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[light holiday music]

* Deck the halls with boughs of holly *

* Fa la la la la la la la *


And here are the rest of the Horton ornaments.

Yes. Each one…

[clicks tongue] Is ready to hang on our beautiful tree– a precious gem of our family history. Oh, my darling… a symbol of all the Hortons past and present.

Well, there they come, the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Where’s Addie?

I think she went upstairs.

Oh. Darling, would you go upstairs and call your mother? Tell her we want her down here for just one minute.


Is the party about to break up, or is this the vigilantes approaching?

Just relax, my friend, just relax. Now, uh, I know everybody doesn’t know what I’m going to do. Um, I think you will all approve.


[clears throat] Fair warning, I bleed very easily.

Oh, there are plenty of doctors around–don’t worry. Oh, here she is.


Addie’s here. Go ahead, start it off.

Pay attention, Addie.

All right.


[clears throat]

Uh, what is–what’s going on?

Doug, uh…

[chuckles] How do I begin? I-I suppose the most obvious way… how much we love you, how much, in the short time that we’ve known you, you–you’ve come to be practically a member of this family, perhaps the only family you’ve ever known, seeing that you were raised in an orphanage. Now, if you’ll look behind you on the tree, you’ll see ornaments with the names of everyone near and dear to us– all members of this family. But today we decided that we wanted to add another ornament… another name.

[soft music]

[light applause]

And just to make it official, though not exactly legal, Mickey’s drawn up a-a formal set of adoption papers here, which do not require you to change your last name.

[light laughter] Doug, I guess what we’re trying to say is that… Welcome to our family.

Just like a family, each one is a blessing.

And none more than you, my love.

You know, darling, you say that every year.

Well, it’s always true.


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. I assume those are for Tate.

Yes, they are.

[gasps] Merry Christmas, my little honey bunny.

Mom, hey.


[smooching] How are you?

I just thought I’d, um, pop by and bring you all your Christmas presents, since I know you’re going to be spending Christmas with your dad’s family.

Both sides, actually. We’re going to have brunch with Dad and Marlena, and then we’re going to have dinner at Kiriakis.

Yeah, well, I, uh– I won’t be at that dinner.

What do you mean?

I’m working at the Pub tomorrow.

You–you’re working on Christmas?

Why is the Pub open on Christmas?

Well, if–if I know Roman, he’s probably creating a haven for all the lonely souls of Salem. Um, well, I didn’t know he scheduled you, son.

I-I volunteered. Roman needed the help, so…

I see. Ah, it also gives you a really good excuse to get out of dinner tomorrow night.

Those Kiriakis dinners– they’re like, uh–they’re like those boring Greek tragedies we’re forced to read in English lit.


[laughs] That’s actually a pretty good analogy.

Well, I’m not going to be going either.

You were–you were invited?


[clears throat] Mm-hmm. By Alex.

By Alex?

Yeah. See, we’re actually not roommates anymore. We’re actually dating.

Oh, okay, right. Did that happen before or after… you found out that he inherited half the Kiriakis fortune?

[dramatic music]

Three of my favorite people just arrived. The party may now get started.

[both laugh]


[sighs] Well… Tommy, Charlotte, are you ready for Santa Claus?

I guess.

Well, I’m sure you’re ready for some Christmas cookies.

No, thank you.

Can we just go upstairs and play in our old room?

Yeah, sure. Go ahead. Run on up there.

I-I’ll let you know when it’s time to hang the ornaments and–and open your presents and–

[sighs] Oh, Chad.


Christmas is hard for them, isn’t it?

It is. It is, yeah. They, um–they miss their mom.

Of course they do.

And Stephanie. You know, they’re missing her a lot, too.

Extra whipped cream. That’s how you like it, right?

Mmm. Thank you.

Well, it’s the least I could do, you agreeing to… talk business with me tonight. You sure I’m not keeping you from any holiday festivities?

No, you are not, and I can use the distraction.


Why are you working on Christmas Eve?

Oh, well…

[clears throat] I don’t celebrate Christmas, as you know.


And Hanukkah is over. The two don’t coincide this year.

Oh, right. I remember lighting a menorah with you every night for eight nights our first Hanukkah we were together.

That’s right. And you said the blessing with me. Baruch atah Adonai. You remember that?

I do.

What are your plans tonight? Um, I mean after our–our meeting.

I’m, uh– I’m just going to watch my favorite holiday movie and go to sleep.

Your favorite holiday movie is… “Rudolph”? Is it “Rudolph”?

Yeah, when I was eight.

I don’t know– I seem to remember watching “Rudolph” with you when we were together. You couldn’t figure out why that doll was on the Island of Misfit Toys.

Well, what was wrong with her, anyway? She wasn’t a misfit.

I guess you’re right.

And, uh, for the record, “Rudolph” is not my favorite holiday movie. It just so happened to be on while we were wrapping presents.

Mm, I remember what it is. “Elf.”

A classic.

Total classic.


So it’s you and Will Ferrell tonight, huh? No plans with family?

I’ll celebrate with them tomorrow. Tonight I just–I just want to lock myself in my room and watch my holiday movie. I just want a quiet night by myself.

[soft music]

The baby! Oh, Merry Christmas, Victoria Horton.

Ah, well, Victoria Horton-Cook, actually.

Uh, very well. Victoria Horton-Cook. You’re adorable, and we are so glad you’re here.

And thank you so much, Julie, for… having me, too.

Well, it is a special occasion. Baby’s first Christmas only happens once. And if her parents want to be together, then they should be.

That’s very kind of you. And, yes, we–we do want to be together… for Christmas with our– with our daughter.

[all chuckle]

Is my mom here yet?

Yeah, I think I heard her coming in. Ad she’s not alone.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, well, who have we here?

Uh, Julie, um, this is Konstantin Meleounis. Um, I hope it’s all right that I brought him. He’s a dear old friend of Victor’s, and he didn’t have any plans for tonight.

Of course it’s all right.

It is my honor to meet you both.

It’s our pleasure, sir.

Huh. Um, well, um, I really would like to excuse myself. I want to say hello to Sarah and Xander, okay?

Of course. Of course, dear.


Do you want to hear something strange?


That man, Konstantin, reminded me of my younger self.

Oh, in what way?

Well, I just saw something flicker in his eyes.


[whispering] Good flicker or a bad flicker?

Well, the latter, I’m afraid.

Merry Christmas, Maggie.

Oh, Merry Christmas.




You look lovely as always.

Oh, thank you, Xander.

Um, Konstantin, may I borrow my mom for a few minutes?


Um, she wants to talk to me alone.

Ah, yes, of course.

For a moment.

[soft holiday music]

I trust your little one is well.

She is.


Although, frankly, I’m not sure if that’s thanks to you or no thanks to you.

Well, it was such a nice surprise to see you brought Xander.

Oh, no, you win in the surprise department. Konstantin? I thought he was gone.

Ah, well, he was. He’s staying with a cousin in Ohio.


But they had travel plans for the holidays, so, uh, he came back here. He’s staying in the Salem Inn, in case you’re wondering. I ran into him in the Town Square right after you left this afternoon, and we got to talking, and so I invited him here tonight. I mean, because I was raised that no one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Are you upset that I did?

No, no, I was–I was just surprised, like I said. I mean, look, Mom, I told you, I-I… I like the guy, and I’m always going to be grateful to him for rescuing my little girl.

As will I.

And, uh, when I saw you this afternoon, you were so sad, and now look at you– you’re smiling.

Ah, you’re back.

And how are the children doing?

Oh, they’re okay. They’re, uh–they’re on a video chat with Jack and Jennifer right now.

Well, that should lift their spirits.


It was so hard for them last Christmas, losing their mother. I-I was hoping this year– this year it would be a little better, but–

Yeah, well, I don’t think it is for–for any of us, especially because, you know, things with Stephanie and me ended so abruptly, the… kids never got to say goodbye.

Chad… darling, you know how much I love you, but this cannot stand. Honey, you got to do something about this, right now.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time tonight.

Oh, it’s no problem. It was a welcome distraction, as I said. Now I’m going to head home and cuddle up with “Elf.”

[laughter] You’re headed home, too, I hope, not going back to work.

Yeah, I was invited to this Christmas Eve thing, but, um, I don’t think I’m going to go.

Right. Well, enjoy your evening.

Thank you. You too.

[cell phone ringing]

[soft music]


Hey, Steph, um, it’s me. I-I’m not interrupting anything, am I?

Uh, no. I was just having some hot chocolate. What’s up?

Uh, listen, um, look, I know it’s Christmas Eve, and it’s kind of last minute, but… could I ask you a really big favor?

You know, I am really tired of this perception you have of me, implying that I’m some sort of a gold digger!

I’m not implying a damn thing. I’m actually saying it flat out. Tate, where you going?

Anywhere but here.

Hey, no, no, no, no, no. You can’t go. It’s Christmas.

No, this–this is the nightmare before Christmas, and both my parents are a couple of jerks! Merry Christmas to me.

[dramatic music]

That is unacceptable, Tate. That is not okay.

Oh, but this is? You two fighting with each other, and on what, Christmas Eve no less?


[stammering] All right. You’re right. You are right. I’m sorry.

[dramatic music]

I’m sorry, too.

Son, please–please stay. Don’t go.

We, um–we’re going to get along…

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

From now on. For reals, we’re going to get along.

Why would I believe that?


[stammers, sighs] Well, he’s right. Why would he believe that, right? You’ve heard it a million times, but this time Theresa and I… we’re going to prove to you that we’re sincere about this.



Because we’re going to have Christmas Eve here, tonight, together as a family, right?

Yes, definitely. That’s what we’re going to do.

[indistinct chatter]

Um, thank you, uh, um, for–for doing this. Uh, I know it’s Christmas Eve and–and last minute. Uh, I didn’t–I didn’t, uh, stop you from doing anything important, did I?

No, no, you didn’t. I was–I was just working, actually… and, um, when you said it was about Thomas and Charlotte– I love those kids so much, and I’m so sorry they’re having a hard time.

They miss you a lot.

I miss them, too, and I hate that I didn’t say goodbye to them. I should have handled it differently.

Listen, no… I’m their father, and… I didn’t think about it at the time, but they–they… not only love you, they were attached to you. And when–when circumstances changed between us, I should have thought about their feelings first and foremost, and I didn’t do that. It’s on me.

We were both negligent. We were focused more on ourselves than on them, and that wasn’t right, so let’s try to fix it.

Okay. I mean…

[sighs] I was thinking that maybe we could just talk to them together.

Right. I-I brought them Christmas gifts. I picked them up on my way here. Should I give them to them after we talk, or is that–is that going to send the wrong message?

They’re going to– they’ll love them. And, uh–and I really appreciate you doing this.

She’s still out.

Can you believe it, with all this hullabaloo around her?


[chuckles] Well, I hope she wakes up for some of the party. Everyone wants to see her.

Hmm. My mom is very happy that you’re here.

Well, Maggie is one of my very favorite people, as you know– so kind and forgiving… maybe a little too forgiving sometimes.

Look, I know that you are not Konstantin’s biggest fan, but he has been a comfort to my mom, and if there’s one thing I have learned about her is that she’s a big girl. She may be especially vulnerable right now, but she’s smart and tough. I mean, hey, she kicked the guy out of the house, right, when she learned about his connection to the Greek Mafia?


And if anything further erodes her trust, then I’m confident that she will know how to handle it. I have faith in her.

[holiday music]

I must tell you how much I am enjoying my first American Christmas and what a lovely family your first husband has.

What a lovely family I have. I have been an honorary Horton for as long as I can remember.

Maggie, honorary? That has nothing to do with it. You married in. You’re a Horton. You’ll always be a Horton. And the Hortons stick together like glue. You hurt one Horton, you hurt all of us.

And, Konstantin, when you watch us hang our ornaments, you’ll realize there are a lot of us.


[both sigh]

Konstantin, have you seen our beautiful angel?

Ah, yes. The word “angel” derives from the Greek goddess Angelia, the spirit of good tidings.

Hmm. I didn’t know that.

Tell me, did you really bring Victor here to celebrate Christmas?

I did. It took him a while, but eventually he grew to love the Horton family tradition.

This time of year without Victor must be terribly hard on you.

Huh, it is, it is. Um, remembering Victor on Christmas Eve, well, it warms my heart.

[chuckles] I think he would be very happy that you’re here with us tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, hey. You just had dinner.

I know. I just want a taste.

But– Yeah, a taste. Yeah, and then you’ll eat half of it, right, Dad?

No, hey, I’m Switzerland on this one. No, no, no, no, no.

Mom, remember when Dad came out and we went to Universal Studios and you asked for a taste of my butterbeer and then you ended up drinking the whole thing?


And I got that brain freeze.

Yep. And then you know what you did? I got you another one, and you spilled it everywhere.

All over my pants.

Her pants, my pants. You were kind of a clumsy kid back then.

I was .

You were–

Served you right, though.

Oh, and–

And then I think I got butterbeers for everybody. How many butterbeers did I buy that day?

I don’t know. A lot.


And you got me those shorts, you remember, to change into? Actually, I still have those shorts. Those are really good shorts.

Those are nice shorts. So she got nice shorts. We all got butterbeer.


All the memories weren’t so bad, were they?

Yeah, I guess not.


[sighs] Now, I just want a butterbeer.


[chuckles] Me too.

Oh, man, I want a butterbeer, too.



No, Dad.

Mom and I were just talking about you this afternoon, and what a coincidence– you show up.

For me, it is more of a Christmas miracle spending this evening in the bosom of your wonderful family. And, again, I-I must apologize, dear Sarah, if my past played any part in the disappearance of your–your sweet child. But it is all resolved now, thanks to Maggie.

[chuckles] Nothing for you to worry about.

Well, we will always be grateful to you for bringing our little girl back to us, but I think it will be a while before we feel safe.

Quite a while. So we’ll be keeping our eyes wide open, just in case.

[jazzy holiday music]

Steph, there’s something that I, um… I need to say to you.


I owe you an apology… not because of Everett and the paper thing, although I am– I am very sorry about that. Um… I realize now that it was too soon for me to be with anyone after losing Abby… and that was unfair you. So… I’m sorry.

Well, you didn’t mean it to be, obviously. I do understand the pain that you’ve been in. You suffered a terrible tragedy, you and your kids.

Should we… go upstairs, talk to them?

Yeah, and I’ll–I’ll, um– I’ll give them their Christmas gifts upstairs, too. I don’t want to intrude on the family party.

You can’t stay?

It’s Everett. Come in, my boy. I’m so glad you could join us.

Thank you so much. It’s– it’s wonderful to be here.



Thank you. Well, take off your coat and stay a while.

Thank you. Thank you.

[upbeat holiday music]

You invited Everett?

I did.

But he’s Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend.

He is?

I told you that.

Well, honey, I’m allowed to forget some things once in a while. I ran into him in the square, I invited him to join us for the holiday.

Oh, Doug.

What, “Oh, Doug”? He didn’t know a soul in Salem.

He knows one soul very intimately, Stephanie.


Hey, everybody, look, Stephanie’s here.

Oh, wonderful. Yay.


She’s going to open presents with us.

I sure am. And I brought each of you a special Christmas gift.

You did?

Mm-hmm. I did, because I love you guys, and I’m so happy I get to spend Christmas with you.

We’re glad, too.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

This one is for you, Charlotte. And, Thomas, this one’s for you.

Can we open them now?

Uh, honey, it’s not quite time yet, so why don’t we just put them under the tree for now, okay?


Uh… I have to admit, uh, I’m a little surprised to see you here, Everett.

Yeah, I was actually invited this time. Steph, I didn’t think you’d be here. What happened to Will Ferrell?

He’ll, um–he’ll have to be patient. Um, so–so this is the party that–that you were invited to?

Yeah, yeah. Um, Doug invited me. I ran into him at the bakery this morning. I was planning on working all night, as you know, and then I thought, I should go make an appearance at the Hortons. Doug was so kind to invite me. I hope that’s cool?

Of course.

[soft holiday music]

I didn’t know Stephanie was going to be here.

Well, I told Chad to call her, for the children’s sake.


And God bless her, she came over right away.

Well, it’s Christmas. The more, the merrier.


Are you guys excited to open gifts? both: Yes!


I know I’m going to like what you got me. You give really good presents.

Aw. You know what? I already know what my favorite Christmas present is this year.


Getting to spend Christmas Eve with you guys.

Will we always be together on Christmas Eve, Stephanie?

You know what? Let’s make a deal that every year at Christmastime, we pick a day, and the three of us meet up, and we exchange Christmas presents, and we watch movies, and we make cookies, and we have a dance party.

And jump on the bed.

Absolutely. Yeah.



The ornaments are probably the Horton family’s most beloved tradition. If you’re born a Horton, it’s a given, and if you’re not, it’s something earned.

Or lost. There’s a whole box of “retired ornaments.”

So one can get removed from the tree?

No, all the ornaments past and present are still part of the family history, so nothing gets thrown away. Some are just down cellar.

“Down cellar”?

The basement.


[gasps] How about some cookies?

Oh, sounds delightful.



Hey, um… maybe I should go.


I just feel a bit awkward being here for the hanging of the ornaments, me not being family and all.

You will always be connected to this family through our daughter and through me, so that’s why you are always welcome here and why your ornament will never be down cellar.



So, Tater Tot, you got any holiday plans with Holly? Jolly Christmas?


[chuckles] Uh… No, that was a– that was a bust.

Oh. Sorry, bud. Um, what–what happened?

I don’t know. I guess I’m finally starting to accept that she’s not really into me. It’s, uh–it’s too bad, though. I already bought her a present. It’s a birthday-Christmas combo gift. I guess I won’t be needing it anymore.


Are you crazy? What are you doing throwing this away? You save this, and you give it to the next girl, whoever that might be, because trust me, there’s going to be plenty more. I mean, come on, look at this gorgeous little face. You are such a catch, you know that? I’m sure all the girls are looking at you back home at school.

Mostly looking at themselves. I don’t know–they’re always taking selfies.


So, um… are you planning on going back to school after the holidays?

Um… nobody’s really texted me since I left. And I don’t know– it’d be kind of nice to come home after school every day. Salem’s cool, too, being near family, so…

You know, buddy, uh… the school you’re going to in California is probably one of the best college prep schools in the country. You know, you graduate from there, and you’re going to be set.

Uh, are you–are you saying I have to go back?

[dramatic music]

Well, actually, Tate when it comes to school, uh, your mother and I have decided… that you can make the decision.

Yes. You take your time, and you think about it.

I want to stay.


[scoffs] That was quick.

[chuckles] Are you sure?

Yes. Yes, I want to go to Salem High.

Oh, this is the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

[inhales deeply] Mm.

Are you, uh– are you disappointed?

Look at me. No.

[chuckles] I’m not disappointed. I’m actually really happy about it, because I have gotten really used to being around, buddy.

Thanks, Dad.

Gather round, everyone. It’s that time. Time to hang the Horton ornaments.

[soft holiday music]



You’re not the littlest anymore, Charlotte.


You’re still my baby, though. – * Peace on Earth * * Goodwill * * To men *


Oh, thank God. This one’s not clothes. What a relief.

Hey, that was a really cool sweater.

Yeah, it was, and Tate appreciates it because it’s the thought that counts, right?

Yes, Mom. You are very thoughtful.


[paper rustling] Oh, cool.


This is awesome. Thank you, Mom.

Of course. I saved the best for last. Mwah.

That’s going to be a tough one to top.

This whole Christmas is going to be tough to top.

Wow, did we– did we just get a compliment from our son?

‘Tis a Christmas miracle.


[gasps] Two in one night.

Three, actually. I, uh–I got to have a nice night with both of my parents. That’s the, uh–that’s the real Christmas miracle.

[holiday music] both: * Up on the housetop, click, click, click * * Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick *


Oh, Julie, thank you so much for everything. It was a lovely Christmas Eve.

Wonderful. It was wonderful to have you here, darling.

Oh, honey. Aw. Mm.

And I am so grateful to have shared in this wonderful family celebration. I look forward to the opportunity of returning your kindness sometime soon.

Oh, a thank-you note will do, and you can send it from wherever you wind up.



Thank you for doing this and for talking to the kids with me. I think it, uh– it really turned the night around for them.

I’m really glad you called.

Me too.

You know, just because we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean that we have to be strangers. If you ever need anything, any help with the kids…

I appreciate that.

Are you walking home, Steph?

Um, yeah.

Um, I’ll walk with you if you want. It’s dark out there, if you want company.

Yeah, sure. Thanks.

I should go round up the–the troops, get them home.


Happy holidays, Everett.

Same to you, boss.

And, uh, merry Christmas, Steph.

Merry Christmas.





[door closes]

Okay, so there’s a clean Christmas onesie in here. Will you please take photos of her in the morning?

I’m going to take videos of her all morning, and I’ll send them all to you. It’ll be like you’re there.

Okay. Santa’s going to leave you presents under Mommy’s tree, too, okay? I love you, pumpkin.

We’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?

Can’t wait.

Neither can I.

My dear, you did not need to ask your driver to deliver me here. I could have walked to the inn.

But it’s too cold to walk.

Yeah, but these stars are so beautiful, it makes up for the cold.

[both chuckle] Thank you again for bringing me along as a guest this evening.

It was my pleasure.


[speaking Greek] That means–

I know what that means.


[chuckles] Of course you do.


[giggles] Merry Christmas, Konstantin.


[sighs] I hope the year to come brings you much joy.

Same to you.

Until we meet again.


Honey bunny?

Yes, ma’am?

Do you suppose… when Grandma and Grandpa started these traditions all those years ago with just seven ornaments…

Yeah. They could have imagined the… the tree-ful we see before us?

My guess is no way.


[laughing] My guess, too. How proud they’d be… to know their legacy goes on.


[monitor beeping]

Ho, ho, ho.

Merry Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Nobody listens to me. Thank heavens.

Of course not.

Oh, you have gotten around me with the on secret weapon that exists. You’re– Oh, my great-granddaughter.

She said, I want to spend Christmas with my grandpa.

Maybe we should hang her ornament on the tree first.


[gasps] Yes.

Oh, yes.

Oh, Abby, look at that. See that over there? All those ornaments have our names on them. We’re going to hang yours. Let’s see.

You have a hand free there?


Oh, you got to put Abby’s up there.

Look. Look at this one.

This is her first year.

Oh, look at that.

Oh, my gosh.

Her first year. There we go.


How’s this one?

Oh. Hey, Dad.

No, you do it for me this year. Yeah.

Okay. Just happen to have a spot right here for you.

I’ll take it. I’ll take it.

On the top. That’s where it belongs.


There you go.

Alice, right next to you.

We have Bill and Laura.

There’s Mom and Dad’s.

You want to do these?

Yeah, I’ll put up Mom’s.

[indistinct chatter] And Dad’s on his way home soon, we hope.


Yeah. Is this close enough?

Yeah, that’s good.

We have Doug and Julie.

Doug and Julie.


Just does not seem like Christmas without them.


I know, but, um, excuse me. Just a minute. I have another surprise.


What is this surprise your grandmother has planned?

Grandpa, I promise you, I don’t know.

Who can keep up with her?


Tom Horton, you must be very high on Santa’s list, because I have another wonderful Christmas surprise for you.

Oh, my gosh!

[all clamoring]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Tom.

What a lovely surprise.

And, Grandpa, we have another surprise for you, too.

[person gasps]

We remarried in Switzerland.

[all cheering]

Now–now it really is Christmas.


[excited chatter]

Wow, you even wore the right colors, huh?

This is the end. This is it. Now I have everything.

I have everything now.

All of their traditions… all the memories.


All the love.


[inhales deeply] It goes on and on.

Right. From our hearts.

Yes. Yes. Merry Christmas, my love.

Merry Christmas, doll.

Merry Christmas… everyone.

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