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[Relaxing music]

Liam: Um, so when do I get to meet this Poppy? Because with the way we’re going, like how you’re talking about her, I feel like I’m in future step-mom territory.

Bill: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, all right. Whoa, now, slow down. I told you we’re not rushing to the altar. I mean, we’ve only had a couple of dates. Uh, but yes, I– I– I want you to meet her.

Liam: Oh, look at you.

Bill: What?

Liam: You’re just– The way– You’re just– You’re smiling like a dope, I swear. I’m just like, “This is my dad now.”

Bill: Yeah, okay. Yes, she makes me, uh, smile. Well, now, now I gotta meet her. Well, you’re– you– you will. I mean, I certainly hope you will. I don’t know why you wouldn’t. I wanna to get closer to Poppy, you know. Hell, I– I wanna learn everything there is to learn about each other’s families.

RJ: You’re worried, aren’t you?

Luna: Yeah. I’m second-guessing leaving my mom alone with Aunt Li. I mean, she can be so cruel.

RJ: I mean, your mom can stand up for herself.

Luna: Well, she shouldn’t have to. I mean, this is none of her business, but Aunt Li always finds a way to bully herself into other people’s lives.

RJ: Yeah, like telling you you couldn’t intern here.

Luna: Yes, exactly. And what, now she’s harassing my mom about who she can and can’t date? I mean, my mom doesn’t need her sister’s permission, and she certainly doesn’t have to justify or explain her past with Bill Spencer.

Li: You should be ashamed.

Poppy: Ashamed? Seriously? Because Luna doesn’t know her father? Hey, I did just fine raising her on my own.

Li: No, no, ashamed for all the men you’ve chased. Okay, the one-night stands, the countless guys you’ve duped into sleeping with you.

Poppy: Oh, wait, no, I see. Ashamed of having blood pulsing through my veins, of wanting human connection or sharing intimacy or passion?

Li: Say all the words, pretty words you want to describe your immoral behavior, but Penelope, it doesn’t change who you are or what you’re doing.

Poppy: Okay, well, I don’t know what’s so immoral about two consenting adults finding pleasure in–

Li: Two consenting strangers who will never see each other again. This is not how we were raised, Penelope.

Poppy: Well, you make it sound like I have a different man in my bed every night, which couldn’t be further from the truth. And some, I do see again, by the way. Bill Spencer, for example.

Li: Oh, God, no, I still can’t believe you slept with him back in the day. Of course I can. He’s got the one quality you love the most. Money.

Poppy: Oh, come on.

Li: Nothing will come out of this, Penelope. You hear me? Nothing.

Liam: So, uh, does Poppy have, like, a big family? I mean, I know you mentioned the daughter who’s– who’s interning at Forrester Creations. How is– uh, how’s she doing over there?

Bill: What I understand, she’s blowing everybody away. Listen, I’m telling you, Luna is a very impressive young woman.

RJ: Still think it’s pretty wild hearing you say that.

Luna: Say what?

RJL Just that your mom has a past. With Bill Spencer.

Luna: Well, what’s even more wild is that they found each other again, after all these years have gone by.

RJ: Yeah. What’s it been? It’s been, like, years?

Luna: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it goes way back, like, before I was even born.

Li: You and Bill Spencer may have had your wild night of passion decades ago, but it’s ancient history.

Poppy: Oh, I don’t know. The way he’s talking to me… Guy’s into me, Li.

Li: He’s Kelly’s grandfather.

Poppy: Oh, I see. Think I’m too young to be dating a grandfather?

Li: No, Penelope, I’m saying he’s off-limits. Besides, he’s way out of your league. Don’t get your hopes up. Nothing good could ever come out of this relationship with Bill Spencer.

Poppy: Nothing good will come of Bill and me?

Li: What’s the matter? Did I offend you?

Poppy: You wanna know something?

Li: What?

Poppy: I wish you’d be a little less judgmental.

Li: And I wish you would give me less to be judgmental about. Honestly, being your sister has been exhausting. Always has been.

Poppy: Oh, because growing up in your shadow wasn’t a daily thrill?

Li: Excuse me?

Poppy: Yeah, okay. You have been critical to me ever since I was a little kid and getting angry at me over the silliest thing.

Li: Penelope, it was never about anger! It was always about what I wanted the best for you. I wish you’d take life more seriously. Your studies, have a goal or two. But all you cared about was boys and concerts and partying.

Poppy: I like to have fun. That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals.

Li: No, gold-digging doesn’t count. Listen, I don’t care that you and Bill shared a torrid night of passion years ago. It’s not happening again. I won’t allow you to sleep your way into Kelly’s grandfather’s life.

Li: I gotta say, it’s just so cool, you and Poppy reconnecting after all this time.

Bill: It’s very cool. And random. And what are the chances that we’d be in the exact same restaurant at the exact same time?

Liam: Well, I mean, the chances aren’t that low, right? It’s Il Giardino. You go all the time. It’s right down the street from Forrester. Poppy’s daughter works at Forrester. I’m messing with you. It’s totally a fluke and it’s amazing that it happened, and I’m really happy for you.

Bill: Thank you, son. Wow, I mean for somebody who’s not about fate and all that nonsense…

Liam: I know. It’s like–

Bill: Poppy comes back into my world -plus years later.

Liam: Like, this woman just, like, blasts from the past and then all of a sudden, she’s right in front of you again.

Bill: All right. Don’t try to put me in some kind of rom-com.

Liam: I love it. I love it. You deserve your own rom-com, Dad. It’s– Come on. Listen, this, um… This is not an accident that this woman and you have reconnected now.

RJ: You were there, right? When your mom and Bill reconnected?

Luna: Yeah, at Il Giardino. He just approached our table.

Bill: He said he, uh… He recognized your mom, but he couldn’t quite place her or something like that?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, understandably. It had been so long. I mean, at first, it seemed like my mom didn’t even know what he was talking about.

RJ: But then… She like suddenly was like, “Oh, it all came back to me,” something like that?

Luna: I mean, I guess so. I’m not quite sure. I mean, my mom didn’t really wanna talk about it. Why? What were you thinking? Tell me what’s going on in that handsome head of yours.

RJ: I don’t know. I just… I just find it interesting. You know, that two people recognized each other after that amount of time, and, I don’t know, they only saw each other for one night at– at a music festival that was, you know, probably pretty dark and loud, and, let’s face it, you know, one or maybe two of them might have been slightly inebriated. I mean, it’s just, I don’t know. Who’d remember somebody after that amount of time? It just makes you wonder if there was something more maybe going on.

Luna: More going on? What– what are you…

RJ: Well, maybe something happened between the two of them all those years ago.

Poppy: Li, please know that I’m saying this with the utmost love and respect for you. Butt out.

Li: This is my life you’re messing with.

Poppy: No, it’s my life, and I will date who I want, I will sleep with who I want.

Li: Not when it affects my son’s family. It’s bad enough that Luna’s working at Forrester Creations and dating Steffy’s brother. Oh, what’s the matter, Penelope? Did you get jealous? Felt like you wanted to show her up? Yeah? By finding an even richer man for yourself?

Poppy: All right, that is a horrible thing to say.

Li: Horribly true. Like mother, like daughter. That girl turned out just like you, didn’t she? Making moves on poor, unsuspecting RJ.

Poppy: Well, like you said, Bill isn’t poor, and nor is he unsuspecting.

Li: I’m not letting you worm your way into Finn and Steffy’s life any further. I shudder to think of the damage you’d cause if, God forbid, Bill started bringing you around.

Poppy: Imagine. We could be step-grandmothers together. Although I don’t think I’d go by “Grandma.” I’ll choose something a little more youthful. “Nana,” maybe? “Lola”?

Li: Save it for when Luna has a child. You’re not going near Kelly or Hayes. You may have a past with Bill, but it’s over. Cut your ties. There’s absolutely no reason why you should see or speak to him again.

Bill: I am so glad that Poppy has come back into my world. And, yeah, Liam, I guess sometimes life does just happen. Well, I’m glad it’s happening to you, because you deserve it.

Bill: Thank you. And Poppy seems to have a really good one, too.

Liam: A good one what?

Bill: A good life.

Liam: Oh.

Bill: I mean, she seems very relaxed and happy, and she’s got this wonderful daughter. Uh, I don’t think they always had it easy, though. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, I know from my own experience, not growing up with much can really make you driven to succeed.

Liam: And is that something you recognize in Poppy’s daughter? Yeah, she’s very smart, and, well, I’d say she’s tenacious.

Liam: What’s the, um– What’s the deal with the dad? Is he in the picture?

Bill: Never was. Luna doesn’t even know who her father is.

Luna: RJ, what are you getting at?

RJ: Well, I’m just saying that, you know, I have a hard time remembering people that I met, like, two weeks ago, let alone two decades ago. And, you know, your mom’s very pretty. I’m sure she made a very big impression on Bill. So, maybe there was more than, you know, just dancing going on that night?

Luna: You think my mom and Bill Spencer… I knew that they had history years ago, but RJ, you think my mom and Bill Spencer hooked up together?

Poppy: Thank you. Hello?

Bill: Poppy, it’s– it’s Bill.

Poppy: How are you?

Bill: Um, I’m– I’m great. I was just– I was just thinking about you and talking about you as well.

Poppy: Oh, really?

Bill: To my son, Liam.

Poppy: Does he have a beach house you wanna show me too?

Bill: Well, he actually did at one time, but, you know, that’s another story. I still cannot believe that Luna and RJ almost walked in on us the other night. That was a close call.

Poppy: Don’t remind me. Regardless, I had an amazing time with you. I would like to do it again. And I hope you feel the same way. Something wrong?

Poppy: Not with you. I thoroughly enjoyed our night together. It’s, um… It’s my sister. She’s so judgmental. She called me a gold-digger.

Bill: Well, it actually is funny, because I’m the one pursuing you. It’s not the other way around. When I was talking to my son about you, he got me thinking.

Poppy: About?

Bill: I can’t stop thinking about you. And– and I feel like there are forces at work that– that brought us back into each other’s lives for a reason.

Poppy: Well, I don’t know about forces, but things definitely happen for a reason.

Bill: Yes, exactly. We’ve been given an incredible opportunity. And I hope you won’t let your sister’s rudeness compromise that. I wanna spend more time with you. I wanna get to know you better. I wanna get to know your daughter better. I want you to meet my sons. I mean, Liam is really excited to meet you. Well, he just kept reiterating that we’ve been brought back together for a reason.

Poppy: I think he may be right.

Luna: Oh, that kind of freaks me out, thinking about my mom and Bill Spencer, like… At a concert?

RJ: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to paint that picture inside of your head.

Luna: Well, you did, Michelangelo, and now I can’t get it out of my head. I mean, I don’t think that’s what… There’s no actual way that… Why did you bring this up?

RJ: Well, because, you know, you told me that you don’t know who your father is, and…

Luna: I haven’t needed a father. I just always appreciated my mom raising me.

RJ: No, I know. I totally– I get that, you know? The relationship that you two have is great. It’s you two against the world.

Luna: Yeah. For as long as I can remember.

RJ: But, you know, all that time, it could have been the three of you.

Luna: I mean, it’s not that big of a deal. You know, I never felt bad about myself or felt like I was missing out on anything. If anything, I felt bad for my mom. You know, I often thought about how different her life would be if my dad was in the picture and contributing. I don’t know. Every time I brought him up, she would get, like, super distant and shut down.

RJ: So your mom’s never told you any information about your dad?

Luna: Nope. Just that I was made from love.

RJ: Well, if that’s true, you know, whoever your dad is, it’s got to be someone who’s really special to your mom. It’s got to be someone who made a really big impact on her.

Luna: Yeah. I hope so. I mean, that’s how I found comfort over the years. If you do the math with when Bill and your mom met at this music festival — like, over years ago, and– and the fact that they don’t– you know, they haven’t forgotten each other, you know, it just got me thinking– Look, I don’t wanna sound crazy, okay, I don’t want you to wig out, but with how old you are and how long ago they both met at that music festival, when they were connecting there…

Luna: Oh, my God. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

RJ: What if it’s true, Luna? What if Bill Spencer is your father?

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