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[suspenseful music]

Oof. Oh! Well, what’s the story?

The doctor’s held up in surgery. But they will let you know as soon as she’s ready to see you.

Oh, held up? Well, I don’t like the sound of that. No medical complication I hope, but are you sure she knows what she’s doing?

Oh, she certainly does. This woman has the top honors from some of the best med schools in the country.

[elevator bell rings]


Hi, you two.

[chuckling] Hey.

I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.

No, no, baby, you’re right on the dot, sweetheart. It’s the doctor that’s making us wait.

And it’s driving your mother a bit crazy.

OK, well, they should be ready to see you soon. And I know that you are stressed out and anxious about all this, but everything is going to be OK.

[sighs] Is that a promise?

It is a promise.

You know, why don’t we all just relax and wait and–oh. “USA Tribune,” anyone?

No, no. I’d rather just check out “The Spectator.”

What do you think?

Thank you. It’s good. Yeah, it’s really good. I think the mayor’s going to be really happy.

Yeah. Well, she’s an incredible lady. And what she’s done for the city is so impressive.

I agree. I reached out to her office for reaction, but I haven’t heard back yet.


So? How’s the drug exposé going?

[notification chimes]

Good, good. Hold on.

What is it?

Oh. Speaking of, newly released mug shots of all the drug dealers.



Let’s take a look.

Look at that.

Wow, that’s an interesting group, to say the least.

[chuckles] Yeah, I’m surprised your brother’s not there.

[tense music]

[door opens]

Good afternoon.

Oh, hello there.

You look very engrossed.

Yeah, I’m just going over some numbers for the paper.

Is Victoria still napping?

She is. I’ve got her baby monitor right here in case she wakes up. What’s all that there, Little Miss I hate grocery shopping?

[chuckles] Well, among very many other things, we got neeps and tatties and whisky.

For our Burns Night.


I’m not sure I can wait.

For what?

For our feast, of course.


[chuckles] Right.

It’s so nice having someone else in the house who knows how to cook.

Well, don’t get too excited. You haven’t had my meal yet.

Well, all I’m trying to say is that it’s just nice to have you here, cooking or not cooking.

[soft dramatic music]

It’s nice to be here. I should put the groceries away.

Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to come back. That was dismal.

That was our worst lunch since we’ve opened.

[Ava sighs] You think bad word of mouth is finally killing us?

Yeah. Well, if so, it’s not going to be a slow death thanks to that police raid.

[Stefan sighs] Which is why I called Stephanie Johnson to do some PR– we need damage control.

OK. Well, we’re going to need a hell of a lot more than just some good PR to get out of this mess.

Yeah, we need to stay up and running, so we can avoid suspicion.

All while we do Clyde Weston’s dirty work.


Hi there!

Stephanie, hi.

I’m a little early. I hope that’s OK.

That’s fine. Our lunch crowd just left.


Crowd? What crowd? There were three people here.

Oh, well, that’s too bad.


So why is that? And how can I help?

OK. Well, as I told you on the phone, we– when we first reopened the Bistro, we were doing fantastic business, right? And then, we had the New Year’s Eve bash. And that was a huge success. And everything was just wonderful. We had great online reviews.

And now?

Oh, and now, we’ve gone from five stars to zero stars overnight. We need you to turn that around.

[dramatic music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

You remember that I’m going to the hospital today, right?

I do. Yeah, you mentioned they’re short-staffed, and you’re covering some shifts.

Yeah, I didn’t step up last year. So I have to get back into rotation.

No problem. I’ve got Victoria covered. Although, you should know I’m going to take her into the office later today when she wakes up.

I didn’t know that you had a meeting.

I don’t. I just want to go in there and see what’s happening.

I mean, you trust Chad, don’t you? Especially now that you have that new editor-in-chief, it seems like all of your bases are covered.

Yeah. I mean, it’s not that I don’t trust Chad. He seems to be doing a bang-up job. It’s just–I don’t know. When you’re that close to everything, sometimes you miss the small things that help the bottom line.

I mean, like off-label K-cups and generic ink cartridges.

I wouldn’t quite go that far, but there’s always staffing issues, expense accounts, payments to sources.

Now, you remember what happened last time you were solely focused on profits.

Yes, I remember all too well. And I’m sure this will sound hollow because I’ve said it so many times before and gone back on my word. But Sarah, I am a new me.

[soft dramatic music]

That doesn’t sound hollow to me at all.

Thanks for that. For taking me at my word when you have absolutely no reason to. But I’m more motivated than ever to be a stand-up person. I mean, having a sweet little girl in my life, and you, it makes me want to be a better person and to succeed. So I’m just looking to grow a legitimate business in legitimate ways.

I’m really happy to hear that. Especially for our little girl. It’s a new you. Uh, I should go. I got to go.

All right.

[clears throat]

Um, have a great day at the hospital.

[Xander sighs]

Do I detect a smile?

[chuckles] I’m just reading about how well things went on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

You were wonderful, Mama.

Yes, you were. Articulate, charming as you always are.


[notification chimes]

[suspenseful music]

The doctor can see me now.

All right. Hold this.

Oh, yeah.

[indistinct chatter]

Well, since the bust at the Bistro went bust, no alliteration needed. I didn’t really expect to see him.

Why did the bust go bust? Do you think Stefan could have been tipped off?

I don’t know. It’s possible.

The witnesses who were there said he and Ava looked totally shocked when the cops showed up.

Yeah. Were they willing to be quoted?

Yeah, got releases.

Enough for a story?

I mean, I still need to do a little more digging, but I’m close. I really think it’s our responsibility to bust this thing wide open.

Yeah. Well, with what you do and as good as you are, I’m sure we can.


I was here New Year’s Eve. And it was a great party.

Right. Yeah, you were here with that tall guy. Lynch, right?

Yeah, Everett Lynch, “The Spectator’s” new editor-in-chief.

We met him that night.

Yeah. And he also investigated the overdose of Holly Jonas.

The whole reason for that ridiculous raid.

Look, I understand your frustration.

Frustration? No, no, no, no. We’re beyond that. It’s downright infuriating at this point. I mean, the city, they’ve cracked down on everything. But for some reason, we are one of their main targets.

Right. And they left here with nothing but their guns drawn.

Right. And I know that business-wise, it can be very damaging since when people hear the word raid, they tend to stay away.

Yeah, in droves, in our case.

So the question is, how do we get everybody to forget, or even not give a damn that there was a raid in the first place, right? How do we erase that from their minds?

Well, I put together some ideas after you called, Ava.

OK, I’m eager to hear.

Right. So first, we need to immediately add photos from New Year’s Eve to the website. I assume you have some from that night.

We do. What about the rave reviews?

You know what? Why don’t I just write some fake ones? You know, people do that a lot.

They do, but I don’t like that idea. I think some really good photos should suffice of people having a really good time, celebrating, maybe some photos of the food you were serving?


I got pictures of the buffet table.

Great. And we need to make sure that there is no more talk of the raid, anywhere. If any comments or posts pop up, I can delete them or contact whoever posted them on your behalf and let them know the indignity that you’ve suffered. As well as maybe mention that you’re considering a lawsuit against the Salem PD.

Now, that is an interesting idea.

So as soon as we get rolling, just let me know as soon as possible what kind of promotions you’re up for. Basically, whatever you’re willing or able to give away. And don’t forget to comp something for your regulars– you know, a drink, a dessert, the whole check even, so that they feel a part of the Bistro family.

Absolutely. OK. So you think that’s going to be enough?

[suspenseful music]

There might be something else I can do.

Hello, gentlemen.

Oh, hey, Xander.


Oh, who else we got here?

Yeah, Victoria and I are teaming up today.

Yes, I can see that. Hi. Hi. Hi.

How are you?

[baby cooing]

What a gorgeous kid.

Yeah, she takes after her mom.



What brings you by?

Victoria and I were just in the neighborhood. And she thought we should pop in and say hello.

Well, we were just taking a look at the latest edition. Have you seen it?

No, I haven’t had a chance to, actually.

Take a look.

Thank you.

[clears throat] Oh, wow. This is your byline, Everett?

It is.

Well, that’s excellent. I particularly like the way you’ve highlighted our sponsorship of the event.

Yeah, speaking of sponsorship opportunities, I have another one.

Oh, yeah? What’s that?

Well, Wendy Shin left me a message this morning. She said something about there being a geocaching scavenger hunt in the city. It’s going to be probably on Valentine’s Day. It’s already in the works.

Well, if that’s already in the works, then why do we need to throw money at it? I don’t know. It sounds like a bad call to me.

Now, we have to wait for my prescription. Oh. Ugh.

Well, the nurse said they should be ready in about minutes or so.

And what exactly are they giving me?

Pain meds, I think. And Mama, I could tell that you didn’t really like Dr. Siegel. So maybe we could look into getting you another endocrinologist and getting a second opinion.

This is not about opinion, baby. Those pathology reports, they don’t lie. And I forgive Dr. Siegel for not being warm and fuzzy. Her only obligation is to be honest with her patients and to offer the best treatments available.

Well, she could have been a bit more compassionate.

True. But right now, I want to concentrate on what I have to do to get well. And just so you both know, I pretty much expected I was going to get this diagnosis. And because I’ve been doing a lot of reading on all the different types of cancers and all the amazing, you know, advanced treatments, I’m ready to do whatever I have to do to get cured.

And we are ready to do whatever we have to do to help you through this.

Yeah, I know that. I know that. And I admit that before I knew what was actually ailing me, why I’d been having all these symptoms I’ve been experiencing, I was– well, as you both know. very scared.

[soft dramatic music] I’m hoping against hope that there was nothing seriously wrong with me, hoping that it wasn’t cancer. But now that I know that it is, well, strangely enough, um… I’m actually feeling stronger and hopeful. And I am so very grateful to know that I have my wonderful daughter and husband by my side.

Always, Mama, always.

Sweetheart, we are going to go through this together…


As a family.

Yes. And I am so proud of you, Mama. So proud.

Well, then minutes and a half– now.

I’ll go check with the desk about your meds.

Oh, please just tell them I just want to get my prescription so I go home and relax.

OK, I will, Mama. I’ll let them know.

[soft dramatic music]

My little girl. Is she a treasure or what?

She is a treasure.

[sighs] Well, speaking of little girls, have you been able to reach Nicole about Holly?

I was. I was, and I gave her all love. She was getting on the plane.

Oh, taking that little girl to see a specialist in Italy. Oh, I am praying for Holly. And I’m praying for her Mama too.

Hey, Johnny. It’s me. I am at the hospital with Mama and Abe waiting for her meds. And we got her diagnosis. And it turns out that it is what we were all worried about. So you know Mama. She’s acting all tough and stoic, as usual. But I just don’t know how much of that is for my benefit and Abe’s. And I just– I really need you, Johnny. I need to see you. I love you.

Hey, Chanel.

Hi. Hi, Sarah.

Is everything OK?

No, not really. We just finished seeing Mama’s doctor. And she got her biopsy results. And it turns out that it’s thyroid cancer.

Oh, I’m so sorry.

Yeah, Mama, she’s– she’s being really brave. And I’m just really scared.

I understand that. Is there–is there anything I can do?

Well, could you maybe talk to Mama? I know I said that she’s being brave, but I just feel like it might help her to get a little reassurance from you.

Absolutely. Let me get a little bit of information first. I’ll look at her chart. And then, yeah, absolutely.

Thank you.

Of course.

So is that why you’re here? To put the kibosh on an opportunity for good press?

I’m here to put the kibosh on wasting money. I mean, two major sponsorships in less than a month? Correct me if I’m wrong, boys, but doesn’t that smack of desperation?

Oh, I see it as an opportunity for community relations.

I see it as pandering for respectability. And since both of you seem to think there are no financial constraints to be adhered to, let’s go over some numbers, shall we?

OK, so what? So this is the real reason why you’re in the neighborhood? So you can come by and rap us on the knuckles for whatever it is you perceive to be pandering or, what, financial irresponsibility?

I’m not here to rap anyone’s knuckles, Chad. I’m just here for some clarity on recent expenditures. For instance, when I was going over the books earlier, I noticed a $, unaccounted for withdrawal. Care to explain?

Yeah, that was for me. To grease the palms of possible informants.





When a few bottles of gin might have sufficed?

It’s fine. I said–

Hello, boys! Oh!


And hello to you, you little doll.

[baby giggling] Victoria, isn’t it?

It is.

Well, Victoria, I want you to know that Lady Whistleblower will never write an unkind word about you because you are just too darn cute.

[baby giggling]

I’m sure she’s very relieved.

As well she should be. And boys, I am so thrilled to be back working with you three insanely, hunky gentlemen whose charm and charisma at least partially make up for the fact that you’re all breeders.

Well, what makes up for you being highly annoying and often obnoxious is that you, unlike some people, don’t squander “The Spectator’s” money. You actually bring it in.

[quirky tense music]

As you know, my date on New Year’s Eve is the editor-in-chief of “The Spectator.”

Oh, he was your date on New Year’s Eve.

Oh, yeah. Everett and I have a history in Seattle, actually.

And that was before Chad, right?

Right. And Chad and I ended things very amicably, fortunately. So “The Spectator” is another one of my clients with contract still in hand. And since Chad and I are on good terms, and Everett has a fair amount of clout there, that definitely helps us to get some positive publicity out there for the Bistro.


Right. And since Chad, co-owner of “The Spectator,” is my brother, and we are also on good terms, last time I checked, I’m going to go have a chat with him. I’m also going to stop by and see Gabi, so you two finish brainstorming. And I’ll catch up with you when I’m done.

I’ll see you later.

See you later.



[mysterious dramatic music] Well, so you two?

Yeah, we two. Match made in heaven.

[tense music]

Thank you. So Dr. Siegel is known for her medical skills, not so much her interpersonal ones.

Well, yeah. Well, medical skills are the most important, obviously. And she was fine, very direct. She didn’t try to sugarcoat anything.

No, no, no. Yeah, she would never do that.

Well, that’s fine. That’s fine with me because I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me– trying to paint a rosy picture when–when it’s not so rosy.

No, I agree. I think sugarcoating a patient’s diagnosis is really unfair to them. However, I do feel like when you’re telling somebody that they have a serious illness, that you should be there. I think it’s our job as physicians. So I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Evans or any other psychiatrist in this hospital will be more than happy to help you through this.

Oh, thank you, Sarah. And I will keep that in mind.

Yes, because I do know that hearing the word cancer is just very upsetting itself, even if we catch it early, and it’s treatable or– it’s treatable and curable, as it is in your case.

Right, right. And as I told my daughter and Abe, I’ve been reading articles about all the new advances in cancer treatment and as well as the way it can affect a person psychologically.

Right. And I’m glad that you’re educating yourself, but just make sure that the websites you’re checking out are reputable.

Oh, I have been careful about that. But thank you for the warning. And I’ll understand I’ll be needing surgery.

You will. Yes, a thyroidectomy. And I’m sure you know from your research that you can live a very full, long life without a thyroid, as long as you take the medication to replace the hormones that your body is no longer producing.

Oh, yeah, yeah, right, right. Yeah, I read that. I read that too. But actually, I’m glad I’m going to need surgery. I mean, that sounds a lot better than that word, inoperable, right?

Yes, it does. It does. And there may be some unforeseen complications. But other than that, it is a pretty straightforward procedure.

And those complications, just what might they be, Sarah?

[suspenseful music]

Well, I have to admit, I am very impressed. Thank you for putting this together on such short notice.

Stamping out fires is part of my job.

Yeah, PR spin. I bet you’re constantly on-call, huh?

Yeah, available /.

[Ava chuckles]

It must damper your social life then, huh?

Oh, well, it can, but my job is the priority.

Mm. But come on, I mean, hard-working girl like you, I mean, you got to let loose every once in a while, right? Go to the pub. Block out that pressure with a drink or two?

Very rarely.

[soft tense music] I’m sorry, where are we going with this?

A little sleepover with Harris?

Harris Michaels?

You know another Harris in Salem?

Well, thank you, Mr. Cook, for your generous assessment of my contribution, which I hope is not only monetary to this venerated publication, AKA “The Spectator.”

No, it is not just monetary, Leo. I was very impressed on your piece for MLK Day.

Yeah, everybody was. Your insights and creativity and sensitivity touched a lot of people.

I didn’t actually get the chance to compliment you personally, Leo. But well done, Stark.

Wow, thank you. All of you. It is very gratifying, not to mention ego-boosting, to be appreciated not only for my extraordinary sense of humor and quick wit.

Well, you’re sort of humorous, sort of funny. But you can add a damn good writer to that list.

[chuckles] Chadwick! I am now blushing, which I have not done since my sixth grade friend Sandra said that I was the most handsome boy in all of middle school. Obviously, she was not my type, but I turned beet red and fell into immediate platonic love.

Touching story. What have you got for us today?

[sighs] Photos, actually, from New Year’s Eve. Councilman Fields was a little tipsy when he left the bash at Julie’s place. He dropped his phone in the parking lot and– well, let’s just say that I found it. And since old guys don’t believe in passcodes, take a peek.

Oh, wow.

Naked as a jaybird. Who knew? Wouldn’t a blind eye to just be the juiciest?

Yeah. I mean, what goes on between consenting adults?


Come on.

Gossip sells, Everett. We need the subscribers. Unless we’re getting an infusion of DiMera cash.

How about a Kiriakis cash?

The hell did I just walk into?

[suspenseful music]

A better question would be what are you doing here, Stefan?

I need a private moment with you.

I know Harris told you about that night. It was a mistake that I deeply regret. I had too much to drink, as I’m sure you also know. And aside from that kiss, which I’m pretty sure I instigated, it didn’t go any further.

Mm. Maybe you’re not a great kisser.

Or he’s one hell of a guy.

Yeah. He’s one hell of a great guy, actually–

[suspenseful music] Just not right for me. And, uh… even though I’m claiming that your little rendezvous… is why I broke it off… I was actually seeing someone behind his back.


Well, I mean, he is pretty hot.

And married.

And his wife’s in prison. And there’s no conjugal visits. And with us working together here, getting the business going, you know, you get the picture.

I do, but you don’t need to explain. That is none of my business.

True. And what happened between you and Harris is none of mine. Not anymore. So you can have him if you want him. I give you my permission.

Well, with all due respect, Ava, I don’t need your permission to do anything. Nor am I interested in Harris. So what do you say you and I get back to business?

So the nodule that we biopsied was cancerous, as you know, but the good news is it didn’t spread to any of your lymph nodes.

Right, right. Yeah, I was told that too.

And the symptoms that you’re experiencing, they’re normal– the localized pain, coughing, sore throat, difficulty swallowing– which is why your doctor prescribed you a pain medication to be used as needed. And then, we will schedule surgery to have that nodule removed.

Oh, well, I do hope that it happens soon. I want to get this done as quickly as possible.

Oh, of course, yes. I believe we have time this week.

Oh, good.

How long will she have to be in the hospital?

I just–a day or two at the most. And then, once you’ve healed from surgery, your doctor will decide if you need any additional treatment.

Oh, right. And one more thing that I did not look up online, what is the survival rate for thyroid cancer?

Oh, it’s a very curable, very treatable type of cancer. And I believe the five-year survival rate is over %.

[sighs] I like those odds!

Oh, we all like those odds.

[laughter] So if you have any other questions, just feel free to ask.

Oh, just one more.

[suspenseful music] Can you be my doctor, Sarah, please?

Well? Why do you need privacy?

Because Chad, I’m appealing to you as my brother and because your hotshot editor in there is doing a piece on the drug raids, including the one done in the Bistro in which Ava and I were falsely accused, probably because the owner’s a DiMera.

Alongside a Vitali.

OK. You understand the bad press our family’s gotten for decades.

Not undeserved.

[tense music]

[sighs] If you can step off your high horse just for a second and look at the facts here and remember that the cops found nothing illegal or incriminating in that ill-advised little venture of theirs, OK? But just the slightest mention of a raid at the Bistro kills us. I mean, we’re already dealing with the fallout with dozens of canceled reservations.

Holly Jonas OD’s on the loading dock, Stefan.

There is no proof of guilt on our part. My God, Chad, you– you think I’m lying to you?

Honestly, Stefan, I don’t know what to believe.

OK. Well, maybe I can remind you of a situation that you were in that’s similar, even maybe more dire.

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about when you were accused of being the Necktie Killer.

That’s completely irrelevant.

How is that irrelevant? I mean, come on. You were completely innocent, yet that almost ruined your life. So if anybody understands what it’s like to be vilified unjustly, it’s you.

Oh, I would love to be your doctor, Paulina. But you really would be in much better hands with a specialist, an endocrinologist.

[sighs] Well, you can’t blame a girl for asking.

And I am very flattered to be asked. But regardless, I’m here for you as a doctor, as a friend, anything you need, anytime, all right?


Now, I probably should get back to my rounds. And your medication is ready at the desk, all right?


Thank you.

[soft dramatic music]

So you’re feeling better, Madam Mayor?

Oh, yeah. Like I told you, I am a very lucky woman to have two of the best people I know by my side. Because we have got this, don’t we? both: We got this.


OK. And let’s make sure that the blind item is truly blind.

I kind of wish I was right now. Councilman Fields is not exactly easy on the eyes, is he?




He wants us to kill the story, right?

So he asked us to keep the Bistro out of it.

To which you said no, right? Your journalistic integrity and all.

Chad, an overdose on the docks behind the Bistro, that is germane to the story to say the least.

Yeah. We’re going to kill that too.

[tense music]

What? Excuse me?

Yep, we have plenty without it. There’s no point in vilifying Stefan if he’s innocent, so we’ll go with the arrest and the raid.

This doesn’t make any sense, Chad.

Yeah. Well, my name is on the masthead. It makes sense to me.

I’m sorry. Excuse me. What the hell did your brother just say to you?

The Bistro, the OD, everything, it’s out of the piece–period.

Damn it, Chad! That is outrageous. Not only is it outrageous, it is unfair to Holly Jonas. It is unfair to every single victim of the people who are perpetrating this. How can you not see that?

Yeah, how can you not see that I call the shots? Now, get back to work.

[baby crying] And you, stay in your own lane from now on.

[sighs] Keep it down, mate.

[baby crying] Come on, baby. We’re getting you out of here.

[baby crying]

So you’ll do what you have to do.

Listen. This is an assault on the integrity of this paper.

Do what you have to do, Everett.


[sighs] OK. I will.

So boss, we have a handshake deal on these ideas?

I’m going to make an executive decision and say, yes, we have a deal.

Oh, so all is good.

Oh, all is better than good. Trust me.

Oh, I do trust you implicitly. And I have a bit of great news myself. Chad has agreed to keep any mention of the Bistro out of “The Spectator” story.

Oh, great.

Fantastic. That is a huge help. So I will get the budget and proposal ready. And I will get it to both of you tomorrow.

Great. You have no idea this makes us so happy. Right, babe?


See you.

[Ava chuckles]

[soft dramatic music]

Well, we are– we’re really good liars.

Yeah, we are in a class of our own.


That is cause for celebration. Although, you did say you were going to go see Gabi before you went to go see Chad. So how did that go?

Yeah, she’s back in her cell, keeping her ears open for anything we might want to hear.

OK. Good.

Yeah. Apparently, Lucas Horton is the newest patient in the men’s infirmary.

Really? What happened?

He got the pulp beat out of him by Weston’s flunkies, who they believe he ratted on. So believe me when I say Lucas is going to want to eliminate Weston by any means necessary.

Good. I hope he does.

You and I both. I also told Gabi about our fake affair.


And she doesn’t love the idea, but she says it’s a good cover.


As long as we don’t take it too far.

Oh, your wife doesn’t trust me?

Not for a minute, but she trusts me.

[Ava chuckles]

OK. All right, then why don’t we have some drinks? Let’s toast to all this good news, yeah?

I’ll pop a Prosecco.

All right.

[suspenseful music] Oh, I missed a voicemail. I should probably turn the ringer back on. OK. Well, that was Rafe. And he wants us down at the station.

OK. Well, you can tell him we’ll be there as soon as we are good and ready.

[cork pops]

[chuckles] Yeah. Well, he said that it needs to be today, so maybe we should postpone the celebration.

[Stefan sighs] Why not?

[sighs] That’s a good one.


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