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Kyle: Thank you. Summer, hey.

Summer: Hey. Kind of a coincidence running into you today.

Kyle: Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. Feels–

Summer: Strange. A little sad.

Kyle: You got a call from your lawyer too.

Summer: Yep. Our divorce is final. It’s not the easiest call to get.

Kyle: No, it wasn’t. So many things went right until–

Summer: More than right. We made a lot of beautiful memories. All of us.

Kyle: You, me and Harrison.

Summer: Now, we just gotta pour all that extra love into him, right?

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: And we’ll still see each other around the Jabot office.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: How are things for you, by the way, with all the changes in the C-suite?

Kyle: Ah, news travels fast, huh?

Summer: Billy left Jabot?

Kyle: To go to Chancellor-Winters.

Summer: Well, I guess that means that you’re now back where you belong in the co-CEO spot.

Kyle: Not quite.

Summer: Then who?

Kyle: My mom.

Summer: Diane is now co-CEO of Jabot? I mean, how do you feel about that? About your mom taking your job?

Jack: I want you to see the press release and the memo to staff before I sign off on it. What do you think?

Diane: I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Jack: In my mind, it is meant to be.

Diane: What? For me to take a job from my son?

Jack: You– you are not taking a job from anyone. This is not Kyle’s time. This is your time.

Diane: And I’m honored. I am. To be your life partner and then you choose me again to be your partner at work, it’s– it’s amazing.

Jack: Except?

Diane: Except no matter what Kyle says, I know he’s hurt that he didn’t get promoted. So, I’m hurting for him.

Claire: Is this a nightmare?

Nikki: No. You’re awake and you don’t need to be afraid.

Claire: What are you doing here?

Nikki: I wanted to see for myself how you are. See what I can do.

Claire: To help me?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Why would you want to? You already saved my life.

Nikki: And you saved mine.

Claire: But you still have every reason in the world to hate me.

Nikki: You’re right. I do.

Ashley: So, those things you said downstairs.

Tucker: Yeah? What about them?

Ashley: You think I’m afraid of commitment and that I won’t let myself be happy in a relationship?

Tucker: Can you prove me wrong?

Ashley: Well, you’ve certainly convinced yourself that I’m the one with the problem, haven’t you?

Tucker: Uh, you are the one rewriting history.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. I know what you’re doing. I know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

Tucker: You’re trying to provoke me into losing my temper so I’ll turn over a table thus validating your story. No dice.

Ashley: I am not the one who is playing games.

Tucker: Ashley, if this was a game, wouldn’t that suggest that I’m deriving some pleasure from it? I’m having fun? I assure you I’m not.

Ashley: You are gaslighting me.

Tucker: Have you asked yourself why I would make you question your sanity? What do I stand to gain from that?

Ashley: It’s retaliation, Tucker. You’re trying to make me suffer.

Tucker: Listen to yourself.

Ashley: It’s because I changed my mind about leaving Jabot. I ruined your dreams and all of your expectations and now you’re trying to punish me.

Tucker: That’s incredible. You never really knew me at all, did you?

Ashley: No, I know you quite well. You are selfish. You are smug. You are narcissistic. You’re a son of a bitch.

Tucker: Yeah. Yes. I know I’m all those things, aren’t I? But I can tell you right now, I have never ever been motivated by the need to inflict harm on others and absolutely never on someone I loved.

Summer: I don’t know, if my mom got the job that I’ve been wanting my entire life I might feel a certain type of way about it.

Kyle: Well, I’m happy for my mom. That was the right call for my father to make.

Summer: Kyle, you sound like you’re fielding questions with the press, okay? Just because we’re not married anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t tell me the truth.

Kyle: Okay. You want honesty and full disclosure? All right. Is there some disappointment? Plenty.

Summer: Of course. You know Jabot like the back of your hand.

Kyle: Yeah, but not like my father does. I have a lot to learn. And if it is the job that I was born to have, I’ll be ready when it comes my way.

Summer: So, you’ll really be happy as COO?

Kyle: Yeah. I get to work with my mom and learn from my dad. I mean, those two are good together. They’re what Jabot needs right now. They’re solid and she supports him the way he needs.

Summer: It’s not like you or Billy who would have their own agenda and push back.

Kyle: Okay. Mom is not a pushover, but she won’t stand in his way, no. Jabot needs a singular vision right now.

Summer: And you will bite your tongue and just think about how you could’ve done things better. And you’ll learn to be happy with the situation because it’s family and family comes first.

Kyle: Hmm. It’s almost like you know me or something.

Summer: Something like that.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Hi.

Summer: Hey, Chance. Wow. That looks incredible. Let me see the back.

Kyle: Just humor her. It’s the easier way.

Chance: All right. All right.

Summer: It’s perfect.

Chance: Right?

Summer: I’m impressed by the both of us.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. She’s, uh, she’s been my personal shopper for this whole new executive wardrobe. I still don’t know she knew my size. She didn’t take my measurements or anything.

Kyle: It’s what she does.

Summer: One of my superpowers.

Chance: Apparently I’m expanding my style horizons.

Summer: It’s a nice fit.

Chance: Yeah. It’s a little more comfortable than I thought.

Summer: Of course.

Chance: I’m gonna grab a coffee.

Summer: What?

Kyle: Somebody’s got a crush.

Nikki: I have every reason in the world to hate you, but I don’t.

Claire: You’re pitying me, which is probably worse.

Nikki: What happened to you was very cruel and relentless. You had horrible lies whispered into your ears your whole life. You can’t help but be a product of your upbringing.

Claire: Like a broken vase. The pieces never fit back the way they should.

Nikki: Well, we’re all a little broken, aren’t we? The question is, do you wanna get better?

Claire: Is it even possible? After the way I was raised on lies told by a woman who lived in a different reality?

Nikki: We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We just have to be brave enough to dig down to find it.

Claire: Sometimes, I think I have it. I feel strong and capable, brave. And other times, it just seems pointless, exhausting. Like all I’ll ever do is let everyone down.

Nikki: Well, you can’t do it alone. Nobody can.

Claire: Am I even really doing it if I need that much help?

Nikki: Of course, you are. And Cole and Victoria wanna be there for you.

Claire: They have to. They’re parents and they’re good people. What I need is someone who will tell me the truth. Someone who knows the whole story. Who can look me in the eyes and answer my question.

Nikki: What is your question?

Claire: Am I inherently evil?

Nikki: I won’t judge you, Claire.

Claire: But you know the things I’ve done. Perfect and innocent and then an evil force got in the way. But the fact is we saved each other’s lives and that’s a good thing.

Claire: But… what if–

Nikki: No, no. No ifs. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about how you spend your days here?

Claire: I get up in time for breakfast now. I’m sleeping, a little bit better. We have group and then some free time, and there’s a craft lesson. Actually, there is something new.:

I got a new privilege and it’s my favorite part of the day.

Nikki: Well, tell me about that.

Claire: I get to go on walks to the other floors with one of, the orderlies for some exercise. It’s better than it sounds.

Nikki: Ah, to see the children.

Claire: Even though they’re sick, they all talk to each other and they get loud sometimes. Um, they know all the nurses, and the nurses all know them.

Nikki: Do they?

Claire: And then their parents come to visit and they bring food from home if it’s allowed. You can hear them reading stories, playing cards. And the moms and dads, they all smile, even though you know they’re worried.

Nikki: Well, that’s what we do so that our children aren’t afraid.

Claire: The kids are sick or injured and it’s awful, but sometimes I’m jealous.

Nikki: Because they have their family around them.

Claire: I saw kids on TV or around the neighborhood. I knew what family was supposed to be like and I wanted it for so long. I had my aunt and she said she was all I needed, but…she wasn’t. And wishing, it doesn’t change anything. So, I stopped wishing.

Summer: Uh, I don’t know what vibe you think you’re picking up on, but it’s probably just me being pleased with how I styled Chance for his new job.

Kyle: Hm. Right. That’s it.

Summer: Okay. You can stop now.

Kyle: Ooh, I haven’t said a thing.

Summer: You want to.

Kyle: Well, there’s a little something going on between you and Chance.

Summer: Yeah. It’s called friendship.

Kyle: Yeah. And it’s okay if it’s more. I mean, you don’t need to ask my permission. Okay. Summer, I’m just saying, it’s good to see you smile like that again.

Summer: Have you been smiling more lately too?,

Kyle: Yeah, it’s been better than it has been.

Summer: I’m glad.

Kyle: Summer, we always wanted each other to be happy. That doesn’t have to change.,

Summer: It never will.

Ashley: You loved me? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Tucker: What am I doing now?

Ashley: You’re just throwing around that word like it means nothing. You just use it as a way to control me.

Tucker: Control you? Oh, no, no, no, no.You have proven ad infinitum that you are a force unto yourself, Ashley. Lacking nothing, needing no one. Certainly not me, who would’ve done anything for you! All I ever wanted in return…

Ashley: What? What did you want from me?

Tucker: I wanted love, respect, I mostly wanted commitment. To be a partner with you in all things, in all ways. But those are things you just can’t give anybody. At least not anybody that doesn’t share your DNA, apparently. I mean, the very idea of commitment sends you scurrying in the opposite direction. And the second there weren’t Abbotts in an army of lawyers between us, well, you just ran home. Yeah, I’m sad too, but it’s game over for me. I’m moving on. So should you. And you should give up this– this obsession about what happened in Paris.

Ashley: Oh, okay. So not only am I delusional, but now I’m obsessing.

Tucker: You are obsessing, yes. About a moment that is now unrecognizable to me. You know what you gotta do? You ought to hop on that fancy jet of yours across the pond, go to the bistro, talk to the wait staff, ask them what happened that afternoon. Say, uh, “Do you happen to remember a man in this restaurant going absolutely berserk and– and smashing wine glasses and throwing furniture?” I think you’d be surprised what they tell you.

Diane: I might not have been there for every disappointment in our son’s life, but Jack, come on. I saw the look in his eyes.

Jack: Honey, Kyle is managing things just fine.

Diane: He’s heartbroken. Losing Summer and now losing this job. I mean, one of those things is enough to cause real pain, but both of them, it’s– No, it’s– it’s too much.

Jack: If he had a problem with things, he had ample opportunity to come to me to plead his case.

Diane: I’m not sure.

Jack: Kyle is fine, believe me. In fact, I’m very proud of him that he realizes he has plenty more to learn. The most important things in life and in business you cannot, should not rush. And look, if we change things now again, what is the message to Jabot? More important, what is the message to our son that we don’t trust him to weather a career setback? That we don’t believe him when he says he’s where he wants to be. I think we owe it to him to take him at his word.

Diane: You don’t fight fair. You know that, don’t you?

Jack: Wait, are we fighting?

Diane: Well, everything you’re saying makes sense, which is enough already. But then you look at me like that and what can I do but agree to everything you say?

Jack: Wait, everything?

Diane: Everything.

Jack: Everything.

Kyle: Oh, don’t mind me. I just have some actual Jabot business to discuss, but yeah, it– it can wait.

Diane: Ah, we were talking about you.

Kyle: And I know why. You, and the three of us, hit the ground running.

Jack: Exactly right. I have a head full of ideas I wanna share with both of you. I hope you’ve had your coffee.

Kyle: I did.

Jack: Okay. Well, let me deal with this memo and the press release, and, uh, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Kyle: Can’t wait.

Jack: Be right back.

Kyle: Sounds like we’re in for a long afternoon. Can I get you something before we get started?

Diane: Uh, yes. A conversation. And I don’t mean what the COO of Jabot who’s just fine with how things turned out. I mean, with my son. And I wanna know the truth.

Claire: Sometimes, I look at those kids and I wonder what was Victoria like when she was little?

Nikki: Well, um, that’s a big question.

Claire: You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to. I’m sure those memories are precious to you. But I bet you were really careful with her. You protected her from all the people and the things that might hurt her.

Nikki: Well, I don’t know about that, but she loved her horses. Always amazed me as powerful and strong-willed as those animals can be, she had them under control. Also, let them feel free. I think they felt safe around her and vice versa. And she was an avid reader. She would read anything she could get her hands on.

Claire: She brought me books.

Nikki: Oh, did she? Well, she also likes painting and going to the museum, spending time in her art studio. Of course, there’s not a lot of time for that these days with work and family.

Claire: I want that. I want someone to smile when I say my name like you did. I want someone to be proud of the things I’ve done.

Nikki: You were so very alone, weren’t you?

Claire: It was all I knew. Jordan was all I had. But if I’d had a mother who loved me, who showed up for important days. If I’d had a life where I wasn’t expected to perform and to pretend,, because I had to be good. I couldn’t make waves., I had to do what I was told. But if someone had seen me for me not as a weapon or a tool, can you imagine?, Things would be so different. And I keep thinking it’s not fair. But then I hear Jordan in, my head yelling at me, telling me life isn’t fair and why do I think I’m so special? But I was. I was special for a little while, wasn’t I? I was Victoria’s baby.

Nikki: You know, there are things that we have done to others and things they have done to us and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go back and correct those things, get a second chance. But all we have is the here and now, so we have to find a way to break free of the past.

Claire: I don’t know if I can. When Victoria looks at me, she sees this baby that she thought was dead. When I look at you, I see all the horrible things Jordan made me do. When you look at me, what do you see? Just like I thought.

Tucker: I’m done. Just like I thought.

Tucker: I’m done. You go to hell! I’m done. You go to hell! I’m done. Goodbye, Ashley. You go to hell.

Ashley: Get out of my head. I know what I know.

Traci: Ashley, hey. Oh, what’s going on?

Ashley: I’m– I’m fine. Sorry.

Traci: I think I know better. Tell me w– Maybe there’s something I can do to help. Tell me what’s going on.

Traci: So, you remember him storming out and leaving the bistro in shambles, right?

Ashley: Yes, it was traumatizing. Yeah. Thank you. So humiliating. Now, he says it– it didn’t happen that way. He’s acting like it was just a normal argument. He just walked away from it.

Traci: Broken promises, but no broken glasses.

Ashley: He keeps telling me that I’m misremembering, that I’m wrong. I’ve got the whole thing wrong.

Traci: Still, you– you’re convinced he’s gaslighting you. Ashley, this is so interesting because what does he have to gain? I mean, let’s say he left the place torn apart and now he’s trying to make you believe in some distorted reality? Uh, why?

Ashley: Well, I– I told him that I thought maybe he was retaliating.

Traci: He’s no prince charming, but I never thought of him as the kind of man who would pull the wings off butterflies, is he?

Ashley: No. I mean, he’d be the first person to say he’s very selfish, but see, I’ve never known him to be violent with anybody.

Traci: But you know what you saw, right?

Kyle: Of course, I’m okay with you and Dad being co-CEOs. I can even say I’m proud.

Diane: Well, I know how I’d feel if someone came along and was given a job that I was more qualified for, one that I’d been successful at in the past.

Kyle: Well, when you put it like that, I mean, maybe I should feel a little… I’m joking. You’ve gotta let this go. I have.

Diane: You sure?

Kyle: I love seeing you and Dad work together. But maybe it’s proof that if a couple is meant to be, it’ll happen.

Diane: Even if it takes a lifetime.

Kyle: Sometimes, all you need is a little patience. A man can learn a lot by waiting and watching. Hey, I’m the one who pushed for this promotion.

Diane: Yeah. And that was really selfless of you.

Kyle: I got it from my mom. Mom, this is your job. You’re gonna crush it.

Diane: Just know that one day, I’ll be saying the same thing about you. Thank you, Kyle. Oh! How did I get so lucky?

Chance: Well, the problems that I’m solving over at Chancellor-Winters are completely different compared to the GCPD. But office politics? Identical. Same thing.

Summer: Oh. Tell me more.

Chance: Well, you got your old timers, right? Guys that have been there forever. They got all the good stories.

You know, where all the bodies are buried.

Summer: Yeah. We definitely had those people when I first started at Marchetti.

Chance: Right? Right? They’ve seen it all. They’ve done it all. And they’re just looking for that big shot to prove they still got it.

Summer: I can see that for sure.

Chance: But then you got your new kids. You know, guys that come in hot thinking they know everything and they’re begging for that big chance.

Summer: To show everybody what they’re made of.

Chance: Mm-hmm. So you got these guys that are always saying, “Wow, you– you should have been around for the good old days.”

Summer: And then you have the newbies that are attacking every day like it’s uncharted territory.

Chance: But you know what? I get it. People get used to things being a certain way. It’s tough for some people to let go of the past.

Summer: Yeah. Well, that’s why you need to mix it up. You gotta keep the vintage with the modern.

Chance: Oh, keep the OGs with the newbies.

Summer: Exactly.

Chance: Okay. Okay.

Summer: Wait a second. What– what time is it? Oh, my God. How did it get so late? This is all your fault.

Chance: Well, you’ve been sitting here talking my ear off.

Summer: No! Okay. Maybe. And I have so much more to say on practically every topic.

Chance: Let’s get lunch then.

Summer: Okay. If you promise me more gossip.

Chance: Hm. Well, rumor has it, Jeff in finance and Kelly in streaming are a thing. Never would’ve thunk it. Never would’ve thunk it.

Summer: Uh, look who it is. Genoa City’s newest mogul.

Sharon: Oh, well, give me a couple of months to become mogul status. Good to see you.

Chance: Good to see you. Congrats on the new adventure.

Sharon: Thank you very much. You two should have come to the party. It was a lot fun.

Chance: Well, that was–that was your night to shine.

Sharon: Mariah definitely made it a night to remember.

Chance: Yeah, that’s what we keep hearing.

Summer: You must be so happy. You worked so hard on this project and now it’s ready for the world to see and you get to watch it fly.

Chance: And you had one hell of a party. No one got held hostage. No one spiked the punch. It’s a win around here.

Summer: And I really love that you named the company after Cassie.

Sharon: Well, I always feel like she’s watching over us and giving something her name, knowing how much she meant to us, it makes me wanna work that much harder. My motivation.

Summer: Oh, excuse me. Work. I– I gotta take this.

Chance: Yeah, yeah. Sure. Take your time.

Summer: Hey, what’s going on?

Sharon: So, what’s new with you?

Chance: Uh, you know, just trying to figure out the lay of the land over at Chancellor-Winters. Gonna take some getting used to, but I’m flexible.

Sharon: Yes, you are. But I wanna know about you and me. Are we good?

Chance: Yeah. I mean, you’re good, right?

Sharon: I’m great.

Chance: Great. Yeah. I think we handled that break-up amicably. I hope you know you can still call me anytime to fix your water heater.

Sharon: Okay. And I would be insulted if you went somewhere else for coffee. And bring whatever girlfriend you want.

Chance: Oh, well, Summer and I, we’re– we’re not like that.

Sharon: Okay, but if you were.

Chance: If we are, thank you. I also have to say thank you for being honest about what you wanted and, uh, your priorities.

Sharon: Life is too short to dance around the truth. So, now that we are friends once again, I do have a favor to ask.

Claire: I’m sorry.

Nikki: No, don’t be. You have to feel your feelings to get to the other side. I admire the way you seem to be able to calm yourself after the storm, as it were.

Claire: I’m used to it. Jordan wasn’t much of a hugger. Her hugs were always either too tight ’cause she was actually mad at me and I wasn’t doing something right or she was whispering something awful into my ear. So, if I got hurt or upset, I just had to deal with it. It’s one of those things that came normal for me.

Nikki: It shouldn’t be normal for you or for any child. That’s not the life you were supposed to have.

Claire: I know that now. I should get some rest. You should go.

Nikki: Are you sure?

Chance: A favor? Yeah? Well, uh, you don’t need to ask twice. Name it.

Sharon: Don’t get all awkward around me.

Chance: Am I being awkward? Oh, my gosh. I used to be so smooth. I don’t know what happened. Blame it on the heartbreak.

Sharon: Oh, I think your heart’s mending just fine. Not everything was meant to last forever.

Chance: I guess not. But man, we did have some fun.

Sharon: Yeah. Look, we were friends once and then we were more than, and now, we’re friends once again. I think we’re really lucky.

Chance: Yeah, I guess we are.

Sharon: And friends want all good things for each other.

Chance: Yeah. That’s not gonna change for me.

Sharon: For me either.

Summer: Coffee break is officially over. I’ve gotta get back to work. Shipping crisis.

Chance: Oh boy, that sounds important. I better get back to the office as well. You want me to talk your ear off on the way to the car?

Summer: Would I? Yeah.

Chance: Sharon, it was really good to see you.

Sharon: Good to see you too.

Chance: All right. Catch me up to speed on this shipping crisis.

Ashley: So, I’m telling myself that he’s retaliating. You know, that’s why he’s gaslighting me, but… why don’t you pretend you’re writing one of your novels?

Traci: Oh, okay. Uh, okay. Powerful executive and sketchy lothario. They get married, they’re mad for each other.

Ashley: Right. She has a change of heart. She decides that she can’t walk away from her– her family’s company after all.

Traci: And he wants?

Ashley: Everything from her. I mean, he wants… He wants her loyalty, a hundred percent.

Traci: All of you. This is usually the part where I sit back and I let my characters talk to me, so talk to me.

Ashley: Okay. Why would I do this? This isn’t who I am. I mean, why would I make something up?

Traci: Well, I’ll tell you one thing I do know. If Tucker is gaslighting you, he will wish he hadn’t when I get through with him.

Ashley: I love you.

Traci: Oh, honey.

Ashley: What would I do without you?

Traci: You will never have to find out. Now, that– You questioning yourself and– and doubting your memory, this really worries me.

Ashley: Ah, Tucker… Tucker told me that he thinks I’m rewriting history. That I’m using the argument we had as a way of pushing him out of my life because I’m afraid of commitment. What if he’s right?

Traci: Actually, there are three sides to every story. There’s your version, there’s his version.

Ashley: And then there’s the truth.

Traci: The truth. That’s right. So, how can we get closer to the facts?

Ashley: I know of a way.

Diane: Kyle, you have the most day-to-day contact with staff. What do you think is missing? How can we increase employee satisfaction?

Kyle: Well, I mean, Jabot is pretty fortunate. We have a lot of employees with a huge range of experiences and expertise.

Diane: It is true.

Kyle: Our job is to keep them, make sure they know we see their worth.

Diane: What if we find a way to incentivize faster turnaround for product development?

Jack: That way they all know they’re vital to Jabot’s success. The harder they work, the better off we all are.

Diane: It’s important that everyone from the top down recognizes that they matter as much as the person they report to.

Kyle: And the person who reports to them.

Diane: Exactly. Every job is important to our success. Loyalty and trust. We need to model it and expect it.

Kyle: Oh, um, I wanna shore up the intern program, get more university and high school students in the labs, in the offices.

Jack: Great idea. Fresh blood. I love it.

Kyle: And an educational fund so our employees can go back to school to get degrees in business and sciences.

Jack: This is it.

Diane: What do you mean?

Jack: This is the feeling I get when everything falls into place. When everyone’s where they need to be, doing what they’re meant to be doing. Hold on. Don’t let this stop the momentum. Keep it going. Take notes. All ideas are good ideas. Hello?

Nikki: Jack.

Jack: Nikki, are you all right?

Nikki: Jack, I’m in trouble. I need help.

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