Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Sally have lunch. Adam tells Sally he and Nick are Co-CEO’s of Newman Enterprises. Sally tells Adam she got three new clients and they also talk about what would be a perfect dinner date.

Sharon tells Nick that she broke up with Chance but is open to finding love at the right time.

Summer gets Chance some shirts and ties for his new job and then invites him to dinner so they can talk about what is bothering him.

Ashley remembers why her marriage to Cole ended and she and Cole talk a little before Victoria arrives to talk to Cole. Victoria tells Cole that Claire doesn’t want to see them because she doesn’t believe she deserves love or forgiveness after what she did to them. Claire asks to see Cole and Victoria, so they head to the hospital. Claire tells Cole and Victoria that it is best they don’t see each other again but she has one last favor to ask them. Claire asks Cole and Victoria to arrange for her to see Jordan because she needs to get closure.

Kyle is upset with Audra because she told Tucker Kyle’s plan to give him a fake Jabot product. Tucker tells Kyle he never needed his help, he just told him to get him a Jabot product to see if he could get a task done. Tucker tells Kyle he knew he would never do it because he can’t get from under the stranglehold Jack has on him. Tucker thinks that if Kyle could get out from under Jack, he will be a bastard just like Jack. Kyle gets upset at this remark and punches Tucker.

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