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Traci: Oh, look at that. Ah, I will never forget katherine giving this to me when I was six years old.

Jack: Oh, this– this was from luan.

Diane: Mm. Keemo’s mom.

Jack: Yeah. I was so hoping allie would be here to hang her grandmother’s ornament. I’m sorry she and noah can’t leave london and join us.

Traci: Those two. Young love, right?

Diane: Oh, I think love is nice at any age.

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Traci: All right, this is the best tree ever.

Jack: You say that every year.

Traci: And every year, it’s the truth.

Diane: Whoa.

Kyle: We’re here.

Traci: Oh, hey.

Jack: About time you guys got home.

Kyle: The last day of school before christmas break was crazy. You finished without us? Come on.

Diane: Oh, yeah. But it’s not a party until harrison’s here.

Jack: Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy.

Diane: What do you think?

Ashley: The chill in the air, the champagne, the carols, the bustle. I love christmas.

Abby: You love buying dominic gifts.

Ashley: Well, the chancellor house is pretty big. Plenty of room for lots of presents.

Abby: Okay, mom, that cannot be the criterion for–

Ashley: Well, I happen to know for a fact that in the backyard is a perfect spot for a pony.

Abby: No. No pony.

Ashley: How about a couple of puppies?

Abby: Mom, you are impossible.

Ashley: You better accept the fact I’m going to spoil that child to pieces.

Abby: Babe, will you talk to her, please?

Devon: No. I’m not gonna get in between our son and his grandmother who loves him very much.

Ashley: Right. Cheers to that.

Devon: Cheers.

Abby: Cheers.

Devon: Thank you. It’s great. Now, I don’t know what the abbotts have planned for christmas day, but we would love to have you join us at some point.

Ashley: Well, of course. Who’s gonna help that little boy open up all the gifts I’m giving him?

Devon: Right. It’s gonna take days. So, you’ll have plenty of time.

Abby: Well, we’re not doing anything big.

Devon: No, just the toys.

Abby: Yes. And we’re gonna make the day all about dominic. It’ll be our first christmas together as a family.

Devon: That’s right.

Abby: In our new, old home.

Ashley: I love that. Have you made any plans with tucker?

[ Abby sighing ]

[ Tucker humming “deck the halls” ]

Tucker: Ah.

[ Tucker humming ] Bop, bop! Haha.

[ Tucker humming ]

Chance: He walks into the bar and orders a beer and a mop.

Summer: What?

Chance: [Indistinct]

Summer: Yeah.

Chance: He wasn’t ready.

Summer: It’s just absolutely ridiculous.

Chance: Right? Stupid.

Mamie: You okay?

Nate: Wow. The last time I was here, it was, um, it was ugly.

Mamie: And now, you’re back.

Nate: On a trial basis.

Mamie: I have no doubt that trial basis is gonna be changing permanently. Real quick.

Nate: Yeah? How can you be so sure?

Mamie: Well, for one thing, you’ve got me in your corner. And so far, that’s been pretty good to balance out all the rest of it, don’t you think?

Nate: I’m not sure everyone would agree.

Mamie: You made mistakes, learned things. You found your priorities. Everything that you have done up until now brought you back through those doors. Back into this family company, where you belong.

Nate: I never thought I’d be a part of this again.

Mamie: Then, you should just step up into this moment. Everything that is in the past doesn’t matter. You’re here now and our family is going to accomplish really great things together.

Nate: I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Mamie: Hm.

Nate: But um, I do have a question and I hope you don’t mind me asking.

Mamie: Well, isn’t my life an open book?

Nate: Are there gonna be any more surprises from you? We’re traveling all across america

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Abby: You know, we haven’t talked about tucker and christmas, um…

Ashley: Okay. Well, if you decide to let him spend some time with dominic, um, by the way, I totally understand and support that. I would just prefer if I didn’t have to share eggnog with him. I’m sure you understand?

Devon: Yeah. Of course, of course, no, tucker’s not going to be an issue, at all.

[ Phone ringing ] This is a work call I’ve been waiting for. I’m sorry, do you mind if I take this?

Abby: No. No, of course.

Devon: You sure?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Excuse me.

Ashley: The two of you are sweet. That’s the best gift you can give me, you know, seeing my daughter so happy and in love.

Abby: I want the same for you.

Ashley: Oh, please. Haven’t we decided that I’m really not very good in that department?

Abby: I am never gonna forgive tucker for what he did. Dominic or not. That man never should have been allowed back in genoa city after what happened in paris.

Kyle: Harrison’s got something for you.

Diane: You do?

Jack: Oh.

Harrison: Mistletoe!

Kyle: All right. Wait, little man, we gotta do this right. Let’s do it.

Harrison: Kiss didi.

Jack: Well, I guess if I have to.

Diane: Come on.

Traci: Oh, my gosh.

Diane: Oh, I can’t believe I’m here celebrating with all of you this year. It’s so different than last year. We’re safe and we’re happy and so excited about the future.

Jack: I second that, mrs. Abbott.

Traci: You know, my very favorite thing about christmas?

Jack: I know the answer. It’s toys.

Traci: Absolutely, it’s toys. And love. The love of this family who has endured so much and gets stronger with every passing year.

Jack: Hear, hear, sis. Hey, let’s go.

Traci: Yeah, let’s go over and check out the tree, harrison. Come on, honey.

Jack: Here. You decide where it goes.

Diane: Hey, so this is your first christmas without summer. I’m– I’m sorry.

Kyle: Yeah. It’s in the past.

Traci: Uh, excuse me. Um, harrison is demanding that we finish decorating the tree.

Kyle: Ooh, let’s get to it.

Diane: And I wanna know every little detail about every single one of these abbott keepsake ornaments, starting with this one.

Traci: Uh-oh.

Diane: Jacky with a– with a y?

Traci: Yes. Our mother helped him make that one year and she was really concerned that his whole name wasn’t gonna fit, so this is her suggestion.

Diane: Well, okay. I guess you need to make one with harrison and what can he say? He can say, harry.

Jack: Harry. Harry.

Diane: You’re not harry.

Kyle: Here’s some history. There was a christmas that I couldn’t be with my dad, so I made this for him. You want to hang it on the tree together? Yeah? Where should we put it? How about here? This part. Yeah.

Diane: Perfect.

Kyle: You’ve got a real knack for this.

[ Phone chiming ]

Summer: Seriously, I still can’t believe how incredible that concert was last night.

Chance: It was the best ever.

Summer: I mean, the crowd was insane. I don’t think I’ve danced that much in forever.

Chance: Yeah. And you know what? You even got me on my feet. That’s impressive.

You make me wanna look crazy

I’m jamming

with my eyes closed


not freefalling

just let it go

your heart is on a tightrope

you just met me

you make me love you crazy

Summer: I mean, vip all access tickets. Meeting the band backstage. Chance, I am spoiled for life.

Chance: Come on.

Phyllis: Hey, you two kids.

Chance: Hi.

Summer: Hey, mom.

Phyllis: Hey. My goodness, I could feel the vibes across the room. What has you two so excited?

Summer: We went to the say jump concert last night.

Phyllis: What? You used to love that band?

Summer: Oh, I still do. I’m gonna keep that backstage wristband forever. I also got a new concert tee from them. The lead singer signed it. They weren’t even doing autographs, but chance convinced him.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. You are a hero.

Chance: Well, he can’t turn down a couple of die-hard fans, right?

Summer: Seriously, thank you again for inviting me.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. I’m glad you got to use sharon’s ticket. Even though I did have to kind of convince her to go with me.

Summer: Oh, yeah, you really had to twist my arm.

Phyllis: She used sharon’s ticket? I hope everything’s okay.

Summer: Everything’s fine. Yeah, she just had a last-minute business meeting. That’s all.

Phyllis: Oh, awesome. I mean, lucky you.

Chance: No, I was the lucky one. I didn’t have to go alone and this one taught me a couple of new dance moves. What was that one again?

Phyllis: Nice. Nice. I bet she did. Yeah.

Chance: Well, she’ll have to fill you in on the setlist. I cannot be late to this meeting.

Phyllis: All right. Hey, by the way, I hear you quit the force. You’re working for jill?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. She and my mom didn’t really give me much of a choice.

Summer: Hey, look, I know it’s a big leap from police work to the corporate world, but this might be exactly what you need without you even realizing it.

Phyllis: Mm. My daughter’s very wise, by the way.

Chance: That she is. That she is. And she knew every word to every song last night. Pretty badass. Anyway, thank you again for going with me.

Summer: I had so much fun.

Chance: Me too. I’ll see you guys around.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Can I squeeze by?

Phyllis: Oh, sorry.

Summer: Don’t do that.

Phyllis: What?

Summer: That– that smile. Don’t do that.

Phyllis: I’m just happy my daughter’s happy.

Summer: Okay. It was a one-time thing. That’s it.

Phyllis: Okay. And you taught him moves, apparently.

Summer: No. Stop.

Mamie: Well, surprises keep life interesting.

Nate: Mm-hmm. But they could be bad for business. No offense.

Mamie: None taken. I did secretly invest in chancellor-winters and that caught a lot of people by surprise. For some of them, they’re pleased. And for the one who isn’t, well, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Nate: You’ve already breathed new energy into this company. But your other surprise, partnering with tucker. I know you see how that’s problematic.

Mamie: I’m done with that relationship. I want no contact with that man.

Nate: And no more secrets up your sleeve?

Mamie: I have one agenda and that’s a secret to no one and that I want jill abbott out of our business.

Billy: And I’m here to make sure that you don’t succeed. (Vo) get in the holiday spirit

Mamie: Billy, if you’re looking for your mom, she’s not here.

Billy: No, I’m aware. I’m gonna be setting up shop here in lily’s office. I see that you haven’t heard yet. Well, I’m back.

Mamie: Well, I guess I’m not the only one that’s full of surprises.

Nate: Devon mentioned it was a possibility, but not yet confirmed.

Billy: I’m here to confirm.

Mamie: And in what capacity might I ask?

Billy: Filling in for lily. Co-ceo along with devon, for the time being.

Nate: Co-ceo?

Billy: It’s not like I haven’t spent time in the chancellor-winters c-suite before.

Nate: As coo. And then you walked out on the company and lily when she needed you.

Billy: And you tried to hijack this company out from underneath devon and lily, so why don’t you say we keep our eyes focused on what’s ahead?

Mamie: It looks like it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Billy: Well, then we better hold on tight.

Phyllis: So, I see you decided to go for it. Good girl.

Summer: Okay. No, I am not going for anything. So, could you please stop looking at chance like he’s prospective son-in-law material?

Phyllis: I’m just calling it like I see it. That’s all.

Summer: Sharon had a business meeting. Chance had an extra ticket. He invited me. I said, yes, that’s it.

Phyllis: Well, you obviously had fun. And it seems like chance had fun with you as well.

Summer: Well, we were seeing our favorite band.

Phyllis: Our favorite band. That’s so sweet.

Summer: Okay. Fine. Fine. I admit it, last night was absolutely incredible. It was– it was amazing. You want to know why? Because for just a few hours, I could forget that it’s almost christmas. And I– I’m– I’m not with kyle and harrison decorating the christmas tree and I– and I don’t get to watch harrison try to stay awake hoping to catch santa claus eat the cookies that we left out for him.

Phyllis: I understand. And I’m sorry. Hey, listen, can I just be happy that my daughter was happy with a really, really good guy?

Summer: I wish I didn’t feel this way about him.

Phyllis: Yeah. But you can’t control what your heart wants.

Summer: But I don’t have to act on it. I mean, chance is with sharon and if he didn’t want to be, he wouldn’t be.

Phyllis: Oh, come on, summer. People settle all the time.

Summer: No, mom, please stop.

Phyllis: Okay. All right. I will stop.

Summer: No, you won’T.

Phyllis: I will try.

Summer: Okay. Can we– can we just change the subject? Let’s talk about you. What’s new with you?

Phyllis: Tucker mccall.

Devon: I’ll go ahead and take care of that paperwork. Happy holidays to you too. Okay, bye.

Tucker: Hey.

Devon: Hi.

Tucker: I don’t suppose you’re here to see me?

Devon: No, I’m not at all. I’m here with abby and her mom.

Tucker: Oh, nice.

Devon: Yeah, I should get back to them.

Tucker: Well, I hope this isn’t gonna be my only chance to wish you a merry christmas.

Ashley: I would really like to leave what happened in paris behind me and I don’t want it to affect your family’s relationship with him.

Abby: Mom, tucker has hurt you, he’s hurt devon. He hurts everyone who tries to give him a chance.

Ashley: I’m not defending him, but devon has already lost the best father anybody could have.

Abby: Exactly. That’s why devon deserves better. And so do you.

Tucker: But he’s still the man that gets on the floor and plays with your son for hours and the joy in tucker’s eyes is there. You can’t deny it.

Abby: Okay. What? So, he’s not a complete monster?

Ashley: No. He’s the man that your son adores.

Abby: He’s also the man who turns friends into enemies and enemies into ashes. He lies as easily as he breathes, even to his own son.

Ashley: Yeah. It’s a shame. Tucker could have had so much more.

Abby: Okay. Wait. You’re not feeling sorry for him, are you? Please don’t say that.

Ashley: Listen, he’s going to be dealt with. All right? He’s gonna need all the support he can get, believe me.

Abby: Dealt with how?

Ashley: You’ll find out soon enough.

Abby: So, tucker won’t be a threat to jabot anymore?

Ashley: And probably not to anyone else.

Kyle: This is what I predicted. Tucker’s pushing hard for the product.

Jack: We have him exactly where we want him. He’s desperate. He will grab a hold of anything we hand to him.

Kyle: Well, the formula for our bogus, latest and greatest perfume.

Jack: Once he realizes that this is an old formula that we discarded, it’s gonna be too late.

Kyle: And we will nail him for corporate theft.

Jack: Yeah, and revealing his complicity in this whole awful mccall cover-up, that’s the first blow. This is the coup de grce.

Kyle: And one of these is enough to ruin his reputation. But a one-two punch?

Jack: Oh yeah, he’s not coming back from this. No small thanks to you.

Kyle: It was a team effort.

Jack: No, we would not be here without you. You showed incredible courage. Nobody wants to be tucker mccall’s enemy and you stayed two steps ahead of him the whole way. You beat him at his own game.

Kyle: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what I was up to sooner.

Jack: Yeah, I have a few regrets myself.

Kyle: Regrets?

Jack: Yeah, I made decisions that hurt you and I’m sorry. It’s just part of me thought when you went to newman media, that I’d lost you.

Kyle: That’s impossible, dad. I’m an abbott.

Jack: Yes, you are. You are the best part of us. You took on tucker to protect the family and the company, at no small risk to yourself and I am incredibly proud. Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate

Mamie: Billy abbott, co-ceo. Well, your mother must be very pleased with herself right now.

Billy: I believe she is.

Mamie: Well, I hope that you settle in as quickly as has nate. He’s already made a real difference.

Billy: Product and content development. That’s a perfect spot for you.

Nate: Thank you.

Billy: As long as we keep our eyes focused on the work and not your personal agendas.

Nate: Excuse me?

Billy: Well, what happened here with victor and newman enterprises? To be honest, I’m surprised that they gave you a chance to redeem yourself.

Nate: Look, I don’t have to defend myself to you. Devon and lily trust me enough to bring me back. And like I told you before, your opinion is irrelevant.

Billy: Well, maybe not exactly irrelevant. I mean, I am kind of your boss.

Mamie: Uh, what– what really matters here gentlemen is that we work together. Present a united front against tucker and his threat against chancellor-winters.

Billy: Couldn’t agree more, mamie. And that would be a lot easier if we can actually trust that your relationship with tucker is over.

Mamie: Well, as you said, we need to keep our eyes forward and keep our eyes focused on the challenges ahead. Not just poking at each other and squabbling and looking for trouble where there isn’t any.

Billy: You’re right. If devon and lily can give you the benefit of the doubt, then so can I.

Mamie: I’m gonna keep my eye on that promise.

Billy: And I’m gonna keep my eye on you.

Mamie: Hm. I gotta make sure that you enjoy the view.

Billy: Hm. We good?

Nate: We all want what’s best for chancellor-winters, right?

Billy: Great. Well, in that case, I have an appointment, so stick around as long as you want, until I’m back. Good to see you both.

Mamie: Billy. A great counter move on jill’s part.

Nate: You worried?

Mamie: Do I look like I’m worried? I’ve got jill abbott running scared. [ Laughing ]

Summer: You talked to tucker? I mean, why? I thought you hated him?

Phyllis: Okay. First of all, I didn’t talk to him. He came to me. He came to me. Can you believe that he had the gall to offer me a job?

Summer: And obviously, you said no.

Phyllis: It’s a really– it was a great job.

Summer: Working with tucker. So no, it’s– it’s not.

Phyllis: It, you know, it’s to, um, be the head of the I.T. Division at his new company. I mean, control the entire division. You know, from the ground up. And you know, oversee everything. Yeah. Instead of, you know, working for someone who works for someone who works for someone who’s part of the I.T. Department at omegasphere.

Summer: So, you don’t have any gratitude whatsoever for daniel when he took a chance on you, gave you a job when absolutely nobody else would.

Phyllis: Okay. First of all, I do have gratitude. You know that. Let’s be honest, it’s not really a job that I do there. All right, he’s just babysitting me and watching over me. Making sure I’m playing by the rules and I’m coloring within the lines.

Summer: Okay. But to prove that you don’t need that kind of supervision, you’re going to seek out chaos with tucker? And wait, I– I thought that tucker hated you just as much as you hate him. So, why would he even want you?

Phyllis: Because I’m brilliant, that’s why. Yeah, ’cause I’m so good at what I do. And yeah, we hate each other. Big deal. Good. That’s worked out, fine. But it’s nice that my efforts and my talent is appreciated by him. It is just nice. You know? He knows that. He knows what I have to give and that I take no prisoners.

Summer: And that you’re usually out for number one?

Phyllis: Yes. And so is he. So good. That’s worked out. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Listen, summer, if I were interested in the job, which I am not, I am not. But if I were, it feels good to be appreciated for once. It feels good. Instead of just, you know, being an afterthought in some cubicle in the corner, on some floor in a building. Come on. He’s also offering me quadruple my salary.

Summer: You’re really considering taking this job, aren’t you?

Abby: So, you and uncle jack are gonna save jabot from tucker. That’s great.

Ashley: Yes. It is great. For us, for jabot, but it’s gonna be devastating for tucker and not just professionally.

Abby: Is this where I’m supposed to be sad?

Ashley: If things go the way I think they will, he’s gonna lose everything. And he will. He’s gonna be angry and humiliated.

Abby: Mom, how many lives has tucker destroyed?

Ashley: I’m just saying, it’s gonna affect his relationship with devon, honey. And definitely not in a good way.

Abby: Okay. If he spins out, I am gonna protect the people that I care about. That way, he will never hurt devon or dom.

Ashley: You’re right. Why do I care? You know what I think? I think it’s just– I think I don’t want to admit that the love that I had for him was just nothing.

Abby: Mom, I cannot be nice to that guy.

Ashley: Could you be tolerant?

Abby: If you promise me that you will never get back together with him?

Ashley: I promise you. Okay? I– I promise you. Tucker burned those bridges when we were in paris.

Tucker: Do you think we can set aside the animosity long enough to get through the holidays?

Devon: It’s not that easy, tucker.

Tucker: I understand. You know, it’s just that I have this santa claus-sized bag of toys for dom and I’d love to drop them off for him.

Devon: Yeah. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

Tucker: It wouldn’t take long.

Devon: Well, sure. Okay. Just drop them off.

Tucker: Um, I know this is a lot to ask you, if– I’m just gonna go for it. Christmas miracles and all that.

Devon: What is it?

Tucker: Is there any chance we could spend christmas eve together? I’ll be home

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Devon: Yeah. No, that’s not gonna happen, at all. This holiday is all about dominic and we don’t have any time for drama or agendas. I don’t need you trying to worm your way back into my life by dropping off presents for my son.

Tucker: All right. That’s all right. I understand they have a decent figgy pudding here, so I’ll be fine.

Devon: And you’re not gonna get a pity invite either.

Tucker: No, no, no, no. That wasn’t– I’m not trying to get a pity invite.

Devon: That’s what– of course you are. You are. I know you. And that’s the problem. You’ve lied to me too many times. So, you being on the outside looking in? That’s all because of your own actions.

Tucker: I know. I just would love to get a second or third or fourth or fifth chance for an old-fashioned christmas truce. One day.

Devon: Yeah. No thanks. Sorry about that.

Abby: Hey. Is everything okay?

Devon: Yeah. The whole tucker situation’s been taken care of. He’s gonna come over and just drop off gifts on christmas day. So… the guy’s a lost cause.

Ashley: He is for me. Maybe he’s not for you.

Kyle: We need to fast-track securing that formulation. Look, I know it’s been on ice for you–

Jack: Give me that. He’ll call you back. Merry christmas.

Kyle: Um, this was important.

Jack: Nothing is more important than what’s going on in there right now. We’re decorating the tree. We’re eating christmas cookies, drinking eggnog.

Kyle: Dad, I am all for priorities, but I’m still a little worried.

Jack: Stop worrying. This is important. And look, I guarantee you, by the new year, tucker will slink off to some ashram somewhere with his tail between his legs.

Kyle: That’s a nice thought. That snake feeds on negative energy.

Jack: He has no idea what’s about to hit him. He can’t prepare for it. He can’t plan an attack. This is going to take him out. He is gone.

Kyle: You’re that confident?

Jack: Have a little faith. The good guys win sometimes.

Kyle: Dad, that’s all I want.

Jack: Well, this victory is no small thanks to you. You did this. You protected us from tucker. The family and the company. I couldn’t be more impressed or proud.

Kyle: Impressed and proud enough to make me co-ceo. After all this is over? It means a lot to me, dad.

Jack: It might mean even more to me.

Phyllis: I mean, summer, of course, I’m not considering taking this job from tucker. Uh, I mean, I only told you because I thought that you would find it hilarious. You know, that we’d have a good laugh. That tucker mccall, of all people, offered me this absolutely incredible job.

Summer: It’s never gonna end with you, is it?

Phyllis: What? What?

Summer: The games. You totally want this job and you want me to say that it’s okay.

Phyllis: That’s ridiculous.

Summer: No. You want me to say that it’s somehow worth the risk.

Phyllis: Am I? Listen. I– I’m wrong to be flattered that somebody wants me to work for them? I mean, it’s not like anybody else in this town has given me any respect at all.

Summer: Okay, mom. Do I really need to break down the reasons why you can’t take this job?

Phyllis: Well, that’s unnecessary.

Summer: No, I think that I do. First of all, you hate tucker. That should be reason enough for you to run. Second of all, tucker is going after the abbotts. So, whatever fabulous salary he’s offered you, that is dirty money. That is a bribe for you to do something potentially illegal. Definitely unethical. And what about daniel in all of this? You leave omegasphere now, you’re gonna break his heart.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, that’s a little extreme.

Summer: No, he took a chance on you.

Phyllis: Okay, I got it. I get it.

Summer: No, there’s something else. Mom, if you take this job with tucker, I’m not gonna trust you again.

O reese’s trees,

o reese’s trees

Mamie: I know jill. I know how her mind thinks. She’s building up her troops.

Nate: Not much different from yours.

Mamie: Excuse me? I’m smarter. I know she’s trying to take me head-on.

Nate: Or maybe she’s just bringing in reinforcements to go against tucker.

Mamie: All jill is doing is trying to protect her position.

Nate: If that’s true, it’s a problem. An internal power struggle is the last thing chancellor-winters needs right now.

Mamie: I hear you. But what’s between jill and me isn’t settled yet.

Nate: Aunt mamie, come on. I warned you before. It’s a very bad idea to make a power play against jill. It’s an even worse idea to make that play against jill and her now co-ceo son, billy.

Billy: There he is. The man of the hour.

Chance: I don’t know about all that.

Billy: Oh, come on, we’re excited to have you at chancellor-winters. Please sit down. And I’ll speak for my mother and nina, they are thrilled to have you out of the line of fire.

Chance: Well, I, uh, I assume the corporate world has its own lines of fire, yeah?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, that’s for sure.

Chance: So, what’s the plan?

Billy: I spoke to my mom last night. We think you’re gonna be a real asset at chancellor-winters. So, I’m here to get you up on your feet. Point you in the right direction.

Chance: Sounds good.

Billy: And if my mom has her away, you’ll have a corner office in no time.

Chance: I don’t want any position until I earned it, all right?

Billy: Well, there’s no doubt about that. So, I think best case forward is uh, I’m your mentor. If you have any questions, concerns, anything like that, I’m at your disposal.

Kyle: Billy’s already packed up at jabot. Moved to chancellor-winters.

Jack: But you can’t move in and you know why? No public announcements, no fanfare. We have to keep up the illusion that you’re still striving for the top spot. Just for tucker.

Kyle: Okay. I’m the disgruntled, angry son looking to make you regret not promoting me.

Ashley: What are you guys doing out here? It’s freezing.

Jack: We’re on santa’s naughty list.

Ashley: I can see that. And please, no mention of tucker today.

Jack: Your holiday wish is my command.

Ashley: Thank you.

Jack: Come on.

Phyllis: Um, summer, I– you know, I think we’ve made made a lot of progress. You know, trusting each other and deepening our bond.

Summer: Yeah, but not when you’re gonna pull crap like this. I thought that you wanted to change. I thought you wanted to try to be a better person.

Phyllis: Yes. I– I am trying to be a better person.

Summer: Okay, then you wouldn’t even consider working with tucker.

Phyllis: I never considered it in the first place, summer.

Summer: But you want to.

Phyllis: No.

Summer: It’s in everything that you don’t say. You’re meeting him here?

Phyllis: No. I have nothing to do with that. That’s a coincidence.

Summer: I– I highly doubt that.

Phyllis: Summer, you’re kidding me?

Tucker: Summer.

Summer: You know what, tucker? Stay away from my mom.


Chance: My mentor?

Billy: Well, given your business experience or lack thereof, we think it’s a good idea. You don’t agree?

Chance: Look, I appreciate jill offering me this job. I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to proving myself, working with you, but the mentoring, um, can I be honest with you, billy?

Billy: Always.

Chance: Your history in the corporate world. Everyone’s heard the stories. Not all of them are great. So, I’m curious how you mentoring me would work exactly?

Traci: Oh, there you are.

Ashley: Hey.

Traci: Hello.

Ashley: Hi.

Traci: Good, good.

Ashley: Where’s mine? Well, hello. What? Oh, you are so sweet. I bet santa’s gonna give you every single thing you have on your gift list.

Kyle: Oh, um.

Ashley: Oh, sorry. I take that back. I can’t believe you actually decorated the tree without me.

Traci: Uh, we waited as long as we could.

Jack: Not to worry. We saved your favorite ornament.

Ashley: The angel that daddy always said she looks just like me, so…

Traci: Oh, let’s hang it. Let’s hang it. Let’s hang it.

Jack: Maybe she does look like you.

Ashley: Okay. What else do we have?

Traci: Oh, let’s see, there’s a full box–

Diane: Everything okay?

Kyle: Uh, yeah, it will be soon enough.

Diane: Did you speak with your father about the co-ceo position?

Kyle: I did.

Diane: And?

Kyle: And what I want won’t be under the tree, but the delivery is on its way.

Diane: I knew it. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. All right. We have to celebrate.

Kyle: We certainly do.

Diane: We certainly do.

Kyle: Let’s go. Hey, harrison, do you wanna hang some more of this? Let’s go. Come on. Ah, that’s your favorite. I remember that from last year.

Tucker: And a merry christmas to you too.

Summer: Stop tempting my mom.

Tucker: Oh, I didn’t realize I was tempting her.

Summer: Stop playing to what you perceive are her weaknesses. She doesn’t want anything to do with you. Not for any price. Right, mom?

Phyllis: I am sorry about that.

Tucker: No, no, no, please. No, don’t apologize. You raised a very strong and protective daughter who’s not afraid to speak her mind. And, uh, I would be inclined to see her little tirade as a good sign.

Phyllis: Would you?

Tucker: You’ve obviously told her about my offer, which means you’re considering it.

Phyllis: Yeah. No, no, no. I told her as a joke. For a good laugh, you know? Mocking your complete inability to read a room, tucker. There is no way in hell I am ever, ever, ever gonna work with you. Whheen she’s y your evhierything. “the price is right,” a fremantle production.

Chelsea: Was it me? Did I push you into a deep hole of introspection and regret?

Billy: Even if you did, would that be so bad? I mean, you help me see the big picture?

Chelsea: But, I mean, if it’s painful or confusing–

Billy: It’s neither one of those things. I mean, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? We’re supposed to find the meaning in all of this? Find our place in this big old world, you know? I mean, what are people gonna say about me when I’m gone?

Chelsea: Deep thoughts.

Billy: The deepest. Look, I am not– I’m not concerned. I’m not regretful at all. I’m honestly excited about this new chapter in my life. It’s exhilarating. It’s a rush, but it’s the right kind of rush because this is about discovery.

Chelsea: Mm. Finding your true purpose.

Billy: There you go. It’ll be a hell of a success story, right? I can see the headline already, billy abbott finds the meaning of life.

Chelsea: So, I think the lesson here is that my pushiness is really useful.

Billy: That’s exactly what it is. Don’t feel bad, okay? Because I feel great. And I want you to feel great too.

Nate: Maybe the concierge knows where she was headed? Or the valet? Nikki shouldn’t be driving. If she took the car, victor…

Victor: Nate, this goes no further than right here, you got it? And from now on, you stay out of our family’s business.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nikki: Who is this?

Jordan: Hello, nikki.

Nikki: What the hell do you want?

Jordan: Have you enjoyed our communication these past few days?

Nikki: Stop calling me.

Jordan: Does the music bring back memories? I so enjoyed discovering and sharing the wonderful poetry of edgar allan poe with you. Most appropriate, don’t you think?

Nikki: The police are looking for you. It’s only a matter of time before they find you.

Jordan: But I’ve already found you. Watching your every move. From a safe distance, of course.

Nikki: Stay away from me, you demented bitch.

Jordan: Does it sing to you, nikki? The vodka? Does it take all the sharp edges off? How does it feel when the liquor fills your veins? You should thank me. I’ve given you back something that you wanted. And you’re about to have another drink now, aren’t you, my friend?

Nikki: Yeah, I’ve been drinking. I’m drunk right now. What’s it to you?

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: You know, I would give up and walk away, but I deserve an answer.

Tucker: If I have ever given you the impression that I don’t need you, that I appreciate you or value you, you have my most heartfelt apologies.

Audra: You know, none of that is an actual statement. You throw all these words around and they all end up being meaningless.

Tucker: You want statements. I respect very few people in this world. I respect you. I trust no one, except you. You know me. You call me out and you make this fun. I love the way your eyes light up when you’re about to go in for a kill. I love the way your brilliant mind works. I love it all, audra.

Audra: Why are you just now saying it?

Tucker: I didn’t think I needed to. There was no kyle to make you doubt me, or yourself. Gosh, I could have sworn this was my room. 353. Since when did you swipe my extra key card?

Audra: Housekeeping let me in and I convinced them I– I lost my key.

Tucker: Well, I’ll have to talk to management about that. I don’t like strange people coming into my room.

Audra: Okay. You know, I left you a few messages. Why haven’t you responded? And have you seen the internet?

Tucker: Yes, I have. Yes, I have. Have you seen the picture they’re using? Very flattering.

Audra: You know, kyle came to me to give you the heads up, only conveniently, it was a little too late.

Tucker: What a surprise.

Audra: You know, kyle swears he can still be trusted and he can still get us what we want from jabot, but I just– I don’t know about him anymore.

Tucker: Kyle is the least of our problems now that the story is out.

Audra: But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, right? You know, maybe we can still salvage it. All we have to do now is strategize our next move. Tucker! What do you think we should do now?

Tucker: I don’t know. It’s not so simple. Jack’s not the only one who fired this volley. He’s not the only one we have to worry about.

Audra: Just don’t, tucker. Do not lose focus right now.

Tucker: Ashley sure got her revenge against me. In spades.

Kyle: I got the alert on my cell. Ah, the story is everywhere.

Jack: Another glass for my brilliant son. We are celebrating.

Ashley: Well, some of us more than others.

Jack: A toast. To the first successful step in the demise of tucker mccall.

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: What?

Victoria: Look, I tried calling you. Jordan was at the hospital.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Victoria: I don’t know. I was not there when she arrived. And she somehow snuck her way into the hospital and she took claire with her.

Victor: Did you call security?

Victoria: Yes.

Cole: We don’t know where they are.

Victor: But they couldn’t have gotten far. I’m gonna go to the ranch and be with your mother, okay?

Victoria: What? Dad is–

Victor: Darling, keep me posted.

Victoria: Is everything–

Victor: Yeah, yeah.

Jordan: The liquor makes you so much more interesting, nikki, but I need you to stay calm. Keep it together just for a little while longer.

Nikki: Stay calm for what?

Jordan: Shut up and listen to me. I have claire. You remember claire, don’t you? Your granddaughter? Victoria’s firstborn?

Nikki: No, you don’T. She’s in the hospital.

Jordan: No, she’s with me. She betrayed me. She betrayed the plan. She chose victoria over me. Me. The woman who raised her. The only person who ever loved her.

Nikki: Like you know anything about love.

Jordan: Victoria abandoned her and left her for dead, so here’s what we do. If you ever want victoria to see sweet, little claire again, we’ll have to make a little trade. Her mother for her daughter. George gray speaking for “the price is right,” a fremantle production.

Serving part-time in the army national guard I’m going to find out.

Abby: It’s a surprise? Even better.

Devon: Nice. I like his style.

Lauren: Uh, me too. And if I don’t see you guys in the next few days, have the most wonderful holiday.

Abby: You too. Tell michael we said hi.

Lauren: I will do that.

Devon: It’s good to see you.

Lauren: Good to see you. Bye.

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