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John sits at home drinking coffee and wonders what it all means as he falls asleep on the couch. Marlena walks in and touches him, causing John to jump up in a defensive position.

Outside the Brady Pub, Steve grabs Konstantin and warns that he has pushed him too far. Maggie interrupts and questions what is going on here. Maggie asks why Steve was about to attack Konstantin. Steve tells Maggie that Konstantin is not in Salem for a peaceful existence, but to take advantage of Maggie, and he has to be stopped. Steve declares that he will not stand by and watch Maggie get hurt.

Harris meets Clyde Weston in the prison visiting room. Clyde asks if Harris is able to have a life these days or if his case load is all consuming. Harris confirms that his case load is all consuming, thanks to Clyde and his drug ring. Clyde pretends not to know what he’s talking about and talks about being against drugs. Harris tells Clyde to go to Hell and calls him a lying son of a bitch.

Theresa tells Brady that she knows things blew up between them, but notes that they still had good times together. Brady agrees that they did. Theresa blames herself for screwing up and thinking Brady would hate her forever and wouldn’t be her friend, but here he is being her friend. Theresa thanks Brady for being her friend and then kisses him right as Alex comes home and sees them kissing and asks what the hell. Theresa tells Alex that it’s not what he thinks but Alex says that it is exactly what he thinks.

Maggie tells Steve that she appreciates his concern about her, but she’s also insulted that he would think she’s so naïve and a poor judge of character that she wouldn’t know if someone was taking advantage of her. Steve says he cares about her. Konstantin talks about Maggie saving his life and being more than a friend to him. Steve tells him to cut the crap. Steve insists to Maggie that Konstantin is dangerous and is conning her. Steve knows Maggie is generally a good judge of character but she’s in a vulnerable state. Maggie tells him that she doesn’t want to hear it and compares it to everyone warning her against Victor. Maggie declares that she didn’t listen then and she’s not listening now.

John apologizes to Marlena for scaring her. Marlena says it’s okay and thinks she would be more accustomed after all these years. John kisses her and asks if she slept okay. Marlena responds that she did, but John did not again. John says he didn’t want to bother her so he came to the couch. Marlena calls that sweet but asks what has him so agitated. Marlena knows they have a lot to worry about these days but she’s never seen him lose sleep before, so she asks what is going on.

Clyde remarks that Harris has a short fuse and he wouldn’t think that would serve him well in his line of work. Harris says it serves him just fine. Clyde thought it was important to be cool and collected while confronting dangerous criminals. Clyde claims he’s not one anymore as he’s truly reformed and a model prisoner. Clyde remarks that his main goal is to set an example for his fellow inmates because he’s a people person. Clyde tells Harris that he has a good feeling about him, so he’d like to offer him his feedback on Salem’s current state of affairs. Harris tells him that he’s listening. Clyde says what Harris might see as a crisis, he sees as an opportunity to grow a substantial crisis, hypothetically. Clyde adds that if he were to venture in to a particular line of business, Harris would be exactly the kind of individual he would be seeking to employ.

Theresa tells Alex that it wasn’t Brady as she kissed him and swears that it was the drugs and a momentary lapse which meant nothing. Brady knows what it looks like but insists that Theresa is telling the truth and he doesn’t take advantage of people in pain. Theresa says she just made a poor decision but assures Alex that she wants to be with him only.

Steve tells Maggie not to compare Konstantin to Victor. Maggie suggests comparing him to Steve and how Steve worked for Victor for many years while his behavior wasn’t always ethical. Steve says he was a different man back then. Maggie says that’s the point and talks about Steve and Victor both changing their ways. Maggie asks why Steve can’t give Konstantin the benefit of the doubt and believe that he can change too. Steve states that he can became a better man thanks to Kayla and Victor became a better man thanks to Maggie. Steve calls Konstantin a low life who has an agenda. Steve argues that he didn’t come to Salem randomly and came to take advantage of Maggie. Maggie says he’s entitled to his opinion but assures that Konstantin has been nothing but open and honest with her. Maggie believes Konstantin has a good heart and declares that whatever happens between them is none of Steve’s business. Steve tells Maggie that so many people in town care deeply about her and he’s one of them. Steve asks Maggie to please be careful. Maggie thanks him for his concern and sends her best to Kayla. Steve says he’s not going to let this go and walks away.

John tells Marlena that he’s fine and that he’s just been thinking a lot about Tate and Brady. Marlena says they are all concerned but asks if something more is going on that’s keeping him up at night. John claims that’s it and he’s sure that he will sleep a lot better tonight so she doesn’t have to worry about him. John reminds her that she has to get to work. Marlena tells John that she loves him. John says he loves her and kisses her. Marlena says she will talk to him later and then exits.

Harris tells Clyde that he would have to offer a hell of a compensation package to get him out of his line of work. Clyde responds that he’s capable of exactly that, but in their hypothetical situation, it wouldn’t all be easy. Harris says he wouldn’t expect it to be. Clyde warns that Harris would have to be fully vetted and he doesn’t think he would make the cut.

Theresa asks Alex to forgive her as she was just caught up in the moment and she needed comforting so she just kissed Brady and it was stupid and wrong. Theresa apologizes as it was unfair to all of them but repeats that it wasn’t Brady, it was her fault and won’t happen again. Theresa acknowledges that she was a completely different person when she was high as there was no more pain and she was just hurting so much because of Tate. Theresa cries that she’s failed her son. Brady says she fell, but it’s about how she picks herself up and recovers for her family and herself. Brady asks Theresa what the next step is. Theresa assures that she will go to a meeting and get a sponsor to devote herself to becoming sober and a better person. Theresa promises not to let Brady and Tate down again.

Konstantin sits with Maggie and thanks her for being his advocate and defending him. Maggie says she’s sorry about all this and that Steve means well and his concern comes from a good place. Maggie feels the harassment of Konstantin is not going to stop and adds that she appreciates her friends’ concern but also resents being treated like a naïve child. Maggie talks about being subjected to this before when she first got with Victor but it didn’t phase her much. Maggie states that Konstantin being continually harassed this way worries her. Maggie wonders if Salem is the best place for him. Konstantin says that is not what he wants to hear.

Marlena runs in to Eric with Jude sleeping in his stroller in the park. Marlena asks how he is. Eric admits he’s not great and apologizes for how things went last night. Marlena says she just feels bad for Sloan. Eric talks about how Sloan was nervous and thought having a drink would calm her down. Marlena notes that she doesn’t have a patient for an hour so she invites Eric to go get coffee and talk which Eric calls a great idea so they walk off together.

Harris suggests Clyde make him an offer he can’t refuse. Clyde responds that he was speaking hypothetically so there won’t be an offer. Clyde adds that he’s been amusing himself by watching Harris play along like he was going to get some intel from him but says Harris is the fool. Clyde tells Harris to go back to Salem and find out how powerless he really is. Harris tells him that he knows he’s behind the drugs that are killing people in Salem and shouts that he won’t stop until he shuts his ass down and holds him accountable. Clyde warns him about making threats and promises he can’t keep, pointing to what happened to Lucas.

Theresa can’t believe she was so weak and says she’s so ashamed. Brady encourages her not to beat herself up as she’s been through Hell lately. Theresa feels succumbing to her addiction is weak. Brady says she’s going to recommit to sobriety and get to those meetings. Theresa repeats that she is so embarrassed and she hates that Alex had to see her this way. Alex tells her it’s okay and he gets it, so he’s not judging her, but he is concerned about her. Brady adds that nobody knows what happened besides them and Jada and they aren’t going to say anything. Brady assures he won’t say a thing to Tate either. Brady tells her to reach out to him, Alex, or Maggie if she starts to feel that way again because she has to lean on people. Alex adds that he’s here for her and wants to help her any way he can. Theresa thanks him and says she is so tired. Brady suggests they all get some sleep. Brady tells them to call if they need anything as he then exits. Theresa guesses Alex wasn’t expecting this and says she understands if he wants to end things.

Steve goes to see John and asks what happened to him since he’s looking really haggard. Steve asks if everything is alright. John claims he’s fine but didn’t sleep well because of nightmares and feelings he can’t shake that something is off here. Steve asks if he recalls the nightmares but John says they disappear like nature doesn’t want him to remember. John says he’s learned when his mind goes to these dark places, it’s trying to tell him something and it’s not good. Steve informs John that he just had another run-in with Konstantin.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s sad that she is so distressed on his behalf that she would advise him to leave town because he’s grown fond of Salem and he’s not ready to say goodbye. Maggie asks if he’s sure with Steve treating him so badly and John having suspicions about him. Konstantin says that’s their problem and he will be fine as long as Maggie keeps looking out for him. Maggie assures that won’t change. Maggie says they can go but then sees Brady going in to the Brady Pub. Maggie then tells Konstantin that she needs to speak to Brady, so she will see him back at the mansion. Maggie heads in to the Pub while Konstantin remarks that he will see her at home.

Eric and Marlena sit together in the town square. Marlena asks how Sloan is this morning. Eric says she’s completely hungover, embarrassed, and upset with herself. Marlena asks if the drinking is something that happens frequently. Eric says not at all and that he’s never seen her get drunk like that at all. Marlena tells him that to let her know that she and John completely understand and that Sloan is part of their family now.

John asks Steve what happened with Konstantin, assuming he gave him Hell. Steve confirms that he did but then Maggie showed up with her blinders on. Steve says he tried to talk sense in to her but she wasn’t having it. Steve adds that Maggie was quick to remind him that back in the day, people warned her about Victor and she didn’t listen then. John argues that Victor wasn’t always the most honorable man but he had redeeming qualities and loved his family desperately. Steve agrees and says Konstantin is nothing but a lying buffoon and a dangerous one. Steve adds that Victor genuinely loved Maggie but it’s obvious that Maggie is nothing but a giant payday for Konstantin. John guesses they are not facing the results they aimed for with Konstantin so he thinks they need to approach from a different angle. Steve asks what he has in mind. John thinks it’s time they just back off.

Alex tells Theresa that he doesn’t want out at all and he just wants her to be okay. Theresa hates what she put Alex through and scaring him. Alex says they are in this together. Theresa calls that really nice of him and she hates that he had to see her kissing Brady. Alex says she explained that so they aren’t going to talk about it anymore. Theresa repeats that the kiss was nothing. Alex acknowledges that she and Brady had a kid together, both struggled with addiction, and he can see how happy it made her that he came to help her tonight. Alex feels like Theresa just really needed Brady. Theresa admits that she did and that she doesn’t know if she could have gotten through this without him.

Clyde tells Harris that it’s a damn shame what happened to Lucas. Harris calls him a son of a bitch and says he’s lucky that Lucas is alive. Clyde says the whole point of the attack was to send a message outside these walls and now Harris is here across from him and he’s got a message for him.

Brady sits with Maggie in the Pub and asks how she heard about Theresa. Maggie explains that she ran in to Alex, who told her that she had a slip. Brady calls it understandable with what they have had to handle with their son. Brady assures that he hasn’t been tempted but he can relate to wanting to escape from the stress and anxiety. Brady adds that Theresa is with Alex now, but he’s worried that she could relapse again. Brady remembers that John and Marlena have an extra room and brings up moving her in to keep an eye on her but Maggie says absolutely not as that would be the worst thing he could do right now.

Marlena asks Eric for an update on his photography business. Eric says it’s doing better than he expected as he updated his website, social media, and put out some flyers. Marlena is glad that he has a creative outlet. Eric admits that the extra money will be nice too, especially after Christmas and having a kid. Marlena says she and John will be happy to babysit anytime. Eric assures that they will be soon.

Steve remarks that the lack of sleep must be really getting to John as he questions wanting to back off Konstantin. John explains that he’s thinking if they keep pushing Maggie, she’ll start resenting them more and more while Konstantin obviously wants to play the victim. John says as long as Konstantin plays that role convincingly with Maggie, they are stuck with him. John adds that Konstantin is playing the long game, so if they give him the distance but keep feeding him just enough rope, he may hang himself. Steve agrees to try it his way for Maggie’s sake. Steve says he’ll check in with him later and advises him to get some sleep. John says that’s the plan as Steve exits.

Alex tells Theresa that he needs her to be honest with him as he asks if she still has feelings for Brady. Theresa responds that Brady is the father of her son and that is the extent of their relationship and she has no romantic feelings for him at all anymore. Theresa acknowledges that they are both recovering addicts but that doesn’t mean she wants to be with him. Theresa adds that the kiss was reckless, impulsive, and a big mistake. Theresa guesses Alex doesn’t believe her.

Harris asks Clyde what his message is for him. Clyde calls it more of a mandate which Harris questions. Clyde warns him to focus his attention elsewhere as he surely has more important things to do than squander time and resources on him. Harris assures he has plenty of time because he’s a lone wolf, ex-military with no family. Harris then asks Clyde if he really wants to come after somebody who has nothing to lose. Clyde says he’ll buy him as a lone wolf but doubts he has nothing to lose because surely he has people he cares about, maybe one special person who means a lot to him that he would hate to see something bad happen to because it would be on him. Clyde says if that special person got hurt, Harris would have no one but himself to blame. Harris warns that if Clyde pushes him or comes after anyone he cares about, it will be the last thing he ever does. Clyde responds that he was nice meeting him and he really enjoyed their chat. Harris states that he’s been warned as he then exits.

Maggie tells Brady that he and Theresa are in a very fragile state while worried about Tate. Maggie thinks the stress of helping Theresa maintaining her sobriety could put Brady at risk. Maggie offers to reach out to Theresa, take her to a meeting, and find her a sponsor. Maggie adds that if she needs more help, she’ll reach out to Roman and Kayla. Brady agrees that is a good idea and mentions that he recommended Theresa reach out to Maggie. Maggie decides she will call her today. Brady appreciates her so much for doing this. Maggie assures that she is here for Brady and Theresa.

Theresa insists to Alex that she and Brady have been over for a long time and they just co-parent Tate. Theresa says right now, she needs to focus on her sobriety and she needs to know that he trusts her, so she asks if he does. Theresa declares that if he doesn’t trust her, she thinks she should move out as she thinks that would be best for both of them if she goes back to California to be with her mom, to get herself in a better place until she can see Tate.

Konstantin goes to his room in the Kiriakis Mansion and pulls out a card from a book as he declares that he never thought he would see The Pawn again.

John sits at home with his coffee and looks around confused.

Steve goes to the Brady Pub and has a drink at the bar, questioning if it could really be.

Konstantin says all in good time as he smiles.

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