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[gentle music]

Hmm. What’s that wonderful smell?

Good morning, sleepyhead.

What are you cooking, chef?

Haggis with neeps and tatties.

[laughs] I’m sorry, come again?

Turnip and potato mash.

Mmm. So you’re making haggis for brunch. Was your New Year’s resolution to get in touch with your roots?

Well, I figured I’d have to surprise you. I was going to bring you breakfast in bed. I was actually kind of looking forward to that. I mean, I–I would have knocked first. I wouldn’t just presume to barge in there while you were, you know, in bed.

Actually, I– I wouldn’t have minded. You could have done that.

[romantic music]


[door unlocks]

Wendy, hey.

You’re home.

Finally. I’m–I’m really sorry I didn’t make it for New Year’s Eve. I got stuck at the hospital, and then it was a crazy night.

No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s okay. We can make up for it in Hong Kong when we celebrate Lunar New Year together.

[gasps] We are going to have such an amazing time, okay? Checking out all the fireworks and lantern displays. Oh, and I know the best street food stall to get dumplings and nian gao, which you are going to love.

[chuckles] And I’m happy to announce that the police department granted me an open-ended leave of absence.

That’s great.

Yeah, it is. Especially since, you know, I hope to come back someday. Of course, it all depends on my dad’s condition.

Right. Yeah, how is he holding up?

He’s still in rough shape. But luckily my flight leaves tonight, as you know, and then I’ll be there with him and my mom.

And I know they’ll both be so happy to see you.

And I’ll be so happy when I get to welcome you to Hong Kong. Speaking of which, have you made arrangements to take a leave from the hospital and join me soon?

[somber music]

About that. I’m sorry, Wendy. I–I can’t go.

Can’t wait to get you home, buddy.

Okay. I just got a call from the assistant district attorney.

I just got off the phone with the judge. He’s reversed his decision. Your bail has been revoked. I’m sorry, Tate. You’re not going anywhere except back into custody.

No. No, he can’t do that.

Well, unfortunately he can, because judges have a lot of latitude.

What? How can he do–how can he just change his mind? I mean, he just granted bail a half an hour ago.

Okay, okay. I just got to the bottom of it. Apparently EJ convinced the judge that Tate is a flight risk because of the family wealth, access to the jet.

He’s a–

That–that’s not true. It’s not fair.

Justin, EJ probably owns this judge. You know that.

I haven’t heard anything to suggest that. But EJ– as the district attorney, he holds a lot of sway.

Oh my God, this can’t be happening.

Please, can everyone just stop talking and tell me what’s going to happen to me?

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Victoria is still– oh, thank you. Victoria is still sleeping, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. Once we got settled after her last bottle, she slept through the night. No fever, nothing. She’s–she’s doing so much better.

She’s a trooper.

Yeah, she is. Thank you for letting me stay last night.

Oh, of course. I mean, you know, after the whole fever scare last night, and me stupidly not having any baby amphetamine on hand.

[laughs] Acetaminophen. It’s infant acetaminophen. And it all worked out.

Yeah, because of you. I mean, thank God you’re her mum and a doctor to boot. I mean, if anything, I should be the one thanking you.

[gentle music] Especially since I ruined your New Year’s Eve plans.

Her temperature’s back to normal.

Oh, thank God.

[chuckles] Between the meds and your lullaby.

Oh, well, I doubt it had anything to do with the latter. But she’s feeling better. Maybe you have time to nip over to your party now.

Oh, no. No, I don’t care about the party. I’d much rather be here with my little girl. And you.

[fireworks bursting] I wouldn’t say ruined.

Sarah, I’m, uh– look, I’m sorry. About last night, if I–if I did anything–

[baby crying] I’ll go get her.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah. The food’s all ready. Just help yourself. I’ll be right back.

[crying continues] Shh.

But, Tripp, I thought we had already decided. And you were the one who wanted to go with me.

I know, but that was all before last night.

What happened last night?

Holly Jonas was brought into the hospital.

Nicole’s daughter?

She OD’d at the Bistro. She was found on the loading dock apparently, barely alive.

My God. Is she going to be okay?

It’s too soon to tell. But this isn’t exactly about Holly.

What is it about, then?

[tense music]

Well, when I got off duty, I went over to check on Mom to make sure she was okay.

And how’s she doing?

[sighs] I don’t know. She’s acting really strange.

Well, that’s understandable, isn’t it? I mean, it must have been traumatic for her to have someone OD on her watch.

No, this is more than that. I–I know my mom. I know when something’s not right. When she encouraged me to go with you to Hong Kong, I– I had this sinking feeling that there was something up with her.

Like what?

I don’t know exactly. I mean, I just think there’s something going on that she doesn’t want me to know about, because she was way too eager to have me , miles away on another continent.

Yeah. I don’t know your mom all that well, but that does seem to be out of character for her.

Yeah, it is. You know, because my mom is all about wanting to be close to me, you know, because I’m her only child now that my brother Charlie’s gone, but it’s her way of making up for lost time. You know my mom used to be in the mob.

Yeah, I do know that. Wait, you don’t think–

I don’t want to think anything but that she’s telling me the truth. And she adamantly denied being involved with drugs.

But you don’t believe her, do you?

No, I don’t.

Son, don’t worry about it. We’re–we’re not going to give up. We’re never going to give up, okay? We’ll figure something out.

They can’t do this. They can’t send my child to jail.

No, no. It’ll be juvenile hall, Theresa, not jail. Look, we will explore our options and fight for the best outcome.

What options? What options do we have? I mean, can we go to the judge and say that EJ is clearly a conflict of interest? I mean, this is a personal vendetta. That’s all this is.

The first thing we do, we file an appeal. And I will do that immediately. And then we will explore every avenue to challenge this decision.

Well, how about if I just put up times the bail that was set? Do you think maybe that would convince him to reconsider?

No. The legal system doesn’t work like that, Alex.

Well, can’t you make it work that way? You’ve been doing this a long time. You know the judges. Make it happen.

Oh, a pleasant afternoon to you all.

You son of a bitch!

No! Hey. Let’s not make this worse, okay, Brady?

Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to my son?

[dramatic music]

Maybe you should get some sleep.

And miss you leaving? No way. No, I’ve been up hours. What’s a few more?

So… you think your mom’s back in the game, huh?

I don’t want to think that, but too many things don’t add up. Or maybe they do.

What do you mean? How so?

Well, for starters, she suddenly breaks things off with Harris, right? And then she kills Gil dead right here in this very apartment just before. And then out of nowhere, she’s managing the Bistro with Stefan DiMera?

And have you confronted her about all this?

Of course, but she’s got an answer for everything, you know? It’s like she’s prepared. Too prepared.

Right. And I understand why you’re so worried, Tripp, especially given your mom’s history.

Now that Harris isn’t in her life anymore–

She needs you. Now more than ever, whether or not she’ll admit it. And so without you here, who will take care of her?

That’s the burning question. This hurts just so much more because you’re being so understanding, which I love you for.

Because I know you and I love you.

I am so sorry, Wendy. I truly am. All of this is so unfair.

You know, I– I won’t say I’m not disappointed, Tripp. But family is obviously very important to you, and I respect you for that. You know, just like I feel like I have to take care of my parents now. I know you feel the same way about your mom.

[somber music] It’s just, now we have another issue.

Yeah. Yeah, I know. What does this mean for us?

Oh, you really enjoyed that, huh?

Yeah, can’t you tell? I cleaned my plate.

[chuckles] Well, just wait till our little Victoria gets a taste of her granny’s “skons.” She’s going to love them.

I’m sorry, what?

[laughs] Say that again.

What, “skons?”

Do you mean scones?

Some Scottish people pronounce it differently. Like John, gone, “skon.”


Wow. It’s amazing. After all this time that we have known each other, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say the word “scone.” “Skon.” It’s scone.

[laughs] I–you know, I do admit that I hope that she gets your accent.

Really? Why?

Because it’s– it’s charming, and I love it. And she is half-Scottish.

Mm, she is. But I don’t know, I was kind of hoping she’d take more after your side of the family.

Why is that?

Because I think the world of you, and of Maggie. And I happen to find your American accent very charming. In fact, I like everything about you, truth be told.

[gentle music]

Well, thanks.

[laughs] I–I should get dressed and pack up all of Victoria’s things. It is my night with her, as you know.

Right. How could I forget?

So I’ll be out of your hair in a jiffy, give you your apartment back.

[door closes]



Brady, don’t do it! Don’t. Don’t! It’s just going to make things worse for Tate.

Oh, let him go, Commissioner. I’m curious to see how far he’s willing to take it. Assaulting the district attorney? Perhaps some father-son time in jail would be a wonderful bonding experience.

Brady, no, no, no, no. We need you here with us.

Don’t make things worse.

I don’t think things could get worse.

Oh, I beg to differ, Theresa. Things can definitely get worse. Look at my family. Look at my wife, Nicole, broken at Holly’s bedside, very possibly about to lose another child. An innocent girl fighting for her life because she was influenced– probably pressured– into taking potentially lethal drugs by the amoral, entitled son of drug addicts.

That’s not– that’s not what happened. I told her not to do it. I told her it was a bad idea, but she didn’t listen to me!

Save it, son. Tate is nearly of age, and he has committed a serious crime that’s resulted in the grievous bodily injury of my stepdaughter.

You have no proof of that. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty?

Tate will be charged as an adult and held here at the local Salem jail with the other prisoners.

[tense music]

EJ, you can’t charge Tate as an adult for possession. The law doesn’t support that.

I’m well aware of the law, Justin. How about manslaughter or attempted murder for peddling a deadly batch of drugs that’s killing kids, and might have killed my stepdaughter?

He’s only . He can’t do this, can he?

I’m afraid he can. The district attorney can charge a minor as an adult if the crime is fitting.

EJ, please. EJ, he’s–he’s just a child. I mean, you’re a parent too. Can–can you just please have some compassion?

Theresa, I told you we should get another lawyer.

[scoffs] Justin should have changed the venue.

Alex, you are out of your element. You can’t change the venue until there’s a trial.

Well, the least you could have done was found a judge who wasn’t under EJ’s thumb.

Excuse me? What did you just say?

You heard me.

If you’re going to make an accusation, make it to my face.

How about I rearrange your face instead?

Oh, so now you’re threatening the DA while surrounded by cops. Brilliant.

I’m not scared of you, EJ. You don’t think the Kiriakises have friends in high places?

Stop! Everybody stop. Mom. Mom, I beg you, please, please don’t let them send me to jail. I–I can’t.

[somber music]

I know.

[sighs] I wish there was a way I could just stay here in Salem. You know, be here for you and your mom. But, as you know, my parents need me in Hong Kong. I feel like I have to go. I–

I get that, okay? Hey, they just lost their son, and you feel the responsibility to help them through that.

Yeah, I do.

And like I said, I totally understand. We need to talk about what happens next. I mean, are we going to try the long-distance thing?

Well, yeah. But it’s a really long distance, so it won’t be easy.

Right. I mean, it’s obviously, you know, too long to just spend weekends together here or there. But I mean, we can still talk and text, video calls. And then when there is more than a weekend we both have free, we can definitely visit each other.

Yeah, right. No, that all sounds nice and doable. I mean, making all these plans while we’re still in the same room. But we both once I leave and we’re separated by oceans, it won’t be the same.

Yeah, I guess it won’t be.

And, Tripp, I care about you so much, and I just want you to be happy. So I don’t want to stand in your way if you meet someone else, okay? I don’t–I don’t expect you to wait for me. I mean that.

I… I understand. I wouldn’t want you waiting for me, either.

I can’t believe we’re actually saying goodbye.

Look at me in my walk-of-shame outfit. Not that there’s anything to be ashamed of, just that your neighbors might talk.

Oh, my neighbors are terribly unfriendly. Whenever they pass me in the hall, they just look right through me. So I can’t imagine they’ll pay you any attention.

Ah. As much as I do love attention, I’m going to count on that.

And I have to say, if I may, that your walk-of-shame outfit is very becoming. Not that I’ve ever seen you look anything but beautiful, no matter what you wear or don’t wear.

[sultry music]

Well, um, thank you. Victoria’s diaper bag is all packed up. So as soon as she wakes up, I will head out. And in the meantime, I should help you with the dishes, because you’ve cooked.

Oh, no, stop. Don’t worry about that.

No, I don’t mind. Like I said–

Sarah, please, will you just forget about the dishes?

Okay. Is there something wrong?

No, it’s– earlier, when I was putting Victoria down, I– well, I couldn’t help but think that now that Chloe’s moved out, that there is, uh– there’s a spare room.

Right. Yeah, for Victoria. You–you’re making it into a nursery.

I am, yes. But you’ll notice that there is a regular bed in there too. I know you know, because you slept in it last night. I assume it was comfortable?

It was, yeah.

So I wonder–


If maybe it’s possible, if you would even consider–

Con–consider what?

Moving in here permanently, with our daughter.

You know, I can’t even imagine not having you in my life.

[gentle music] You’ve been my rock, my support. I don’t think I could have even survived my brother’s death without you. Not to mention you make me laugh, and I do love your shrimp tacos.

Well, you make me laugh too. I’m so impressed by your mind, how smart you are, how hard you work and do whatever you do. Just being around you lifts my spirits.

Even when I’m whiny and sad and sorry for myself?

You are never any of the above. You are brave and kind. You’ve taught me to believe in love again.

Xander, I– I don’t know what to say.

Say yes. Move in with me, with us.

[soft dramatic music]

I mean, sharing custody is hard. I miss her so much when we are apart.

Sarah, I totally agree. And come on, it has to be better for our little girl to have a permanent home rather than bouncing back and forth between two places all the time.

No, it would. It–it definitely would. But you know, uh, Konstantin is staying with my mom until his ankle is healed and he can leave town. And I like the guy, but I don’t exactly trust him, so I don’t know how I’d feel about my mom being alone with him all the time.

I mean, Maggie’s not really alone. There’s lots of people still live at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson’s always there. It’s a–it’s a busy house. Plus, how can you keep an eye on your mum if you’re spending a good chunk of your day at the hospital?

That’s true. But maybe she could just volunteer more, you know, at the hospital. I mean–

Or maybe you could trust that she’s a big girl, and she can take care of herself. Unless–

Unless what?

Sarah, are you just looking for a reason to say no?

Please. Please don’t let them take me, Mom. Please.

Just please give me a minute. I need to speak to my son.

Look at me. Look at me. It’s going to be okay. We’re going to get you out of here as soon as possible.

I’m scared.

I know. Don’t be scared. You don’t have to be scared because you didn’t do anything wrong.

No. We know you’re innocent, and we are going to fight like hell to prove it. Don’t you worry.

[tense music]

Even if the drugs weren’t yours, Tate, the fact remains that you didn’t call when you found Holly, and that could mean the difference between whether she pulls through this or not.

I’m sorry. I’m–I’m so sorry.

Mm. Oh, it’s a little too late for sorry.

Okay. Maybe I am looking for a reason to not move in. It’s just, I think you can understand how complicated this is for me. You know, how I might feel conflicted about us living together.

Obviously I– but Sarah, let’s not ignore the -ton elephant in the room any longer. We kissed last night, and we haven’t talked about it. Sarah, are you worried that I only asked you to move in with me in the hope that maybe eventually we would sleep together?

[tense music]

Okay. Honestly, you know, our emotions were heightened. We were both worried that Victoria might be sick. And it was New Year’s Eve, and we did– we got caught up in the fireworks, and the celebratory feeling. And it was just–it happened in the heat of the moment.

That’s true.


But it’s also true that I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time.


Well, what?

I wanted to kiss you too.

I can tell.

[laughs] Look, Xander, that kiss– it was– It was amazing. Yeah, all of our kisses are amazing. I’m just– I’m scared of going too fast and falling just madly in love with you again, and regretting it.

[sighs] So… guess my– my car should be here soon.

What? Oh, you shouldn’t have ordered a car. Cancel it. I’ll take you to the airport. We should be together till the very last minute.

Tripp, I don’t think it would be a very good idea for us to go together to the airport. I think it would just make it harder for us to say goodbye.

Yeah, but I want to take you.

Please, I’d rather you didn’t.

[somber music]

Okay. I understand.

I’m going to go freshen up before I go.

[phone beeps] Okay, my car is here a bit early, actually.

No, let me.


[phone rings]

This is a nightmare. I mean, my son is innocent. And not just innocent, he is a good and caring person. He would never willingly hurt somebody, let alone somebody that he cares about.

Theresa, it’s going to be okay.

I don’t know if I can believe that. I mean, look–look– look at his eyes. Look at EJ’s eyes. I don’t see a husband who is grieving the loss of a child, or a man who is dying inside for his wife, because her daughter is suffering. I just– I just see bitterness and hatred.

[tense music]

Tate, we need to get you out of that suit. Officer Kelsey will help you with that.

I’ll go with Tate, make sure he’s taken care of.

Good. Counselor, a word?

Of course, Commissioner. Lead the way.

You know what, Alex? You were right. I should have listened to you. We should have gotten another lawyer.

Make this quick. I don’t want to miss the boy being hauled away in cuffs.

What the hell is the matter with you? Why are you doing this?

You can’t figure it out? I mean, as someone who was in Holly’s life at one time, I would think you and I would be on the same side of this, Hernandez.

On the same side?

Yes. –

[chuckles] When the hell was I ever on the same side with you on anything?

[tense music] I mean, for God’s sake. Okay, let’s say Tate did give Holly those drugs. He’s just a kid. He’s a kid who never meant for any of this to happen. Besides which, Holly took those drugs willingly.

That is a baseless assumption. Tate could have put them in her drink for all we know.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Well, soon we will know a lot more, because I’m going to go to the high school, and I’m going to interview eyewitnesses, and then we will get a clear picture as to what was going on with Holly. Maybe some things that you don’t even know about, but perhaps I should just share that with Nicole.

Stay away from my wife, and don’t you dare try and make the victim the criminal here.

All I am trying to do is to get you to see the reality of this tragedy! I mean, my God. Holly Jonas is in a coma. Her mother is in agony. And all you can do is lash out at this poor kid who’s already horrified and traumatized? You’re trying to make his pain worse. Does that make you feel good, EJ? Is it lifting your spirits?

This conversation is over.

Okay. Well, think about this, then. Think about Johnny when he was Tate’s age. Imagine if someone was doing what you are doing to Tate to him. How would that make you feel? Yeah, it’d make you go nuts. Think about it, EJ.

[dramatic music]

Sarah, if you moved in here with me, if you agreed to, we’d be roommates and co-parents. And I promise I would– I’d be a proper gentleman. I mean, I would respect your boundaries. That’s the modern way of putting it, right?

It is, yeah. It is.

And I’m sure that you would respect mine.

Your boundaries?


Yeah, okay. Well, uh, what are they?

Well, let’s see. You should never, ever–


Eat something from the fridge that I was saving for myself.

Ah. Yeah, okay. Any other boundaries?



Actually a very important one. You should– I would prefer it if you did not–


Put my phone or tablet or laptop somewhere where I can’t find it. You know, in an effort to straighten up.

Yeah, no. I get that. I get that one, yeah.

So how about you? What are your boundaries?

Oh, man. Just too many to state right now, so I’ll probably just make a list, or some sort of a spreadsheet.

Oh, a spreadsheet. Yeah, that’d be helpful.

I think it would be, yeah.

So what’s your answer?

[gentle music]

I’d be willing to give it a shot, I guess. I mean, I would.


I was really hoping you would say that.

[keys jangle] Sarah, welcome to your new home.

Did you have these in your pocket the whole time?

[both laugh] You’re quiet.

[sighs] Tripp… I have to go. It’s time.

I know.

[somber music] God, I’m gonna miss you so much.

[sighs] I love you.

I love you too. Always.



Hey. Look at me. Hey. We have to have– we have to have faith that Holly is going to wake up, okay? And she’s going to make everything okay. She’s going to set things right.

We will do everything in our power to prove your innocence. We are going to fight this, Tate.

[tense music]

I never meant for any of this to happen.

Of course you didn’t.

I know.

Of course you didn’t.

Buddy, buddy, you are innocent. You’re innocent. And until we prove it– we will prove it. And we’re going to get you home as soon as we can, okay?

Come here. We love you. We love you so much, Tate.

Tate, I– I’m sorry.

Hey. I’m sorry to say, but it’s time for Tate to come with me.

We wouldn’t want to keep your new cellmates waiting, now would we?

You are a monster. I swear, if anything happens to my son–

All right, Theresa. Let’s not give him any more ammunition, okay? This guy’s not worth it.

Come here. You stay strong, all right? I’m going to move heaven and earth to get you out of here, you hear me?

[handcuffs jangling]

Come on. Tate, I’m sorry, but it’s protocol for the transfer down to the jail.


Okay. Let’s go.

EJ… this isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

[dramatic music]

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