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[dramatic music]

Hey, sweetheart.

[sighs] I’m so glad they finally put me through to you. Yeah, yeah, I heard that you’re still in the infirmary. I’m so sorry.

[sighs] I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. I– Listen, I– I want you to know that I planned on coming by earlier today, but I don’t know, I heard there was a fight in one of the common areas, and I guess they locked the place down for hours. I know. I know. I–I will come see you as soon as I can, and we will have…a good talk, an important talk.


Hey, boss.

Hey there.

Burning the midnight oil, I see.

Yeah. It actually might be midnight by the time I’m through all this.

Yeah? Making any progress?

You mean since I saw you this morning?

[sighs] I’m not sure yet. But I– I had a brief conversation with your brothers.

EJ and Stefan, I assume.

Yeah, yeah. I found them huddled together at the loading dock behind the Bistro. Sounded like they were arguing.

Eh, that’s not a surprise.

No, and I have no idea what they were discussing, honestly, and they sort of clammed up the minute they saw me, but… since they were at the exact spot that Holly Jonas had OD’d, it just definitely aroused my suspicion.

[monitor beeping]

Hi, darling.

Oh, Maggie, I’m so happy to see you.

Oh, I’ve wanted to come since I heard. I’m so terribly sorry, Nicole. And there she is, my precious granddaughter.

Hey, honey.

Mom, hey.

[sighs] So I see… Wendy’s suitcase is gone, huh?

Yeah, yeah, she’s on her way to the airport.

Oh, that’s too bad. I was hoping I could say goodbye to her.

[sighs] What’s that?

Oh, it’s Wendy’s favorite scarf, the one she loves to travel with. She left it behind, obviously.

OK, well, don’t be so mopey. You can bring it to her when you join her.

Yeah, Mom, I need to talk to you about that. I’m not going.


I’ve decided I’m not moving to China. Wendy and I’ve already talked about this, and she understands. I want to be here for you.

Oh, Tripp, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Yes. OK, look, I know you said that there’s nothing going on at the Bistro, but I’m not convinced. OK, I– I’m worried about you, Mom.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

No, no. No, no, no, no, no. Honey, this is not the time to have this talk, not when you’re in so much pain, and… well, it needs to be face-to-face, all right? So we will talk soon, I promise. No, no, no, operator, operator, please just give me one more minute so I can tell my wife–

[dramatic music]

[phone beeps]

[sighs] That I love her.




Our sweet girl. I brought you something.


Oh. Oh, my goodness, Maggie, it’s– it’s beautiful. Did you–did you knit this yourself?

Yeah, I did.

[laughs] I started knitting again after Victor died. I’d crawl in bed at night, and–and I couldn’t sleep. So I thought, I have to do something to pass the time. So if you need a knit cap or a– a new sweater…

[laughter] Let me know.


I’m getting– I’m getting pretty good at it.

Wow. Thank you. Thank you so much. I know Holly is gonna love it.

[somber music]



I’m–my heart– my heart aches for you and for your daughter and for my precious granddaughter, who brings so much– so much joy to us. She’s so like you.


But she also reminds me– she reminds me of her father, our precious Daniel…


Who we lost too soon.

[sighs] So I know words are cold comfort right now, but Holly is–she’s young, and she’s strong-willed, and she’s gonna survive this. And with that strong will, she’s fighting very hard to come back to us. OK? And she will.

Yeah. Yeah, she will.

She will.

She has to. And when she does, Maggie, not–not–not a day will go by, not a minute…


That I won’t feel even more grateful than I already do for the blessing of my wonderful little girl.



[sniffles] More recently, I have– I have been reminded– and I know you have, too, Maggie– just how fragile life is. And we have to pay attention…


To the people that we love and never, ever take them for granted.


So one thing I found out in my research is that EJ apparently has more than dabbled in the drug trade in recent years.

[clears throat] Yeah, it is, in fact, what got him killed. Yeah. But EJ becoming a drug pusher again, I mean, I don’t know, it just seems to me like he’s gotten his act together lately. Why else would the mayor make him DA?

Yeah, yeah, I–I hear that. I hear that. But from what I’ve dug up so far, Salem’s drug central seems to be right behind the back alley of the Bistro, which your other brother owns.


[chuckles] Yeah, but selling drugs doesn’t seem to be Stefan’s thing either.

Why is that?

I mean, well, he doesn’t need the money, for starters.

No, totally. Obviously not. But money’s not everybody’s motivation.

[dramatic music]

Tripp, I told you already, there is nothing going on at the Bistro, and there’s nothing that you need to worry about, OK? But listen, if you are so determined to stay in Salem and let go of the woman that you love, I can’t do anything about it, OK? I am tired. I’m going to bed.

Not yet. No, not until you tell me why you seemed so happy that I was moving to Hong Kong.

Oh, my God, for God’s sake, can a mother not be happy for her son? Wendy seems like a great girl, OK, and you two are obviously crazy about each other, so–

Yeah, that’s true, that’s true, but the Ava Vitali that I know would have tried to talk her son out of moving halfway across the world.

Oh. Oh, so the Ava Vitali you know, she’s that selfish, huh? She’s that possessive?

OK, admit it, Mom, you wanted me to move halfway across the world so I would be out of danger here.

OK, well, if that’s what you think, then why would you stay?

Because I’m not gonna walk away from you when you need me. OK, you’re my mother. And not only do I love you; I feel responsible in keeping you safe, and nothing and no one is going to keep me from doing that.


It just–it–it struck me as a bit strange, you know, that–that Stefan was at the loading docks. I mean, sure, you know, that’s where deliveries come in, but there weren’t any deliveries at that time. So what was he doing there? And why was he with EJ?

[dramatic music] Have any thoughts on that?

Not at the moment, no.


It’s just hard for me to believe that my brothers are peddling drugs.



Hey. Hey, Steph.

Chad, hi.

Hi, Steph.

I’m just– I didn’t know you’d be here. Otherwise, I would have– I would have gotten enough for all of us from New China BBQ.

No worries.

Right. Well, Everett and I are just having a PR meeting, focusing on grabbing more eyes online.

If you want to hear about it, we could order more food.

No, it’s all good. I have plans. Thank you, though. You can fill me in tomorrow.




Excuse me. Thanks.

Yeah, see you.

[sighs] Sorry about that.

Mm. What for?

Oh, just…if it was awkward.

Oh, not really. Chad and I, we’re fine now. We’ve spoken our truths and moved on.

If you say so.

I do.



So why don’t you get the paper plates and I’ll unpack the food?

I am on it.

Wendy, what are you– what are– what are you doing here? Was your–was your– was your flight canceled?


Delayed? What?

No, it wasn’t delayed either. Look, I made it past security. I got all the way to the gate, and then… well, I was looking at some photos on my phone, photos of me and you, and I realized… I couldn’t go without you. So I’m staying here in Salem… if you haven’t found another roommate, that is.

Wendy, you’ve made me so happy. I love you so much.

I love you too.

OK, I’m–I’m leaving.

Wait. Mom, wait.

Oh, my God, Ava, I’m so sorry. I didn’t–I didn’t even say hello to you.

Oh, no, honey, don’t even worry about it. I understand. You two thought you were gonna be apart, and now here you are together. And you both seem so happy, so I’m happy for you.

Thank you.

Yeah. So…yeah. You know, it’s just funny. I just wish that– I just wish that I hadn’t been here to intrude on this lovely moment you two are having. So I’m just gonna leave and give you two some time alone.

Hey, we’ll talk soon, OK? We need to.

Happy New Year.

Wendy, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me. But what about– what about your dad? What about your mom? Are you sure about this?

Yes, I’m sure. I belong here, Tripp, with you.

Maggie, you’ve been an AA sponsor for years now. And I mean, I was just wondering, did you–did you see any signs that Holly was having any issues?

No, I didn’t. But as you know, addicts are really good at hiding their disease. But, Nicole, Holly may not be an addict. I mean, it’s just possible that whatever drug she took, it was– it was experimentation, just a one-time thing.



It’s just, this– this is so sad.


Not just because of what happened to Holly, but now Tate’s been arrested. I mean, this is two young people that have their whole lives ahead of them.

Nicole, EJ believes that Tate was responsible for Holly’s OD. I mean, he did supply her with the drugs. But what about–what about you? Do you think that Tate is the one to blame?

[dramatic music]

Hey there.


Harold let me in. I hope it’s OK.

Yeah, no, I just… wasn’t expecting you.

Yeah, well, didn’t really have anywhere else to go, quite honestly. So… anything change with Holly?

No. Checked. She’s still in a coma. Pour you one?

Yeah, I’ll definitely have a drink, especially after what Tripp just put me through.

Fill me in.

Oh, well, for starters– thanks–he decided not to move to Hong Kong.


Yeah, so did his girlfriend. So not only do I have to keep an eye on both of them. I have to be very careful with everything I say and do.

[door clicks shut]


Sorry–sorry for… interrupting.


Hello, Ava.


Seem kind of surprised to see me.

No, I’m just not used to you coming around here very much anymore, not since you moved in with Julie and Doug.

Right. Well, you know, still got my key.

[clears throat]

And Charlotte thought she–she forgot one of her favorite dolls in her old room, so I said I would come by and check out the closets and the–and the drawers. What are you doing here, Ava?



Smells delicious.

Mm, yeah. This place has all your faves, including… watermelon mojitos.

Oh, you didn’t.


You didn’t.


You remembered.

Oh, yeah. We used to have them every Thursday night after pickleball…


Except for the nights that you had to work late, which were usually four nights out of five.

I ever thank you for being so understanding about that?

Oh, no thanks were required. You’re passionate about your job. It’s one of the things I admired most about you.

Well, as much as I love my work, I– I regret all those missed nights together.

OK, then. Should we dive in while it’s all still hot?

Yeah, definitely.


Did you hear me? I said this is where I belong, with you.

Of–of course I heard you.

Well, then why didn’t you say anything?

I–I already told you how happy I am that you decided to come back here.

Well, yeah, you did, but… Tripp, I know you, and I can tell that something’s bothering you.

OK. You’re right. Something is. It’s just… Wendy, as– as thrilled and relieved as I am that you’re not moving , miles away, I also feel really guilty. I mean, like, why is my family more important than yours? Why–why does me wanting to be closer to my mom take precedence over you being there for your parents?

Well, because… my parents, unlike your mom, Tripp, they have a whole village around them. And I’m still gonna try to visit them as often as I can. And yes, I’m their only child now, but… they have aunts and uncles and cousins popping out of the woodwork. Your mom only has you. Tripp… please don’t feel guilty. OK, this is my choice, and I know it’s the right one for me.

And I’m so glad you feel that way. It’s just… I–I can’t stop myself from worrying about so many things. I mean, I just–I just wish that it was simpler, us being together here.

Tripp… I know that you were excited and happy when I first came through that door and I told you I was staying. But now it seems like you’re having some kind of… delayed reaction. And if you are, just say it, OK? Just–just tell me that you’re disappointed that I’m coming back, that in your heart of hearts, you were relieved that I was on my way to Hong Kong, that you really want me to move there.

No, Maggie, I don’t blame Tate. He’s just a kid. But the person I blame the most is myself, I mean, for not realizing that Holly was having issues, being self-consumed too much of the time, feeling sorry for myself, and not paying attention to her.

[knock at door]

Paulina, hi.

Hope I’m not interrupting.

Oh, no.

Hi, Paulina.

Abe told me when he came by earlier that the room could use some perking up.

Oh. Well, that’s– that’s very sweet, Paulina, but Holly can’t have flowers in ICU.

Oh, I know that, which is why I got the very best artificial orchid money can buy.


Oh, how thoughtful. And they look so real.

Yes, they do. Thank you, Paulina. I mean, they’re lovely.


And they definitely perk up the room.

Oh. Oh. Maggie, Nicole, I’m– I’m so sorry this happened. Rest assured, I’m kicking every butt I can to get these drugs under control to make sure that no more of our sweet, innocent youth have to suffer from this terrible epidemic.


Thank you, Paulina. I know you’re doing everything you can.


[coughs] Oh, excuse–


Paulina, you all right? I’ll get you some water.

Oh, my goodness.


Here you go.


Here you go.


Here you go.

[slurps] Mm.

[coughing] Mm.

You OK?

Yeah, there.

All right.

All better.

OK. Aw.


Lovely to see you too, Chad.

[dramatic music]

But, Chad, Ava and I have some things to go over for business.

Yeah, and why are you doing it here? Who’s minding the Bistro?

The staff is capable of covering for a few hours.

Still doesn’t answer why you’re conducting business in my family’s living room with her, Stefan.

Chad, please, just get whatever it is you came to get. Ava and I have some work to do, and quite frankly, it’s none of your concern.

Actually, it is. You see, I run “The Spectator” now, and I’ve tasked my star reporter with writing an exposé on the drug trade here in Salem. Are the DiMeras involved in this, Stefan? Are we investigating my own family?

You know, I think it’s great that Chad is having you do this deep dive into the drug trade in Salem.

Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, somebody’s got to get to the bottom of it, right?


Such a tragedy, isn’t it?


Frankly, it’s–

[chuckles] What do you say nowadays? It’s triggering for me.

How so?

Well, before we were together, I was covering the heroin epidemic in Seattle.

You never told me about that.

I guess I didn’t really tell a lot of people about it, mainly because… this really good friend of mine died. He–he OD’d. And he was a musician, really talented pianist and a songwriter. Anyway, he was a great guy overall, and I was the one that found him. So it was a little shocking and a little…traumatizing.

Oh. Everett, I’m so sorry.

It’s OK. Why am I telling you this? I guess I didn’t tell you because I was determined during that time to– to suppress those feelings and those memories and focus on the amazing woman that I was falling in love with.

We’re all praying for you, you sweet girl, and sending white light and whatever other healing didgeridoohickeys we have.

[chuckles] Oh.


It’s time for Holly’s bath.

Oh, right, of course. We’ll–we’ll give you some room.

Thanks, honey.

Thank you again, Paulina, for coming by.

And I will be back soon. But I do have to scoot right now, especially if we’re gonna get to the bottom of who’s peddling those drugs.

Before you leave, Paulina, please, be sure to take care of yourself.

Oh, and, well, thanks for your concern, Maggie. In fact, I intend to pop by today to see my doctor and make an appointment.

Oh, good.

And I’ll be praying for your little girl, Nicole, and for you, that you get through this with strength and optimism.

I know.

[sighs] And I will be there for her. I will, with strength and optimism.

Now you’re talking.

Wendy, of course I don’t want you to move to Hong Kong, especially without me. It’s just–

Just what? Is it Ava? Does she want me out of your life?

No, no, she loves you. She wanted me to go with you. You know that.

Or maybe she just keeps getting in these messes so she can keep you in her clutches.

That’s not fair.

Well, fair or unfair, just like you’re not letting your mom dictate your decisions, I’m not letting anyone dictate mine. I’m here to stay, whether you like it or not.

Oh, I like it. I like it a lot.

Be sure and tell your doctor all of your symptoms, Paulina.

Oh, don’t–don’t worry your pretty head about me. It’s that little angel in there you need to concentrate on. And I will– I will be back soon, and I’ll bring some artificial roses next time.

[laughter] Well, I’ll see you soon.

OK. Thank you for coming, Paulina.

She needs to take care of herself. We all do.

[sighs] I will, Maggie. It’s nothing a week of– or two of sleep won’t cure.

[both chuckle]

Bath’s all done. You can go back in now.

Oh, thanks, Ellen.

OK, here we go.

[dramatic music]

Hey, sweet girl. We’re back.

There are so many people who are praying for you, Holly. Praying for Tate as well.

Why don’t you save the questions for your star reporter, Chad? God knows he’s gonna be showing up everywhere like a bad penny anyway.

Well, he–he doesn’t know how to read the both of you quite like I do, does he?


But what he does know, as do I, is your well-documented history with the Mafia, Ava, where I’m sure you learned the ins and outs of drug running right along with the ABCs.

Mm, well, some might say the same thing about the DiMeras.

Which is why the two of you in business together makes me just a tad bit suspicious, especially now that I’ve seen you all cozy together.

What can I say? Just can’t stay away from DiMera men. Let’s give it up. He’s onto us.

So I was a distraction, huh?

The best kind.

Maybe you were, too, for me, when we fell in love. Any chance you have some rum in that bottom drawer of yours for a top-off?

Ooh. I would…love to do that. But I think coffee is probably a better idea. Got to finish this exposé.

Maybe put it aside for tonight, you know, since it seems to be triggering, reminding you of your friend who OD’d.

I can handle it, especially with you by my side.

So it’s settled. You’re staying.

I’m staying.

Have you told your family yet?


[sighs] I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom has been waiting at the airport since I bought my ticket.

OK, so–

There’s no time like the present.


You might want to go into the other room for this, although you’ll still probably hear my mom sobbing all the way from Hong Kong.


OK, now it’s perfect.

[both chuckle]

You know, I was thinking.


When Holly gets better and goes home from the hospital, I think the three of us, we should have a spa day– massages and facials, manicures and pedicures, you know.

Oh, and an icy plunge pool. Is that what they’re called?


I don’t know, but I think we’ll just let that one go. And we’ll just do all sorts of girly-like things.


Did you hear that… high tea is back at the Salem Inn?

[sighs] Yeah, I did, actually. EJ and I want to take Holly there. Oh, they have those scones with the clotted cream. So good.

You know, Victor– Victor, he loved high tea, too, especially the tiny little cucumber sandwiches.

[dramatic music]

We have to do that, Maggie.


A lot more of that.


You know, the most important New Year’s resolution is for me to spend more time with my precious daughter. And I pray I have the chance to make that one stick.


[speaking Mandarin]


That didn’t go well, did it?

No. But I didn’t expect it to.

Deep down, maybe she understands. I mean, surely she must know what it feels like to be in love.

Or maybe not. I mean, I know my parents love each other, but… in love? I’m not so sure.

Well, here’s something that I am… very, very sure of.

And what’s that?

That just thinking about being separated from you for… God knows how long, picturing you , miles away, and then seeing you walk through that door and telling me that you were staying, there are no words, no words to express how that made me feel or how I’m feeling right now.

Come on, try to find the words.

OK, OK, way to– way to put the pressure on.

I’m waiting.

Mm-hmm. OK. Wendy Shin, you light up my life. Uh, that was a little too corny.

No, corny’s great. Keep going.



All right. Well, Wendy Shin, you light up my life and not only brighten up every day and make my heart skip so many beats but also–


I am more in love with you than ever.

See? You found all the right words.

Your turn.

Oh, OK.

Mm-hmm. Tripp Johnson… you are the man of my dreams. And I love you with all my heart.

You know, I think I may go to Seattle soon to visit my brother.

Oh. How’s Joey doing?

He’s OK. Living in my old apartment.


You think you’ll ever go back?

Well, you know me. I go where the job takes me, but… I don’t know, I’ve been thinking it’s time to put down some roots. So no, I don’t think I’ll go back to Seattle, not unless there’s something to go back for.

Look at the time.


Don’t you need to file that piece tonight?

I do.

Great. Then I’ll be going. See you soon.


[clears throat]




Mm. Did we mention we’re in a relationship, Chad?

No, but I’m not surprised. Nor do I care. I hope you’re not involved with this drug trade, brother. Or it will be a house of cards that comes crashing down around you.

What the hell was that?

Oh, you know exactly what that was. If you don’t want to join your wife behind bars, then we need to be the happy betrayers in front of Chad and Harris so we can keep them off of our backs.

I’m not comfortable with that.

Oh, well, get comfortable, OK? Are you interested in survival? Because we need to do this if we’re gonna survive.

Of course I’m interested.

OK, good. Then get interested in this.

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