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[ Sighs ]

I miss you, Mom. I miss you so much. [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

You went behind my back and you interfered with my relationship with my mother? Willow, I was just trying to protect our family. You were manipulating me! No, that’s not what I was trying to do — Don’t! Just stop. [ Gasps ] I mean, I-I don’t know where my relationship with Nina was going to go, but instead of letting me make up my own mind, you blackmailed her?! I don’t — I don’t understand. If you were so worried about her influence on our kids, why wouldn’t you tell me the truth?! Hello. Hey. I, uh, I know you’re working, but I just — I just had to tell you that, uh, Wiley is putting on a puppet show for Amelia. Yeah, it is an epic saga about a family of four who adopts all the puppies at the local shelter. And, according to Wiley, what, it was… oh, especially the senior puppies because they deserve homes, too. That’s our boy. Yeah, yeah. So, anyway, I’ve been “hired” to film it and send it to you. So, if you receive a mystery video, be prepared for some fine cinema. Great. I look forward to it. Uh, anyway, I just wanted to give you the heads up that the kids are good. Um, they’re just wondering when you’re going to get home. So am I. I, um… I miss you.

Hey, I, um… I just wanted to say I… …I really appreciate the support — all of it. You’d better. [ Chuckles ] Okay. But I was — I was thinking that maybe it’d be best if you weren’t here when the doctor shows up, alright? We’re breaking a few rules and things could get dicey. And I don’t want you associated with any of the — What, dicey-ness? Thank you for understanding. I think it’s really… adorable, how you want to protect me. Mm-hmm. But you’re not going anywhere, are you? We’re in this together, and if this doctor has the information we need to win this lawsuit… [ Knock on door ] Hi. Dr. Finn? Dr. Sawyer. Thank you for coming on short notice. Please come in. I’m actually here on another case, so your timing is perfect. Excellent. This is Nurse Baldwin. If you don’t mind, she’ll be sitting in with us. Good to meet you. Likewise. Please have a seat. So, how can I help? You said you needed a consult on a patient? Finn: I do. In fact, your input might be life-altering. How did it go in court? Esme: Well, you would have known if you had been there, like you promised. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to take my son home. Hey, Esme, we should talk first. Um, well, I have nothing to say to you. Hey. Hey. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Um… Okay. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I want my son, and I want him now.

Ace is asleep. There’s no reason to wake him up right now. Plus, I just think that you and I should just… check in. Well, what do you want to know? Well, why they just let you go, for starters. Yeah, I’m sure you were hoping I’d get sent up the river for the rest of my life. No, these days, I have mixed feelings about things like that. Yeah, well, I don’t believe you. If any part of you cared about me, you would have brought Ace to my arraignment like I asked you to. Why? So that you could play on the judge’s sympathies? So that if worst came to worst, I could kiss my baby goodbye before they carted me away. But if it softened up the judge, sure. I mean, I guess that would have been a nice bonus. Yeah, there she is. What, like you wouldn’t have done the same thing? Like anyone wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter now. You’re free. But you still haven’t told me how. Did Ava drop the charges? Oh, please. Ava would have brought her own electric chair if she could have gotten it past security. Look, what do you want me to say? I pled guilty. I know. What, surprised? Yes. What can I say? I have changed as a person. Yeah, either that or you brokered a deal. My lawyer and the DA’s office didn’t want to clog up the system over a petty crime. And it’s not like I am ever setting foot in Ava’s drafty castle again. So, here I am, and here I go. I am getting my son, and I am taking him home. No, Esme, you can’t. May I see the patient’s file? I believe you’re familiar with the patient. Dennis Muldoon. Yes, I am. I was under the impression Mr. Muldoon had died. Yes, he did. Then if there’s no patient, then why do you need a consult? Dr. Finn, what’s this about? Mr. Muldoon died shortly after coming to see me. And now his wife is suing me for malpractice. I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you. I was hoping that your familiarity with the patient might help shed some light. You’re hoping I can provide information to assist with your defense? Yes. Dr. Finn, I’m sorry. I can’t help you. How did you know where to find me? Well, I came by the house, and Pilar said that you came here to be with Josslyn. Is she alright? Uh, physically she’s fine. She’s fine, but, um… God, she’s had a very emotional night, you know. Mm. She, uh… Josslyn has been very worried about her friend Adam, who has been going through a very difficult time. And this afternoon, he tried to kill himself. What? Yes. Oh, my God. Is — Is he alright? Did she say anything else? He’s stable. He’s stable, but apparently his parents put him under a crazy amount of pressure to succeed. Like, you know, good grades aren’t enough. If you don’t get %, you’re a failure. And apparently Adam snapped, and… I just — I don’t understand how parents can put their kid through that. I really don’t. I… Like, obviously I want the best for Scout, and I’m going to push her to succeed. But mistakes, I mean, that — that’s such an important part of life that that’s — that’s what you learn from, right? Story of my life, you know? Exactly. And look how you turned out. [ Chuckles ] I just always try to strike a balance with my kids, you know? I mean, I want them to excel, but I also want them to be true to who they are. I mean, Michael and Josslyn, they are achievers. You know, if they see a challenge ahead of them, they’re going to run right for it. Yeah, they take right after you. [ Laughs ] I don’t know about that. But Morgan, you know… I mean, he dreamed bigger than his follow-through. And Donna, she’s — she’s just so young. I hope to God I don’t mess that kid up. With Donna, you screw that up, she’s gonna let you know. [ Laughs ] Yeah. Yeah, she’s not afraid to speak her opinions. Donna has… incredible role models. Josslyn, Michael. Yeah. Josslyn is an incredible young woman, and Michael, I mean, he’s my rock. I couldn’t ask for a better son. And I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Can we talk tonight when you get home? [ Elevator bell dings ] [ Sighs ] Willow? Tonight won’t work. Maybe tomorrow. Kiss the kids good night for me, okay? Nina, I am at work. What do you want? Just a few minutes. We haven’t spoken since New Year’s Eve, and there’s still a lot that needs to be said. Am I supposed to thank you for stabbing Carly and Drew in the back? Or for striking a deal with my husband so he would keep quiet about it? Thanks for helping me clean up, bud. Alright, I’m going to come up soon. I’m going to tuck you in. Okay? And — And Mommy, too? Yeah, Mommy will come up and give you a good night kiss when she gets home from work, even if you’re already asleep. Alright. Thanks, Melanie. You’re welcome. Come on, Wiley. [ Sighs ]

Michael, will you be joining us for dinner? Leo is insisting that we wait for you. Uh, no, tell Leo sorry, but I can’t make it. I’m actually just heading out. Oh, good. I hope he lectures you. He’s getting very good at it. Yeah. I’m looking forward to it. Uh, Ned, before I go, I wanted to ask you to return the proxy that I gave you. What? Why would he do that? Because our deal was conditional on no one finding out that Nina’s the one who turned Drew and my mom in to the SEC. But Ned lived up to his end of the bargain. He wasn’t the one that outed Nina. Look, I may lose what I love the most over all this. So, at the very least, Ned should lose control of ELQ. I’m not going to try to justify what I did. That’s a relief. But — But I would like to — I would like to explain why I did it. Nina. No, I know, I know, you’re at work, and if you could just give me a date and a time. There’s just so much that we need to say to each other. I have nothing to say to you. Yes, but I think that — that you do. You know, if I were you, I’d want to let me have it. See, we both have had a lifetime of pain. If we could just share that with each other, you know, a new understanding, I think that we should do that, even if it’s the last conversation that we’ve ever had. Carly: Nina! Haven’t you done enough damage? Can you leave Willow alone?

Willow, are you okay? Yes. I’m fine. Are you sure? Nina: Oh, God. Please. She’s a grown woman. Believe me, she has no trouble telling me to get lost. Yeah, but you never go away, despite turning me and Drew in to the SEC. For a crime you actually committed. Really? You’re married to Sonny Corinthos. You came at me out of spite, and others had to suffer. Well, not Michael. And what is that supposed to mean? Oh, he hasn’t gotten around to telling you? Well, I’m sure he’s going to. It’s not like it’s a secret anymore. Nina, what are you talking about? Yes, I did inform the SEC on you and Carly. Everyone knows that now. But the reason it was kept a secret for so long is because Michael knew and said nothing.

Proxy will be on your desk first thing in the morning. Is that soon enough? Thank you. Don’t misinterpret my willingness to return it as a victory, Michael. There’s nothing to interpret, Ned. Proxy is mine. I-I lent it to you. Now I want it back. It’s just a matter of business. See, the real issue is why you needed my silence. And that wasn’t business. You withheld the truth about Nina from Sonny, from Willow, and most importantly, from your mother and Drew — the ones most affected by Nina. And why? I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love Sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the Metro Court back. I was protecting my family. Oh, you sound just like Grandfather at his worst. Oh, Michael, disregard your cousin. He has a, uh… Well, he has a noble streak, but it only shows up when he wants to take the moral high ground. Thank you for your support, Mother. So, about this little deal you made. Quartermaine to Quartermaine… I have never been prouder.

Dr. Sawyer, please just hear me out. I would rather hear from your attorney. I am more than happy to testify in court or a deposition. But without a court order, I can’t violate doctor-patient privilege, even when the patient is deceased, as I’m sure you know. I’m absolutely aware. Perhaps I could provide some context. I’ll tell you what. Have your lawyer reach out to me. Until then, I really should be on my way. Uh… Before you go, um… just hear me out. Who are you to tell me I can’t do anything? Ace is my son, and I am taking him home now. I need to tell you something first. Actually, you don’t. Trina already broke the news about her studying at the Sorbonne. And lucky you, you get to go along for the ride. At least now I know where your priorities lie, and they are not with your little brother. No, you know nothing of my priorities. And if I didn’t care about Ace’s welfare — Oh, you made your choice. Just own it. Yes, you’re right. I have made my choice. And so have I. I am bringing my son home, where he belongs. Ace’s home is not with you. Not anymore. Wow. I mean, there really is no rock bottom with you. Blaming Michael for what you did? I’m simply just telling you what Michael did. Yeah, well, it doesn’t make any sense, Nina. What reason could Michael possibly have to protect you? Oh, you know, he wasn’t protecting me. He was holding what I did over my head, using his silence as leverage. He was blackmailing me to force me to keep my distance from my daughter. [ Laughs ] I don’t know why I bother listening because every word out of your mouth is always a lie. Fine. Fine. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael. I will. Because I know I’ll get the truth from him. Willow, are you sure that you’re okay? No. But I will be. Okay, Carly, we need to get out of here. Okay. If you hadn’t lost me before, Nina, you have now.

Well, if I’ve learned one thing in my career as a physician, it’s to always listen to the nurses. Please, say what you have to say. Thank you. I can see that you want to help, that you have something to say. I’m not wrong about that, am I? Okay, before you make any decisions, there are a few things you should know about Dr. Finn. I’m sure you’re aware that he developed a cure for Blackwoods Disease. But what you can’t know is the very first person he saved with that cure was my sister. And when that cure was finalized, Dr. Finn handed over the patent to the hospital, saving it from financial ruin. Now, if this lawsuit prevails, he won’t be able to practice medicine anymore. And there’s no worse feeling, knowing that you can save someone and not being able to. So, please, can you just stay and hear what we have to say? Where the hell do you get off telling me where Ace’s home is? You are not his father. No, I’m not. I’m his brother, and I love him very much. Well, then prove it. Don’t go to Paris. Stay here with him. Right. I didn’t think so. When I said that Ace’s home wasn’t with you anymore, I didn’t mean it the way that you thought. Oh, and how did you mean it? Ace is gone. He’s gone. Gone? Gone where? With our father. You wanted to get everything out in the open? Go. Alright, uh, what I did to Carly and Drew, it was a stupid, impulsive decision, but I was really upset about the thought of losing you, and I lashed out. Lashed out? You are a wrecking ball! Yeah, well, you’re right, I-I am a lot. But please, you just have to understand. I know you know this, but Carly has kept me from both of my daughters, first Nelle, and then, of course, you. Nelle was dead by the time Carly figured out she was your daughter. I only have Carly’s word for that. Okay, well, you can take my word for this. Carly didn’t tell me that you were my mother because I didn’t want to know. No, you don’t mean that. Yes, I do. After the visitation hearing, I told Carly that I didn’t want to find my birth mother for fear that she might turn out to be as awful as you are. Well, joke’s on me, because here you are, my birth mother. Petty, vindictive, and selfish to the core. Since when are you proud of Michael? Since he showed his true colors. What you pulled is definitely worthy of my father. Underneath that mild-mannered baby face beats the heart of a true Quartermaine. I don’t know, if doing right by my family finally makes me a Quartermaine in your eyes, Tracy, then so be it. But I gave Nina my silence for the sake of my children and Willow, okay, because they are my priority above anyone and anything else.

Tracy: Carly. Drew. Oh, oh, I-I guess you — you have a lot to discuss. So, um… Ned, why don’t you join me in the kitchen? I’m suddenly famished. Ned: Yes, treachery always improves one’s appetite. So… Nina told you? She did. And I called her a liar. But for the first time in Nina’s life, she’s telling the truth, huh? Isn’t she? I agree that I have made mistakes. Mistakes? Oh, my God. Nina, please. It was all deliberate. You thought it through with care. You needed to hurt Drew in order to hurt Carly, and you were proud of what you’d done. No, I wasn’t — Just like you enjoyed causing a rift between Michael and Drew and his mother. I actually didn’t want to tell them anything. Nina! I was standing right there. You couldn’t wait to throw it in Carly’s face that Michael knew. Michael was blackmailing me. Blackmailing me! He told me that the only way that he would keep quiet is if I agreed to let him decide when I could see you and the kids. And I agreed to that because… because losing you a bit at a time was better than losing you all at once. That’s what was going to — that’s what’s happening now. Wow. Carly was right. All you do is lie to everyone. And the person that you’re lying to the most… is yourself. How do you propose we do this without violating confidentiality? Very carefully. Off the record, strictly hypotheticals. And if you say stop, we stop. Okay. [ Sighs ] Hypothetically, a patient who dies from stage IV colon cancer usually has been exhibiting symptoms for quite some time. Yes? Yes. Hypothetically, this patient…may have been exhibiting symptoms for two or three months prior. It would be a certainty that a patient in this condition would be symptomatic. Say this patient had a history of traveling to remote locations. They exhibit symptoms consistent with colon cancer or any other maladies, and they tested positive for one or more of those maladies. Personally, I would screen for any and all unknowns to rule them out. Including cancer. Correct. And if testing came up positive for cancer, I would certainly refer that patient to an oncologist. Hypothetically.

Nikolas was here? Yes. And that’s why I didn’t bring Ace to court. My father came back. And he wanted to take me and Ace with him. Take — Take him where? Where — Where did Nikolas take Ace? Someplace safe. Well, Ace is safe with me! Did you at least fight him off? You don’t have a scratch on you. Did you at least call the police?! We have to find where Nikolas took Ace! Esme, I don’t know. I don’t know where my father took Ace. You need to accept that Ace is gone, though. The hell I do! I’m Ace’s mother! I’m his legal guardian! Nikolas has no right to my son, the son that — that he abandoned. No, this is kidnapping! I’m calling the police. Esme, put the phone away. You don’t tell me what to do, Spencer! Don’t you mean “Spence”? That’s what you used to call me, remember? Back when you were busy manipulating people, destroying their property, ruining their lives.

Thanks again for coming. I really need you on my side, Spence. Spencer: The old Esme. The one that lived to do her father’s bidding.

May I? If you have another hypothetical. Yeah, of — of course. This is actually more of a procedural question. Go ahead. When you refer a patient to an oncologist or any specialist, really, does your office know if that patient made and kept their appointment? Like most practices, once we make the referral, it’s up to the patient to let us know if they followed up. Right. So, hypothetically… Some patients, we never hear back from.

I called you “Spence.” You did. So what? So, I think that we both know what that means. Nothing! It means nothing, especially now that my son has been kidnapped! It means that you’re back. The old Esme, the one who destroyed my entire world. Yeah, well, that’s a little melodramatic. No. No, it isn’t. Look me in my eyes and tell me that you don’t remember. Tell me that you don’t remember swan diving off of that tower and my father keeping you prisoner up there for months. Hmm? Tell me that you don’t remember tormenting Trina and setting Ava’s car on fire and using me to drive a wedge between Ava and my father, all because your father put you up to it. You have his sick obsession with her. I have heard those stories, and that is all they are to me. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You remember. You’re the same Esme. You’re the same Esme that targeted me at school, that tried to convince me that you loved me when you didn’t. And the new Esme, whatever that facade was, it came very, very close to being a decent person and a good mother. But that Esme…gone. You’re back to being a puppet for your psychotic father. That is the Esme Prince that I’m talking to right now, isn’t it? Oh, my God. Nikolas didn’t just take Ace. You gave him away, didn’t you? You gave Nikolas my son! That night at the church, that — that was a turning point for me. For the first time in my life, I confessed my sins. I owned up to everything that I was doing. And — And I realized that I was blaming Carly for everything because she kept my daughters from me. But the important thing is, is I’m going to stop blaming Carly, and I’m definitely going to stop beating myself up for my mistakes. On the subject of beatings, Drew was almost beaten to death in prison. Yes, I felt terrible about that. Okay. And that changes exactly nothing. You were desperate to hide what you did, especially from me. That’s why you made your deal with Michael. No, no, I agreed to — to Michael’s terms because, believe it or not, I-I wasn’t just thinking of myself. I was thinking about Michael. -Oh, please. -No. No, really. Willow, I knew that if you found out that Michael was making a deal with me, that he was willing to blackmail me for the sake of your happiness, that your marriage, your family, might pay the price. I just want you to be happy. I want the kids to be happy. I love you!

You may have convinced yourself that you had these noble motives, but, Nina, all you really ended up doing was hurting me and Michael and my children and their other grandmother, and Drew, the man who saved my life. It’s enough, Nina. I want nothing more to do with you.

I don’t hear any yelling. Oh! I wish I could be a fly on the wall. Mmm! Yum, yum, yum. Carrots? Hummus? No, I do not want a carrot or hummus. Do you even care how Michael played fast and loose with your own son? [ Laughing ] Oh, my God. I can’t believe it. After all these years, you still don’t get it. I don’t care about Michael! Are you sure? Because a minute ago, he was the apple of your eye. Well, I’m always pleased when a Quartermaine acts like a Quartermaine. And when Michael does it, it is a thing of beauty. The man knows what he wants, and he’s very practical about how he’s gonna go and get it. Now, right now he’s a little distracted with the Nina thing, but at some point he’s gonna turn his attention back to the family business. You, my friend, better be prepared. You sure? Why would you stay silent and protect Nina? I-I wasn’t protecting Nina. I-I was protecting my family from Nina. When did you find out? At their wedding. But you didn’t object, Michael? The ceremony was already over. They were already married, and I-I… And Drew was already in prison. So that makes it okay not to tell us? No, the damage was already done, Drew. It wouldn’t have gotten you out of prison. The only thing that exposing Nina would accomplish would be hurting my dad and Willow. Well, maybe you could have told us, and then we could have decided what needed to be done. I-I know the kind of woman Nina is — the vindictiveness, the total disregard for other people. I had to limit my children’s exposure to her. I had — had to protect them. I had to protect Willow. By keeping information from us? I went to tell Dad. I-I went to tell him first. When I talked to him, he was just so happy. He was going on and on and on about how much it meant to him that we accepted Nina into the family, and I-I couldn’t go through with it. I-I couldn’t. I… [ Sighs ] I couldn’t crush his happiness. So, yes, I-I went to Nina and I blackmailed her instead. So… So you put Sonny’s happiness ahead of our friendship. No, Drew. I didn’t see it that way. That’s the way I see it. We were friends, partners. We’re family! Michael, I trusted you. Your mother trusted you. And this — this is how you repay us?

How did you do that? Never mind. Thank you. Thank you for getting Dr. Sawyer to stay. I mean, you really are much better with people than I am. Oh. I know, obviously, but I just want you to know, what you said, that was — that was very kind of you. Just calling it as I see it. I don’t think anyone’s ever spoken about me the way you did. Oh, they do. Just not in front of you. Afraid it will go to my head? Ooh, yeah. You’d be insufferable. [ Laughs ] When you’re right, you’re right. Well, maybe you should stick around and hear one or two more good things. Only one or two? Don’t get greedy. Okay, this is what I want to know. Why didn’t Mr. Muldoon ever mention Dr. Sawyer. With the oncologist referral? And why’d he never follow up on any of the tests I recommended? I mean, I get why Mrs. Muldoon didn’t say anything. Mm. In fairness, maybe she didn’t know. Oh. Well, maybe. But that would mean he hid it from her as well, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We need to find that oncologist. Then that’s what we’ll do. Trial’s right around the corner. The sooner the better. You are something else. [ Crying ] You go on and on about how rotten and selfish your father is, but it turns out you are no better. You do what you want, you take what you want, and to hell with everyone else. You think that this was easy for me? I don’t care if it was easy for you or not. You did it! Yes it did. Yes, I did, because I think that Ace will have a happier life with my father than he will with the daughter of Ryan Chamberlain. Who cares whose daughter I am? What matters is that Ace is my son and that you and your father are going back to prison, where you belong. Oh, speaking of prison, if you go back to the cops with this, I will tell them that you got your memory back, and they will hold you accountable for everything, Esme. Because I called you “Spence”? That’s right. After you broke into Wyndemere and revisited the scene of the crime. Definitely suspect behavior, don’t you think? Can you really afford to risk it?

You are all that I care about — you and Dillon. Well, let’s face it, Dillon does not really have a head for business. And then there’s Brook Lynn. She does have Quartermaine instincts — just, she doesn’t have Quartermaine priorities, but I’m working on her. And then there’s Leo. What about Leo? I don’t care whose blood he is. That boy is my grandson, and I adore him. And the rest of us? You and yours — that’s all I care about, above all else. Now, am I pleased that Michael and Drew are at each other’s throats? Of course I am. [ Chuckles ] It strengthens our position, because the only way you come out on top is if you’re standing on everybody else. Right? Right? You got a point. So now that we have nothing more to say to each other ever, I’m going to get back to work. Willow, I-I know that I hurt you. But I’m never gonna stop hoping that you will forgive me someday so maybe we can start over [voice breaking] as mother and daughter. Hope all you want. I’m done. Yeah, I know that you mean that now. And — And maybe it is the end of us. But I will always be here for you if you need me, Willow. Always.

Drew, you need to understand, by the time I found out — I-I understand, Michael. I understand you more than ever. Come on, let’s go. I need to talk to my son. Okay.

So… where do we go from here?

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