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This is the last of it. Where do you want them?

Uh, just in my bedroom.

There’s no room in there. What’s in this, anyway?

I think the top one is Victoria’s clothes.

More clothes?

Yeah, Mom and I kind of went overboard with the baby shopping. Actually… I think that might be her shoes.

Shoes? She can’t even walk yet.

I know, but they were so cute though. They were little.

[chuckles] Let me see this other one. It’s my gnome collection.

You have a gnome collection? We were married. How do I not know this?

Well, ’cause I forgot about them. I mean, I haven’t seen them in years.

Yeah, well, I didn’t know that the gnomes were moving in as well. Don’t you think they’d be a bit more comfortable in a garden?

Well, we don’t have a garden.

Hmm. I’m beat. Where do we sit? Don’t tell me we have to unpack tonight just so we can have a place to sit down.

I won’t to tell you.

[chuckles softly] So… here we are.

Living together.

[soft music]

[groans approvingly]


This smells amazing.

Oh, you know roast chicken never fails.

Well, especially yours.

Yeah, we Johnsons love our roast chicken.


It’s a family trait.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, till Joey ruins it by putting ketchup on it.

Ugh, that cretin.


Ah, I wish Joe was here.

Mm, yeah.

Well, at least we have two of our kids in Salem, huh?


Well, we’re not exactly kids anymore.

You will always be kids to us… little sweetness.

[doorbell rings]


[utensil clanks] Hey, you two.


Come on in.





Thanks for coming, Wendy.

Oh, thank you so much for having me. I brought pie for you and Dr. Johnson.


Oh, wow.

Wendy brought pie.

Pie, thank you so much. We’ll have this for dessert.

Ooh, what kind of pie is it?


[gasps] Ooh.

Oh, cherry. That’s your favorite. Now we know which Dr. Johnson she had in mind.

I’m not so sure about that. We all love cherry.

Ah, can I take your coats?

Oh, so formal. No, Steph, I think we got it.


Thank you both for coming.

We weren’t sure if it was going to be able to at first. I mean, it was kind of touch-and-go there for a second. It was pretty busy over there at the hospital.

Ah, don’t say that word. You’re going to jinx it. But we are going to have a nice family dinner, just the five of us, with no interruptions.

Five of us? Does that mean you’re flying solo tonight, sis?

[inhales deeply] Mm.

Gabi, you’re sure everything’s okay? Well, yeah, I panicked, because every time I see Statesville infirmary on my caller ID, I get worried that something’s happened to you.


[sniffles] How’s the leg? Okay. Well, a break like that does take a long time to heal.

[dramatic music] It’s–it’s, um… Yeah, everything’s fine. No worries on that front.

[scoffs] Gabi, I just told you, everything’s fine. I swear. Of course I would tell you.

[sighs] If you’re hearing something in my voice, it’s just that, uh… I miss you… terribly.

Why’d you text me from a unknown number?

Why’d you come out here if you didn’t know who it was? Ava, there’s a lot of shady activity going on around here, and I warned you to be careful.

Oh, you warned me? So this was a test?



[distant siren wailing] Okay, I need to close. So what do you want? Are you going to apologize again for that fiasco of a search back there?

This isn’t about that.

Okay, then what is it?

I’m worried about you. Okay? I need to know what’s really going on. Please, just give me the truth.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, um, I-I-I should go check on Victoria and make sure she’s still sleeping.

[sighs] More toys. Sewing machi–sewing machine. You got to be kidding me. So what’s your answer?

[dramatic music]

I’d be willing to give it a shot, I guess. I mean, I would–


I was really hoping you would say that.

[objects jingle] Uh, Sarah… welcome to your new home.

Did you have these in your pocket the whole time?

[laughter] You’re quiet

[door opens]

She is still out. So I thought maybe I could… heat up the leftover haggis… if we could get to the leftover haggis.

Yeah, I mean, as much as I love that you love one of my favorite Scottish dishes, I think it’s pizza or bust tonight.

And then…

And then we can unpack some of these boxes.

So that our living room isn’t an obstacle course.


Yes, everything is great. I swear. Okay, not great like that. I mean… Yes, Gabi.

[chuckles] I am falling apart without you. But…

[sighs] I miss your face. Ah, those, too. Yeah.

[laughs] And certainly that. Okay, operator, thank you. Listen, my sweet wife, I, uh… I have to say goodbye, but you sleep well, okay? I’ll dream of you, too.


[sighs] Ava!


What’s going on with me… is I’m becoming a successful restaurant manager. It’s called The Bistro. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Hottest ticket in town.

Can we just be serious for one minute, please?

Look, I am cold. I need to go inside.

Okay, well, just please– just please hold on. I know something’s wrong. I know you gave up the whole Mafia-princess thing years ago. And at first, I thought, what are they doing– sucking her back in? But that’s not it. Something’s gotten into you. I know it. I feel it.

Good night, Harris.

[softly] Ava. Please just tell me what’s going on. Let me help.

[chuckles] Dinner smells amazing, Dr. Johnson.

Uh, please, call me Kayla, especially since we have two Dr. Johnsons in the family.

Right. That, uh, could get confusing.

Yeah, you can still call me Dr. Johnson, though. It feeds my ego.

[laughs] Can we help with anything?

No. We are all set.

Hey, can we get the two of you some drinks?

Uh, Wendy?

Uh, white wine.

Coming right up.

[cell phone ringing]

Hey, what’s up?

Not much. I’m, uh–I’m at the Brady Pub. I just wrapped up an article I’ve been working on, and, um, I’m famished. You want to grab a bite?

I am just about to sit down to dinner with my family.

Oh, no worries. Some other time.

Hey, Ev… do you want to join us?

It really is cold outside. I need to get back inside.



[dramatic music]

Is that better?

I can’t believe what you did back there…


Raiding my place.

I had to.

Yeah? Well, what’d you find? Nothing. Nothing. You just barged in there with your stupid warrant, and you scared my customers half to death. Don’t worry. They’re all good. We comped their meals. Please just stop. Stop doing that.


What? What do you want, Detective?

Right now I’m not a cop. I’m just a man… A man who cares deeply for you.

Mmm. I feel human again.

[both sigh]

Well, how about as a thank-you for doing all the heavy lifting, I heat up the haggis tomorrow, complete with the neeps and tatties that you love. Actually, I found a recipe where you cook everything in a whisky sauce.

Mmm. Don’t tease me.

I never would. So, um, should we get started?

[groans] We should probably get it over with. But, um… before we do, Sarah…


I want us both to be comfortable here together in our shared home. And I was just wondering… don’t you think maybe we should consider, I don’t know, condensing a wee bit? Like, um–like, for instance, do we need, oh, I don’t know, a-a sewing machine? Do you even sew?

Well, that’s an antique passed through my mom’s family. And I just–I don’t know. I thought I’d take it up.

With all that free time that you have?

[chuckles] Yeah. It’s not that much, huh? No, you’re right. Okay, yeah. We should both downsize a bit.




[smacks lips] What about this gigantic trunk? Where did–where did this guy come from? And, uh, can we get rid of it?

My kilt trunk?

Your what?

My kilt trunk. It’s where I keep my kilt and my ghillie brogues.

[laughs] I never saw that when we were married.

Well, I kept in a closet underneath my Highland wool blanket.

Okay, well, we have to scale back somewhere.

Well, maybe your gnome friends would be a little bit more at home in a garden shed at your mother’s.

So wait. You get to keep the kilts, but I got to my gnomes?

Sarah, keep whatever you like. I just–I’m just trying to find a way to excavate the furniture.

Okay. How about I ask my mom to store stuff for both of us that isn’t imminently required?


And then we can move all of that stuff tomorrow to her house.



[gasps] Hey, you made it. Come on in.

You know this guy?

Uh, yeah. I met him when I was living with Steph and Joey in Seattle.

And you never mentioned him to me?

Ah, well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was my job to feed you intel on Stephanie’s boyfriends.

[sighs] No, it’s not your job. I just didn’t know she had a boyfriend back then.

Hey, everybody. This is Everett Lynch, the editor in chief of “The Spectator.”

Everett, welcome. I’m Kayla, Stephanie’s mom.

Nice to see you again, Everett. Uh, this is my girlfriend, Wendy.

Hi, Wendy. Hey, Tripp.


Nice to meet you, Kayla.


And I’m Stephanie’s father, Steve.

I hope you don’t mind me crashing your dinner.

Oh, absolutely not. The more the merrier.

Well, what’s all that?

Oh, uh, bottle of white and a bottle of red. And, uh, these are for you…

Oh, my goodness.

Dr. Johnson.

Wow. Those are beautiful. Look at us, with these polite, generous guests we’ve got here– wine and pie and flowers.

[chuckles] Thank you. Stephanie, why don’t you set another place for Everett, and I’ll put these in water.


Uh, I can help. Yeah, perfect.

All right, so, Everett, what can I get you to drink?

Oh, um, glass of red, if you’re uncorking it.

You got it.

So… I understand you knew my daughter back in Seattle.

Okay. So, so far, these are all going.

We’re making progress.


What’s in this one? Oh, this is the card I gave you on our very first Valentine’s Day together.

No. Don’t look in that box.

What’s the matter?

It’s just–ah, nothing. I know what’s in it. So you don’t–you don’t need to–to look into it.

What is it?

It’s nothing. It’s–

[sighs] It is my… Xander box.

You have a Xander box?

Yeah. I mean, it’s just, you know, like–like, just trinkets and mementos from when you were together.

You kept mementos of when we were together?

Well, yeah. It’s me. I’m sentimental. So it’s fine.

Sarah… I have to look inside this box. Please?


I thought I’d lost this! This is–this is the hat I wore on our first trip to the beach, you thief. Oh, my God. You found it.

[soft music]

You know, when we were together… and I saw who you really are… and what’s been happening lately, this is not–this is not you.

It is me.

No, it’s not.

It is. This is who I have been all along. You just couldn’t see it.

No, I don’t believe that. Not for a second… Because I felt it in my soul. I felt the good in you. The loving, caring person that you are. That’s who I still see.

There you are. Am I interrupting something?

[dramatic music]




Everett was just about to tell me how he and Stephanie met.


But he was saved by the dinner bell.

Oh, I’d like to hear that story.

Oh, it’s, um–it’s not that interesting, really. We–we met at a coffee shop.

Wow. A coffee shop? Not in Seattle.



Cliché, right?


He was in line ordering his morning chocolate chip muffin.

Yeah. Yeah. Bit of a creature of habit. It’s very embarrassing.

I was ahead of him, and I got the last one, and he actually offered me bucks to buy it.

Well, I started at , but you looked at me like I was crazy, so…

Ah, I can’t imagine.

So did you take the bucks?

No. She very generously offered to split the muffin in half.


I’m not heartless.

Yeah, and I knew sort of then and there that she, was, um… she was special. Not just because of the way she–she split the muffin, but maybe just the smile on her face while she did it.


[chuckles] Maybe it was just everything about her. Anyway, uh, we got to talking, and it turned out that she was doing PR for a nonprofit that I was covering.


And the rest is history.


Well, you know what they say. One man’s history is another man’s mystery.



Oh, I just mean, you know, um, your mom and I were surprised to hear that your Seattle ex-boyfriend was in town, when we didn’t even know you had a boyfriend in Seattle.

Well, excuse me for wanting to see where a relationship goes before telling my parents.

Okay. Fair enough. So, Everett, did you move to Salem to be with Stephanie?


I mean, are you two back together again or what?

Oh, my God.

[clears throat]

Where did you find this?

Well, my mom did at the house– just recently, actually.

I looked everywhere for this right before our wedding.

I remember. It’s a part of an ancient Scottish tradition.

Yeah. It’s a Quaich whisky cup. It’s, uh… it’s known as the loving cup, because– Well, see the two handles?


One for the bride, one for the groom.


And the newlyweds drink their first drink together as a married couple.


It symbolizes love and trust. I was hoping that we could drink from it at our wedding.

I’m really sorry that you couldn’t find it. It’s used for Burns Night, too, right?

You know about Burns Night?

I did some research. It’s a celebration of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet.

The great Scottish poet.

[laughs] And it’s celebrated on his birthday, which is next week.

[chuckles] I’m so impressed.


Oh… our wedding photo. Hmm.

[soft music]

Well, um, it’s–it’s safe to say that this box can go back into storage, ’cause we won’t be needing any of that.

You’re not interrupting anything.

Good, ’cause it’s cold out here. I need to get you inside. And we have a hell of a mess to clean up, thanks to the detective.

That was legal.

Oh, yeah? Legal? Had nothing to do with your personal vendetta against me?

No, not a thing.

Right. Well, I’m not buying that for a second. You know, why don’t you get the hell out of here?

I have a few more questions for your business partner.

You have any more questions, you can contact my lawyer.


[dramatic music]

Dad, I wish you wouldn’t interrogate Everett in this way, okay?

I’m not interrogating him. I just asked a simple question. That’s all.

No, I honestly– uh, I don’t mind. Um… no, Stephanie and I are not back together. Uh, she’s made it very clear that friendship is–is all she wants right now.

But you want more?

Dad, stop.

It’s just another question. Come on.

It’s–honestly, I don’t mind. Um, I respect Stephanie’s feelings on the matter entirely, and I’m, uh, very grateful to have her friendship.

Well, I’m going to pivot to another subject…

Ah, yeah. Great idea.

If that’s, okay?

Uh, Wendy and I actually have something we’d like to share with you.

[soft music]

Well, I think that’s all we should do for tonight. And, hey, look, an actual chair.

Flip you for it.

[chuckles] No, no. You go ahead. You look beat.

Oh, thank you. I think I pulled my shoulder, on top of it everything else.

[groans] I blame those bloody gnomes of yours– little beast buggers.

You sure you didn’t do it when you were moving your kilt trunk?

[sighs] No. But I’m sure that didn’t help.

[chuckles] Here, lean forward.

Oh. Oh, right– Yeah, right there. Ah.



You know what? We are going to have to take turns with this, roomie.


We can switch off every other night.

Deal. Oh, and how about, whoever cooks dinner…


The other one has to do the dishes, assuming that we, you know, share the meal?

Deal. And, hey, I will do your laundry if you go to the grocery store, because I really hate grocery shopping.

[chuckles] Works for me. I mean, I can’t fold worth a damn, and I’ve turned my underwear pink a time or two.

[chuckles] I thought that Scotsmen didn’t wear any undies.



I guess I’ll take trash duty.

Okay. But no splitting cleaning of the bathrooms, ’cause we each have our own.

Too bad.


Well, I kind of wanted you to see how mature I’ve gotten. You ready for this?


I put the toilet seat down now.

[gasps] No, freakin’ way.

It’s official. I also just heard that hell froze over.

[laughs] Well, we have a child that will be up at dawn. So we should probably get to bed.

[soft music]

What the hell is wrong with you, you freaking Neanderthal? Did you have to yank me around so hard?

I had to get you the hell out of there before you spilled everything to that guy.

I wasn’t going to spill.

Oh, no? Because from where I was standing, it looked like you were going to shove the truth and your tongue down his throat.

You are dead wrong. I am in this as deep as you are. You think I want to get busted, spend the next decade of my life in prison?


Well, well, well, if it isn’t the creature that wouldn’t die. I thought I told you to get the hell out of here.

Yeah, well, as an officer sworn to protect and serve, it’s my duty, sir, to tell you you left your back door unlocked, and there’s been a lot of crime in this area lately.

Thank you, Officer. Now, please, scurry to your police car.

It’s also my duty to check on the well-being of this woman right here after I just saw you assault her.

[scoffs] Oh, please.

Ava, you okay? You want to press charges?

You have got to be kidding me.

You cannot deny the connection between us. I see the real you. Just come with me, please. I can protect you.

You know what, pal? The only thing left here for you to see is this.



Yeah, I see what–

This is what you wanted to show us?


You guys really know how to build up the anticipation.

Someone please explain what I’m looking at.


It’s a scavenger hunt using an app on your phone.


Scavenger hunt. We were just talking about something like this a couple days ago.

Yes. Not online-related, but…

[clears throat] Yeah.

It’s this amazing geocache-based game that I did in Hong Kong, and I was thinking maybe we’d want to try something like it here.


Yeah. So you hide things in containers all over the city, and then you post clues where to find them.

Right. And when you do, you take what’s hidden, and you replace it with a new treasure. Is that right?

Yeah. It’s a points game. And so every time you find a new item, you get some points.


What’s the purpose of it?

To have fun, Dad.


And it’s an adventure. It gets you outdoors.

What if we did it for charity? We could get “The Spectator” to sponsor it.

Yeah, how about if the hospital benefits from this?

Ooh, I like that idea.

And I could handle the tech.


And Steve could place all the items, because you know the city’s ins and outs better than anybody around.

You know what? I will call Mayor Price first thing in the morning. I’m sure she’s going to be wiped out from her MLK activities, but I know she’ll love it. We just need to set a date.

Well, since February is American Heart Month, what better day than Valentine’s Day?

Our anniversary.

Oh. I would love to have a treasure hunt on our special day with you, baby.


So what kind of goodies are we going to hide?

[upbeat music]

Okay. Tripp. Interesting.


Stephanie. Not bad.

Everett. Mm, a bit esoteric, but, okay.




You’ve obviously done this before.




Just keep it to yourself.



I’m kidding. I’ll do another one.


Okay, well, let’s regroup in a few days after I talk to the mayor, and then we can–we can work out the details.

Sounds good.


All right. Well, uh, we’re actually sorry because we have to take off. I’m on early shift in the morning. all: Aw.

Well, listen, what a treat.

So glad you can make it,

Family dinner.



Hey, listen, Wendy, why don’t I fix you a doggy bag for you and Tripp? We have so many leftovers. Come on.

Oh, okay.

Pick out what you want.

Yeah, that’d be great.

Kayla, dinner was amazing as always.

Well, I’m glad you liked it. Listen, look after that girl.

I will.

Yeah. Listen, I-I know I’ll probably see you at the hospital in the morning, but I wanted to let you know that Paulina is getting her test results back tomorrow. She’s a tough cookie, but, uh… well, I’m sure she’ll be able to handle whatever it is.

Yeah. I’m sure. But Holly Jonas, though– I wish there was more we could do for her. She’s still non-responsive to sound, light, or touch.

[soft music]

I just want to tell you I’m so happy you’re staying in Salem. Tripp is over the moon about it.

[chuckles] Well, I’m pretty over the moon myself– to be with him, I mean.

Well, you’re obviously a very special person, and Kayla and I are so happy that Tripp has found someone he loves… and who loves him, too.

Well, I, uh–I should probably get going, too.

Oh, come on, you’re a night owl. You only need, what, five or six hours of sleep?

Well, that’s sort of by necessity, not by desire.

[chuckles] Yeah, I seem to recall you having issues with insomnia.

Turns out, coma–surefire cure to a sleep disorder.

[chuckles] Yeah.

So you’re really into that, uh, scavenger idea?

Oh, yeah, I love it. I think it’ll be an awesome fundraiser.

Well, maybe we should team up and treasure hunt.

Hmm. Well, if we know where everything’s hidden, that would be cheating.


Unless… I tell my dad not to tell us where the treasures are. Then you and I can turn this town upside down.

Hmm. Sounds like a plan.

Sorry. No, we aren’t doing this. That’s–we shouldn’t.

No, we aren’t.


I mean, we were. But we’re–but we’re not now.

Right. Because… it’s not a good idea. And we don’t want history repeating itself.

No. Look, I’m so glad we’re in a good place now, Sarah, and I don’t want to do anything that will mess that up.

Yeah, I don’t either. You know, we have this beautiful baby girl who deserves a happy, loving home. So we should just… focus on being good parents and doing what’s best for her.

Absolutely. I mean, that’s the major goal here– whatever is best for Victoria.

Right. For Victoria.


[dramatic music] Well, I guess I should, um… I probably get some kip. Apparently I have a lot of moving to do tomorrow, so…

[chuckles] Uh, good night, Xander.

Good night, Sarah.


[sighs] You get it now?

Yeah, I get it. You’re a married man who’s cheating on your incarcerated wife.

That’s right. And Ava doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. Do you?

Uh, no. No, we– It’s just something we–we can’t help. And why should we fight it? You know, life’s short.

Hmm. Carpe diem.

I guess you two deserve each other, then. Ava, I hope the next time I see you it’s not behind bars.

[Ava breathes deeply]

Hey, it’s okay. He’s gone now, okay? And he’s all talk. You know that, okay? He–Just try– Let it go, all right?

Did you have to kiss me like that?

I– It was all for show. You know that. I-I didn’t mean anything by it. I still love my wife, okay? Deeply.

Yeah, I know that, you idiot. Please, don’t flatter yourself. It was just– You know what? It was a bit much.

I had to make it believable. What do you expect? And listen to me–that cop, he is not your friend. So stay the hell away from him, or he will bury us.

[breathing heavily]

[shouts angrily]

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