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[ Grunts ] How did you get so good at this? Visualization. And what are you visualizing? Oh, not what. It’s who.

[ Sighs ] Lucy Coe.

[ Siren wails in distance ]

Maybe this was a bad idea. When is going to a meeting ever a bad idea? I just, uh — May– Maybe my time would be better spent with my attorney, going over my defense. Honestly, until we get more information about what Muldoon was up to in the weeks prior to him coming to see you, I don’t think there’s a whole lot for you and Martin to talk about. Yeah. You’re right. And something tells you that you needed this meeting today. I would listen to your instincts. Who needs instincts when I’ve got you?

[ Cork pops ] Ah! Is there a more satisfying sound? If there is, I’ve never heard it. What’s the occasion? Oh, well, I don’t think we need an occasion, do we, Tracy? We definitely don’t. Oh, come on. There is nothing going on between Scott and me. I mean, look at the guy. Clearly he is otherwise engaged. Then why do you keep looking over there? Honestly, what on Earth is so captivating about Scott Baldwin? So good of you to come. Where else would we be? Curtis needs us. And whatever happens today, good news or bad… Please let it be good. …Curtis will know that he has his family behind him. Sweetheart, you okay? I just want this to work. We all do. Should we go in? Yeah, Curtis shouldn’t be alone right now. Oh, don’t worry. He’s not alone. Where’s the doctor at? Shouldn’t he have been here by now? Dr. Martell got pulled into an emergency surgery. He’ll be here as soon as he can. Yeah. Isn’t that fitting? What? You, reassuring me, today of all days. Well, it beats the alternative, Which is? This endless loop going on in my head. Did the surgery work, or didn’t it? Question only a doctor can answer.

Hey, TJ. Anna. Hi. Hey. How can I help you? Uh, well, I was supposed to to meet your mother for drinks last night, but she never showed up at the restaurant. It’s not like my mom to be a no-show. I know. Uh, it’s not like her to leave unanswered messages, either. So I just wondered if you knew where she was or if you’ve heard from her. No, but… I wonder. What? My mom’s been conducting her own investigation into my uncle’s shooting. Of course she has. I was with her yesterday when she got her first lead, the first solid one, anyway, and I asked her if she would be safe, and she said she would be. But now you’re concerned. Well, so am I, I have to say. Anna, do you think my mom’s in trouble?

Your mother knows better than to go it alone if the nature of the lead suggested backup was warranted. Maybe under normal circumstances. What, these are anything but? My mom has a personal stake in tracing the rifle that shot my Uncle Curtis. What — What if she took a calculated risk and it got her in over her head? Well, that’s possible. Yes. I’m calling the PCPD. Oh, there you are. We were getting worried. Mom. Hey, are you okay? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m — I’m fine. You’re wearing the same clothes as — as last night. Where have you been this whole time? Dana: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Would anyone like to share? I’m Hamilton. I’m an addict. And I’m also a doctor. You gotta stay positive, son. I’m being positive, Pop. But it’s also important to stay realistic. I want with every fiber in me for the procedure to be a success. But if it weren’t… Then we’ll deal with that. We’ll deal with that together. Thanks for that, Pop. Better late than never, right? Most of my life I spent running away. Left Irene to raise you and your brother. So terrified I’d hurt you. Well, that’s most of your life. You’re here now, Pop. That’s because of you, Son. You — You taught me how to overcome that fear. I have no fear of a setback. If those doctors walked in right now and said, “We’ve done all we can do. We’ve gone as far as we can go, and this is as good as it gets,” I can handle that. But when I think about having to look Portia in the face and Trina and Aunt Stella

[breathes deeply] and see that disappointment in their eyes… …Pop, that’ll gut me. But it won’t break you. I think I’ll go to the chapel and light a candle. Couldn’t hurt. Light one for me? You got it, baby girl. Now you can talk to me. How can I fly to Paris if we don’t know what’s happening with Curtis? Honey, you’re going. Your father and I, we both want you to go. Even if it’s with Spencer? Is he my first choice for a travel companion? No. You know he’s not. But Spencer makes you happy. I can see that. And if you ever have children, you’ll realize that all you really want for them is just to be happy. When you think about yourself in Paris, does it make you feel, you know, kind of warm? Feel real good inside? Yeah. Well, Curtis would not want to deprive you of that feeling. So you’re going to go, and you’re going to experience life, and it’s going to be amazing. You’re going to live, love, eat all the things. Okay? Okay. Okay. Deal. And you know what you’re going to do for sure? Send me pictures, text me constantly. Okay. Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Is that Spencer? Yeah, but I’ll call him later. No, no, no, I think you should take it. We need all the support we can get today, right?

[ Ringing continues ]

Need a shoulder? I got two of them. One should suffice. There really is no reason to be jealous. You mean except for your seeming inability to take your eyes off the man? Okay. Uh, did Scott and I have a moment once upon a time? Yeah, but it was a long, long time ago. I barely remember it. So why dwell on it? Because from what I understand, it’s a moment that has a habit of reoccurring. But if your history with Scott is just that… It is. …then why does the prospect of discussing get you all scrunched up? I — I am not scrunched. Oh, I see scrunched-ness. Really? Okay, well, then I see insecurity-ness, and it’s not a good look. Where are you going? I’m sorry. Do I need your permission to go to the ladies’ room? No. By all means. Thank you. Care to join us? Thank you, but I’m well aware three is a crowd. Oh, no. The more the merrier. Right, Scott? Scott? Huh? Am I keeping you? I am — I am not scrunched. I am not scrunched up at all. Oh, Scott Baldwin, you had better not be laying it on too thick with Tracy. Oh! I know I put a tiny emery board — I got a file in here. I know I have a file in here.

[ Door closes ] Hey, you don’t happen to have an emery board, do you? Because I snagged my nail. Marty: No. I’m sorry. I’m fresh out. Marty? The coast clear? Uh, yeah, I’m in here by myself. What are you doing in You and Scott Baldwin, I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but now. When did you turn on Lucy? I was never really a huge fan of her. I mean, she’s a lot. No question. Did I ever tell about the time that she came to the PCPD locker room when I was getting out of the shower? She checked me out and then demanded that I sing at the nurse’s ball. Yeah, I remember hearing something about that. I try to block it out. But now that you’ve reminded me, just another reason to visualize.

I don’t buy it. Buy what? You’ve been coexisting with Lucy for years at work and outside of it. And sure, you’re not personal friends, but you’ve always been cordial with each other. What changed? She crossed the line with my grandmother. Uh, this is inappropriate. You know, you are in the ladies’ room. Yeah, well, when another lady shows up, I’ll make myself scarce. Damn it, Lucy, I thought you were different. I am different. You know all about my history with women, my exes, one emotional bloodbath after another. And you said you understood, that you loved me for me. I did. I… I-I do. Present tense. I love — Marty, I love you now! Now. Marty! Marty! Oh!

[ Sighs, chuckles ] That went well. Tracy, there’s no place I’d rather be or who I’d rather be with. But I do have to use the little boys’ room. Say, Gregory, would you mind keeping my lovely companion company while I’m gone? Take your time. You and I will pick up right where we left off when you get back. Don’t. I didn’t say anything. You don’t have to say a thing. Just believe me when I tell you it’s not how it appears. Tracy, you do not owe me an explanation. What’s the matter? Heartburn. Um, you think I would have learned by now that citrus is not my friend. Well, they call it antacids for a reason. Touché. Well, I-I should probably be going. Do you think, uh, Scott will forgive me if I leave his lovely companion unattended? Ha ha. Backgammon rematch. Soon. You’re on.

How’s Finn? And you? I know that malpractice lawsuit, it can’t be easy on you, either. My friend, I came by to support you, remember? Well, you taking my mind off of this, that’s helping. Please. All right. Finn’s okay, I guess. Between his dad and the lawsuit… It’s a lot. Too much sometimes. Thank goodness he has you there to lean on. Oh, I — I don’t know. I just hate — I hate seeing him struggle like this. You know, he just wants to prove to everyone that G.H. and his patients are right for putting their trust in him. And you know that I will testify to that at his trial. I know. Thank you. I really appreciate that. And so will he. Okay. Your turn. That’s it, huh? That’s all the distraction I get? How’s Curtis?

[ Sighs ] He’s, um — He’s walking a fine line. I mean, we all are. Positive but still realistic. Hopeful but not too hopeful. Mm. It sounds impossible. Yeah, it is. But, um, Curtis is determined, you know, to face whatever comes his way. And you? I’m determined, too. But, um… I know life isn’t fair and we’re not guaranteed a happy ending. But you’d really like one. I know. You know, I keep having this dream. And it’s with Curtis and I at the rehearsal dinner, and we’re dancing. And I get that feeling, the feeling that I had that night, and Curtis’ arms are around me. And we’re moving together so beautifully. And Curtis is so strong, and he’s so graceful. You know, it’s just like — it’s like we’re floating, and that moment, it must be imprinted on my heart and my body because it feels so real. And then I wake up. And Curtis is lying next to me. And I realize that we’re never going to dance again. We’re not. Not like that.

[ Breathes shakily ] But now, you know, maybe — maybe we can. I just can’t stop myself from, you know, hoping. Me too. Me too.

[ Breathes deeply ] Look at you, being all observant, noticing your mother’s clothes. That isn’t an answer, Mom. I have been going nonstop since I last saw you. Haven’t had a chance to go home and change. So you haven’t slept? I plan on going to bed very early tonight. It’s that a new lead on Curtis’ shooting, isn’t it? You know what? It was just — I got concerned when you didn’t turn up for that drink and went radio silent, and I just thought I would come and ask TJ if he’d heard from you, and that’s… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for anyone to worry. But, as you can see, I’m fine. Okay. I have to check on Uncle Curtis. So… Tell him I’m thinking about him? I will. And stay safe? Please? That’s the plan. It’s nice to see you, TJ. You think he bought that? I think he’s just happy you’re in one piece. Want to tell me what happened when you followed that lead? Well, I never got that far. Somebody stopped me. I had just gotten my first break in the case, a possible clue to the origins of the rifle that shot Curtis. That’s great. Thank you for cluing me in and calling for backup and not going it alone. Like you’ve never done the same. All right. That’s fair. Yeah. So what happened? You got stopped? More like intercepted by two men. Did they hurt you? No, but they were all business. One minute I’m outside on my way to arrange a meeting, the next, I’m in a room on the wrong side of a two-way mirror across from these strangers staring at me. You’re FBI? Why all the subterfuge, then? If you’re investigating the shooting of Curtis Ashford, we’re on the same side. What did they want? Your cooperation? Nope. They wanted me to back off.

How’s our boy doing? You know Curtis — holding it together for everyone else’s sake. And you? Well, I — I’ve never been one to believe in miracles, Stella. But I do believe in my son. Shame on you, Marshall. Miracles happen every day. Just look at how we’ve managed to remain friends. You mean in spite of what happened between us Christmas Eve?

[ Sighs ] It was just too much eggnog. I hate eggnog. All those memories of Irene. Yeah, maybe. But I felt something. And I got a sneaking suspicion you felt it, too. Something that can never, ever be. Hey, handsome.

[ Chuckles ] How’s it going? It’s going. Is there anything that I can do or I can get you maybe? Yeah. Would you get the rest of the family? Tell them I want to see them. Marty, please just listen to me. You have it wrong about Scott. I don’t care about Scott. I mean, of course I care about him. He’s my friend. But it’s not the same way I care about you. And — Listen, would you just call me? Please call me back. Or better yet, come — come to me. Come — Come see me. Because you’re absolutely right. I am different than your exes, and I-I just — I need the chance to prove it to you. Please, Honey Bunny, p-please, please, please. That’s all I ask. Give me the chance.

[ Sighs ] I just feel like I have so much I want to do and so much life left to live and… I would kind of like it if you would do it with me, be by my side?

Thank you for coming back to me. Damn it, Martin! Now you’re gonna make my mascara run.

[ Cries ] Oh, I knew you’d come back. Thank you.

What are you doing here? I thought you left. I can’t you move.

I get to Max’s office, and there’s Lucy telling my grandmother that Luke may have been the love of her life but that Laura was the love of his. And then she goes on to say that the reason my grandmother is alone is because she’s unlovable. Have a little compassion, a-a little sympathy. If that’s too much to ask, maybe a little basic tact. But no, not Lucy. She all but told my grandmother that she was grieving a man who never loved her, which is completely untrue. And Tracy knows that. I doubt what Lucy said hit her anywhere near as hard as it hit you. I disagree. My grandmother, she comes off tough, uncaring, even abrasive. But underneath it all, she’s got a really soft heart. She’s just trying to protect it. Oh, you want to know the worst part? There’s worse? The whole thing was a con. Lucy deliberately said those hurtful things to shine a spotlight on my grandmother’s loneliness so that Scott Baldwin, of all people, could swoop in and romance her. Yeah, but to what end? If I had to guess, to trick my grandmother into marriage so she’d have to pay him off with her Deception shares, you know, get rid of him. And then Scott would turn the shares back over to Lucy. Despicable, right? Not that that plan ever would have worked. I mean, my grandmother saw through those two right from the start.

[ Sighs ] But no one gets to do that to her without paying a price. Except you. It’s a totally different concept. Lucy does not deserve deception. Maxi does. Besides, I’m only scheming within the family. Same thing my grandmother would do to me. Calling an ambulance. No. You just said you couldn’t move. No ambulance. Tracy, please. They’ll just have to admit me, and then it’ll be impossible to get me out of there. If you die on my watch… I’m not dying. Not today, anyway. Can you sit? Mm. Yeah. I’ll help you. Move slowly.

[ Sighs ] Is there any medication you can take that would help?

[ Sighs ] What happened? I — I-I felt a twinge in my chest up in the restaurant. I got — I got short of breath. I thought maybe a little fresh air might help. But you can see how far I got.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. I need to stay strong, at least until the wedding. Yes, you do. That is a can’t-miss event. I understand from Brook Lynn that you have been tapped to officiate. Yeah. I tried to decline, but Jason and Brook Lynn wouldn’t take no for an answer. Good. That’s settled. Now we just have to tank Olivia’s idea of a wedding cake. And wait till I tell you what Lois thinks. She — Tracy. Don’t do this. Besides being a father… being a doctor is what defines me most, being a…healer. And if my ability to practice medicine gets taken away, that — that becomes really scary because… who am I? We have this saying — “Recovery is a-a journey, not a destination.” Never has that been more true than it is today, because there’s no finish line for us. We’re never done. We just keep on going and try not to mess up too much along the way. Isn’t easy, is it? I feel like I’m doing it. I’m proud of myself for that. Okay, fam, listen up. Somebody means business. I do. No more fake smiles and forced positivity. Baby, we’re just trying to — I know. I know what you guys are trying to do. And I appreciate it. I love you guys for it. But it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be terrified that the procedure didn’t work, because God knows I am. But whatever happens today, good or — or — or otherwise, we just have to agree right now to accept it and move forward, whatever that looks like. Because I know one thing. No hospital or wheelchair can keep me down. Are we clear? We are clear. Crystal. I have never been prouder of anyone in my life. That’s how I feel when I look at you.

[ Stella chuckles ] Everything okay? Yeah. Everything is great. Dr. Martell wanted me to let you know that he’s on his way and then the examination will begin. Bring it on. Well, the feds are notorious at guarding their own turf, but — This was more than that. Jordan: I told you everything I know. Now it’s time to return the favor. We can’t risk you compromising the investigation. Listen to me. My ex-husband and of the best men you’ll ever meet almost died and is literally fighting to get back on his feet. I can help you find who’s responsible if you’re not too proud or territorial to let me.

[ Knock on door ] I couldn’t see who was on the other side of that door, but whoever it was put the fear of God into those agents. What were you thinking at this point? Truthfully, I was wondering just how far they were willing to go to keep me quiet. What was the resolution? How did you get out of there? Whoever that agent spoke to must have been calling the shots. What makes you say that? Because as soon as that door was closed again, everything changed.

[ Clears throat ] Thank you, Miss Ashford. We’re done here. I can go? We apologize for the inconvenience. There’s a car waiting right outside for you. Who was at the door? I’m afraid we can’t answer that. What the hell is going on? Trust us. It’s better for all involved if you stay out of it. Then that was it. I was walked to a Town Car and advised to stick to my desk at City Hall. Which, of course, you won’t. After that, not a chance. I see the gang’s all here. Yeah, Doc, I, uh, couldn’t have done it without them. And you’ll never have to. When you get out of that chair, we’ll be standing right beside you, cheering you on. Don’t you even think about kicking us out. Oh, I wouldn’t dare. That support can only be a plus. Good. Because that’s how this family rolls. I’m ready when you are. Okay. Bring it on.

Hey. Hi. Have you been out here the whole time? I have not. As much as I love you, and I really do, I still have a job. Yeah. I just knew the meeting was breaking up, and I wanted to wait for you. But if that feels like pressure, I — it’ll never happen again. I don’t feel pressure. I’m really glad you’re here. I’m grateful for you. What are you doing in here? Tracy cannot see us in here. She can’t walk in here and see us together. Well, I’d like to know what’s going on with you and Martin. Oh, isn’t that funny? That’s the same question he asked me about you. Well, that’s the million- dollar question. So, what’s the answer? I told him you were old — old news, that, specifically, you and I are old news. Old news, huh? Old hat? Is that how you see me, Lucy? Oh, down, boy. You know those baby-blue bedroom eyes of yours? They’re wasted on me. Well, you used to like these blue eyes in your boudoir. Don’t do that. Do what? You have a job to finish, and that’s what you’re going to do. Now, let’s get out there and finish it. Let’s go! Whatever’s going on between you and Scott Baldwin… I told you. …is none of my business. But Chase and Brook Lynn, they are my business. And their wedding needs to be perfect, Tracy, needs to be a joyous occasion that they can look back on and celebrate long after I — long after other things are forgotten. Forgetting will be impossible. So no more petty fighting with Lois and Olivia about the reception. No more arguing with Ned about anything, really. All that matters is that those two beautiful souls belong together and we all do everything we can to help make that happen. Do we understand each other? We do. How’s the breathing? Better, actually. So is my energy. Which is why you attempted to rile me up. Attempted? I think I succeeded.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Now, that is what I’m talking about! Who did you visualize? Our building super. Lev? What did that guy ever do to you? He still hasn’t fixed our radiator. Come on! Yeah, it’s a little inconvenient, but — Inconvenient? You used to walk around our apartment in next to nothing. Now you’re constantly wearing sweats. Talk about frustrating. Oh. Poor baby. Well, maybe there’s something I can do to change that. You’re gonna ditch the sweats? No. And risk getting hypothermia in our own apartment? Unh-unh. But we can go to bed earlier, spend more time there together, generate body heat. Yeah, let’s do that… starting now. Yuri will be waiting for us outside. Yuri doesn’t have to do that. Yes, he does. I pay him. Well, Monica pays him. And she has assured me that if he’s not driving for her, he’s available to me. I just mean I can call a rideshare. Oh, congratulations on mastering the technology necessary to call a complete stranger with unknown driving ability to pick you up in their car and take you to a destination their GPS may or may not be able to find. Come on. You’re coming with me.

[ Sighs ] How does that feel? Surprisingly okay. I’m sorry I, uh, interrupted your time with Scott. You interrupted nothing. Really? It sure seemed like you were on a D-A-T-E. Just goes to show you, appearances can be deceiving. Let’s go.

Oh, wow. This is just great! All right, Lucy, just take it easy, will you? Hey, uh, Jesse, uh, i-is, uh, Tracy still here? She told me to tell you that something came up.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. Wow. This is a record, even for you. The champagne is barely uncorked, and you ran Tracy off already. That’s because I was focused on you. Oh… Fortunately, I think we can still do some damage control. Give me your credit card. I beg your pardon? Give me your credit card. Hi. Um, yes. I-I would like to, um, order a dozen — No. You know what? Make it two dozen beautiful white roses. Mm-hmm. Right. Oh, um, they’re going to the, uh, Quartermaine mansion. You do? Of course you know the address. Um, card. Please say, “Until next time. XOXO Scott.” Oh, good. Thank you. Oh, right. Uh, hold on.

[ Snaps fingers ] Excuse me just one moment. Excuse me. I got it. Thank you for not letting me talk myself out of going to that meeting. I realized I needed to be around people who are in the same fight that I am. I hope my story gave them a little bit of encouragement, because they encouraged me every day. You know what I love most about you? There can’t be just one thing. Okay, you know one of the things I love most about you? Go on. Your generosity. I’m sure you helped those people in the meeting just like you help all of your patients. In one way or another, we’re going to prove that. We? Yeah, we. Kind of stuck with me.

The agents who nabbed me were clearly just messengers. Someone’s pulling the strings behind the scenes. And you want to out them? You know, taking on the feds is no small feat. You are actually going to need backup. Anna, there’s no telling where this will lead. That’s precisely my point. You have to admit, you’re going to need a second pair of eyes. Well, if you’re offering up yours, I’d be a fool to say no. Come on. Anna… Thank you. You’d do the same for me. In a heartbeat.

Surgery could not have gone better, but, as with any procedure… I know. I know. You didn’t want to get my hopes up. It doesn’t necessarily mean the spinal cord damage was repaired. I’m ready to find out.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Do you feel that?


How about that? I felt that. What? Yes! Yes? Oh, my God! I’m not imagining. Doc, I felt something. Babe.

[ Chuckles ] Dr. Martell: This is great news. It’s no guarantee you’ll walk again, but… No, no, no, but i-it’s a start. It’s a good start. Portia: Yes!

[ Laughter ] Oh, my goodness.

[ Stella speaks indistinctly ]

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