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Ashley: So, the deal is done. Tucker took the bait. He bought me out of glacade. What do we do next?

Jack: Next, we deliver the first blow of the one-two punch. Everything is ready. I went ahead and made the one change kyle asked for.

Ashley: That was the right thing to do. I mean, the only person that should be affected by this is tucker. Nobody else.

Jack: Once I push send, this damning information is going to go out to every major news outlet in the world.

Ashley: It’s a story that tucker does not want out there. Jack, when this whole thing happened, he was off the grid. Then, he covered it up, in spite of his enlightenment.

Jack: This is exactly the kind of thing that will destroy his credibility.

Ashley: I know. It’s a public relations nightmare. He could have gotten in front of this when it was uncovered. I think that his ego got in the way and it made him think that he couldn’t be touched by it and he’s going to find out soon enough how wrong he was. You know, it’s just ironic. I had so many hopes for glacade and so many hopes for tucker and me and the whole thing has just blown up right in my face.

Jack: Are you sure you’re still ready to go ahead with this?

Ashley: Yes, I am, jack. I’ve done everything we’ve discussed.

Jack: I’m just saying it might not be easy. I know the two of you have history. The two of you have had a number of run-ins recently.

Ashley: Yeah. Do you have a point you’re trying to make with me?

Jack: Once I push send there is no turning back. Tucker’s professional life will go up in flames. You having any second thoughts?

Billy: Thank you. Well, it’s official. Congratulations are in order. I am no longer at jabot. I am now officially at chancellor-winters, starting after the break.

Chelsea: And in record time. I will say, when you set your mind to something, you really make it happen.

Billy: It’s the right thing to do. There’s no time to waste. Lily’s visiting mattie. Devon and jill need my help, so time to hit the ground running.

Chelsea: So, what happens when lily comes back? You two were a leadership team before.

Billy: We were. Yeah, we did some good things in the business world. But honestly, right now, I’m not looking for answers. My priority is making sure that devon and my mom are supported and that tucker doesn’t make a move for the company.

Chelsea: Well, you are the ultimate defender and protector. I’ve seen it firsthand and it’s wonderful.

Billy: I’m not on my own. Did I mention that nate is back as well?

Chelsea: They’re letting him come back to chancellor-winters?

Billy: Mm-hmm. Almost stabbed his family in the back, but all is forgiven. He’s got a pinky swear that he won’t sabotage the company again, but…

Chelsea: Well. Well, listen, we’ve all screwed up. We’ve all needed second chances.

Billy: Can I steal some of that kindness and understanding, please?

Chelsea: Yes. It’s all yours.

Billy: Mm. Good. Because I could spread a little bit of that to chance. My mother recruited chance. We both thought it would be a good idea for me to mentor him for a little while. He is not very thrilled about it.

Chelsea: Why? Chance has zero track record in business. He’d be lucky to have your wisdom and support.

Billy: That’s exactly what I said, but apparently, he’d rather have it from someone who hasn’t burned so many bridges.

Chelsea: You have a great track record.

Billy: A bunch of businesses and a bunch of positions, I think that’s what he said. To be honest, I couldn’t really argue with him.

Chelsea: Who wants to stay at the same place all the time? It’s boring.

Billy: You’re such a protector, such a defender.

Chelsea: I don’t know.

Billy: No, you are. And I appreciate it.

Chelsea: Well, to be honest with you, I’m a little worried about this job change. I would just– I would hate if I encouraged you to do something that you’re going to end up regretting.

Audra: Hey.

Kyle: Hey.

Audra: Kyle, you actually made it.

Kyle: Yeah, I came as soon as I could.

Audra: Yeah. After you took a while answering my texts. I wonder if you were having second thoughts about our plan again?

Kyle: Not again. Always.

Audra: Well, listen, I confronted tucker about not being upfront about his plan and he swore to me that he would never leave me hanging out in the cold, so he fully intends for me to run jabot after the takeover.

Kyle: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing.

Audra: Have little faith, kyle. We will both profit from this. We are so close to success.

Kyle: No. Audra, it’s not about faith. Something is about to go down. Something huge.

Victor: There we go. Wasn’t I right?

Nikki: Um, about what?

Victor: About this place, baby? This is a wonderful place for us to relax and forget about all our troubles.

Nikki: Yes. Yes, a lovely idea. But I need to use the ladies’ room. Will you excuse me for a minute?

Victor: Sure. I’ll get us some drinks, okay?

Victoria: Claire? Why? Why– why– why are you doing this? Why are you pretending that claire is my baby eve all grown up? Yeah,we love our house, but the cost

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Ashley: You keep asking me if I’m having second thoughts. I’m starting to wonder if you’re looking for a reason not to take the next step.

Jack: There is not a single doubt in my mind that this should happen and you know that. Which makes me wonder if this– this accusation is just the next deflection.

Ashley: I’m not having second thoughts. I’m not. I do pity tucker. He would hate to hear me say that, but I– I do, I have pity for him. You know, I mean, he’s about to lose everything and it doesn’t mean that I’m having a change of heart. Our father built jabot from the ground up, right? He based it on ethical and honorable principles. If tucker somehow had gotten his hands on jabot, then we would have been faced with having to watch him destroy our father’s legacy. I’m not going to let it happen.

Jack: I am glad to hear that.

Ashley: But it doesn’t mean I’m going to gloat, jack, okay? Because people I care about are affected by this. I mean, not abby so much because she– she hates tucker, but I mean, he’s devon’s father. He’s– he’s dominic’s grandpa. And dominic loves him and I hate to see what this is gonna do to them.

Jack: Believe me, devon has some idea of who his father is. He might already suspect this whole–

Ashley: No, he doesn’T. He would never let something like this slide and abby hasn’t said a word. They don’t know.

Jack: Okay. This is tucker’s mess to clean up.

Ashley: I know.

Jack: He’s a bastard as an executive. He’s a bastard as a husband. If he wants to be better as a father and a grandfather, he can plead his case. As far as the business world goes though.

Ashley: Well, thankfully he can’t do anything to hurt jabot anymore, right?

Jack: Right. So, are you ready to go through with this?

Ashley: If he just left us alone, we wouldn’t have to do any of this. He only has himself to blame. Do it. Go on.

Billy: Look at you, trying to protect me like I’m a new kid at school.

Chelsea: I just– I feel like there are already obstacles at chancellor-winters before you’ve even gone back there.

Billy: Chance and nate aren’t gonna be a problem. And after officially leaving jabot and having a very difficult, but important conversation with jack, I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. Bittersweet, yeah. But a relief.

Chelsea: Well, your family’s company is important to you. For good reason.

Billy: It is. You know, when jack hired me back at jabot this last time, I felt like it was the right place to be. It felt like– it felt like I was home, you know, to honor my father and step up.

Chelsea: Yeah. And then, I encouraged you to leave.

Billy: You are a woman of insight and vision. I am late to that curve. It got too much, you know, trying to protect the job. Trying to hold on to it. Kyle shows up and he wants it back. You know, I always felt like diane was a threat. You add tucker on top of that and it just, you know, it got too much for me.

Chelsea: You were trying to protect your father’s legacy. No one would judge you for that.

Billy: It wasn’t always about jabot, to be honest. It was about me wanting to be a hero. You know, get the credit. Prove that I can be the savior for jabot and it doesn’t always have to be jack. I wanted to make sure that my father was proud of me as he watches down over me because I don’t think I ever achieved that while he was alive.

Chelsea: And now you’re going back to chancellor-winters to help your mom.

Billy: Yeah, she made it very clear it’s time to step into the breach. And no one says no to jill abbott. Not and live to tell the tale.

Chelsea: And you want to protect her legacy from tucker. But billy, isn’t it the same kind of addictive rush as at jabot? I mean, how is it any different?

Victoria: Oh, um. Is that dinner for claire grace? I’m victoria newman. I’m actually on the visitor’s list. Um, is she in a group therapy meeting or some other meeting?

Nurse: Nothing else is scheduled at dinner time.

Victoria: I need to speak with someone in security.

Victor: Thank you.

Nate: Nikki?

Nikki: Nate.

Nate: Um, what are you doing?

Nikki: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Jack: There’s no turning back now.

Ashley: Tucker’s dirty little secret is about to become international news.

Jack: Anyone involved with glacade is either going to abandon ship or they’re going to band together and drive tucker out. Tucker mccall and his brand are about to flatline.

Audra: You know, since when do you get worked up like this? What exactly is about to go down?

Kyle: The– the– the mccall scandal. The cover-up about the singer having sex with underage girls. Look, it’s about to be all over the news if it isn’t already.

Audra: No. This was supposed to be a nonissue. You know, we can talk to your family. We can work it out, but we have to stop this right now.

Kyle: No, audra. It’s probably too late for that. I begged my dad to kill the story or at least delay the release, but there was nothing I could say. He knew that tucker was targeting jabot, so it was a preemptive attack.

Audra: There has to be something you can do to stop this.

Kyle: No. It’s too late. I said everything I could without tipping my hand. What was I supposed to say? “Don’t go after tucker because you’ll tank my future job plans?” Look, tucker did this to himself, and to you.

Audra: You’re not understanding me. This can’t get out. Not now and not ever. I have worked way too damn long and hard to go down like this. Oh, my god.

Kyle: Well, you might be all right.

Audra: I might? Is that supposed to reassure me?

Kyle: I– I begged my dad to keep you out of it.

Audra: Oh, you did, huh?

Kyle: Of course, I did. Look, I told you, I’m on your side.

Audra: Yeah, but there’s no telling what’s gonna happen when someone starts digging. I gotta warn tucker.

Kyle: No. Tucker had months to do damage control. If he does anything now, it’ll look desperate and guilty.

Audra: Tucker was right, wasn’t he?

Kyle: About what?

Audra: You. You didn’t even try to stop jack at all, did you? You know, or maybe you knew all along? You were part of the plan. You kept me busy and distracted while jack set things in motion. Just tell the truth, kyle. You were just using me, weren’t you?

Tucker: “To the newly admitted staff of glacade, welcome aboard the most exciting journey of your career. You are about to embark on an amazing adventure as we build the next great company of the 21st century.” What? Son of a bitch.

Nate: Nikki, wait.

Nikki: What is it, nate?

Nate: Can we talk?

Nikki: What do we have to talk about?

Nate: You took a drink from that flask you pulled out of your purse. And then you popped some mints to cover up the smell of alcohol.

Nikki: Wow. Making things up again, are you? You’re attacking me because you couldn’t get anywhere with victor. You know, that’s a terrible accusation. You should know better. But if you dare try to spread that lie to victoria or anybody–

Nate: Nikki, I am not judging you. I am speaking to you as someone who cares, okay? How long have you been off the wagon?

Nikki: Okay. First of all, you are mistaken. And second of all, it’s none of your damn business. You were fired, remember that? So, whatever goes on in our family is none of your concern.

Nate: Whatever happened at newman enterprises, I am still a doctor. I still care about the health of people around me. Alcoholism is a disease. Insidious and potentially deadly. Help and treatment are the only way, nikki.

Nikki: You know, I don’t have to stand here and be lectured by you.

Nate: But you’ve been doing so well for so long. If something happened to–

Nikki: Do I have to call security because I will?

Nate: Look, I heard you suffered some sort of seizure. Are you having an M.S. Recurrence? Because if that triggered a relapse–

Nikki: Will you leave me alone?

Nate: Nikki, listen. Maybe you think you have this under control?

Nikki: Just leave me alone. I told you already. How many times do I have to say it? You stay out of my life. Got that?

Victoria: Have you seen, uh, a strange woman in this facility? She’s caucasian, 5’6. Um, short, dark hair, maybe in her 60s. She might have tried to slip in looking like a nurse.

Guard: There was someone I saw earlier that I thought was a new hire, but she had a badge and blonde hair.

Victoria: Oh, my god. That was probably a wig. Listen, this woman is extremely dangerous and she’s wanted by the police. We have to find her immediately. And the– the young woman that’s probably with her.

Nate: Victor. I apologize for interrupting, but there’s something we need to discuss.

Victor: You are interrupting. I think I’ve said everything to you that needs to be said.

You can feel it…

Victoria: Cole, I’m at the hospital.

Cole: Hey, how’s claire?

Victoria: I don’t know. She seems to be missing and nobody knows where she is. And it gets worse. I found a bracelet on her pillow. It looked exactly like the one that jordan was wearing at the lake house.

Cole: Wait, wait. Are you sure?

Victoria: I think that jordan, she must have snuck in here disguised as a nurse. Just like she did the first time when she took claire from us.

Cole: Slipped in past security and out again with a patient?

Victoria: I knew she wasn’t done with us. Cole, she has our daughter. I just know it. And she’s so vulnerable and she’s so scared. Hold on a second. Did you find them?

Guard: Security footage shows the blonde woman exiting with a patient in a wheelchair.

Victoria: Oh, my god. Did you hear that?

Cole: Yes. Yes. I’m on my way.

Nate: Look, I understand you don’t want to speak with me, but this is pretty important.

Victor: You here to try to convince me to give you a second chance? Ain’t gonna happen.

Nate: This isn’t about newman.

Victor: Then you and I have nothing to talk about.

Nate: Victor. Vic, please. Look, hear me out. I heard victoria and your family went through something pretty traumatic recently.

Victor: How the hell did you hear about that?

Nate: And that nikki suffered some sort of seizure?

Victor: How did you hear about that?

Nate: I don’t know any of the details, but if it’s true, I’m sorry to hear it. I just hope it hasn’t pushed any of you into a troubling situation.

Victor: What are you fishing for?

Nate: Victor, I’m not fishing for anything.

Victor: If someone betrays me, I will not forgive it.

Nate: Victor, you’re not hearing me. This is not about me wanting another chance at newman. And for the record, I never tried to betray you.

Victor: I used to respect you, nate. Anyone who gets a medical degree, I take my hat off for that. Okay? But you had ulterior motives. It didn’t work out. I caught you. End of story.

Audra: Tucker, you have to get back to me asap. It’s time to gather forces. You know, I thought I could trust you, kyle. You convinced me that you wanted to be on our team. You know, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Kyle: No. That was not the case at all, audra. This wasn’t a betrayal.

Audra: Oh, okay. Then why didn’t you at least warn us this was coming? That’s the least you could have done.

Kyle: What I did was convince my dad to redact your name from all of the emails. Then, I came to warn you.

Audra: So, you didn’t know about any of this until today?

Kyle: Of course not. I’m the ingrate, entitled son who let his father down, remember? Look, my father kept it from me. Just like he’s keeping all the important things from me right now.

Audra: Right. Sure. You know, I’m sure living at that house, you had no idea your father was about to detonate a bomb. You don’t seriously expect me to believe that, kyle, do you?

Kyle: You think I want this? My father doesn’t trust me. He shoved me out of jabot and is keeping secrets. That’s why I threw in with you and tucker. Because my father has turned his back on me as a potential leader at jabot. My path to promotion was through you. I was counting on it.

Audra: Well, you evidently bet wrong. Tucker is gonna go ballistic. You know, I have been with him for years and I have bet my entire career on this and now it’s over.

Kyle: Maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Audra: Oh, be serious, kyle. Your father did not expose that story because it’s harmless. It’s gonna destroy tucker’s reputation and his connection to glacade. Without glacade, we can’t take on jabot. So, there’s nothing left for you or me.

Kyle: Slow down. There may still be a way to pull this off.

Audra: How kyle?

Kyle: Just trust me.

Audra: Oh, yeah, I should do that.

Kyle: I’ve come up with the perfect product that glacade can steal from jabot.

Audra: And what good will that do us when we don’t have a company that can use it?

Jack: Whoa, whoa. Slow down.

Tucker: Hey, jack. Nice to see you.

Jack: Tucker. What brings you by?

Tucker: You’ve been waiting. Counting the minutes so you could use this information. You finally found the perfect op– this move, coming from him, I could have predicted that. That’s inevitable. But from you… I… I never expected this from you.

Limu emu & doug

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. This is going viral.

Billy: Staying at jabot to protect the company for my siblings or going to chancellor-winters to support my mom, the difference there is easy. It’s jack.

Chelsea: He’s that big a figure in your life, isn’t he?

Billy: There’s a lot of baggage that comes with it. But look, moving on to my new/old company, it’s– it’s the right thing to do. And maybe I’m being too overly confident. Maybe battling tucker from a new front will still ignite the obsessive flames.

Chelsea: If that happens, will you talk about it?

Billy: With you? Absolutely. I don’t think it will. But there is one question that still haunts me.

Chelsea: And what’s that?

Billy: What is my legacy? You know, what do I leave behind when it’s all said and done? Where is it? What is it? Even after you’ve so beautifully helped me come to these revelations, I still can’t answer the one basic, but profound question of one’s life. I– you know, what’s my purpose?

Jack: Face it, tucker. You are done. You have been effectively cut off at the knees.

Tucker: I guess you and I have a different definition of civility. ‘Cause I thought we agreed to not let our separation turn into a war? But if that’s what you want, sweetheart, you’ve got it. Oh, and jack, I’m not done. Not by a long shot.

Victoria: Cole.

Cole: Hey. I got here as fast as I could. Any word on claire?

Victoria: No. I’ve already alerted the hospital security. I’ve called the police. My father’s team is involved.

Cole: Why would jordan even risk coming in here to take claire?

Victoria: Who knows? Why does that woman do anything that she does?

Cole: How was she able to sneak her out of here?

Victoria: Apparently, she had her in a wheelchair wrapped in a blanket, transported her over to the main hospital, where security is supposedly less stringent.

Cole: Yeah. Where she’s had the practice and the viciousness too. I mean, the thought of her manipulating claire again. Emotionally torturing her.

Victoria: Claire’s already so broken. And we weren’t there to protect her once again. What is this gonna do to her?

Cole: Vic, listen, we can’t think like that, all right? We’re going to find our daughter. We’re gonna find claire.

Nate: Once again, you’re wrong. But I’ll say it again. I had no ulterior motives. My only concern was your health. Look, I swore an oath to use my medical knowledge to provide advice and encouragement to sustain the health of others, so no matter where I work or– or what my job title is, protecting well-being is my first instinct.

Victor: Then why the hell don’t you follow your first instinct and return to medicine, okay? But leave my family alone.

Nate: Ironically, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do when I suggest you keep an eye on nikki. Whatever trauma your family went through may have affected her more profoundly than she’s letting on.

Victor: What are you implying?

Nate: I have reason to believe nikki might be drinking again.

[ Victor sighing ] I love that my daughter still needs me. What is cirkul? Cirkul is the fuel you need to take flight. Cirkul is the energy that gets you to the next level. Cirkul is what you hope for when life tosses lemons your way. Cirkul. It’s your water, your way. Febreze!

Chelsea: Was it me? Did I push you into a deep hole of introspection and regret?

Billy: Even if you did, would that be so bad? I mean, you help me see the big picture?

Chelsea: But, I mean, if it’s painful or confusing–

Billy: It’s neither one of those things. I mean, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? We’re supposed to find the meaning in all of this? Find our place in this big old world, you know? I mean, what are people gonna say about me when I’m gone?

Chelsea: Deep thoughts.

Billy: The deepest. Look, I am not– I’m not concerned. I’m not regretful at all. I’m honestly excited about this new chapter in my life. It’s exhilarating. It’s a rush, but it’s the right kind of rush because this is about discovery.

Chelsea: Mm. Finding your true purpose.

Billy: There you go. It’ll be a hell of a success story, right? I can see the headline already, billy abbott finds the meaning of life.

Chelsea: So, I think the lesson here is that my pushiness is really useful.

Billy: That’s exactly what it is. Don’t feel bad, okay? Because I feel great. And I want you to feel great too.

Nate: Maybe the concierge knows where she was headed? Or the valet? Nikki shouldn’t be driving. If she took the car, victor…

Victor: Nate, this goes no further than right here, you got it? And from now on, you stay out of our family’s business.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nikki: Who is this?

Jordan: Hello, nikki.

Nikki: What the hell do you want?

Jordan: Have you enjoyed our communication these past few days?

Nikki: Stop calling me.

Jordan: Does the music bring back memories? I so enjoyed discovering and sharing the wonderful poetry of edgar allan poe with you. Most appropriate, don’t you think?

Nikki: The police are looking for you. It’s only a matter of time before they find you.

Jordan: But I’ve already found you. Watching your every move. From a safe distance, of course.

Nikki: Stay away from me, you demented bitch.

Jordan: Does it sing to you, nikki? The vodka? Does it take all the sharp edges off? How does it feel when the liquor fills your veins? You should thank me. I’ve given you back something that you wanted. And you’re about to have another drink now, aren’t you, my friend?

Nikki: Yeah, I’ve been drinking. I’m drunk right now. What’s it to you?

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: You know, I would give up and walk away, but I deserve an answer.

Tucker: If I have ever given you the impression that I don’t need you, that I appreciate you or value you, you have my most heartfelt apologies.

Audra: You know, none of that is an actual statement. You throw all these words around and they all end up being meaningless.

Tucker: You want statements. I respect very few people in this world. I respect you. I trust no one, except you. You know me. You call me out and you make this fun. I love the way your eyes light up when you’re about to go in for a kill. I love the way your brilliant mind works. I love it all, audra.

Audra: Why are you just now saying it?

Tucker: I didn’t think I needed to. There was no kyle to make you doubt me, or yourself. Gosh, I could have sworn this was my room. 353. Since when did you swipe my extra key card?

Audra: Housekeeping let me in and I convinced them I– I lost my key.

Tucker: Well, I’ll have to talk to management about that. I don’t like strange people coming into my room.

Audra: Okay. You know, I left you a few messages. Why haven’t you responded? And have you seen the internet?

Tucker: Yes, I have. Yes, I have. Have you seen the picture they’re using? Very flattering.

Audra: You know, kyle came to me to give you the heads up, only conveniently, it was a little too late.

Tucker: What a surprise.

Audra: You know, kyle swears he can still be trusted and he can still get us what we want from jabot, but I just– I don’t know about him anymore.

Tucker: Kyle is the least of our problems now that the story is out.

Audra: But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, right? You know, maybe we can still salvage it. All we have to do now is strategize our next move. Tucker! What do you think we should do now?

Tucker: I don’t know. It’s not so simple. Jack’s not the only one who fired this volley. He’s not the only one we have to worry about.

Audra: Just don’t, tucker. Do not lose focus right now.

Tucker: Ashley sure got her revenge against me. In spades.

Kyle: I got the alert on my cell. Ah, the story is everywhere.

Jack: Another glass for my brilliant son. We are celebrating.

Ashley: Well, some of us more than others.

Jack: A toast. To the first successful step in the demise of tucker mccall.

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: What?

Victoria: Look, I tried calling you. Jordan was at the hospital.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Victoria: I don’t know. I was not there when she arrived. And she somehow snuck her way into the hospital and she took claire with her.

Victor: Did you call security?

Victoria: Yes.

Cole: We don’t know where they are.

Victor: But they couldn’t have gotten far. I’m gonna go to the ranch and be with your mother, okay?

Victoria: What? Dad is–

Victor: Darling, keep me posted.

Victoria: Is everything–

Victor: Yeah, yeah.

Jordan: The liquor makes you so much more interesting, nikki, but I need you to stay calm. Keep it together just for a little while longer.

Nikki: Stay calm for what?

Jordan: Shut up and listen to me. I have claire. You remember claire, don’t you? Your granddaughter? Victoria’s firstborn?

Nikki: No, you don’T. She’s in the hospital.

Jordan: No, she’s with me. She betrayed me. She betrayed the plan. She chose victoria over me. Me. The woman who raised her. The only person who ever loved her.

Nikki: Like you know anything about love.

Jordan: Victoria abandoned her and left her for dead, so here’s what we do. If you ever want victoria to see sweet, little claire again, we’ll have to make a little trade. Her mother for her daughter.

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