B&B Short Recap Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Thomas drops by Hope’s place to get a toy that Douglas left. He misses Hope. They talk about how great it is to have Eric back. Hope forgives Thomas for not telling her about what really happened with Emma. There are some flashbacks, and then they kiss.

Bill and Poppy try to sneak out of the beach house, but Luna (who’s making out with RJ in the living room) sees them. Bill and Poppy go in, so Bill explains that he was just showing Poppy around the place. He claims that he didn’t realize that Wyatt had already rented it out. RJ and Luna leave and go back to the office. Poppy is really embarrassed, but Bill thinks it was a funny situation. He doesn’t think RJ and Luna knew that they had been in the bedroom, though. Poppy and Bill relax on the couch comfortable, cuddling.

Back at Forrester, RJ and Luna still can’t believe that Bill and Poppy showed up.


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