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by Michele & Cheryl

Sloan from Days

Eric and Sloan’s baby was kidnapped
Sloan left Jude unattended to look for her wallet at Sweet Bits. We could focus on that stupidity alone. What type of parent would leave a child unattended to look for anything? She could have taken the baby inside with her to look for the wallet. We’re pretty sure Sweet Bits allows children inside. She took him inside to pay for her things. For some reason, she was careless with her money and left the wallet on the counter. It’s time to stop for a second. There’s no way she would be stupid enough not to put her wallet back in her pocketbook. What distracted her that much that she would do that? She doesn’t need to go out if she gets distracted like that. Sloan decided it was a good idea to leave Jude outside and go in to look for her wallet. Needless to say, that was the wrong choice to make. Speaking of her decision to leave her son alone, why would she go to Sweet Bits? She hates Chanel so why would she want to give her any business? She could have taken Jude somewhere else to get some air.

It’s time to get back to the point of this rant. Sloan left Jude alone and he got kidnapped. She panicked when she saw that he was missing. Sloan left her baby alone and he disappeared. What a shock! The police got involved with the kidnapping. Eric reminded Rafe that Nicole kidnapped Sami’s baby, so he went to see EJ. EJ vehemently denied Nicole’s involvement in the kidnapping. Monday’s episode ended with a cliffhanger when EJ caught Nicole with the baby. Nicole was the kidnapper. We liked how the writers didn’t drag out the identity of the kidnapper. They allowed us to find out in the same episode the kidnapping happened. We had to tune in to find out why Nicole took the baby. Her justification brings us to the next part of our rant.

The aftermath of the kidnapping
As we mentioned earlier, Sloan left the baby alone when Nicole kidnapped him. We brought it up again for a reason. Nicole used that as her reason for taking the baby. She told EJ that she took Jude because Sloan left the baby alone. Nicole felt like Sloan didn’t deserve to be a mother for that mistake. We’re sure Nicole’s fans felt like she was justified doing that to Sloan. The situation leaves us torn. We know that Sloan is wrong for what she did to Nicole and Eric. She took her baby and let Nicole think her son was dead. With that said, Nicole didn’t have the right to kidnap the baby. She thought she had the right because she lost her baby. We know that Jude is her son, but she doesn’t know that. As far as the law is concerned, she committed a crime. Nicole isn’t innocent because she has a bigger fanbase than Sloan. We were shocked when EJ was the voice of reason in the storyline. He told Nicole to give the baby back to Sloan and Eric. When EJ wants to do the right thing, that speaks volumes. Nicole agreed with him and gave the baby back.

EJ and Nicole turned the baby in, and Sloan wanted to throw the book at her. We saw the irony flag waving too. She had a lot of nerve to get mad at Nicole for taking her own baby. Sloan has to keep up false pretenses, so she has to be the upset mother. She did what any mother would do. Sloan wanted justice for the kidnapping. Eric expected her to show Nicole mercy for what she did. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. He thought Sloan should show her mercy for what she did. If the shoe were on the other foot, Nicole would not do the same. Once she finds out the truth, she won’t forgive Sloan for taking her baby. Eric wanted too much leniency for Nicole because he felt sorry for her. We think he did it because he loves her. It’s not likely he would have sympathy for the kidnapper if EJ took the baby. He would expect Rafe to throw the book at him. Eric expects Sloan to take a lot where Nicole is concerned. He believed she just needed to talk to someone, and her problems would be over. Eric made the wrong call. Nicole should get some time in jail for what she did. We know the truth, but they insist on keeping them in the dark about it. He shouldn’t want Nicole to get a slap on the wrist for what she did since he wouldn’t let anyone get away with it.

Stephanie’s attitude with Chad
Chad listened to Paulina’s advice and decided to apologize to Stephanie for what happened. He poured his heart out to her about his concerns with Everett. The conversation didn’t go the way she thought. Chad broke up with her. Stephanie became vicious when he ended their relationship. Stephanie packed her stuff and moved out of their apartment. How did she think their relationship would work when she didn’t live there anymore? She drew the line in the sand when she moved out of the apartment. Stephanie got upset with him for leaving. We believe she wanted to be the one to dump him. Her ego couldn’t handle getting dumped. Chad and Stephanie are not a good couple and needed to break up. She wants Everett and it’s a matter of time before she gets together with him. Stephanie needs every eligible man in town.

The Horton tree trimming dinner
Long time fans know that Days has a tradition of showing the Hortons gather for Christmas. They gather at Tom and Alice’s house for the tree trimming dinner. They put their personalized ornaments on the tree. The traditional moment resonates with fans. It’s part of their tradition. We praise the writers for including the tradition, but something felt off about it. Most of the family weren’t there for the ceremony. You could count the amount of Hortons at the ceremony. There were people at the dinner who didn’t belong there. Xander, Stephanie, and Everett aren’t part of the family and shouldn’t have been there. The writers could have recasted the characters, so there could be more family members at the dinner. It didn’t feel the same watching the ceremony without the family. The writers missed the beat of talking about Bo and Hope. Hope was usually at the ceremony and her absence was felt. Belle didn’t leave town with Shawn so she could have attended the ceremony. The dinner gets smaller each year. We hope to see more Hortons at the next ceremony. The writers did give us a few flashbacks, so it helped ease the void. Thankfully we got a chance to see some of the family in flashbacks.


Hortons tree trimming

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