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Steffy: I still can’t believe it. I mean, what are the odds that he chooses you as his doctor? In all of L.A.? Do you think he came back here to stir up trouble?

Finn: For thomas.

Steffy: Well, could you think of another reason that he’d bring up emma’s death? Accuse my brother of murder?

Finn: I actually kinda had to pull it out of the guy.

Steffy: Well, when you did, xander didn’t hold back, right? He said that my brother is responsible for emma’s death. But he wasn’t, finn.

Thomas: Sure you don’t wanna change your mind? You’re allowed to reconsider. But not this time.

Hope: I’m sorry.

Thomas: No, I’m not. At least you didn’t throw the ring in my face. I’m serious! I just wanna be with you, so I can wait.

Rj: Hey, luna, can you hand me that sketch? Luna?

Luna: What? Oh. Sorry, I was just thinking about my mom.

Rj: Well, what are you– are you thinking about how the date’s going?

Luna: Look, I realize that bill spencer is not your favorite person.

Rj: Yeah, that’s– that’s putting it mildly.

Luna: Okay. But, my mom hasn’t had a man in her life in a really long time. So, who knows? Maybe bill could be the one.

Rj: The one?

Luna: Who changes her life forever.

Bill: I’m right, aren’t I?

Poppy: About what?

Bill: San francisco. Golden gate music fest. I realize it was a long time ago.

Poppy: Yes, bill. I remember. It was a wonderful night. One that I haven’t forgotten. Or ever will.

Rj: Wow. So, you’re expecting a lot from a first date.

Luna: No. It’s only if bill really does turn out to be the one.

Rj: The– the one who sweeps her mom off her feet?

Luna: Yeah. I mean, stranger things have happened.

Rj: Yeah. Especially when bill spencer’s involved.

Luna: Wait. What do you mean?

Rj: Let’s– let’s just say that he has quite, uh… a history with the ladies.

Luna: Should– should I be worried? Should my mom be?

Bill: I don’t know. I mean, I think that she can handle herself, but I don’t know her that well, so.

Luna: When it comes to my mom and men, I’ve always felt bad that my dad was never in the picture. I mean, not just for me, but… for my mom as well.

Bill: Thank you. So, you do realize I’ve got a million questions.

Poppy: That many?

Bill: All right. Maybe half a million. What’s that?

Poppy: Fortification. For all the intense questioning.

Bill: This is a date, all right? It’s not gonna be a cross examination.

Poppy: I’m joking. Hey, but this is all natural. It is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Bill: Fair enough.

Poppy: Can i admit something?

Bill: Sure.

Poppy: I was a little nervous about this date of ours and this will just take the edge off a little, much like your scotch.

Bill: So, back to that night all those years ago.

Poppy: Hm.

Bill: A chance encounter that turned into something more.

Poppy: Well, I don’t wanna put you on the spot, but I never heard from you again. You never called.

Bill: I meant to. I really did. It’s just that… after the festival, it was– it was back to work. Uh, at that time of my life, I was all about building my company into what it is today. You might even call it an obsession. I had no room in my life for anything else. And if that’s– that’s a lame excuse, I know.

Poppy: No, it isn’T. You had a life to live and so did I.

Bill: You’re very sweet to let me off the hook, but I am sorry, poppy. More than you know.

Thomas: You may not be wearing the engagement ring on your finger, but I think it’s wonderful right where it is, next to your heart. It’s kinda where it belongs. And in the mean time, I’ll keep reminding you how happy I can make you.

Hope: I am happy.

Thomas: I know, yeah. I am too, but think about how much happier we’ll be if we were like husband and wife and stuff. I’m not gonna push. I’m sorry. I’m not pushing. Uh, I know that you are not ready to marry me. Yet.

Steffy: Thomas is my brother. You need to support him.

Finn: Baby, I want to, but we can’t just ignore xander’s accusation.

Steffy: Xander isn’t as innocent as you think. He was part of the whole baby beth lie.

Finn: So, you think he’s making his accusations against thomas as payback?

Steffy: That’s exactly what I think. Look, what happened to emma, it was awful, but that accident wasn’t because of my brother.

Finn: So, you believe your brother?

Steffy: Yes. And the police.

Finn: Police?

Steffy: Xander went to the police and the police determined that it was reckless driving. It wasn’t thomas’ fault. Look, I didn’t say anything to you because there was already so many things stacked up against thomas in the past, but thomas didn’t do what xander said. You’re my husband, finn. You need to understand that.

Luna: I think bill seems like a nice enough guy. I know, I know. I know you’re not the biggest fan of him, but he is very successful and larger than life.

Rj: Is that your mom’s type?

Luna: I don’t know what my mom’s type is actually, but if bill and my mom’s paths really did cross years ago like bill thinks, I don’t know. Maybe he is her type after all.

Bill: Li never told you.

Poppy: You saved her from this horrible sheila woman? No, I had no idea. I mean, that’s amazing. My family and I owe you a lot.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. You don’t owe me at all. The fact is, I owe you an apology. Look, I– I meant what I said. The impact you had on me all those years ago… and– and look at you. That same glowing, effervescent, free-spirited beauty. If I picked up the phone back then, who knows how different our lives could’ve been.

Thomas: I’m sorry that my proposal caught you off guard.

Hope: I hate to disappoint you.

Thomas: You didn’t disappoint me. I get it. You just– you couldn’t accept. You’re not ready to commit to me or to anyone. That’s okay. But when you are, and in the meantime, you’ll know, you’ll always know, that you are the only woman for me.

Steffy: You’re worried about my brother? Well, so am I. But not about what xander said. I’m worried that hope is using him. And if she ends it with thomas, like this could be really devastating for him.

Finn: Yeah, I agree. It could be a breaking point, but as concerned as I am for thomas, I mean, I’m even more concerned for hope. I– I’m sorry, honey, but I still think that thomas has issues. Hope needs to be protected.

Steffy: So, you’re taking hope’s side?

Finn: I’m not taking anyone’s side. Yes, thomas is family. He’s your brother. But, that doesn’t negate or forgive him for what he did to hope. Keeping baby beth from her, perpetuating the lie that she died during child birth. These are cruel things.

Steffy: So many people suffered. Hope suffered. I suffered. Yes, I adopted a child, not knowing it was hope’s baby.

Finn: Yes, exactly. He put you through hell because he didn’t come forward and tell you what he knew. And now, these accusations from xander–

Steffy: That’s exactly what they are. They are accusations. That’s all they are. He’s just trying to get back at thomas because he got axed from forrester, from our family, from thomas.

Finn: He’s convinced that thomas is responsible for emma barber’s death.

Steffy: That is not true. It was a tragic accident. I– I– I can’t believe we’re talking about this again.

Finn: No one in your family mentions it.

Steffy: It doesn’t mean we’re not haunted by it. Look, what happened to emma, it was terrible, but it was an accident. I will tell you it again, thomas is not to blame. It wasn’t his fault. So, drop it, okay? Please, baby, just drop it. I can’T. Woma

Rj: It must’ve been hard growing up without a father. I mean, you said that’s all you’ve ever known, right?

Luna: Yeah, it’s always just my mom and me. I mean, it’s not like my dad was in my life and he walked out on us, never to return.

Rj: Can’t miss what you’ve never known.

Luna: Yeah. Something like that. Though, I do have to confess, when I was younger, I did think about him a lot. Like, who he was.

Rj: Has poppy ever talked about him? Mentioned a name? Nothing?

Luna: Nope. All she’s ever said was that I was made from love.

Bill: So, I was doing a little poking around the forrester creations website.

Poppy: Hm?

Bill: Very impressed with luna.

Poppy: Thank you. I’m really proud of her.

Bill: Well, you should be. She’s making the most of her internship and that speaks well of her.

Poppy: Luna adores fashion. You know, it’s been her dream ever since she was little. To be a part of that world. She worked really hard to get there.

Bill: Well, they’re lucky to have her.

Poppy: Well, I’m just thrilled that she’s happy. Especially since she didn’t have the easiest childhood.

Bill: How’s that?

Poppy: Well, her father wasn’t in her life.

Bill: Oh. I– I’m sorry to hear that. Guy’s gotta be a total jerk.

Poppy: No, he isn’T. He never knew I was pregnant.

Bill: So, luna has no idea who her father is?

Poppy: Mm-mm. Nope.

Bill: But you do?

Poppy: All right. You’re getting kind of personal. We haven’t seen each other in 20 years.

Bill: Ah, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pry. It’s just that, luna is really exceptional. Any man would be proud to call her his daughter.

Thomas: Hope for the future put on hold didn’t slow me down. What do you think?

Steffy: I think it’s nice.

Thomas: It’s nice. That’s all you have to say? Really?

Steffy: Actually, I have a lot more to say.

Thomas: Oh, no. This isn’t about hope and me, is it?

Steffy: No. It’s about xander. Xander avant.

Hope: Hi. I got your text. You wanted to see me?

Finn: Yeah. Thanks for coming.

Hope: So, I’m going to guess that this is about thomas.

Finn: Yeah. I’m worried more than ever about your involvement with him.

Luna: Imagine, bill spencer, a man from my mom’s past, could possibly be her future. I mean, wouldn’t that be surprising?

Rj: Anything is possible, I suppose.

Luna: Look, I’m not trying to play matchmaker, but if something really came of this and they really hit it off and somehow got involved?

Rj: Luna, it’s their first date and you’re hearing wedding bells. Come on.

Luna: No, no. Stop. Stop. I guess it’s just the romantic in me, but.

Rj: Ah.

Luna: I love happy endings and maybe, bill spencer could be the one to give my mom one, after all this time.

Bill: You are a very beautiful woman.

Poppy: Thank you.

Bill: As beautiful now as you were then. I just remember watching you dancing to the music and you were just so into it. I mean, the look on your face, the way your– your body moved, just so free and uninhibited. It was like nothing else mattered but that moment in time.

Poppy: My life was so different back then. I was so carefree, before I became a mother.

Bill: I still can’t believe you have a daughter luna’s age. I swear, I never forgot about you. In case you’re wondering, I would really like to see you again, poppy.

Thomas: Wow, talk about a small world in a very large city. Wasn’t xander in london?

Steffy: He was in london. Now, he’s back in L.A. He showed up at finn’s office and he freaked out when he found out that I was his wife.

Thomas: Oh, wow. I mean, I guess there’s no surprise there. His tenure at forrester didn’t exactly end well. Dad let him go.

Steffy: Yeah, part of that was because of the whole baby beth lie.

Thomas: Okay, so why are you bringing this up? So, finn saw xander as a patient. It’s no big deal.

Steffy: It is a big deal, thomas. He and emma were close and he hasn’t forgotten about what happened on mulholland. You and I know what happened to emma, it was an accident, but xander doesn’t think that. He told finn that he thinks you’re responsible for emma’s death.

Hope: While I appreciate the concern, finn, it is misplaced. There is nothing to worry about with thomas, as I have told steffy, as I have told everyone else over and over and–

Finn: I realize that and while steffy’s worried about her brother, I’m worried about you.

Hope: Okay, well, that’s– that’s sweet, but it’s unnecessary. I mean, I know better than anyone how much thomas has changed, so.

Finn: Are you sure about that, hope? Because I learned something pretty shocking today.

Hope: About thomas?

Finn: I, um, I saw a new patient and when he saw our wedding photo, he– he freaked out and he couldn’t believe that I was married to steffy forrester.

Hope: Well, I am sure that that was just a mistake or that he’s a fan. I mean, steffy has many fans.

Finn: No, he is not– he is not– he’s definitely not a fan. He’s a former employee of forrester. Does the name xander avant ring any bells?

Hope: You saw xander?

Finn: Yeah, and he made a pretty shocking statement. And I– I told steffy and she seemed to already know and I’m sensing that you do too. And yeah, it goes all the way back to one of the darkest chapters of your life, when your baby was stolen and you and liam thought that she was dead, and look– look, I’m really sorry to be– I’m bringing all this up, but I really wish I didn’t have to. I wish I could just forget what xander told me, but given the things thomas has done in the past… and look, I mean, steffy, she– she believes in thomas. He’s her brother, after all, but when xander accuses thomas of murder, now do you understand why I’m so concerned about you?

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