now, you know, no, we are going to celebrate. Come on. Let’s get out of here. We’ll get Abe and tonight, tonight we celebrate.

Tonight we celebrate.

I don’t– I don’t know how wise it is to love the son of Ava Vitali. I mean, talk about baggage.

I don’t care. OK, I love you, no matter what.

I love you too, and I’d like to keep loving you for a really long time, which is why I really don’t want you–

Let’s just stick with the you love me part, OK? Let’s not think about anything else right now.

What’s wrong?

Where’s your mom?

I have no idea. You said not to think about her right now.

Yeah, I did. But her walking in on us out here would be–

Right, right. Awkward.


OK, well, my love, shall we take this to the bedroom?

I think that is an excellent idea, my love. Whoa.




What the hell is happening?

What’s going on here?

Tell your detective to keep his damn hands off of me!

This is outrageous. I told you to get control over your cops.

Ava, what happened? You want to file a complaint?

Yes, of course.

No. You know what? I just want to get out of here.

[groovy music]

You OK, Ava? Do you want to give me a comment?

Hey, here’s your scoop. You can go ahead and tell your readers that the Salem PD are harassing and assaulting innocent citizens instead of actually going after real criminals.

What the hell, man?

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