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Doug sits in the Horton living room as Julie comes in with the box of Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Julie calls it the symbol of all Hortons past and present as she presents Doug with his ornament and they flash back to when Tom and Alice first presented Doug with his ornament. Julie states that just like a family, each ornament is a blessing.

Theresa goes to John and Marlena’s with presents for Tate and wishes Brady a Merry Christmas. Tate comes in and greets her. Theresa explains that she thought she would drop by with his gifts since he’s spending Christmas with his dad’s side of the family. Brady notes they are spending with both sides as they are having lunch with John and Marlena and then dinner at the Kiriakis Mansion. Tate informs Brady that he won’t be at that dinner because he’s working at the Pub tomorrow. Brady questions that while Theresa questions why the Pub is open on Christmas. Brady guesses Roman is opening as a safe haven for all the lost souls but says he didn’t know that Roman scheduled Tate. Tate reveals that he volunteered because Roman needed the help. Brady feels Tate is using it as an excuse to get out of dinner. Tate remarks that the Kiriakis dinners are like a boring Greek tragedy which Brady calls a good analogy. Theresa reveals she’s not going either. Brady questions her being invited. Theresa informs Brady that she was invited by Alex because they are not just roommates as they are now dating. Brady questions if that happened before or after Theresa found out that Alex inherited half of the Kiriakis fortune.

Chad brings Thomas and Charlotte to the Horton house. Doug declares that the party can now get started. Julie asks if the kids are ready for Santa Claus. Thomas says I guess. Julie asks about Christmas cookies but Charlotte declines and asks if they can just go play upstairs in their room so Chad tells them to go ahead. Julie says she’ll let them know when it’s time to open presents. Julie acknowledges that Christmas is hard for the kids. Chad confirms they are missing Abigail and adds that they are missing Stephanie a lot too.

Everett and Stephanie have coffee together in the town square. Everett thanks her for talking business with him tonight and asks if she’s sure he’s not keeping her from any holiday festivities. Stephanie assures that he’s not and that she could use the distraction. Stephanie asks why he’s working on Christmas Eve. Everett reminds her that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah is over. Stephanie remembers lighting the menorah with him for their first Hanukkah together. Everett asks what her plans are for tonight after their meeting. Stephanie says she’s just going to watch her favorite holiday movie and go to sleep. Everett recalls watching Rudolph with her when they were together. Stephanie says that’s not her favorite holiday movie and just happened to be on. Everett then remembers her favorite holiday movie is Elf. Everett questions her not having any plans with family. Stephanie says she will celebrate with them tomorrow, but tonight she just wants to lock herself in her room and watch her favorite holiday movie as she just wants a quiet night by herself.

Xander and Sarah go to the Horton House with baby Victoria. Julie excitedly greets Victoria and says they are so glad she’s there. Xander thanks Julie for having him too. Julie acknowledges that it is a special occasion and a baby’s first Christmas only happens once, so if the parents want to be together then they should be. Xander calls that very kind of her and confirms they do want to be together with Victoria on Christmas. Sarah asks if Maggie is there yet. Julie mentions thinking she heard her coming in. Maggie then arrives with Konstantin as Julie comments that Maggie’s not alone. Maggie introduces Konstantin to Doug and Julie and says she hopes it’s alright that she brought him, explaining that he’s an old friend of Victor’s and he didn’t have plans. Julie says it’s alright. Konstantin says it’s an honor to meet them. Maggie goes to greet Sarah. Doug comments to Julie that Konstantin reminded him of his younger self and he’s afraid it’s a bad flicker in his eyes. Maggie hugs Xander. Sarah asks to speak to Maggie alone so they step out. Konstantin asks Xander about Victoria. Xander responds that she’s doing well but he’s not sure if that’s thanks to Konstantin or no thanks to him.

Maggie tells Sarah that it was a nice surprise to see she brought Xander. Sarah responds that Maggie had the bigger surprise as she thought Konstantin was gone. Maggie explains that he was staying with a cousin in Ohio but they had travel plans for the holidays, so he came back. Maggie adds that Konstantin is staying at the Salem Inn but she ran in to him in the town square and they got to talking, so she invited him because she was raised that no one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Maggie asks if Sarah is upset that she invited him. Sarah says no and that she was just surprised. Sarah tells Maggie that she likes Konstantin and she’ll always be grateful to him for rescuing her daughter. Sarah recalls Maggie being so upset when she saw her in the afternoon, but now she’s smiling.

Chad returns to the living room and tells Doug and Julie that the kids are on a video chat now with Jack and Jennifer. Julie hoped this year’s Christmas would be a little better for the kids. Chad doesn’t think it is for any of them, especially since things with he and Stephanie ended so abruptly that the kids didn’t get to say goodbye. Julie tells Chad that she loves him but this cannot stand and urges him to do something about it right now.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s taken up enough of her time tonight. Stephanie calls it no problem and a welcome distraction. Stephanie says now she will head home to watch Elf and asks if Everett is heading home too. Everett mentions being invited to a Christmas Eve thing but he doesn’t think he’s going to go. Stephanie tells him to enjoy his evening. Everett tells her the same and walks away. Stephanie then gets a call from Chad. Chad knows it’s Christmas Eve and last minute but asks if he can ask her for a really big favor.

Theresa argues that she’s really tired of Brady implying that she’s a gold digger. Tate gets mad and goes to storm out. Theresa stops him and says he can’t go because it’s Christmas. Tate calls it the nightmare before Christmas and shouts that both of his parents are jerks as he laments this being a Merry Christmas to him. Theresa tells him that is not okay. Tate questions if it’s okay that they are fighting like this on Christmas Eve. Brady and Theresa apologize to him and ask him to stay, promising that they will get along. Tate questions why he would believe that. Brady insists that they will prove they are sincere by having Christmas Eve here tonight, together as a family which Theresa agrees with.

Stephanie goes to the Horton house. Chad thanks her for doing this as he knows it’s Christmas Eve and last minute. Chad asks if he stopped her from doing anything important. Stephanie says no and that she was just working. Stephanie adds that she loves his kids so much and she’s so sorry that they are having a hard time. Chad says they miss her a lot. Stephanie admits she misses them too and she hates that she didn’t say goodbye, feeling she should’ve handled it differently. Chad says he’s their father and he didn’t think about it at the time, but the kids love her and when the circumstances changed between them, he should’ve thought about the kids first and he didn’t so it’s on him. Stephanie acknowledges that they were both negligent in not thinking of the kids so she suggests trying to fix it. Chad suggests they talk to the kids together. Stephanie reveals that she brought the kids Christmas gifts on her way. Chad assures the kids will love that and says he really appreciates her doing this.

Xander and Sarah talk about being surprised that Victoria is sleeping through the Christmas party. Sarah tells Xander that Maggie is very happy he’s there. Xander calls her one of his favorite people and says she’s very kind and forgiving, but maybe too forgiving sometimes. Sarah knows he’s not Konstantin’s biggest fan but says he has a been a comfort to Maggie. Sarah notes that Maggie may be vulnerable now but she’s smart and tough, adding that she did kick him out of the house after learning of his connection to the Greek mafia. Sarah is confident that Maggie can handle it. Konstantin tells Maggie how much he’s enjoying his first American Christmas and comments on what a lovely family the Hortons are. Maggie calls herself an honorary Horton but Julie insists that she is a Horton and always will be. Julie declares that the Hortons stick together like glue, so when you hurt one of them, you hurt all of them. Doug tells Konstantin that when he watches them hang their ornaments, he will realize there are a lot of Hortons. Konstantin asks Maggie about bringing Victor here to celebrate Christmas. Maggie confirms that she did and says it took him awhile but he eventually grew to love the Horton family tradition. Konstantin knows it must be terribly hard on her without Victor. Maggie assures that it is but says remembering Victor on Christmas Eve warms her heart. Maggie thinks that Victor would be very happy that Konstantin is here with them tonight.

Brady, Theresa, and Tate eat Chinese food together. They talk about a past time when they went to Universal Studios when Tate was 10. Brady comments that all the memories weren’t so bad and they end up laughing together.

Sarah tells Konstantin that she and Maggie were just talking about him this afternoon and it’s a coincidence that he showed up. Konstantin calls it a Christmas miracle for him. Konstantin apologizes to Sarah for his past playing any part in the disappearance of her child. He adds that it’s all resolved now thanks to Maggie, so there’s nothing to worry about. Sarah says she’ll always be grateful to him for rescuing Victoria but she thinks it will be awhile before they feel safe. Xander warns that they will be keeping their eyes wide open just in case.

Chad tells Stephanie that he owes her an apology as he realizes now that it was too soon for him to be with anyone after losing Abigail and that wasn’t fair to her, so he’s sorry. Stephanie understands he didn’t mean it to be and knows the pain and tragedy he and the kids suffered. Chad suggests they go upstairs to talk to the kids. Stephanie adds that she’ll give them their Christmas presents upstairs too so she doesn’t intrude on the family party. Chad asks if she can’t stay.

Everett arrives at the Horton house. Doug welcomes him and says it’s wonderful to have him. After Everett walks away, Julie questions Doug about inviting Everett when he’s Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. Doug says he forgot but he ran in to him in the town square, so he invited him for the holiday. Doug points out that Everett didn’t know a soul in Salem. Julie points out Stephanie. Thomas and Charlotte then come back in with Chad and Stephanie. Thomas announces that Stephanie is here and is going to open presents with them. Stephanie confirms that she will and informs them that she brought them special presents too. Stephanie adds that she is so happy to spend Christmas with them. Thomas says they are glad too as Stephanie hugs them. Everett then comes back in and wishes them all a Merry Christmas. Stephanie gives Thomas and Charlotte their presents. Thomas asks if they can open them now but Chad says it’s not quite time yet and has the kids put the presents under the tree. Chad tells Everett that he’s surprised to see him. Everett clarifies that he was invited this time but mentions being surprised to see Stephanie, asking what happened to watching Elf. Stephanie says it will have to wait and realizes this was the party Everett mentioned earlier. Everett explains that he ran in to Doug at the Bakery this morning and Doug invited him. Everett says he planned on working all night but figured he should make an appearance since Doug was kind enough to invite him. Everett hopes that is cool. Chad says of course as Stephanie smiles. Doug tells Julie that he didn’t know Stephanie would be there. Julie explains that she told Chad to call her for the children and she came over right away. Doug declares that it’s Christmas, so the more, the merrier. Stephanie asks if the kids are excited to open their gifts. Thomas assures that they are and that he knows he’s going to love it because she always gets good presents. Stephanie responds that her favorite gift this year is getting to spend Christmas with them. Thomas asks Stephanie if they will always be together on Christmas Eve. Stephanie says they’ll make deal that every year around Christmas, they will pick a day to meet up, exchange Christmas presents, watch movies, have cookies, and a dance party as she hugs the kids while Chad watches on. Maggie tells Konstantin that the ornaments are the most beloved Horton Christmas tradition that they are either born with or earned. Sarah comments on a whole box of retired ornaments. Konstantin asks if that means one can be removed from the tree. Maggie insists that all Hortons past and present are still a part of the family Christmas. Maggie says that nothing gets thrown away and some are just down in the cellar. Maggie and Konstantin then go to have cookies. Xander asks Sarah if he should leave since he feels a bit awkward being there for the hanging of the ornaments when he’s not family. Sarah points out that he will always be connected to the family through their daughter and her, so he will always be welcome there and his ornament will never be down cellar.

Brady asks Tate if he has any holiday plans with Holly. Tate tells him that was a bust. Brady says he’s sorry and asks what happened. Tate says he doesn’t know and that he’s finally starting to accept that Holly’s not in to him. Tate adds that it’s too bad since he already bought her a present for her birthday/Christmas so he guesses he will throw it away. Theresa stops him and urges him to hang on to it for the next girl, insisting there will be plenty more. Theresa calls him such a catch and says she’s sure all the girls are looking at him back in school. Theresa then asks if Tate is planning on going back to school after the holidays. Tate responds that nobody has really texted him since he left and admits that it would be nice to come home after school every day. Tate admits that Salem is kind of cool. Brady points out that the school he was going to in California is one of the best college prep schools in the country, so if he graduates from there, he’d be set. Tate questions if he’s saying that he has to go back. Brady states that when it comes to school, he and Theresa have decided that Tate can make the decision. Theresa tells him to take his time and think about it. Tate declares that he wants to say. Brady notes that was quick and asks if he’s sure. Tate confirms that he wants to go to Salem High. Theresa calls it the best Christmas present she could’ve asked for. Tate asks if Brady is disappointed. Brady says he’s not and he’s actually really happy about it because he’s gotten used to him being around.

Julie announces that it’s time to hang the Horton ornaments. Julie hangs her and Doug’s ornaments next to Tom and Alice. The ornaments for Eli, Lani, Carver, and Jules are hung. Chad hangs he and Abigail’s ornaments with Thomas and Charlotte’s. Stephanie hangs her ornament on the tree. Maggie hangs her ornament next to Mickey and Victor’s and hugs Sarah as the ornaments for Bo and Hope along with Jennifer, Jack, and JJ’s hang on the tree. Xander and Sarah hang their ornaments along with their previous baby Mackenzie’s. Maggie then presents a new ornament for Victoria which Xander hangs on the tree. Thomas jokes about Charlotte not being the youngest anymore. The Horton tree is filled with Ornaments as Peace on Earth plays.

Theresa gives Tate a Christmas present. Tate shakes it and says he’s relieved it’s not clothes. Tate opens it and is excited to get a tablet. Tate hugs Theresa and thanks her as she says she saved the best for last. Brady admits that will be tough to top. Tate comments that this whole Christmas will be hard to top. Theresa jokes about them getting a compliment from their son which Brady calls a Christmas miracle. Tate declares that he got to have a nice night with both of his parents and that’s the real Christmas miracle.

Doug and Julie sing “Up on the Housetop”. Maggie thanks Julie for everything and says it was a wonderful Christmas Eve. Konstantin adds that he’s grateful to have shared in the celebration. Konstantin looks forward to the opportunity of returning their kindness sometime soon. Julie says a thank you note will do and he can send it from where ever he ends up.

Chad and Stephanie step out of the living room where Chad thanks Stephanie for doing this and says it really turned the night around for the kids. Stephanie admits she’s really glad he called. Stephanie adds that just because they aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean they have to be strangers, so if he ever needs help with the kids. Chad says he appreciates that. Everett comes out and offers to walk Stephanie home since it’s dark out if she wants company which Stephanie accepts. Chad decides he will go round up the kids and get them home. Chad wishes Everett happy holidays and shakes his hand. Chad wishes Stephanie a Merry Christmas. Stephanie and Everett then exit together.

Sarah prepares Victoria for Xander to take her for Christmas day. Xander promises pictures and videos. Xander tells Sarah that he’ll see her tomorrow as he exits with Victoria while Sarah holds back tears.

Maggie and Konstantin walk through the town square. Konstantin tells Maggie that she didn’t have to call his driver as he could’ve walked to the Salem Inn. Maggie feels it’s too cold. Konstantin thanks her again for inviting him to the Hortons. Maggie wishes him a Merry Christmas and kisses him on the cheek. Konstantin hopes the year brings her much joy. Maggie wishes him the same. Konstantin says until they meet again and heads on towards the Salem Inn, stopping to look back at Maggie.

Doug and Julie sit together to end the night. Julie brings up Tom and Alice starting this tradition all those years ago with just seven ornaments and wonders if they ever would have imagined the tree that they have now. Julie comments on how proud they would be to know their legacy goes on as they flashback to bringing Christmas to Tom in the hospital and hanging the ornaments where Doug and Julie surprised Tom. Julie comments on all the traditions, memories, and love, saying it goes on and on. Doug and Julie emotionally wish each other a Merry Christmas and they kiss.

In Memory of director Phil Sogard (1932-2023)

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