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Cole: Should we, uh, get some bubbly since we missed the countdown?

Victoria: Do you really want some?

Cole: Well, I just want to help take your mind off today. And if that means champagne, I’m in.

Victoria: Thank you. I– I really appreciate that. But honestly, I’m just really not in the mood after getting claire settled in.

Cole: Our daughter’s been through hell and back. You know, that was before jordan kidnapped her for round two at the cabin. I mean, the important thing is– is that she’s safe now. And we’re gonna do everything we can to keep her safe.

Victoria: But that’s what we said we were gonna do, didn’t we? We said we would help her. And then jordan came and took her again and she nearly killed her. I mean, how much more can one person take? I’m worried, cole. I’m– I’m scared. I’m scared that she’s slipping further away.

Claire: This is where I live now. This is where I might always live. There’s no one to believe in. No one to trust. Not aunt jordan, who said it was us against the world, but she lied. She saved herself at the lake house and left me to take the fall. Then broke me out of here only to try and kill me. That was the way she loved me. Maybe all I deserved. Victoria and cole. They say I’m theirs, but there’s fear in their eyes. That’s not love. It never will be. I have no one. I’m nothing and I always will be.

[ Nikki exhaling ]

Victor: My sweet baby. I removed the temptation, you know.

Nikki: You have to protect me from myself. Makes me feel a little mad. But I’m grateful.

Victor: I felt you get out of bed. My baby is struggling, aren’t you, hm?

Nikki: I don’t think I’m gonna make it this time.

Sharon: Wow, nick. I’m so sorry that you went through all of this. And I had no idea.

Nick: I mean, we barely got through the first ordeal. And then jordan tried to kill mom and claire all over again.

Sharon: But she’s locked up now?

Nick: Yes. Hopefully, for a very long time.

Sharon: And how is victoria holding up? I can’t imagine how hard this must be for her. Finding out that her daughter didn’t die. And eve– claire had a whole childhood, a whole lifetime really, being a part of jordan’s evil revenge plot.

Nick: Yeah. Can you imagine the emotional toll it’s gonna take on vic? I mean, to reconnect with her daughter, who has hated her mom her whole life?

Sharon: With time and patience and the right therapy, I’m sure that eventually, claire will get past her anger. And she’ll see her parents in a new light.

Nick: I wish you could be her therapist.

Victoria: What if it’s just too much? She’s already had so much to unpack with her doctors. Decades of brainwashing. And then, on top of that, her aunt turns completely against her as well.

Cole: That’s another reason to be grateful that jordan is now out of all of our lives, thanks to your mom. I mean, nikki is one brave, strong woman. She saved herself and she saved our daughter.

Victoria: I know that. I hate to think about what would have happened if mom hadn’t fought so hard. But I can’t stop thinking about claire and what it must have been like for her. Her aunt tried to kill her.

Cole: We just have to make sure that claire knows that she’s not alone. She’s got us.

Claire: They know I’m a monster. It’s in their eyes. I can’t see that look anymore. So, I just have to keep them away. Don’t let anyone get close. Not the doctor’s, not my parents. Stop! Don’t call them that. They are victoria and cole, not mom or dad, or my parents. They’re the people who might have died. And I’m the one who could have helped kill them. They wanted a sweet, perfect baby girl. That’s not me. I’m no one. They can’t love me. And I can’t love them. This is the way it’ll always be.

Victor: I’ll get you some tea so you can sleep, all right?

Nikki: I don’t wanna sleep. It just brings nightmares of jordan.

Victor: Okay. Well, then maybe we can stay up and watch the sunrise. How’s that?

Nikki: I remember when we used to do that. When we were much younger.

Victor: You know, I have an idea. We can play chess or cards. Or we can tell each other stories.

Nikki: Stories?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: After all these years, don’t you think we know each other’s stories?

Victor: No, baby. I love to hear your stories. Never enough of them, okay? Anything to help you get through the night. And tomorrow night and the night after. I’m here for you, my baby.

Nikki: You are my rock.

Victor: I’ll be here for you.

Nikki: I don’t know what I would do without you.

Victor: Mm.

Nikki: Do you remember the bad times? When I was at my worst?

Victor: Mm-hmm. Yep. I remember how angry I was with you when I realized how dependent you had become about alcohol, you know. I knew then you were trying to medicate the pain that you suffered from that riding accident. Look at all this booze. Do you think I’ve found it all? Or do you have some more stuff stashed all over the house? I bet you have hidden the stuff all over the house, haven’t you?

Nikki: I’m sorry.

Victor: Don’t you tell me that you’re sorry, for heaven’s sake. What the hell does that mean? You’re telling me that you wanna stop drinking, all the while you’re having vodka with orange juice! Are you so locked into this lifestyle that nothing matters to you? That your family doesn’t matter to you? Your children don’t matter to you? Your friends don’t matter to you? All that matters to you is this damn bottle! Right?

Nikki: That was a terrible day. But you were right. Even your anger didn’t stop me from drinking that day. But it didn’t stop you from helping me either. I mean, you could have walked out. But you didn’T.

Victor: Come here. I didn’t walk out on you then and I will not now. You are the love of my life, okay? I will always protect you, my baby. I will always protect you.

Sharon: Well, claire is in good hands. Memorial has some of the best psychiatric care in the country.

Nick: I know. I just– I hate seeing vic go through something like this. And I know you have a real gift helping people through tough times. And not just as a therapist, but as a friend.

Sharon: Well, in that case, why don’t you let me help you as a friend? You’re always looking after everybody. You’ve been through a trauma yourself. How are you holding up?

Nick: I’m fine. The knife wound is healing.

Sharon: And emotionally?

Nick: I’m good. Honestly, the only thing I’m worried about is my family. That is what keeps me up at night. I have to make sure they heal and get through this. And before you ask, that’s how I’m taking care of myself.

Sharon: Then, I won’t push. But you do know you don’t have to go through this alone.

Nick: I’m not alone. I’ve got friends. I’ve got friends like you. I’ve got an amazing family. We’re going to get through this. It will happen.

Adam: Well, look at us. Drinking champagne, like a normal new year’s eve.

Sally: Not like our first one.

Adam: I specifically remember saying no to a new year’s eve date that year.

Sally: And we didn’t celebrate new year’s eve. There was not a noisemaker or a piece of confetti to be seen.

Adam: It was just decorations from every other holiday.

Sally: And we watched north by northwest.

Adam: Because of your cary grant fixation.

Sally: Well… and I didn’t serve champagne.

Adam: No, of course not. It was– it was– it was vodka and caviar.

Sally: I adhered to your rules.

Adam: Mm… you found a loophole.

Sally: Well, I would argue that neither of us are big on doing what other people do.

Adam: Well, you got me there.

Sally: And I’d also say that neither of us wanted to spend new year’s alone.

Adam: Not then and not now. You know what? I think that we should turn the clock back to 11:59 and 45 seconds.

Sally: Right now?

Adam: Yeah. I mean, it’s so clichéd to celebrate new year’s at actual midnight with the crowd and all the noise. I mean, look at this place. We nearly have it all to ourselves.

Sally: So, you’re suggesting a loophole?

Adam: I am.

Sally: Okay. Yeah, let’s do it. Ready?

Adam: Uh-huh. Ten, nine.

Sally: Eight, seven.

Adam: Six, five.

Both: Four, three, two, one.

Adam: Happy new year, sally.

Sally: Happy new year, adam.

Adam: You know, we have come this far on the whole traditional new year’s eve thing. We’re just missing one thing.

Sally: And what’s that?

Adam: We kiss.

Nikki: You didn’t give up. You got me to go to rehab.

Victor: But you did the hard work. You got sober.

Nikki: Yeah. It worked for a while. Then, maggie and deacon happened.

Victor: Oh, for heaven’s sake. I forgot those two psychos. They were trying to ruin your life, but they didn’t now, did they?

Nikki: You were there for me then too.

Victor: Yes. I brought you something. It’s a birthday gift.

Nikki: Victor. You just bringing me here. I mean, coming all this way is– is the best gift you could have given me.

Victor: Just open it.

Nikki: If you insist. It’s lovely.

Victor: It’s a chinese symbol of courage and strength. So if you ever need any of that, you just take a look at this, okay?

Nikki: I will.

Victor: Come here. This is more difficult for me than it is for you, I think.

Nikki: No.

Victor: I want you to know, my sweetheart, that no matter what happens to us and has happened to us, and a lot of things have happened to us, but your strength and my strength, but your strength primarily, have held our family together. And it will continue to do that, okay?

Nikki: Courage and strength.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: You knew what I needed to hear at that moment.

Victor: Yes, my sweet love. It’s who you are. We got through it. You got sober and you will do it again. We work for this as a family, okay? I have a lot of plans for 2024. A lot of plans for our whole family. Come here.

Victoria: I think that we just have to accept that there’s no way of making up for what we lost with claire. We just have to move forward.

Cole: You’re right. She needs us. Now, all that really matters is taking care of her.

Victoria: Do you wanna know something? You have been such a positive force for me through all of this. You’ve really helped me to stay focused on what’s important.

Cole: Our daughter.

Victoria: Yeah.

Cole: Yeah.

Victoria: Gosh, what a way for us to, uh, to reconnect. I mean, it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other.

Cole: Yeah, too long. I don’t think we ever really got over losing baby eve. I know I told claire not to go down this road, but she’s right. I just can’t help but think how different things might have been. You know, if jordan hadn’t taken our daughter and would raising her have brought us back together? And how much would things have changed for us? For all of us?

Sally: You’re pushing it again.

Adam: Well, you know, me. I can’t help myself when it comes to you.

Sally: There. One legitimate new year’s eve kiss.

Adam: Fair enough. But just to be clear, this does not count as the date that you agreed to. Which technically, I don’t think we’ve had yet.

Sally: I would have to check the fine print because I do seem to recall that we did have one dinner, as well as a lunch.

Adam: Okay, you may be right. Which means… are we dating?

Sally: Definitely not yet. And also, pushing.

Adam: Hey, don’t blame me. Okay? I’m just– I’m wrapped up in all this excitement of actually celebrating a new year’S. It’s a new beginning. It’s a new opportunity.

Sally: I’m really excited for 2024. After all these long days and late nights, I think my business is ready to take off and I’m just finally feeling like my old self.

Adam: You got that spectra energy back? I’m really glad to hear that. I think 2024 is going to be a great year for me as well.

Sally: How so?

Adam: Well, my relationship with my father is actually good. It’s on a positive upswing. And call me pushy, but I’m optimistic about us. I think we’re on the cusp of a really great second act.

Nikki: Morning, darling.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. My baby. Hi, my baby. Oh, come here. What a beautiful morning it is, you know. I’m just sorry we didn’t stay up long enough to watch the sunrise.

Nikki: I’m not. I finally got some sleep.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: Thanks to drifting off on your arms down here. It’s the first time I haven’t had any nightmares since this whole thing started.

Victor: I am very happy to hear that. I really am. Why are you dressed for work? Why don’t you take the day off? You and I can walk around the ranch. Thank the good lord for all the blessings.

Nikki: Well, that sounds lovely.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Can I have a rain check? ‘Cause I think it will be good for me to be at work. It’s a new year. I can have a fresh start. In fact, I’m gonna be going to a morning A.A. Meeting on the way.

Victoria: Mom, dad. Happy new year.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Victor: Hi, sweet girl.

Victoria: Hi, dad.

Nikki: Well, what brings you by at this hour?

Victoria: You. I wanted to check on you and see how you’re doing. It’s good to see you looking so well.

Nikki: Oh, thank you. I am doing much better, thanks to your father. In fact, I’m on my way out to a meeting.

Victoria: Great.

Nikki: Will I see both of you at the office?

Victoria: Mom, are you sure you’re ready to go back to work? I mean, you know, nobody would begrudge you for taking a little time off after everything you’ve been through.

Victor: I said the same thing.

Nikki: Well, that’s true. But, uh, your father has reminded me that I have faced worse and gotten through it, so I intend to do it again.

Victor: I think you already are.

Victoria: You two. You’re both such an inspiration, the way you’re always there for each other.

Nikki: The way we’re all there for each other.

Victor: You know, I think we all know that we love each other. And we’ll overcome any kind of difficulties that life will throw at us.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Hey there. How was the rest of your night?

Sally: I went straight to sleep. You cured my restlessness.

Adam: So, I bored you? Is that what you’re saying?

Sally: You are a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. How about you?

Adam: Uh, pretty much the same. Woke up ready to tackle 2024. But seriously, thank you for salvaging new year’s eve for me.

Sally: Well, that’s actually why I was calling. I wanted to thank you, formally. I was wondering if you were free tonight for dinner?

Adam: As in a date? Or is this another loophole?

[ Sally chuckling ]

Sally: No. No, just a real honest-to-goodness date.

Adam: Um, let me check my schedule.

Sally: Oh, excuse me. I didn’t realize you were so popular.

Adam: Hey, what a coincidence. I’m free. I can’t wait.

I have type 2 diabetes,

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: Hey. How is she?

Cole: She’s sleeping.

Victoria: We never got to watch her sleep like this. All those years that we could have argued over bedtime, read her stories, soothed her when she was sick.

Cole: Hey. We agreed. There’s no looking back, only forward.

Nikki: And I haven’t been sleeping because I’m scared of the nightmares. Drinking always used to mask those painful feelings and anxiety. Well, that’s the fallacy, right? We know that that is not true. It just makes the thoughts worse and then we need to drink more. Okay. Today’s gratitude list. Last night, my husband stayed up with me so that I wouldn’t have to be alone for those thoughts and feelings. I know, right? He is my rock. He’s always been my rock. And as grateful as I am to have him, I know that I can’t lean on him to get through this. He– he can’t keep me sober. I know that. I only– I can do it. And what’s frustrating is so many people in the world think that it sounds simple. Just don’t take a drink. We know that it’s not that easy, don’t we? I am not gonna white knuckle this. If I don’t wanna be a dry drunk, I have to wrap my mind around what happened to me. There’s a lot of demons that I have to face if i wanna get sober.

Adam: I can’t believe that all of this is going on. All of you. You nearly died. And nick, the, uh, knife wound. That was the personal matter that you couldn’t tell me about?

Nick: Yeah, there’s kind of been a lot going on. I haven’t exactly been in the mood for sharing.

Adam: What are you talking about? I’m your brother and– and I’m your son. I mean, how could you keep me in the dark about this? Whether you like it or not, I’m a part of this family. Is it too much to ask to be kept in the loop about something this big?

Victor: Stop it, right there. We called you in as a family. Want to fill you in.

Adam: And victoria has a grown child that she thought was dead this entire time? I mean, I– I can’t even imagine how she must be feeling. Is she okay to work?

Nick: Do not start with that, adam.

Adam: It’s out of simple concern. There’s no ulterior motives–

Victor: Guys, will you stop it now? Once and for all, we work together as a family. As one, as a unit. That’s how we have survived all these years. And we will continue to survive. Not the two of you arguing. I’m tired of it!

Sharon: Okay. One black coffee to go.

Victoria: Thank you.

Sharon: And I don’t wanna step out of line or anything, but nick told me about what happened. Everything. How are you holding up?

Victoria: To be honest, I’m not sure.

Sharon: Well, if you ever want someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to ask.

Victoria: I appreciate that. Actually, do you have a couple of minutes?

Sharon: Of course.

Victoria: I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing or what to do.

Sharon: Well, I imagine that’s not a familiar feeling for you.

Victoria: No, it’s– it’s not.

Sharon: Well, why don’t you start with what you do know?

Victoria: Cole and I would really love to find a way to be able to connect with claire. But I just don’t know how to even start with that. And she– she was raised hating us and thinking that we abandoned her. I mean, how do you undo all of that?

Sharon: Don’t think of it as undoing it. Think of it more as showing her who you really are. And that’s not gonna happen overnight.

Victoria: True. It’s really hard being patient. We’ve already lost so much time with claire.

Sharon: My biggest advice, you have to take care of your own psyche. This is gonna be hard on you too.

Victoria: Yeah. Thank you. I’m actually– I’m starting to realize that.

[ Victoria sighing ] Oh, I have to get to the office.

Sharon: Um, I know that work can be a distraction during tough times like these, but have you thought about taking some time off?

Victoria: You know how it is at newman.

Sharon: Yes, I do. Which is why I think you should consider it. You said yourself you’ve already lost so much precious time with your daughter. Don’t lose anymore.

Nikki: Hello, everyone.

Nick: Mom. Happy new year.

Nikki: Thank you.

Nick: How are you feeling?

Nikki: Oh, much better. One step at a time, of course, but I’m optimistic.

Nick: Well, if there is anything I can do.

Nikki: Thank you, son.

Adam: Dad and nick filled me in on everything that’s going on, so if I can help, just say the word.

Victor: I was just talking to the boys about the importance of working together in the new year.

Nikki: Well, I hope that’s possible.

Adam: Yeah, it’s at the top of my resolution list, so you won’t get any trouble out of me.

Cole: Hey. I know you gotta get your rest. Lord knows you have to be exhausted after all of this, but I hope it’s not more than that. I hope that you’re not going someplace. Someplace inside. Someplace where we can’t help you. I want to tell you a story I never got to tell you. Once upon a time, there was a little girl and her parents couldn’t wait for her to be born. They had hopes and dreams for her. And– and what their lives would be like with her. Maybe we can finish that when you wake up? Your mom and I, we’ll both be here. We’re gonna be here for you. For all of it.

Victoria: Is this a family meeting that I didn’t know about?

Adam: Dad and nick filled me in on everything that’s going on. I am so sorry. How are you holding up?

Victoria: I’m doing okay under the circumstances. Thank you.

Nick: How’s claire?

Victoria: She’s sleeping. Cole’s gonna call me when she wakes up. Actually, I’m glad that you’re all here. I’ve, uh, I’ve made a decision. I am taking a leave of absence to devote myself to claire’s recovery.

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