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[dramatic music]

Hope: Okay, okay, I– just– just hold on– hold on a second. So, the fact that xander is even back in town is news enough, but that he is still making these accusations against thomas?

Finn: Look, xander seemed emotional to even talk about it, but you get why your relationship with thomas is so concerning for everyone who cares about you?

Hope: I just– I don’t understand why he’s coming back to town and bringing all this stuff up again.

Finn: Maybe because it’s true. Maybe thomas is responsible for emma barber’s death.

Thomas: Hold on. Xander said what?

Steffy: He told finn that you killed emma.

Thomas: Why would he do that? Why would he make these kind of accusations?

Steffy: I don’t know. I just wish they never had this conversation.

Thomas: What did you tell finn?

Steffy: I told finn that it wasn’t true. To forget what xander said. Never mention it again.

Brooke: Eric looked good.

Carter: Yeah, a little better every time we see him.

Brooke: Don’t you think, ridge?

Ridge: Yeah, sure. I don’t wanna get too excited. He’s not out of the woods yet. We don’t know. This– this procedure, we don’t know what it did. We don’t know how compromised dad might be and what kind of life I sentenced him to.

Carter: Ridge, I can’t even imagine. An intense responsibility was placed in your hands, but eric is hopefully on the mend.

Brooke: You did the right thing, ridge.

Ridge: Listen, obviously, I’m– I’m happy that he’s doing better. I– but I– I– we don’t– we don’t know who he’s gonna be when he comes back, when he– he crossed over to the other side, right? And maybe he saw mom, maybe he saw phoebe. I haven’t been able to talk to him about that and I don’t– maybe a part of him wanted to stay there.

Thomas: Now would be a good time to say thank you.

Steffy: To me? For what?

Thomas: We may not always agree, but… when we’re down in the trenches, you always have my back and that means the world to me.

Steffy: Well, I’m your sister. I’m always gonna be on your side.

Thomas: Even when I don’t deserve it?

Steffy: Stop. Please. You have done an incredible job working on yourself, remaking yourself. And yeah, have you made mistakes in the past? We all have. But you’re a good man. And look, what happened to emma, it was a tragic accident, but it was an accident. She lost control of her car. It wasn’t your fault.

Hope: I cared about emma a lot. We were friends. I felt responsible for her. She was my intern. She was young. She was full of promise and she left us too soon. And we all struggled with her loss, xander especially, but to keep blaming thomas?

Finn: You think xander is lying?

Hope: Xander took his theory to the police and they did a full investigation and they cleared thomas.

Finn: Yeah, that’s what steffy said.

Hope: Okay, so then why– why are you digging into this?

Finn: No, I’m not. This guy, xander, shows up at my office, and he clearly thinks thomas is guilty and that worries me, hope. I care about you. You didn’t live this strong,

Carter: Eric changed my life. Believed in me. He gave me opportunities I would’ve never had without him and I’m very thankful for the career, but most important is… he made me feel like family.

Ridge: Because you are family. Don’t ever doubt that.

Brooke: We’re lucky to be able to claim you.

Ridge: Speaking of family, this is important. We all gotta be on the same page.

Carter: About eric?

Ridge: About eric and… hope and thomas. I know you have your concerns, but–

Brooke: Of course, I have concerns. They’re valid.

Ridge: I have my reservations as well, but thomas has worked hard. He lost his way and now, he’s back and if hope and thomas want to have a relationship, they’re grown-ups. Let them have it.

Thomas: Okay, so what are the chances of xander showing up at finn’s office as a new patient?

Steffy: I know. It’s a crazy coincidence.

Thomas: You sure there wasn’t prior contact?

Steffy: That xander and finn knew each other? No. Finn had no idea who xander was.

Thomas: Okay, but maybe xander knew who finn was, right? Because it’s not exactly like you’re low profile.

Steffy: You think xander came back to pin emma’s death on you and used finn as a way to do it?

Thomas: It’s possible.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. This is crazy.

Thomas: I know.

Steffy: I thought we’d put this all behind us.

Thomas: Obviously, xander hasn’T.

Steffy: Look, I– I tried to explain it to finn that xander knew about what happened with baby beth and he wanted to tell us, but you… you stopped him. And I think, maybe xander wants payback. Look, I– I know you’ve done dark things in the past, but I do not believe you would murder someone.

Thomas: Okay, but I’m gonna take a wild guess here and think that finn doesn’t think the same way that you do. I mean, he came in here, busted in and got in my face because you and I were arguing.

Steffy: Yeah, but he was just trying to be protective.

Thomas: You don’t need protection from me. And neither does hope. Look, I get why you’re worried about hope and me and our relationship, because you think that she could hurt me. And then, that could send me in a tailspin and put me in a bad way, but finn thinks the opposite. He thinks I could hurt hope, which is the last thing I’d ever do. I love her. I– I want the world for her. And no one, I mean no one, is gonna come between us.

Finn: Do you even realize what a remarkable woman you are? I’m a pretty good judge of ’em. I married one. My mother’s one. Oh, li, li. Not– definitely not sheila.

Hope: Yeah.

Finn: But look, the point is you’re amazing. You’re hope logan, founder of hope for the future, which is not only a kickass design house, but it’s this wonderful charitable organization that does so much good for people all around the world. I mean, who would’ve ever thought about combining the two.

Hope: Uh, it seemed– seemed obvious to me.

Finn: Well, that’s because you’re special. In all these years, you’ve worn your values and your principles out where everyone could see them and be inspired by them and emulate them. And this… detour to thomas? It’s not you.

[ Hope clearing her throat ]

Hope: I, uh… hate to break it to you, finn, but hope for the future, I mean, hope logan, this paragon of virtue, that’s not all I am. I’m also a woman and thomas reminds me of that.

Finn: I get it, okay? You’re rebelling against that image. I mean, against liam and the way he’s treated you, right? And then, there’s thomas. With his heart in his hand, he’s telling you everything you want to hear. You deserve better than him. And now, after hearing what xander had to say, that he might be responsible for the death of an innocent, young woman? Hope, he’s dangerous and you need to walk away.

Brooke: After everything that thomas has put hope through, you’re really asking me to ignore my reservations and support their relationship?

Ridge: Maybe not all of your reservations, but yeah, that’s what I’m asking you.

Carter: I don’t think I need to be here for this particular conversation.

Ridge: Carter, thanks for coming to the hospital.

Carter: Try and keep me away.

Ridge: What do you think?

Brooke: Hm. It’s not that simple. I’m concerned.

Ridge: I know you’re concerned, but what has thomas done lately? Has he mistreated hope in any way?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: Scared or made her feel afraid?

Brooke: Not that I know of.

Ridge: No, right? She seems pretty good. She seems happy doing what she thinks is right.

Brooke: Yes, but–

Ridge: But what? Thomas made mistakes. How hard does he have to work to get your trust back? How good does he have to be?

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I will admit, he has been on his best behavior lately.

Ridge: Yeah. So, what do you say? Why don’t we give him a break? He’s a changed man. He’s good enough for your daughter.

Steffy: You looking for thomas?

Hope: Yes. Do you know where he is?

Steffy: We spoke earlier.

Hope: Okay, well, if you find him, uh, can you tell him to see me?

Steffy: Uh, hope. Hold up a sec. Look, I– I think you should know something. Um… xander avant is back in town.

Hope: I know.

Steffy: You do?

Hope: Yes. I found out from your husband, actually.

Steffy: You were with finn?

Hope: Well, he, um, seems to be worried about my relationship with your brother.

Finn: Yeah, I can stop by in the morning and take a look at her chart. And if her vitals are stable, we can release her. Okay, thanks.

[ Knock on door ] Thomas.

Thomas: I wanted you to have time to finish your call.

Finn: How long have you been standing outside my door?

Thomas: Long enough to hear your conversation with hope.

Finn: Okay, well, I’d appreciate you not lurking around listening in on my conversations.

Thomas: Well, I, uh… I actually came here to talk to you, brother-in-law to brother-in-law.

Finn: Um, okay. I’M… I’m listening.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Thomas: I’m a very lucky person. Hope opened her heart and found forgiveness for me somehow. And now, somehow, we’re together and I am so in love with her. I’m going to treat hope like the jewel that she is. Now, you are married to my sister, which makes you my family, whether you like that or not. And I feel like, as family, we should be able to get along. I think we can get along. Look, hope’s heart, it’s safe with me. That hasn’t always been the case. She knows that, you know that. You know my history. I was a hurt person and I hurt people, but as a doctor, you also understand that people who are hurt, they can be rehabilitated. They can be healed. I’m healed, finn. And finn, I– I do not want trouble between us, so don’t make trouble between us. Don’t put yourself between me and hope, understand?

Ridge: Every aspect of my life, I feel your love and your support. At this point, I count on it. How do you do that? How do you know when I need it?

Brooke: Because I pay attention and it’s not a chore because you are my favorite subject.

Ridge: Yeah? Hey. Think about what I said.

Brooke: I will.

Steffy: So, finn specifically asked you to come to his office?

Hope: Um, yep. He texted me that he wanted to see me.

Steffy: About thomas?

Hope: Well, yes. He is concerned about our relationship, like everyone else and warned me against it.

Steffy: Interesting.

Hope: Yes. And then, he brought up xander and that’s how I knew he was back in town.

Steffy: What exactly did finn say?

Hope: Well, just that xander made accusations against thomas and his involvement with emma and her death.

Steffy: Look, I– I really wish finn didn’t bring you into this and I’m sorry about that.

Hope: No. It’s, um, it’s not like it’s my first time hearing it. We all had to deal with that.

Steffy: It was awful about what happened to emma. I mean, she was such a sweet girl, but what happened to her was an accident. She lost control of her car and she drove off mulholland. The police investigation proved that.

Hope: You don’t have to convince me. I mean, yes, thomas has done many regrettable things in the past, but a murderer he is not.

Steffy: I’m really glad to hear that because I know that thomas has turned his life around. Look, if these, um, these false accusations come out about emma, if they do, he’s gonna need someone to be there for him, to have his back. So, it’s either you’re all the way in or you are all the way out. He needs someone there who truly loves him and is there for him.

Thomas: Hope logan… will you marry me?

Steffy: It’s the least my brother deserves after all the hard work he’s done on himself.

[ Hope inhaling shakily ]

Finn: Sounds like you’re threatening me, but you– you wouldn’t do that, right? Because you’re the new and improved thomas. If you think that I’m buying any of this, you’re mistaken.

Thomas: Wait, this is so antagonistic. We’re supposed to be brothers-in-law. Like what? Why can’t we just support each other, right? Look, I’ve made mistakes in the past, yes, but haven’t you made mistakes before?

Finn: Not like you. And your mistakes aren’t little blunders, thomas. You kept hope away from her daughter for months and I understand why a family wants to believe the best in each other and I get why steffy is so quick to defend you, but I see you clearly, thomas. You are unstable as ever and you need to stay away from hope. And, by the way, after learning what xander has to say, I’m concerned now, more than ever, because not only are you unstable, you’re dangerous. Emma barber died that night and xander’s convinced you killed her.

Thomas: The case was closed and I wasn’t charged for a reason.

Finn: But that doesn’t mean you weren’t guilty. What happened that night, thomas?

Thomas: Do me a favor, finn. Don’t mess with my family or my life and especially, don’t mess with my relationship with hope.

Finn: Or what? Are you gonna drive me off a cliff too? You might have them all fooled, thomas, but not me. Your father, your sister, I mean, even hope, they’ve all bought into this new and improved thomas, but I see right through it. I see the anger in your eyes and the hostility and this obsession that you call love. You still have issues, thomas. Serious issues. And you play it off as the good designer, the good father, the good boyfriend, but you are a bad person and hope is a decent, wonderful woman who is too good for you. And as long as I live and breathe, you will never be with hope. Ever.

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