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[dramatic music]

Good morning, beautiful.

Good morning.

[sighs] I missed this.

Yeah, me too.

You know, it’s–it’s crazy. There’s a part of me that feels like I never left here.

Maybe our hearts have been here the whole time.

Yeah, maybe.

I’ll have to thank your mom for banning you from coming home last night.

Oh, my God, that was a surprise.

I was more than happy to offer you refuge in my home… and in my bed.

You know, last night, that was a first for me.

It was not.

Not that part.

[giggles] The other thing.

Oh, right.


Yes, the–the other thing.




[chuckles] What smells so–so good?

[both chuckle] Oh, turkey sausage, fried eggs and tomatoes, Texas toast. All my favorites. You remembered.

Just made what was in the refrigerator.

Oh. Well, it all looks delicious.

Well. Uh, Paulina… I’m sorry.

Oh, no, you don’t need to be sorry. It isn’t your fault that you don’t– you don’t remember anything.

No, I mean I’m sorry about last night.

Thank you so much for–for coming. I’m–I’m really sorry to have called you on a holiday. I’m just so terrified for Tate.

Don’t apologize. I’m available – for family. And I know Alex is very concerned about both of you.

Yeah, I really appreciate that. I didn’t know if things were OK between us. There was a lot of tension at the Christmas dinner, and I know Alex can be a bit of a–

A bit of a thoughtful guy who brings lattes to the woman who kicked him out of the hospital last night.

[upbeat music] I’m sorry I didn’t bring you one, Da– Justin.

No, I’m fine. I’ve already had my morning coffee.

Good. So what are you doing here anyway?

I called him the minute I heard about Tate.

[phone beeps]

Oh, Tate’s arraignment starts at : a.m.

Oh, great, great. Thank you for taking care of that. But you don’t have to stay. You can go now.

I beg your pardon?

Well, I’m sorry to do this, and I say it with all love and respect. But I’ve hired somebody else to represent Tate.

Your mom and I told you to stay as far away from here as possible, Tate.

I was going to, Dad, but I couldn’t let you take the fall for something that you didn’t do.

And I’m not gonna let you take the fall for something that you didn’t do, either, all right? The cops saw you with those pills, Tate.

How many times do I have to tell you? They weren’t mine.

I know that. I know that. But it looks bad. Holly got those pills from somewhere, and the cops saw you and her at the scene. Son, I know you think you can handle this, but you can’t.

[dramatic music] Son, Holly’s stepfather is the DA. He wants blood. Better mine than yours, OK?

Yeah, but I’ll be tried in juvenile court. You won’t. This is my battle, Dad. Let me fight it.

[door clicks open]

Oh, God.

It’s sounding a little tense in here, gentlemen.

Oh. Dad, things are fine.

Got your suit, kid.

Thanks, Grandpa.


What is this, for the arraignment?

I asked him to bring it.

Wow, you just have this all figured out, don’t you? You are so stubborn. You know that?

Boy, beginning to sound like someone else I know.


I need to be kept up on every detail regarding Tate’s arraignment. Is that clear, Commissioner?

Oh, I am well aware of your concerns about this case, EJ.

I mean it, Rafe. This involves the safety of every citizen in Salem.

Yeah, certainly not a personal vendetta.

What was that?

What? I just said I’ll keep you posted. How’s Holly doing?

She had another seizure a little while ago.

Oh, man, I’m sorry to hear that.

She’s stable now. She was–she was with Nicole at the time, and Nicole hasn’t left her side.

Listen to me, EJ. I promise you that I will give you any updates that I get, OK? Go be with your wife. She needs you.

I would, but Nicole has company right now. She’s with Eric.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

You hired another lawyer?

Family is not what you need right now, Theresa. What you need is a high-powered criminal attorney who is ruthless. And I’m sorry, that is just not your style.

No, no, ruthless is not my style. Facts are my style. Truth is my style. Fighting for what’s right is my style.

Yeah, and that’s all well and good. Nonetheless, I made some phone calls, and needless to say, I have hired somebody, and I have my resources to get Tate the very best. That’s what’s happening.

No, Alex, that is definitely not what is happening.


[tense music]

We can only move forward now, Brady. Tate is going to be arraigned, and we need to focus. We need to remain optimistic for the best possible outcome under the circumstances here, got it?


It–it looks great, Grandpa. Thank Grandma for me.

Well, you know, she steamed that herself. She wanted you to look your best.

And tell her I’m–tell her I’m sorry I snuck out.

No, you can tell her yourself when you see her.

How’s–how’s Holly doing?

She’s doing about the same.

I– last night when she showed me those drugs, I should have– I should have found you and told you. I just– I’m sorry, Dad.

Well, now that’s a lesson learned, isn’t it, kiddo?

I should have called right away too. When I found her lying out back, I just– I was so afraid of her getting in trouble. I didn’t– I wasn’t– I should have been more afraid that she could die.

You know, speaking of last night, I am a little hungry.

Wait, still?

Yeah. Would you like me to make you some breakfast?

Ooh. How about some biscuits with Southern fried eggs and gravy?

Mm. I was actually thinking a slightly… less ambitious alternative.

Such as?

I don’t know, maybe a… doughnut and some coffee.

What? Come on.

OK, OK, I’m kidding. I’ll make you whatever you like. But first…

[dramatic music] I wouldn’t mind a little dessert for breakfast.

[phone beeps] No, no, don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Mm-hmm, what if it’s Mama?

Hey, aah!

What if it’s Mama?

OK, fine.


It’s your dad. He says he’s been trying to reach you.

I– I left my phone on silent all night. Oh, jeez. Everyone’s been trying to… get ahold of me. Oh, no.

What? What–what happened?

Holly OD’d. I–I got to get to the hospital.

Oh, my God. Here, go. Go.


[dramatic music] I want you to understand. I felt it would be wrong for us to be intimate when I just don’t remember what we had.

[sighs] I understand.

Well, so you’re not upset?

I promise I won’t hold it against you.



Now, just to be clear…


I do love the woman I’m getting to know.


[both chuckle]

[both smooch]

Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry. Should I leave you guys alone?

[sighs] Look, Alex, I really appreciate you wanting the best for us, but we have that with Justin. And he knows Tate.

And the attorney that I hired will get to know Tate too. More importantly, he knows how to rip apart the prosecution’s case.

So does Justin. What–what–what is this? Does this have to do with the silliness that happened at dinner the other night?

No, Theresa, no, not at all. It’s ouzo under the bridge.

What is the problem, then? Because Brady and I trust Justin. And so does Tate, and he does not trust easily. You know what? I–I don’t–I don’t know what–what this is. I–I don’t–I don’t care, because he is– he’s gonna be dealing with this case, period.


Thank you, Theresa. I appreciate the vote of confidence. But if it would satisfy Alex, I am open to having a consulting lawyer on call.

Thank you.

Yeah, well, that might not be such a bad idea.

OK, see, that’s not good news. Now the cops are telling us that we even have to lawyer up more.

Well, it’s no secret that EJ’s out for blood. He’s got an ax to grind with Tate. But punishing that kid, especially if he’s innocent, that is not gonna help anyone, least of all Holly or Nicole.

All right, kiddo, here’s the road map. First, you’re gonna stop blaming yourself. Number one, it’s not gonna do any good. Number two, it’s not gonna change a damn thing. You got it? All right. Now, you pull yourself together and get in your suit. Your dad and I will be right outside, OK? OK.

[sighs] I really wish that you had–

We’re done here. We’re–we’re done here. Let’s just give him some space here. Hey, I know you’re trying to help him. But Tate has to man up and do this himself right now. He needs to know that we trust the judicial system is gonna work for him.

Dad, Dad, Dad, the judicial system, really? With EJ as DA? You are fooling yourself. There’s no way that my poor kid is gonna get justice.

[elevator bell dings]

Dad. Hey, how’s Holly? Why are you out here? Shouldn’t you be in there with her?

It’s–it’s–it’s not a good time, son.

Is she–

She’s alive. She’s just–she’s in a coma.

OK, well, can I go see her?

As I said, it’s not a good time.

Why not?

Nicole is in there, and she’s with Eric.

Chanel, silly child, get on over here.


I am so sorry I interrupted.

You didn’t interrupt anything.

[chuckles] We were just having a lovely breakfast that Abe made for me.


Well, I’m going to go get dressed, so if you ladies will excuse me.



[both chuckle]

Happy New Year.



So…it looks like last night went well.

Mm. Mostly, yes. Abe and I had a long talk, and I told him about… everything. I mean, about my medical condition.

Oh. Oh, really? Mama, I am so glad you told him about it. How did he respond?

Oh, how do you think? He’s Abe Carver. He was supportive and caring, said he’d be there for me. And I said I didn’t want him to, and he said, too bad.

Yeah, that sounds like Abe.

And–and then… he–he told me he loves me.

Oh, Mama, that is so wonderful. OK, and then now he’s still here in his pajamas.

I dug up those PJs from the back of a drawer. We slept in separate beds.

Oh. OK, I might regret asking this, but why?

Oh, you know. Well, he lost his memory. I’m here. He’s there, blah, blah, blah. So it wasn’t the right time. But, you know, we talked this morning, and we’re in a better place now.

Good. I’m glad.

[sighs] So… how was your New Year’s Eve? Where’d you go after the party?

[dramatic music]

Oh, I… just went back to Johnny’s place.

[door clicks open] Thanks for lending me your shirt.

Suddenly that shirt is my all-time favorite.


[sighs] So… now what? What should we do?

I don’t know, anything… everything.

[sighs] I can’t believe it’s been two years since we were together.

Two long years.

You know, it’s– it’s funny. We were married, so… why am I so nervous?

Hey, hey. You never have to be nervous around me. OK? You know what? I am…a little hungry.


Yeah, so it’s a good thing that while you were in the bathroom, I went downstairs… and brought up a little snack.

[laughs] You’re gonna eat that out the can?

No, not eat it out of the can. I am going to eat it… off of you.

Yeah, well, let’s just say our New Year’s was pretty…sweet.

Theresa, you let Tate get out of the house so he could come down here and confess? What were you thinking, huh?

I did not let him get out. He snuck out. Marlena and I thought that he was in his bed sleeping.

Well, that’s great. You know, if he would have just gone back to boarding school like I wanted him to, none of this would be happening to the poor kid.

Oh, really? Well, you’re the one who let him decide on what he wanted to do, Mr. Big Stuff. And he decides to stay, and you blame me?

OK, OK, listen. We–Tate needs all of us on the same side here.

I know.


Like that’s gonna happen. But for the record, I’m on her side.

Yeah, shocker.

Let’s just focus on–on–on Tate here. What’s the outlook?

Well, actually, I’m optimistic after reading the police report. I mean, there’s very little concrete evidence against him. So this arraignment this morning will be quick. Tate will plead not guilty to the charges. Then the judge will set bail and a trial date. And then, since Tate is a minor, he’ll be released into a parent’s supervision. And I assume that will be you, Brady.


All right. So like I said, this hearing is gonna be quick. I suggest that I go into court alone with Tate and the rest of you remain here.


No, I don’t agree with that.

Justin, that’s not a good–

Please! Based on what I just witnessed here, OK, it’ll be for the best, because this judge will not tolerate outbursts of any kind.

So we’re gonna let Justin do his job here, right, everyone?


All right.

I’m ready.

So Nicole is in Holly’s room with Eric, and you’re just…out here?

She’s beside herself with worry. I wasn’t gonna storm in there and pull her out of Eric’s arms.

OK. Well, got to say, that’s a little out of character for you, Dad.

Eric has been in Holly’s life for a long time. He is, of course, a great comfort to her right now. No, what Nicole needs from me in this moment is to take care of business.

Take care of business? What does that mean?

It means she is in there torturing herself for not having seen the signs with Holly earlier, when in reality, it is not her fault in the least. No, this is all on the shoulders of that loser Tate Black.

Whoa. This–this is all Tate’s fault?

Holly never even used drugs until Tate came along.

You sure about that?

Oh, come, now. You’ve met his parents. I guarantee the apple hasn’t fallen far from those rotten trees. No, no, no, that–that– that druggie loser almost killed Holly. I will never let him anywhere near her again.

[dramatic music]

[sighs] This waiting is driving me crazy. I thought this was supposed to be quick, huh?

Yeah, I know. Let’s–let’s go out and get some fresh air. Theresa, let us know when they come back.


[sighs] Theresa, I know I got under your skin last night, and I’m trying very hard not to be that guy, but somebody’s got to say it. Are you sure Tate’s telling the truth?

Of course he is. Look, I know I sound like one of those naive parents. My son would never do that. I know. But he and I have talked many, many, many times before about drugs and alcohol and addiction, both his father and I. We both talked to him about it, and he knows. He would never, ever go down that road.

OK, OK, but did you always do what your parents warned you not to do? I know I didn’t. Kids, they don’t listen. They make their own mistakes, and they learn the hard way.

Alex… I hear what you’re saying. But I can’t go there right now. I just have to believe what my son is telling me.

OK. I’m sorry for being cynical. He’s your son. You know him better than anybody, and if you choose to believe him, so do I. Come over here.


Whoa, chilly out here.

Yeah, it was chilly in there. She should have locked Tate in his room.

Oh, stop it, will you? You both could have handled things a little bit better.

Me? How could I have handled things any better?

Oh. With trying to take the rap? That always works out well, doesn’t it?

I hope I didn’t screw up his case and make him look like he–he was trying to hide something.

Son, everyone knows that you were trying to protect your boy here. That’s what good parents do.

Dad, I– look, I got to say this out loud, or I’m gonna blow up. It’s not possible, is it? After all Theresa and I did to make sure that that kid did not follow in our footsteps, he did not do drugs with Holly, did he? It’s not possible.

You know sometimes kids make mistakes. Now, if–if Tate did do drugs, you, Theresa, and this army that you have as a family will rally around him to make sure that he gets the help he needs. But I’m telling you something, son. My gut says that young man is telling the truth.

I pray you’re right.

How can you be so sure it was Tate that gave Holly the drugs?

Because he’s a little punk. He’s nothing but trouble.

[sighs] OK, look, there’s something I got to tell you, Dad. On Christmas Eve, Holly got drunk while you and Nicole were at Green Mountain.

How do you know? You saw her?

She called me, completely plastered.

How come I didn’t know about this?

Because kids don’t tell their parents everything.


Anyway, I–I rushed over. I tucked her in, made sure she was OK.

And you saw her drunk?


[sighs] Damn. Nicole didn’t think it was a good idea to leave Holly alone for her birthday, and it obviously wasn’t.

It’s just, Holly, she was just trying to be supportive, you know, of you and Nicole. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She didn’t want to be selfish.


After that night, I just–man, I– I could have kept a closer eye on her. You know, I was at that party. I could have at least made sure she was OK.

Don’t–don’t be ridiculous. This is nobody’s fault but Tate’s.

Mm, nothing makes me happier than seeing that smile on your face.

You had a big smile on your face when I walked in on you two this morning. I’m really sorry I interrupted.

Oh, well, don’t be. Things weren’t going any further than that kiss that you walked in on. But you say that you had a sweet night with Johnny? What did you two do?

Oh, we just shared a little… late-night dessert.


[sultry music]

* Got to keep * * The dream alive *

[vocalizing] * Keeping the dream alive * * I’m keeping the dream alive * * Keep the dream alive * * Alive *


Yeah, and Johnny said that he’d love to have late-night dessert more often.


[chuckles] Well, you tell him to be careful. It’s not always such a good idea to eat something rich so late at night.

* Keeping the dream alive *

What? What did I say?

* The dream alive *

Dad, if Holly was drinking and you didn’t know about it, isn’t it possible that she could have been doing other things too?

Holly’s not like that. She’s a good kid.

Good kids do drugs. It happens. OK, look, Tate was there for Holly. I’m the one who told her to lean on Tate. I’m just saying, if you’re gonna be mad at Tate, then you should be mad at me too.

[dramatic music]

[phone ringing]

I have to answer this.

Is there any news?

No, not yet.

Theresa… I’m–I’m sorry for jumping down your throat earlier. It was not your fault that Tate snuck out.

Thank you. Justin’s right. Emotions are really running high right now. Tate, how did it go?


I made bail.

He made bail!

He can go home.

Oh, God.

Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God.

Oh, my God, thank God.

See, kid? It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right.

Thank you.

Mmm. Abe, that was so good.

Oh, well, thank you.

Mm-hmm. Yup, I’m gonna have to fix that for Johnny but with the biscuits and gravy, you know, how Mama taught you how to make last year. Remember?

But, oh, hey, who needs those added carbs, carbs, carbs?

I’ll have to learn how to make that again.

I’m really sorry, Abe. I am such a dope. I wasn’t thinking.

No, no, I’m just thinking about Holly. I was just wondering how she was doing.

I know. Such a tragedy.

Yeah, Johnny said he’d call. He was supposed to tell me how she’s doing.

Well, I’m sure he’ll call as soon as he can.

No, no, I’m just glad Holly moved on to Tate instead of mooning over Johnny. Oh, at least Tate’s her own age.

Yeah, but did Tate give her the drugs? Because if he did, then he could be in some big trouble.

Oh, I tell you, my heart goes out to Holly. I mean, this drug epidemic is just– just out of control. I mean, people–people are overdosing every day and dying.

I wish I knew how to stop it.

You’re doing the best you can, Mama.

[sighs] You know, when I got the report of another OD this morning, I had no idea it was someone we knew. Oh, this is so close to home.

You know, I better get over to the hospital and– Nicole might need my help.

Oh, you’re a good man, Abe Carver. I’m going to go and call and find out what exactly happened to that girl. Rafe should be able to tell me more by now.

[phone rings]

Hey, Chanel, it’s– it’s me.

Hey. Hey, baby. How’s Holly?

Not good. She’s in a coma. She’s hooked up to all these tubes. She almost died.

Oh–oh, my God. What–what happened?

She OD’d outside the Bistro on the back loading dock right after we left. They had to give her naloxone…twice.

Oh, God. I wish that we would have gone with Tate when he was looking for her.

Yeah, me too.

So–so she was using? Were–were the drugs hers or Tate’s?

I don’t know. You know, nobody knows. My dad sure seems to think Tate is responsible. I just–I left. I told him I’d come back later.

Oh, OK. Well, I–I’m here with Mama and–and Abe, and she shared with me what happened last night.

Interesting. We never got breakfast. Do you want to meet at the pub now?

Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ve already eaten, but I’ll meet you there. And I want to hear more about Holly and Tate. So–so where is Tate now?

[sighs] Not sure. All I know is that my dad is bound and determined to hold Tate responsible for what happened to Holly. He’s furious, enraged, actually. I just–I don’t know, I hope he doesn’t do anything crazy.

[dramatic music]

I know. I know you don’t.

Wow. Well, looks like a New Year’s party in here.

Oh, better than that.

Well, it is, thanks to Justin.

Yeah, congrats again, Dad.

Thanks, Alex.

Yeah, Justin, thank you so much.

Really, it was just the arraignment.

I know, but with EJ in charge, it could have gone wrong. Who knows what could have happened in there?

This is great news, and I’m gonna put on a big lunch for everybody here, especially you, kiddo.

[clicks tongue]

All right. So hey, can we–can we leave and get out of here?

Actually, no. You need to hang here. I got to pick up the release papers from the court. Be right back.


Tate, you need to get some rest, OK?

[phone ringing]

Yeah, yeah, but right now, I really just want Holly to be OK.

I hear you. Excuse me.

Well, Alex, Theresa, apparently, we’re gonna have a big old lunch over at the house. So I’d love to have you guys come.

Let’s do it. Thanks, man.


I’m so relieved…for now.

Me too, yeah. I know we still have to go to trial and everything, but honestly, I just want to get out of here.

I know, I know. Hey, one step at a time. But, buddy, you, you’re coming home. You’re coming home.


I just got a call from the assistant district attorney.

And I just got a call from the judge. He’s reversed his decision, and your bail’s been revoked. Sorry, Tate, you’re not going anywhere. I’ve got to take you back into custody.

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