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Tucker: Ah. I almost didn’t recognize you without lover boy at your heels.

Audra: You know, I’ll admit, I underestimated kyle, but I know better now.

Tucker: I don’t think it’s possible to underestimate kyle.

Audra: He can see what you’re up to. He can see right through your scheme.

Tucker: Mm. What am I up to exactly?

Audra: Well, you thought he believed your idea to blame billy or diane for selling jabot cosmetics formulas. But kyle is convinced you’re setting him up to take the fall.

Tucker: Yeah. It’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?

Audra: Well, is it true? Is kyle right about you?

Diane: So, tell me, where do things stand with tucker?

Kyle: Well, I managed to find out more of his plan.

Diane: Already? Well, that’s good. But maybe it’s not good. Do you think it’s too fast? What if he’s on to you?

Kyle: He’s not. I would know. Everything’s happening according to plan.

Diane: Well, what is that plan?

Kyle: He wants to hammer at jabot’s profits. But he wants to make it personal too, to get back at ashley and dad and everyone else. And he wants someone to take the fall. But tucker hasn’t decided who it’s gonna be. Billy or you?

Billy: It’s quiet around here. Did everybody take off for work already?

Jack: Yeah. Diane and kyle went out for breakfast.

Billy: Breakfast? When they’ve got mrs. Martinez’s legendary omelets being made right through that door?

Jack: I think they’re up to something.

Billy: Uh-oh. What could that be?

Jack: Yeah. Christmas. Maybe a coup. Who knows?

Billy: Keep up that good spirit cheer, jack.

Jack: There’s nothing ominous sounding about that.

Billy: This isn’t gonna be easy to say.

Jack: Wait. This gets more serious?

Billy: I’m leaving jabot.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: In here, sweetheart.

Cole: Hey, good morning, nikki.

Victoria: How are you?

Nikki: Oh, don’t worry about me. My mind has been on you and cole. What you must be going through waiting for the results of claire’s dna test.

Victoria: Just trying not to think too far ahead.

Nikki: Of course. Do you have any idea how much longer you have to wait?

Cole: Yeah. We’re gonna hear something today. And then, we’ll know for certain just how deep jordan’s lies went.

Michael: I was hoping to find you all here.

Cole: Hey, michael.

Victoria: Michael. I thought you were in oregon?

Michael: I just got back. I wanted to give you an update and it’s best you hear this face-to-face.

Victoria: Well, what did you find out? Will claire be released? (Smelling)

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Tucker: Why do you care if kyle’s the one who takes the fall?

Audra: I asked you a question about your plan and you’re making assumptions about my feelings. Just focus, please. Was any of it true? The plan you laid out for kyle.

Tucker: Not a word. But he’ll go back to jack, tell him the whole story. Hey, you need to focus. You need to remember the goal, please. The goal is us on top. How we get there matters not.

Audra: You know, kyle thinks you’re setting him up. That you’re willing to make him look like the bad abbott and then hang him out to dry. You know, even I don’t have the skill to make him go along with a plan that leaves him with nothing.

Tucker: Now, you’re the one making assumptions. You don’t know all the details of the plan, do you?

Audra: You’re right. I don’T. But I do know this, that kyle is not gonna go through with it.

Tucker: Okay, so he can’t be trusted. So, he doesn’t want the keys to the kingdom. You can’t make up your mind about him, can you?

Audra: You know, kyle was on board before you revealed your hand.

Tucker: Well, maybe that was the plan. Maybe that was the– the test. Where is this sudden lack of faith coming from? Hm? Yeah. You really let this kid under your skin, haven’t you?

Audra: It’s a mistake to keep calling him a kid and implying he’s naive, okay? It makes it all more obvious you’re just gonna use him and toss him away. You know, and I have to wonder… do you have the same fate planned for me?

Tucker: Ah, I thought you knew me better than that.

Audra: Which is why I’m asking. What guarantee do I have that I won’t suffer a similar fate?

Tucker: You can’t trust him, audra. He’s an abbott. And uh, we’re us, we’re the team. And if you let him come between us, hm. His future is with that family of his. And yours is with me.

Diane: Tucker wants me to take the fall? I don’t know whether to feel honored or angry.

Kyle: Mom, don’t get ahead of yourself. The race for the worst abbott is between you and billy.

Diane: Oh, well, that’s a relief. So, what are the details?

Kyle: Tucker wants me to get my hands on the newest jabot product before it goes to market. He passes it off to the lab at glacade. They replicate it and suddenly, without lifting a finger, he has a flagship perfume.

Diane: And in doing so, jabot is left with a cheap imposter.

Kyle: And you can imagine how dad will react after all the work and time and money invested on it.

Diane: He’ll be furious.

Kyle: And he’ll immediately start looking for a leak.

Diane: Yeah. There it is.

Kyle: The idea is that he will find evidence that I have secretly planted that leads him to you or billy?

Diane: Wow. It takes a special kind of perversity to force a son to blame his own mother.

Kyle: Well, that’s the story he was trying to sell. But I’m not convinced that billy’s the target or you. Mom, I think he’s gonna pin it on me.

Diane: You? Why?

Kyle: I’m an abbott. He wants the pleasure of beating all of us.

Diane: Tucker is a creep. And he uses cheap tricks and he’s got a million of them. Unlike your father, who is a man of integrity.

Kyle: Who has no idea what I’ve been up to.

Diane: Until today. Now is the moment kyle. It’s time to tell jack everything.

Jack: Billy, you fought tooth and nail for this job. You battled with kyle for how long?

Billy: Yeah. No. I mean, that was before my mother gave me the opportunity to join her at chancellor-winters.

Jack: And you turned her down.

Billy: Well, I’ve had some time to think about it.

Jack: Well, rethink it. You belong at jabot. I won’t let this happen.

Billy: You gonna force me to stay, jack?

Jack: That’s right. Unless you give me a damn good reason to let you go.

Billy: You’re not gonna force me to stay because you know just as well as I do that there’s somewhere else that I should be. You only kept me around because you were worried that I was gonna spiral out of control if and when you cut me loose.

Jack: I don’t give leadership positions at jabot out of pity. Too many livelihoods depend on our family’s company.

Billy: Maybe not pity, but you can’t honestly say that you didn’t think about what would happen if I got dumped from jabot. And jack, trust me, I get the instinct, I do. But I have finally realized that being at jabot isn’t good for me. Especially not now. Not with this war with tucker. It’s too much of a rush. Too much adrenaline. Too much– too much bluffing. You know, too much win at all costs.

Jack: Too much like a gambler’s high.

Billy: It’s like being on a winning streak. Or a losing streak with all that pressure on the next move.

Jack: And you’ve worked too hard to get your life back.

Billy: Hope you can understand?

Jack: Come on, I’d be tone-deaf. I’d be absolutely selfish if I didn’t when you explain your reasoning that way. I–

Billy: Thank you. It means a lot.

Jack: Could I ask one question? If you’re just gonna change horses and go to chancellor-winters, it’s– it’s the same game there. I mean, the stakes are just as high. What changes?

Billy: You.

Michael: I, uh, managed to convince claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity. I asked that she be remanded to a medical facility, as opposed to a prison.

Victoria: Well, that’s good. You know, at least she’ll get some real treatment and some care.

Michael: All of which could ostensibly be accomplished in the psych ward at genoa city memorial.

Nikki: Do you think that that’s the right thing to do? Bring her all the way here? The last thing she needs in her life is more upheaval and it could disrupt her recovery.

Victoria: Mama, it sounds like you’re making excuses that you don’t believe and I know that you’re doing it to protect me, but this is the right move. It’s– it’s better to have claire close by. Away from all of those old memories.

Nikki: What if jordan comes out of hiding looking for her?

Victoria: Mom, you know that dad is gonna do everything that he can do to protect you. Whatever it takes. I mean, we’re in this together, all of us, okay?

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Hello, everyone.

Michael: Victor.

Cole: Good morning, victor.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart.

Cole: Is there any word on my aunt jordan yet?

Victor: Unfortunately not, no. The woman has not returned to her motel room to pick up her belongings.

Michael: She’s probably still nearby.

Victor: I certainly hope so.

Cole: But you have your doubts?

Victor: Yeah. Something is very fishy. It was very obvious in the way she left her things for all of us to discover in that room.

[ Phone ringing ]

Michael: Oh, I’m so sorry. Blue lake courthouse. This could be the news we’re waiting for.

Victor: Why don’t you go to the library, okay? Take the call.

Michael: Yes. Michael baldwin.

Victor: My sweet baby. What’s wrong? We used to struggle with greasy messes.

Billy: This is my moment to move on.

Jack: And exactly how am I the reason?

Billy: I always wanted to beat you. I always wanted to win. Nothing, you know, nothing crazy. Nothing too overt, but I– I– I just always have this nagging feeling that I’m never gonna impress you. I’m never gonna, you know, live up to that standard. And in a way, it’s like that feeling when I’m sitting at the table and I’m trying to take down the house. Especially now with all this tucker stuff, you know, it’s, uh– trust me, I wanted to take down tucker, but most of that was because I wanted to prove that I could top you.

Jack: And by going to chancellor-winters you–

Billy: I take the pressure off. I get rid of the rush. And, you know, I get to work with my mother, which is– which is great. And chance now that he’s, uh, leaving the force.

Jack: Well, I guess there’s a lot I don’t know.

Billy: I get to be the head honcho. I get to be the jack to all these young upstarts, you know. Show them the ropes. Show them what’s up.

Jack: Is that really how you see our relationship?

Victor: Your hands, my sweetheart. Has the stress triggered your ms again?

Nikki: No, it’s– it’s knowing that jordan is nearby.

Victor: My baby, I promise you, she will not come anywhere near our family again. Come here.

Victoria: Would you like something to eat or maybe drink? Some coffee?

Cole: Oh, no. No, thanks.

Victoria: Okay. Why are you smiling at me like that?

Cole: Some things never change, I guess. Which is reassuring.

Victoria: I happen to think everything’s changed. In ways that I– I can’t even comprehend.

Cole: And yet you still turn into miss etiquette when you’re upset or something’s bothering you.

Victoria: Is that how you remember me? That’s funny because, uh, I remember when we first met that um, I was slightly wild. I don’t think I would even recognize that woman.

Cole: Wild, yet polite. And you are still the same woman. Just more grown up, with a few more facets.

Victoria: Yes, indeed. We have both grown a lot since then. I think losing a daughter, that– that’s changed us both a lot.

Cole: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine. I mean, after all these years.

Victoria: When you look at claire, do you…

Cole: I honestly don’t know. Yeah. Michael.

Michael: The judge decided that claire should be remanded to a psychiatric hospital.

Victoria: Oh, wow.

Victor: Where?

Michael: Here. In genoa city. My husband and I have never been more active. What is cirkul? Cirkul is the fuel you need to take flight. Cirkul is the energy that gets you to the next level. Cirkul is what you hope for when life tosses lemons your way. Cirkul. It’s your water, your way. Theo’s nose was cause for alarm, so dad brought

Kyle: Okay. We finally have real momentum with tucker, but he won’t buy my act much longer if I don’t actually steal him a real product from jabot.

Diane: Exactly. Which is why you need to come clean to your father.

Kyle: Okay. But we’re agreed. We can’t let him in this though, right? I mean, what we have in motion is solid.

Diane: Yes. And jack might not, but that’s a chance we have to take. And when he asks why we kept it from him?

Kyle: It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Meanwhile, I can’t do anything else until everyone else falls in line. So, where’s ashley at with selling her half of the company?

Diane: By the end of the day, tucker will be the sole owner of glacade.

Kyle: Perfect. Everything else is falling into place. Dad is the missing piece. Once we have his support, tucker won’t stand a chance.

Billy: Look, I’m not saying we haven’t had good days because we have, you know. But we’ve also had some minor and major conflicts. And as far as the chain of command at jabot, this is as far as I go. So, I’m never going to live up to your standard and you’re never gonna retire. So, I have to seek out greener pastures. I need a little bit of space. Little bit of freedom. To grow.

Jack: You’re saying I limit you?

Billy: Yeah. But you have to, jack. There’s only one jack abbott, okay? And I can’t compete with that. You try telling that to my brain. The part of my brain that always wants to win. It’s really challenging to try and carve a new path when those old demons don’t stay quiet.

Jack: Meaning?

Billy: Meaning I was the screw-up that got shipped off to hong kong. Couldn’t take anything seriously, let alone myself. And– and inevitably I would, you know, bounce around. I’d make a 1,000 mistakes and I’d come crawling back to jabot trying to dazzle you, promising that this was gonna be the difference. I was gonna make my mark this time. Impress the board, impress anyone, impress everyone and– and there were– there were some good days there. There were some bad days too, but at the end of it, it was all about you and– and it’s just not fair. To either one of us.

Jack: So, you think you’re gonna have any more luck this time at chancellor?

Billy: I don’t know. Older, wiser. Leap of faith.

Jack: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe just running away.

Victoria: So, what happens now? What’s next?

Michael: Claire’s being transported to genoa city as we speak. Under the very strict supervision of an armed guard.

Nikki: Oh, my god. This is happening so quickly.

Victoria: Mom, I know that you’re frightened after everything that’s happened, but everyone’s gonna be on high alert, right? There’s gonna be no slip-ups, no surprises. I think that it’s time for the healing to begin for everyone. Sooner rather than later, don’t you think?

Victor: What you’re forgetting is the added difficulty and problem of claire arriving in town before we have neutralized that other threat. That jordan woman.

Michael: You’ve got your security team on alert, yes?

Victor: Of course.

Nikki: We all need to be very careful.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: And darling, I know that sentimentality can be very powerful, but we don’t really know who she truly is.

[ Phone ringing ]

Cole: Well, we’re about to find out, right now. Claire is our daughter. She’s our daughter.

The all-in-one and done

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Audra: You know, I would give up and walk away, but I deserve an answer.

Tucker: If I have ever given you the impression that I don’t need you, that I don’t appreciate you or value you, you have my most heartfelt apologies.

Audra: You know, none of that is an actual statement. You throw all these words around and they all end up being meaningless.

Tucker: You want statements. I respect very few people in this world, but I respect you. I trust no one, except you. You know me. You call me out and you make this fun. I love the way your eyes light up when we’re about to go in for a kill. I love the way your brilliant mind works. I love it all, audra.

Audra: Why are you just now saying it?

Tucker: I didn’t think I needed to. There was no kyle to make you doubt me, or yourself. I thought we had a kind of unspoken language where we didn’t need to say everything. Because what we have together is deeper than that. And that doesn’t come along every day. Or in a lifetime. And you know, at least I hope you do, that I’m doing all this for you.

Audra: Explain that to me.

Tucker: Well, I want chancellor-winters for devon and jabot is the, uh, the jewel that I’m saving for you.

Audra: Don’t lie about this.

Tucker: I– I have never lied to you.

Audra: You’re going after jabot for revenge, not because you want to show me what a magnanimous guy you are. You know, and the fact that you’re making all this effort to snow me makes me trust you even less.

Tucker: Well, I have my concerns as well now. Don’t I? You’ve let kyle into your head and he’s made himself quite comfortable there. You appear to be getting a little soft, forgetting the rules.

Audra: Oh. Have I disappointed you? Oh, now I should go and be your smart and loyal disciple, right? You’ve tried that maneuver on me before. It’s a waste of your time and honestly, it’s insulting.

Tucker: I’m sorry if I’ve insulted you. That is the last thing I ever want to do. There’s a whole list of things I do want to do and insulting you is not on it. Hey. Please don’t be mad at me. You are one of the few people I actually admire. Where would I be without you? Can you imagine me without you? Go ahead. I know you want to.

Audra: Slap you?

Tucker: No, smile.

Audra: Do I get to choose?

[ Phone chiming ]

Tucker: Ha. Champagne for everyone.

Billy: You say run away like it’s a bad thing, jack. For a lot of people, that’s a life-saving maneuver. You light some fire, you run away. You get some help. You find a safe place to land.

Jack: You run to your mother. You take the escape hatch.

Billy: You’re upset because you think I’m blaming you. And I’m not, okay? I’m not a victim here. You– you didn’t do this to me.

Jack: Sure sounds like I am the problem.

Billy: I get to walk away right now because I’m okay. I didn’t self-combust. I didn’t lose the yacht. I’m making a rational decision because it’s the right thing to do. You know how good that feels? I got a new job. I’m gonna work my ass off. I got an amazing woman who I adore. My kids respect me. If I lose that, I got nothing else. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I like this guy.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I love this guy.

Billy: Yeah. Always a competition. Jeez. Fine, you win.

Jack: I’m gonna miss you, you know that.

Billy: Jack, I’m not leaving town.

Jack: No, you’re just going somewhere a bit safer.

Billy: Can you do me a favor? Can you ask kyle to keep the festivities to a minimum when he celebrates my departure?

[ Jack sighing ] Not the reaction I was expecting. Maybe kyle isn’t the co-ceo apparent that I thought he was gonna be.

Diane: Well, looks like the gang’s all here. How’s it going, billy?

Billy: Jack will fill you in.

Kyle: What was that?

Diane: Uh, fill us in on what?

Billy: Billy is leaving jabot.

Diane: He is? He changed his mind?

Kyle: Why?

Jack: Because of me. Because of me, damn it. I am to blame.

Victor: Are you sure claire is your daughter?

Cole: 97.8%.

Nikki: I can’t believe it. She’s our baby eve.

Victoria: I mean, we grieved her. She was– she was gone.

Cole: Yeah. We were lied to. Thanks, michael.

Victoria: Oh, michael. You– you kept her out of prison. Thank you so much. But cole, now we have to keep her safe.

Michael: From the little I know, claire’s been through so much. This transition’s not gonna be easy, for any of you.

Victoria: Well– well, the sooner the better, right? I mean, we should provide some comfort for her. Get to know her. She should get to know us, of course, right? We should go–

Nikki: Wait, wait, wait. Do you really think that this is wise, to make such big sweeping changes to our lives? We’ve just now found out the results. You don’t have to make any decisions now. That’s all I’m saying.

Victoria: I need to see her. I– I wanna go to memorial before– when she arrives. I wanna be there.

Cole: Yeah. Yeah. I’m thinking– I’m thinking the same thing.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nikki: Victoria, shouldn’t we discuss it first?

Victoria: Mom, all I can think about is claire. Michael?

Michael: Go, go. I’ll meet you there.

Victoria: I love you. I’ll call you.

Nikki: I love you too, baby.

Victoria: Okay. I love you, daddy.

Victor: Okay, my sweetheart. You be careful, okay?

Victoria: I will. Okay. Let’s go.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Michael?

Michael: I know. I know. We’ll talk. Now, I really need to go take care of things.

Victor: Come here.


Audra: And just like that, I’ve lost your attention.

Tucker: No, it’s glacade.

Audra: The paperwork went through?

Tucker: You are looking at the sole owner of the greatest cosmetics company in the world.

Audra: And we haven’t even developed a single product yet.

Tucker: But when we do, it’s gonna set the industry on fire. Provided your boyfriend comes through for us.

Diane: What makes you think that you’re the reason that billy decided to leave jabot?

Jack: Billy as much as spelled it out. Trying to measure up was always difficult because it felt like a competition he had to win.

Diane: Are you sure it’s not because he wanted to work with his mother? Jack, I had no idea that he felt so strongly about–

Jack: Yeah. Neither did I. Shame on me.

Kyle: It makes sense. I mean, working with you could feel like a poker marathon. Constantly trying to outwit, outplay you. Knowing he’ll never come out on top. What?

Jack: You never felt like that? I mean, did– that you were in a competition with me, did you?

Kyle: Of course. But I figured that was sort of a typical father-son thing. It doesn’t represent any deeper issues with me. As a rule.

Diane: So, billy decided to remove himself from his trigger.

Jack: Yeah, his trigger. That would be me.

Diane: Yeah. Well, I’m sorry, jack. I know you hoped that he could handle being back at jabot.

Kyle: Well, I mean, this changes things, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s a good time to talk–

Jack: Kyle, I– I think I need a moment alone with your mother.

Kyle: Okay.

Jack: Alone.

Nikki: I hope I didn’t sound unfeeling.

Victor: No, not at all, sweetheart. You handled it very well. I mean, who wouldn’t have had a reaction after knowing that girl is coming to town.

Nikki: Their daughter. Oh, my god.

Victor: I know. I know.

Nikki: I don’t know how much more victoria or I can take. I mean, she needs calm and peace. The exact opposite of what claire is. Claire is the definition of unstable.

Victor: Yeah. What are you afraid of?

Nikki: I am worried that victoria is going to feel like she has to show us that she’s stronger and braver than she actually is feeling.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Then, it’s up to those of us who love her to protect her. That’s all.

Victoria: She must be so frightened.

Cole: Terrified.

Victoria: Just everything is– just happened so quickly. I mean, one minute she’s in oregon and now she’s–

Cole: She’s here. And she’s our daughter.

Victoria: Our daughter.

Cole: Yeah. I mean, I just– I kept thinking this is– I was just so sure that this was impossible.

Victoria: I know. But it’s true. I mean, it doesn’t feel– doesn’t feel real yet. Imagine if that’s how we feel, how– how she must feel?

Cole: Just– I can’t even begin to think how she’s gonna make– make sense of all of this.

Victoria: I just keep thinking about all of the things that we couldn’t protect her from. I mean, we– we weren’t there to keep her safe.

Cole: Years of being manipulated, broken down, told that she was rejected, unloved.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: We’ll protect her now.

Cole: That’s right. It’s our job. You know that feeling of having to re-wash dishes

Kyle: Kicked out. Look, dad, if this is about the breakfast on the expense account–

Jack: I’ll let you know when we’re done, son. Thanks.

Kyle: All right.

Diane: Why did kyle have to leave?

Jack: I wanted to discuss what happens now that billy is gone.

Diane: What’s there to discuss? Everything goes back the way it should be. Kyle gets his old position back.

Jack: Actually, I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do.

Claire: What is this? Why am I here?

Victoria: We brought you here to memorial hospital in genoa city, so…

Claire: I know that part. He told me to plead guilty and I did what he said. I always do what everyone says. Just tell me what I’m doing here.

Cole: We want to help you.

Claire: You want to keep an eye on me.

Victoria: No. No, that’s– that’s not the case.

Claire: You’re looking at me right now like I’m– like I’m an experiment.

Victoria: We just want to help you get better.

Claire: You came to get my dna, didn’t you?

Cole: We already have it. We found your dna at the lake house.

Victoria: Yes. We did. We took that dna and we tested it against ours.

Claire: So, do you already know?

Victoria: Claire, it’s the only honest thing that your aunt jordan said. You are our daughter.

Victor: My sweet baby. Just remember that through all the years of raising victoria, you have always been reasonable and loving.

Nikki: I need to be that now.

Victor: Yeah. But welcoming that claire woman into our lives is not going to be easy.

Nikki: We’re going to have to if we want to keep victoria in our lives.

Victor: Yeah. Well, what if you and I decide just to celebrate the occasion, you know.

Nikki: Under normal circumstances, yes. This is hardly normal.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Excuse me. Oh, wait a minute. These are the– my security people at the motel. I gotta take this, my sweetheart.

Nikki: Of course.

Victor: You’ll be all right?

Nikki: Yeah. I’m fine.

Victor: Okay?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Okay. Yeah. I hope you have something useful for me.

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