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Mm. Oh, my god. I thought this was gonna be a horrible new year’s eve, that I was gonna be all by myself, but here you are. We are gonna ring in the new year with the good stuff. Great. Let’s go.

[ Chuckles ] Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? I thought the plan was to get the bottle and get out of here before anybody else shows up.

[ Cork pops ] Too late! Cork’s off. You know my motto. Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Uh, or we could not get on ned’s bad side. Aww, look at you trying to score points with your future father-in-law. Trust me, dad will get over it. I’m just saying that there was champagne at the club. Yes, it was great to see blaze perform, but that place is a dive bar. It is a well-respected dive bar where many a future rock star has appeared. It was a solid booking. And blaze did amazing. Yes, she did, but that champagne was swill. I wouldn’t know. I stuck to the ginger ale. Oh, lucky you. I need to cleanse my palate. And tonight is our first new year’s as an engaged couple. What’s a more special occasion than that?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Whoa!

[ Door opens ] Mommy, I had a bad dream. Mm.Mm. Ah. If this is any indication of what’s to come in 2024, whoo, this is gonna be a damn good year!

[ Laughs ] I couldn’t have said that better myself. Oh, my gosh, you just got off a plane from australia. How are you feeling? Are you jet-lagged? Do I seem jet-lagged?

[ Both laugh ] I am a little hungry, though. Oh, okay. Well, I have tons of food in the kitchen. I can make you something. You know, if you don’t mind, I’ll take the lead on that. I know how you are in the kitchen.

[ Gasps ] I want you to know my kids think I make the best brownies on the planet. They do.Yeah. Those brownies from a box, those are — those are really good. I love those. Come in. I-I took the chance that you might still be here. I remember us mentioning that we both had to work on new year’s eve. I’m sorry. Did I catch you on your way out? No. You were just in the nick of time. I thought you’d be at the savoy at the new year’s eve party with michael by now. Yeah, that was the plan. But then it hit a snag. Oh! Literally. I-I changed clothes at the hospital, but then I decided to check in on a patient before I left. And then my skirt got caught on the door and I thought maybe you could… help me out. Of course I can. I don’t know why you’re making a big deal about this. I know that ned turned carly and drew in to the sec. So what? Everyb– no, it wasn’t ned. He’s only letting everyone believe it was him because it works to his advantage. Why would it work to his advantage? Why would he take the fall? Maybe you misunderstood what you heard. No! Trust me. Sonny, I’m the only one with her head on straight. You know what? If you don’t believe me, ask your son. I-it’s my dad. Oh, no. Did gregory get hurt? Do we have to go to the hospital? Just the opposite. He sent me photos of him… skydiving. What?! How crazy is this? Oh, my god. Look at gregory smiling. He’s so happy. He really is. I mean, the way that he looks in this photo, that is who my dad is to me. That’s who he always was when I was growing up. I thought that when he started using a cane that I would never see him like this again. I’m really happy he was able to jump out of an airplane.

[ Chuckles ] Chase, what’s wrong? It’s just before the als, it never would have occurred to him to go skydiving. He really is making the most out of the time that he has left. Hey,

honey, you know, uh,when I was your age, if I wasn’t feeling good, my mom would give me ginger ale. It always did the trick. Do you want to tell me about your dream? I had a dream about going to my new school. My teacher was a monster. I tried to get away, but I couldn’T. It was — it was too fast. Oh, sweetheart. Come here. Come here, come here. It’s okay. You know what? You don’t have to go to that school if you don’t want to. Daddy will get mad at me. No, baby, he won’t get mad at you, I promise you that. Because he and I, we just want what’s best for you. But I thought he said the school was the best. It is a good school. But the best school, that’s the one where you feel comfortable, where you enjoy learning. So I don’t have to go? Is that what you want? I want to stay with my friends. Then no. No, you don’t have to go. Thanks, mommy. Come here, honey. Oh, that hit the spot! You got to thank josslyn for the leftovers, please. What are you talking about? Her name wasn’t on that box. Were they yours? No. Donna’s? No! I rest my case.

[ Laughs ] If she complains about it, tell her I owe her a yummy meal. Okay, okay. Here. Oh, are we toasting the new year? No, we already did that. We’re toasting your return. Okay. What happened? I thought you were extending your stay so you could negotiate more joint ventures. Yeah, I got a little…impatient with some of the board members at the company I was dealing with. Wasn’t quite as skillful as I thought I would be. Figured it’d be best to let a colleague finish the deal. Oh, wow. Drew cain lost his patience, huh? Well, it was more I kind of got out of there before I lost my patience and told those board members what I really thought of them, you know, and just…blew up the deal altogether. Wow. That’s not like you at all. Michael: What’s going on? That’s what I’d like to know. I told sonny that it wasn’t ned who pointed the sec at drew and carly. Lois, stop it! He deserved to know. Michael, olivia, and ned all know who’s really responsible. Lois is right, sonny. I didn’t go to the sec. I wouldn’t hurt carly that way. What about drew, ned? He and I have had our issues, but I would never expose him to federal scrutiny.

[ Sighs ] Ned is telling the truth, sonny. He’s not the one that tipped off the sec. You’re awfully quiet over there, michael. Is what lois saying is true? Did you keep this from me? Sonny: I love her, you know? I want this to last forever, like you and willow.

[ Exhales deeply ] Yeah. I’ll let you get back to work. Yeah, hey — didn’t you — we have the time. Sorry, but you had to tell me something? No, it’s fine. You know, it’s just something I realized that I can — um, I can handle on my own, but, uh, I-I appreciate that. Thank you. All right. You know you can come to me for anything, right? I love you, my son. I know. Yeah. I did. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping…u know what? I’m not gonnabring our whole night down. I’m not a doctor. My dad could be around for a long time. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] Here you go. To my incredible fiancé, the best man I know. Okay, it’s your turn to toast something amazing about me. I-I don’t know what I would toast about you. Wow. Thank you. No, I mean, there’s just so much. I don’t know where I’d start. But… start with your beauty… …your kind heart… …your generous spirit. You’re wildly talented. And the way you make me feel like I can do anything. So how about we just toast to all the above? I love you, brook lynn. I love you, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay, you really need to just turn that off. Detective chase.

[ Sighs heavily ] No. You were right to call me. I will be right there. I’m sorry. I have to go. What’s the matter? Uh, police business. I-I’ll see you at home. Okay. No sense in wasting good champagne. I just checked on scout and she is out like a light. Poor kid. Like, she is really stressed out about that school. Yeah. It’s heartbreaking. To be so afraid of changing schools and feel like she couldn’t say anything about it. Yeah. So what are you gonna do? I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t press the issue with drew because I thought scout was warming up to the idea of going to westwood, but clearly she was just saying what she thought he wanted to hear. Come here. It’s tough. You know? I mean, you want to get them out of their comfort zone so they can grow, but at the same time, you got to respect their feelings, too, right? Yes. And that’s what I’m doing now. You know, when he first brought the idea of going to westwood to me, I was totally worried about scout going there, I mean, transferring her away from her friends that she had at her current school and then right in the middle of the school year. Now that I see how upset she is, I’m not gonna make her go. Well, I respect and I understand your position and your decision. But how do you think drew’s gonna react? Don’t you think there’s something about a new year that makes you want to make changes in your life? No, I’m not good at new year’s resolutions. I’m not. If I make a big sweeping change, it usually blows up in my face and I backslide by february. Yeah, I just had A… I just had a lot of time to think about things when I was in australia, you know, some things that I’m happy with, and then… some things that I’m not. Okay. Like what? I just kind of fell into a role that I am not comfortable with. Uh, okay. I was just so grateful to be home after — after being held overseas that I fell into this role of peacekeeper with the quartermaines. I felt it was somehow my duty to get along with everybody, calm the waters at elq. And… that’s just not working for me anymore. I mean, where was ned’s loyalty to me? He’s the reason I got sent back to prison. I know. I-I understand what you’re saying about ned, and I agree with you, I do, but the rest, I-I don’t know. I love how kind and generous and forgiving you are. I’m just saying I’m not a choir boy, carly. I’m a grown man. And I’ve got my limits. And I’ve got an extended family that just knows how to play dirty. I mean, where has that forgiving nature got me? What has it got me? Other than months in pentonville. Sonny: Michael. You knew? I think we’ve done enough damage for one night. Hey, sonny, I hope you know I only wanted to help. Let’s give them some privacy. Lois.

[ Sighs ] Dad, I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear your apologies. Why didn’t you come to me as soon as you found out who turned carly and drew in? Dad, there’s — there’s no clear-cut answer. It’s clear-cut! It’s very simple! Just tell me the truth! All right. It was best for everyone involved if ned took the fall, and in the end, ned agreed. Why would he do that, michael? Because we made a business arrangement that worked out in his favor. Look, it works out for ned, yeah. He wheeled and dealed. And you kept your mom in the dark? I-I did my best to do right by everyone, dad, including you. How is lying right by me?! Because sometimes the truth can do more damage than a lie. How long have you known? Since october. I found out right after you and nina got married. You look lovely. Well, your crimson closet of dresses sure came in handy. Okay. What do you think? Is this a good look for new year’s eve? It’s almost perfect. Almost? You need a necklace. Here. Take mine. Okay. Here you go. Yeah. All right, let’s see.

[ Gasps ] Hold on. Yes. Much better. This is so generous. Thank you. Well, anything for you. I knew I could count on you. Nina? Oh, my god. W-what’s wrong? I was stuck. Drew is just gonna have to accept the fact that scout is not going to westwood academy, because this is about what’s best for our daughter, not what he wants. Well, look, he’s a reasonable guy. He’s gonna understand your decision, and if he doesn’t, he’ll come around to it when he hears your side. Yeah, I know. He’s a terrific dad. I just think I’m going about this all wrong. Well, how so? Well, I mean, didn’t I just do what drew did? Make a unilateral decision without consulting the other parent? Eh… you saw how upset she was. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do. We haven’t talked much about your time in pentonville. What’s there to talk about? Well, for one thing, you’re different. I’ve noticed a change since you got out. You’re coming down much harder on ned. Whereas before you would have tried to keep peace in the family. Is that unreasonable? I didn’t say unreasonable, I said different. Then there’s the whole situation with scout’s school. Did sam tell you that I got her into westwood academy? She told me that you announced it to her and scout without a discussion. Yeah, well, she’s gonna have a lot more opportunities at that school than where she is now. I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad if scout goes to that school. Well, then — then what are you saying? I’m saying that I love you and I’m concerned about you. ‘Cause I want my daughter to go to an excellent school? Because you went through hell. And it’s changed you. And I just want you to know that whatever you’re going through, you don’t have to carry it alone. And I’m here. It’s nothing really. I know we’re still figuring out our…relationship. But I hope that one day we get to the point where we’re able to tell each other anything. Yeah, I do, too. I need to t-tell you so– suddenly looking at you, I realize how we were robbed, all the moments that we didn’t get, like me brushing your hair before school, and taking a million pictures at your prom and helping you pick out your wedding dress. The list goes on. You know, I was so happy when I found out that I was pregnant. And I dreamed about all the things that I would do if I had a daughter, and I had a daughter. But we never got to do those things. The important thing is that we have each other now. And there will be lots more moments for us in the future.

[ Door opens, keys jingling ] Brook lynn, what are you doing here? Um, I was just picking something up.

[ Door closes ] How was blaze’s show? Oh, it — it was phenomenal. She was great. Everyone loved her. She’s gonna be a huge star. I, uh — I thought you were spending tonight with your fiancé. We were. Chase got called into work. So how was your night? I think you can direct that question to your mother. Ma, did something happen? I’m sorry, brookie, but, uh, olivia and i need to talk privately. Sorry. Something obviously happened.

[ Whispering ] Tell me everything. Vivi, I know you’re upset. You’re damn right I’m upset! What the hell were you thinking? I was thinking that sonny is my good friend. Yeah? Well, congratulations, lois. Or should I say she who knows everything. You just ruined your good friend sonny’s life! You’ve known for over two months who tipped off the sec about carly and drew? Yeah. So you’re telling me… that you found out after my wedding? Do you know how much it meant to me to have you at my wedding? So the reconciliation is a lie? Is that what you’re saying? No, no. Come on, dad, that’s not — I love you. That’s not — yeah, you love me! But why didn’t you tell me the truth?! Dad, I tried. I tried. I-I-I went to you to tell you. And you just — you were so happy. The happiest I’ve seen you in a long time. I didn’t want to take that away from you. And I also thought if I told you the truth, that something might be broken, I don’t know, maybe between us. You know I love you. I would never let anything be broken between us. Dad, if the truth came out… I knew it would hurt you more than anyone else. Look if, um — if you want to leave what happened in pentonville in the past, that’s fine. I just want you to know that I love you. And I’m here for you. And if you ever need me, all you have to do is ask. I just want you to know that I hear you, and I appreciate you and everything that you’re saying. I just appreciate it so much. Mm. Just knowing that — that you love me and that — and that you’re here for me, that’s — that’s all I need. Look, but if you change your mind ever, it’s okay. I promise that if I ever need any kind of support whatsoever, I’m coming to you. Now… what do you say I get in the living room, make a nice fire? We can finish that bottle of champagne… all right. …Make some new year’s resolutions that we can actually keep. Okay. Like what? Like taking long walks together. Like leaving our phones at home. Oh. I could do that. Saturday morning doughnuts. Ooh, I could really do that. Way less time with business. Way more time in bed. Oh, my god, these are some resolutions I could definitely get behind. Better get started on that fire.Yeah.

[ Sighs ] He’s gonna be okay. He’s gonna be okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] What the hell? I mean, this is all relatively new to me. I’ve basically been a single parent to both scout and danny, and I’m used to making all the big decisions on my own. Well, I’d say you’ve done a pretty awesome job ’cause you have two pretty awesome kids. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] You know, when he first came back to port charles, we were basically in lockstep about how to parent scout until drew came back from pentonville. Maybe he’s just trying to put it all behind him too fast, you know? I know I did the same thing. Just probably wants to prove to himself and to scout that he’s still a good dad. And, you know, maybe he thinks, what better way than to get your kid into some elite school? But why didn’t he just come to me first, you know, so we could talk it over and see if it was appropriate for her? Hmm. I know westwood is just one decision. But it’s a big one and there’s gonna be so many bigger decisions the older that she gets. Right, so that’s why it’s important you got to get on the same page now so down the line you can — you can make these decisions together. Right. But I just told scout that she didn’t have to go to the school without including drew in the conversation. Did I just make a big mistake? You can’t guilt me, liv. Sonny had a right to know. But I told you, I told you in confidence. You didn’t tell me anything. I figured it out on my own. Oh. Whatever. I begged you not to say anything because this affects so many more people than just sonny. No, it affects ned’s deal with michael to get control of elq. Yeah, but it affects more people than just ned! But while we’re on the subject of ned, why don’t we talk about ned? Okay? Elq is his family company. He loves it, lois. It means something to him. Just because you can’t stand it, you had no right to mess this up for him! What can I say? If I see something, I say something. And you want to know something funny? You used to be the exact same way. I thought that you were my friend. I am your friend. I am also sonny’s friend. How could i ever trust you now? I begged you not to say anything. You just had to go run your mouth and ruin everybody’s life! Oh, is that so? Yeah. Let me tell you, the way that I see it is that you know better than anyone what it means to keep secrets from sonny. Oh, wow. Olivia. V-vivi. No, no, no. You said — you said because I — I kept it secret from sonny that my child was his son so that when dante grows up, becomes a cop, and goes undercover, he doesn’t realize he’s going after his father? And then when sonny finds out and he doesn’t realize that the cop that he’s shooting is his own son? Is that what you’re talking about? No, no, no. Is that what you’re throwing in my face right now, my “good friend”? Look, dad, I didn’t — I didn’t want to hurt you. Especially after getting you back. The only way this would hurt me is if whoever turned carly and drew in to the sec is somebody I care about. Now, I know you didn’t do it ’cause you wouldn’t do that to your mother. It wasn’t me. So you must have good reason to withhold this information from carly and drew. What is it? Dad, the — the informant wasn’t close to mom or drew. But exposing them would hurt someone else that I love very much. Willow? It’s new year’s eve. How did we get talking about such a heavy topic? Tonight is all about new beginnings, right? That’s what people say. Then you and I, let’s head over to the savoy. I think we’ve kept our husbands waiting long enough.

[ Both chuckle ] Okay. Okay. Oh, I’m not sure what to do with this dress. Oh, that’s easy. Crimson has a person who does alterations on the model dresses. She can make sure that that is as good as new. That would be amazing. Thank you. This was a brand-new dress. I was gonna wear it for the first time tonight, so it’d be great if it didn’t go to waste. Yeah. I’ll just, uh…

[ Chuckles ] You know, it just occurred to me you could have gone to the quartermaines’ to change, but you came here. The quartermaine house is so far away. Why go all the way home when I have… a mother who works in fashion? And…thank you again, nina, for loaning me the new dress, for fixing the ripped one. Really means a lot to me. Shall we? After you. Head & shoulders is launching someth my frequent heartburn had me taking antacid after antacid all day long it seems to me the only mistakeyou’d be making is forcing scout to go to a school that she strongly says she doesn’t want to go to. I know that drew didn’t mean to put her in a rough spot, but she does feel like she had to change schools because that’s what he wanted. Well, look, I think drew’s a great dad, but I think he put scout in a rough spot. I think he also put you in a tough spot. And I think you should trust your instincts and try to make it right. Thank you for having my back. Well, you’ve always got my back. It’s what makes us so good together. Happy new year. Happy new year. Let me see if I have this straight. You let everyone think that it was you who tipped off the sec about carly and drew’s insider trading? Actually, I was on my way to tell drew who was really to blame when I slipped and fell and lost my memory. And then when you got your memory back, you made an agreement with michael to keep quiet in exchange for his stock proxy? That’s right. Oh. People wonder why this family scares me sometimes. Olivia! Olivia, wait! No, you — you got some more helpful advice, huh? You got someone else’s secrets that you feel entitled to announce to the entire world? Olivia, I went too far, and I know it! That day that sonny shot dante was my worst nightmare coming true. The memory of that moment, it haunts every quiet corner of my mind. Just tell me, how long have you had that locked and loaded and ready to throw in my face?! No, olivia! Liv! Olivia! Liv, wait! Mom, what did you do? I opened my big mouth! And I may have started the new year by losing my oldest friend. What about willow? Oh, come on, dad. D-drew’s out of pentonville. Drew’s out of pentonville. M-mom’s happy running kelly’S. She and drew are happy together. We can just let this go. I don’t want to hear that! Who is it? Come on, dad, I — who — who is it?! Who turned your mom and drew in to the sec?! It was nina! Fire’s lit. What do you say? Carly? Carly, what is it?

[ Hoarsely ] That w– that was the embassy in amsterdam. My mom’s dead.

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