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[ Knock on door, door opens ]

[ Exhales heavily ] Rumor has it you’re looking for me. Yes. A freelancer dropped the ball on this re-zoning article, and I need it done. Can you do it? Has to be in tomorrow’s edition. I’ll do what I can. Oh, uh, just so you know, I have some plans in my near future. Do you now? Okay. What do these plans involve? The defenestration of tracy quartermaine.

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn? Yeah? Now that eddie maine is dad again, do you think he’ll still perform at tomorrow’s gingerbread jam? Well, he’s very busy catching up on everything that he’s missed, but I’m sure he’d pull out his guitar just for you. Maybe you can perform at the jam again, uncle chase. You and blaze were epic. I appreciate that, violet, but now that I’m back to fighting crime, I’ve had to put my singing career behind me. Well, there’s one thing violet and I agree on. Just one?! Well, whatever my handsome, talented, charming fiancé does is epic. And then after christmas eve mass, my abuela invites everyone over for pasteles and coquito. Uh, wait. I know what pasteles are. What’s coquito? It’s basically puerto rican eggnog, heavy on the rum. Oh. I’ll have to make it for you… when you come over. I’d love that. I was sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Is your surrogate open to trying again? I’m afraid not. She took it really hard. I’m sure. Setbacks like this are devastating for everyone. But you’re here, so I take it you want to discuss options? Actually… we already have a new surrogate.

The role of josslyn jacks is temporarily being played by courtney fulk. Joss… what are you doing? Making sure it’s not ticking. Well, digital clocks don’t tick. But if you don’t want it… it won’t kill you. I promise. Great. Spencer, you shouldn’t have. Josslyn, when you open this, you’re gonna wonder, you’re gonna think, “how did I ever live without this?” Mm. I’m sure. Besides…

[ Knock on door ] …You’ve already given me the greatest present ever. My best friend’s happiness. Aww! The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you. Brennan: I was gonna ask if you need help, but you seem to have it all under control. Is there a reason that we keep meeting in the morgue? Yeah. I like it here. There’s no security cameras, and the people that are here are bad witnesses. What’s all the secrecy? I didn’t want to risk tipping anybody off. What have you been up to? Investigating jameson forsyth.

I’m going to get a hot chocolate, all marshmallow. If it’s all marshmallow, then why not just call it a marshmallow? Well, there’s still some hot chocolate poured on top, so the marshmallows get gooey. Okay, you two go get whatever chocolaty hot cocoa marshmallow drink you want. Mmm. We want to send you back to your parents as hopped up on sugar as possible. Here’s 20 bucks. Consider it your christmas present. No chance. Come on, leo. Let’s go. Look, stay where we can see you. Okay, now, who is next on your gift list? Besides my beautiful fiancée? Aww. Well, santa already brought me what I want. Are you sure you like it? I love it. But more importantly… maxie approves? Yes, indeed. Now, who’s next on your gift list? My dad. And no pressure, but this has to be the most special christmas that my family has ever had. No one understands the desire to send tracy careening out of a window more than I do. In fact, typically, I would help you push her, but I didn’t enjoy prison the first time. Defenestration isn’t strictly accurate. There will be a fall from a great height, but I intend for tracy to be flung of her own choosing and attached to a parachute. Tracy is going to go skydiving with you? That’s the hope.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You haven’t asked her yet. Well, I heard she just got back from amsterdam. I’m gonna go by her place, pitch it to her. I don’t know. You think she’ll go for it? You have a better chance of pitching a strikeout against mickey mantle. Mickey mantle’s been dead for 30 years. Exactly. It’ll never happen. Sorry to… I’m having a package delivered here, and I got a notification that it was here. Yeah. Um… thanks. Mm-hmm. So, where’s ace? He’s fine. That’s not what I asked. You know, I met this really nice biker couple who volunteered to watch ace. I didn’t catch their names, but they swore to me they wouldn’t sell the baby. That’s funny. He’s at daycare. Relax. You know, you wouldn’t have to rely on daycare so much if you didn’t — esme. How’s the new place? It’s cozy. Peaceful. Thank you for asking, trina. Then again, anything’s cozier than a jail cell, right? Trina, can I talk to you for a second? Alone? Um… sure. Spencer, just leave it. Okay. So, what’s up? You may not want to hear this, trina, but… thank you. Is that what I think it is? It is. You’re welcome. I told you to stay out of it. I know. I know you did. But, uh, you’re not my boss anymore, so I don’t have to listen to you. I told you not to get involved, dante, because if you did, it could be dangerous for you. I know. I know. But, uh, the thing is, you’re my friend, and you’ve never turned your back on me, so I’m not gonna turn mine on you. So, do you want to see what’s in here or not? How’d you get it? Storage locker at the train station. How did you find that? The M.E. Found a key on forsyth’s body, handed it over to me. And instead of logging it as evidence, I, uh, kept it. Nice. Yeah. This is it. Yeah. So, I guess forsyth must have broken into my apartment that night. That’s not all. Here’s you. Here’s forsyth. Who’s that guy? Any idea who that is? Thank you, but I don’t put my customers to work. Oh, I’m not just any customer. Yes, but then I would have to hire you, you know? Deal with the whole wage/hour thing, the insurance, stuff like that. Damn bureaucracy. Yeah. Then I would lose you as my regular. You noticed. Don’t let that go to your head. I always notice when people keep coming around. It’s good business. Oh, well, it looks like you’ll have my business for a while. Yeah? Mm. You’re sticking around? Uh, it’s taking longer than expected to resolve the security issue in port charles. It’s the kind of thing that requires my close, personal attention. Well, alright. I’m sure you’ll figure out the situation soon enough. Oh, I hope not. I’m glad for the excuse to stay. Really? Yeah. You like the burgers here that much? Oh, the burgers. The chuck. The whole town. Opportunity abounds in port charles, and I intend to jump on every single one of them.

Listen to me. I’m listening. You don’t worry about a thing, okay? I’ll try. Just leave it to me, and I’ll help you make this the best holiday for your dad, okay? Well, if anyone can do it… thank you. Now, listen, we are at this beautiful holiday extravaganza, and if we don’t find anything to our liking here, then we have the entire city of port charles and the internet. So, we’ll start here, and then we’ll work our way outward, okay? Alright. Well, my dad and i are actually pretty similar, so if you could just give me a hint on what you’re getting me, I think — like violet said, not a chance. Ah, can’t blame a guy for trying.

[ Chuckles ] Now, while we’re shopping for your dad, I need to find something for maxie and her kids. I just feel so terrible that she’s struggling financially this christmas. Especially because it’s all my fault. Once you give maxie control over deception, she won’t even remember how tough it is right now. It’s not gonna help her through the next billing cycle. I need to help maxie right now. So, molly and tj are giving each other presents like the perfect pair of socks or antique paperweights. They are so cute. And then sam and i exchanged gifts. She got me a pepper spray holster, and I got her a set of brass knuckles.

[ Laughs ] So then my mom launches into this 30-minute, totally inspired speech, free legal advice on concealed weapons. And that was before the cassadine contingent showed up. Wait. So the davis branch of your family… we’re the sane ones. Completely. Yeah. The cassadines? Everything you have heard about them… the truth is so much worse.

[ Laughs ] Wow.

[ Sighs ] Your family is insane. Yeah. Tell me about it. And I love it. Brook lynn: Blaze! I didn’t know you were gonna be here! Hi! Hi! It’s so good to see you. This is so great.Are you here to shop? My sister kristina has volunteered to be our surrogate. With andrea unavailable, we’ve talked it over, and we’d like to get started as soon as possible. We haven’t forgotten how much preparation went into this. Kristina knows that she’ll be screened and undergo a mock cycle, ultrasounds, bloodwork. We’re ready to start screening egg donors, and we’re hoping kristina will be successfully pregnant in the next couple of months. I’m afraid your timetable may be overly optimistic. Yeah, I know him, alright. We didn’t have much contact during the operation, but — in fact, I’d forgotten that he was involved. Did you read the report? Uh, I did. The botched op was trying to get a defector to the wsb and your job was to escort him to safety. There were other names mentioned in the report other than yours and forsyth’S. Who is this guy? How does he tie in? If I tell you… what? You’re gonna have to kill me? I won’T. Mm. But… someone else might want to. Well, look, the way I see it, knowledge is power, and the more we know, the better shot we have of staying alive and the better shot we have of taking these guys down. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. His name is john brennan. And he was in field ops around the same time as me and forsyth. “Was.” What is he doing now? Is he still around? Oh, yeah. He’s the current director of the wsb. Well, as luck would have it… mm-hmm. Port charles is pretty security-conscious. We’re a major center for commercial shipping, medicine — crime. Yeah. That too. I mean, you’ll have plenty of business to jump on. How about you? What about me? Do you feel safe here? Security-wise? Yeah. Sure. But… what? I don’t live what one would call a typical life. Yeah, I’m not surprised. There’s nothing typical about you. It’s that obvious, huh? Despite the single mother, small business owner exterior, you give off a distinctly unconventional vibe. And I would very much like to get to know you better.

I don’t think you’re giving tracy enough credit. I think she has an adventurous streak. Oh, she definitely has an adventurous streak. I mean, anyone who flees the country as much as she did to avoid prosecution has a sense of adventure. Not to mention she was married to luke spencer. Ah, yes. I read about him in lucy coe’s book. Quite the adventurer himself. Exactly my point. Would tracy jump out of a plane to avoid capture from either the authorities or the underworld? Easily. But would she jump out of a plane for amusement?

[ Exhales heavily ] Oh, well. Only one way to find out, I suppose. Oh, I’m not trying to be a party pooper. I mean, go ahead and ask her. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up because this is a big ask for tracy. It appears to be too big an ask for everyone. No. That’s not true. What about chase? Chase would do it, but brook lynn would age 30 years waiting for him to land. How about finn? Eh, single parent. Violet has to come first. Oh, well. Maybe this will be the one item I won’t be able to check off my bucket list.

[ Sighs ] Look at you two. Thick as thieves. I’m so glad you guys hit it off. You can never have too many friends. I love all the little pop-up shops. Did you guys get anything good besides tasty treats? Well, the grown-ups are here to shop. Me and leo are here to see santa. Violet’s here to see santa. Oh, don’t you want to get anything for christmas? I want a 3d aquarium puzzle. But I’ll just ask mom and dad. Why won’t you ask santa? Because there is no santa. Spencer, get away from the door. No, I don’t think so. Aren’t you always praising trina for being smart and capable? Yes, but — okay, if anybody can handle esme without backup, it’s trina. Now, how about we open my present? And what exactly are you thanking me for? I know that you encouraged spencer to accept that I was moving out. And he was so opposed at first, and it made it harder for me to do what we all knew was right. But you talked him down, and you made it possible for me to start over and stand on my own. So, thank you. Esme… …I needed spencer to know my feelings. To be clear, I didn’t do it for you. Oh, I never assumed that you did. I just — I asked spencer to let go for his own good. I love spencer, and I intend to have a future with him. But he was trying to be a father to ace, not a brother. And it was getting in our way. I figured it was something like that. But even still, you have been patient and even polite to me, which can’t be easy, given everything I did to you. Don’t you mean the old esme? I have come to realize that even if I never remember what happened — all the things that I did to you and to josslyn and to cameron — I have to take responsibility for my actions, past and present. So I wanted to thank you. You do? But also I want to apologize for everything that I put you through. And I know that it is too little, too late, but I really hope that it’s not nothing. And that maybe someday you’ll manage to even forgive me. Who knows? We might even end up as friends. Esme… that will never happen. I’m happy to get to know you as a customer. Ouch. Maybe even as a friend. But I think I told you… yeah, you — oh, you’re seeing someone! Yeah, I remember. Keep remembering.

[ Laughs ] Well, whoever this guy is, he doesn’t seem to know how good he’s got it. He does. And so do I. Is this someone you’re seeing, uh, donna’s father. Different someone. Donna’s father and I are divorced. Mm. His loss. Okay. Since you’re gonna be a regular, what can I get you to eat?

[ Laughs ] Sorry. I was being intrusive, wasn’t I? Occupational hazard. That’s okay. I’m an open book. But I don’t know a lot about you. Ask me anything. Okay, what I know about you — you like to run. Mm. You like burgers. You work in security. Yeah. What else? Well, I can think of at least one more thing that you know about me. What? That I enjoy your company.

[ Laughing ] Oh, god.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ah! Sorry. I have to take this. I’ll see you again soon. Brennan took over as the head of the wsb when frisco was ousted. But when we were part of that failed operation, he was stationed in london, where he provided remote support and logistics for us. Um, forsyth was a field agent. I was basically a courier. It was my job to pose as the defector’s girlfriend and get him across the border, which didn’t happen because he got caught and killed. And then the other part is that the money that was allocated to buy the defector’s cooperation — that just was never recovered. So, what does the bureau think happened to all that money? I think they chalk it up to intelligence failure. I mean, it’s all here, like, the dates and the locations and the agents that were involved. That’s why I kept a copy, just in case somebody decided down the line that they were gonna pin this screw-up on me. So, brennan’s now in charge, forsyth is dead after going to great lengths to try and get his hands on that report. There’s got to be something in it worth hiding. I guess brennan just rose up through the ranks and that would have given him more and more clearance and eventually he would have access to his own records and he would have seen a copy of this report. Right, but now, in his new position, he can’t be implicated in the death of a defector and $10 million gone missing. That’s a lot of money. Yeah. If we’re right about this, then brennan wants to eliminate any and all traces of this report. And anyone who knows about it.

Dante: Hey. Uh, yeah, I got a positive id on that third picture. Guy’s name is john brennan, director of the wsb. Yeah, I don’t know, maybe want to find out general information about him, news releases, that kind of thing, anything that would tell us who he is and who he’s connected to. Thanks, sam. Yeah, you be careful, too. Alright. Okay, so, safe to assume that this guy is in good standing with the other bureaus — fbi, cia. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he was always super slick. Okay, so, who do we give this report to? Brennan wasn’t incriminated, but we know he’s involved somehow. Forsyth was incriminated, and he’s dead. Okay, so, what we need is something that ties brennan to the defector’s assassination. Like, possibly if we could find out anything on that missing money, that would help. We might have that. I found this in the locker with the report. What is it? What do you think those numbers are? It’s 21 digits. Alright, so, that is the exact number needed for a swiss bank account. Maybe that’s where the missing money is. Well, I don’t know that it would be where it is, but it could be where it went. And then that might lead us to whoever the person is that’s responsible for the botched operation. We got to stash this evidence somewhere where brennan can’t get to it. I know someone that we can call. There is too a santa. Yes, violet, of course there is. Leo, why would you say such a thing? Because it’s scientifically impossible for one man to visit every house in the world in a single night. When daddy orders food off his phone, it comes in 30 minutes or less. With technology, anything is possible. But santa didn’t have the internet 100 years ago. And even if santa visited every house in the world for one second, that would still be between one and two billion seconds. Santa would have to bend the space-time continuum to do so. So it’s impossible for there to be a santa claus. Uncle chase, is it true? Is santa impossible? Brook lynn, why don’t you and chase take leo shopping? I got this. Are you sure?

[ Chuckles ] You asked me to trust you as my manager. Can you trust me? Yeah, sure.

[ Chuckles ] Just don’t entice her into a rock-and-roll lifestyle. Oh…

[ Chuckles ] Let’s go. Leo, come on. Let’s go. Alright, violet. Here’s the skinny on santa. The truth is… leo’s right. Essentially, you’re starting from scratch. Realistically, the soonest you can expect successful implantation is six months, and that’s if the surrogate gets pregnant in the first implantation. Is there, um… is — is there anything you can do to expedite things? I’m sorry. As you already know, it’s a painstaking process with strict procedures that need to be followed every step of the way. Yeah. We understand. We just, um… let ourselves get carried away. Hold it. You don’t have to defenestrate your skydiving ambition just yet. I see what you did there. This dangerous and insane thing that insane people do…

[ Sighs ] Do you really want to do it? Very much so. And your condition doesn’t prevent it? Not yet. But who knows how long that’s gonna last. Alright. Then I have an idea. Are you ready? Yeah. Just do it! Jump! Finn, chase, me, whoever you want. We’ll be standing there cheerleading. Hopefully you will land safely. I mean, just jump. Do you have to jump out of a plane with somebody else? No, I don’T. There you go. In fact, there’s not a single item on my bucket list that requires a partner. But I want one anyway. Alexis, the time is coming when I am going to be trapped in my own body, unable to put thoughts into words with my mouth or my hands or at all. Essentially, I’m going to be alone with my thoughts and memories for the rest of a short, difficult life. Now, if that’s the way I’m gonna go, then I want my still-active, still-alert brain to be overflowing with memories and experiences that I shared with people I love, experiences that they can tell my kids and my grandkids about when I can’t, either because I’m unable to or because I’m gone.

A lot of things arescientifically impossible until someone comes along and proves that they are

very possible. Like santa? Exactly. And here’s how I know. When I was young and learning how to sing, my voice teacher told me it was too hard for me to hit a high C. Said I didn’t have the pipes. But with a little belief in myself and a lot of practice…

now I can sing as high as birds can fly not so impossible after all, huh? I want to learn to sing just like you. Maybe I’ll ask santa for singing lessons. Well, why ask santa when I’m right here? I’m so embarrassed. Molly, you’re hardly the first person to become emotional in this office. I know, but I’m not those people. I’m — I’m me. I don’t do this. Okay, how about you forgive yourself just this once, okay? I mean, i won’T. I am — I am, like, so embarrassed. I am…

[ Chuckles ] That’s better. That’s better. Okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] So, how do you feel? How do you feel about starting over? My first impulse is, you know, full speed ahead. But now that you’ve had a second? This is a long and arduous process. And not just for us. I mean, kristina’s ready to go now. Yeah. She’s going to have to wait, too. And if what happened with andrea happens with kristina… you’re right. We need to both be ready to — to go through all of this again. Not to mention the expense, which is another emotional toll. I was so appreciative of your mom offering to help us the first time, but I am not comfortable asking her again. No. Me neither. So I guess we’re on our own. Can — can — can we even do this? Hey. Hey, we’re gonna figure this out. Even if it means we have to do some budgeting, we’re gonna figure it out. You know, it just kills me. A month ago, our dream was on its way to happening. And — and now… we’re back at square one. And it feels so… out of reach. Yeah. Again.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god, it’s perfect. Mm. Yeah. Well, I figured the next time that I did something that warrants a smack, then you can save me the bruise. You mean you could save you the bruise. I just don’t know where I’m gonna put it. I can’t put it up in our dorm room. Trina would flip out. Oh, trina knows about it. I, um… well, actually, I think that… she’s probably gonna use it more than I will. I’m glad you’ve changed, esme. And I believe that you are sincerely sorry. I really am, trina — but maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t remember all the incredibly cruel things you’ve done to me. But i do remember. There will never be a day where I or joss or cam will look at you and not remember. So, we can be cordial, even friendly, but that, this right here, is as good as it’s gonna get. Thank you for hearing me out.

[ Sighs ] Hey. You okay?

[ Door closes ] Yeah. I’m fine. What did she want? Yeah. What did she say? It doesn’t matter what she said. It only matters what I said. Hey, carly. Hey, sam. It’s good to see you. You too. What can I get you? Um… a cup of coffee, please. Okay. It’s gonna be a long night. Tough case? Dante and I are working on something.

To save us all from satan’s power when we did go astray oh, tidings of comfort and joy

[ Dramatic music playing ] Do you have a location? I put our hackers on it. They tapped the gps system in devane’s phone and traced her to general hospital. From there, it was simple to access their cctv. I’m not interested in your process. Just tell me where she is. In the general hospital morgue, meeting detective dante falconeri. Now, as soon as I connected anna to falconeri, my people back-traced his movements. Yesterday he visited a bank where he rented a safe deposit box. Hours earlier, he was at a train station locker. Security footage shows him retrieving a small package. So that’s where forsyth stashed the report. Now that falconeri has it… anna does, too.

Right, so, my interpolcontact should be here shortly, and then we’ll give them the evidence. We will make sure the bureau does not get it. And certainly not brennan. Yeah, we make sure we secure that report, and then we go after brennan himself. Yeah. Wherever he is. So, what do you need me to do? Neutralize the cop and retrieve the report, if he has it with him. Then make sure there are no physical or digital copies. What do you want me to do about anna devane? Is that the guy you’re investigating? Yeah. He’s the new head of the wsb. Really? Because he told me he was a security consultant. Wait a minute. Do you know him?

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to unload in your office. Let me get to that article. Don’t worry about the article. We’ll run a horoscope. Don’t we already have one of those? Even astrologers need opposing viewpoints. Just ask a gemini. No, no, no, I want to work. We can still make tomorrow’s deadline. Yeah. Go ahead. You do whatever you want. I’m gonna be spending the next three hours calling every single skydiving service in the country, specifically to this area, to check the safety reports because I’m certainly not putting my life in the hands of some random cloud jockey. You’re going with me?

[ Sighs ] Looks that way. No, no, no. I didn’t mean to sway you. You made it clear it’s not your — stop talking before I change my mind. Besides, it’ll be a good story. For the paper? For your grandchildren. And mine. Molly, you okay? I’ll be fine. It’s just… the last thing I want to do is take more time. We’ve lost enough already. I feel exactly the same way you do. But I think we should at least sleep on it. Well, I know you’re right. It’s just — it’s one more day. What’s one more day? Having a baby is still the dream, right? Isn’t that worth waiting for? Of course. But I think that we should be taking into account our surrogate, too. Kristina has offered us this incredible gift, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an expiration date. You think kristina will change her mind? No, but she has a life of her own. Her center is scheduled to open in june. I mean, are we gonna ask her to push back the opening so that she can get pregnant? Maybe we’re being selfish using my sister as our surrogate. Molly, she said she wanted to do this. Even so. Should we really be asking krissy to put her life on hold for us?

Deck the halls with boughs of holly see? Fa la la la la la la la

’tis the season to be jolly what did we miss? Hey. Just an impromptu concert for santa. Oh! Is everything good here? Yeah, I think so. But someone’s gonna have to tell violet’s dad that she’s taking singing lessons now every wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00. With you? That’s amazing. What did I say about dragging her into a rock-and-roll lifestyle? I’m giving her singing lessons, not lifestyle instructions. We need to go home now. It was nice to see you. Back at you. And, violet, I’m sorry I challenged your belief in something that made you happy. It’s okay. Even if there’s no scientific explanation for it. That’s okay, too. Right, blaze? Absolutely. You know what? Leo’s right. We got to get going. I’ll call you. Bye. Let’s go.

Fa la la la la la la la good save. You got any more tricks up your sleeve? Well, stick around, and maybe you’ll find out. I can’t give away all my secrets.

[ Chuckles ] You have to work for them. I’m gonna get us some hot chocolate. Brook lynn: Blaze! I didn’t know you were gonna be here! Blaze: Hi! Hi! Alright, well, I’m late for a study session with adam. Joss, I thought you told him that he needed to find someone else to study with. He’s nice enough. Don’t get me wrong. But he’s just not your responsibility. What can I say? I feel bad for the guy. Mm. Darts later? Oh, I can’t wait.

[ Laughs ] Alright. See ya.

[ Door opens ] Alright. It’s just us now. So, how did things go with esme? Surprisingly well. She thanked me for helping you take a step back. I bet. And then… she apologized for everything she did before. You think that she meant it? I do. But that doesn’t mean I trust her. Ace, look! Isn’t it beautiful? Our first ornament for our first christmas tree. Now, where should mommy — what a way to end the year. Ironic, isn’t it, ace?

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