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Hey, don’t forget to take your employee discount now.

Yeah, all right. I will, thanks. Oh. And Uncle Roman– I was just wondering, could I– could I talk to you for a minute about my work schedule?

Uh, yeah. If you make it quick. I’m heading out to meet my new grandson.

Oh, and congratulations on that by the way. I was just wondering if maybe I could take tomorrow night off?

Well, let me guess. Big plans with Holly Jonas.


Yeah. Johnny told me you two are seeing each other.

[nervous chuckle]

[Christmas music]

These all look so good. I really shouldn’t.

Girl, you definitely should.

OK, jeez, twist my arm. I’ll take two for the road.


Oh, I think you gave me an extra scone by accident

No, no accident. It’s my way of saying I’m sorry for thinking that you had a crush on Johnny. I was wrong. My bad.

It’s OK, really. I mean, I get it. Crushing on my own stepbrother, that’d be cringey, right?

Yeah, definitely cringey. Although you did say that you were hot for your stepdad at one time.

I don’t think I ever said hot, OK? And besides, that was eons ago, before EJ and my mom were even married. It’s completely different now.

Hey, Dad. Dad, you OK?

Son. Sorry. Good morning.

Where were you just now?

Suffice it to say, I was somewhere that no father or husband wants to be.

Dad, I, uh– I’m sorry. I wish–I wish you didn’t have to go through this. You know, Holly told me about the DNA test.

Yes, they completed it.

And? How’d it go?

The test proved that Eric and Sloan’s baby was, in fact, not ours. So Nicole has no other choice but to accept that our son is deceased.

“Dimitri von Leuschner admits all.” Well, not all.

[baby coos] Thank God I got him that deal for his little lover boy Leo to go free, huh? Now with Dimitri behind bars, he’s never going to tell anyone who you really are.

Oh. There you are, my love. I was up all night tossing and turning, imagining you in here. Oh, I made a list of survival tips. It’s based on my previous experience in this dank dark hellhole. It’s a little mushy. Soaked by my tears.

Leo, I’m fine. Really, I’m, uh–

[sighs] I’m holding up. I mean, this place is a far cry from the Ritz, but– I’m going to be OK. Although I will take any tips that you might have. So what’s on this list?

Hold on. Before we get around to this, we need to talk about that bomb you dropped at my feet yesterday. What exactly did you mean when you said EJ and Nicole’s son isn’t really dead?

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Uh, no, I don’t have plans with Holly tomorrow night. And actually, my dad doesn’t really want me dating anyone right now. He’s all school, school, school, and harping on me and my debts and all that boomer stuff, you know.

[chuckles] Tate, your dad is nowhere near boomer age.

Whatever. I–I guess I just wanted to keep my dating life on the DL, you know. But stupid me, I forgot to– I forgot to mention that to Johnny.

You don’t have to worry about me. My lips are sealed.

I’m glad things worked out for you and Tate.

Yeah, me, too. He’s, uh, really great.

Yeah, he is. And I’m super stoked that he’s going to be on staff here at Sweet Babe, so that means we’ll be seeing more of you, too, right?

Right. I guess so.

You know, your mom used to stop by every morning for a jelly donut. Strawberry berliners were her favorite. You should–you should take one for her.

Thanks, but that was kind of a cravings thing. I wouldn’t want to remind her of her pregnancy. Not that she isn’t thinking about it every minute already. You know, she’s having a really hard time right now.

Yeah. Yeah, I get that. My sister lost a baby a few years back. And even though she did go on to have more children, she says that you never really get over the loss of a child. So I can only imagine what you all are going through right now.

I am so sorry, darling. I didn’t mean to leave you in suspense. Trust me, I would have never dropped that kind of shocking news on you if I knew the Commissioner Hernandez was going to storm in and drag me out of there.

No, please. I was relieved. I mean, when I learned that that tiny little miracle had– You know, I was devastated. But what I don’t understand is that if he’s not that word that I cannot say right now, then where the hell is he?

[baby coos]

(SOFTLY) Sweet boy. You’ve only been with us a few days. Already, I can’t imagine my life without you.

[baby gurgles]

And you were worried you didn’t have a maternal bone in your body.


You’re loving every side of this, aren’t you?

I’m just glad he stopped wailing every time I pick him up.

[laughs] We did have our first fight last night, though.


Oh, yeah. He copped an attitude with me by falling asleep during story time.

[chuckles] Well, maybe he’s making a stand for himself. Alice in Wonderland isn’t quite his thing.

You know, my mother read that to me every night, and look how I turned out.

[chuckles] I’m really loving this side of you.

I’m actually loving exploring this side of me.


But I have to admit, I do regret not taking maternity leave.


I just– I couldn’t. Work’s just been too crazy.

Hey, I read an article about your client Dimitri, that he turned himself in. If the murder charges are dropped, I mean, he’s still at fault for Nicole’s baby’s death, right?

[curious music]

I’m sorry, Dad.

I know, son.

I just– I feel so helpless. You know, I wish there was something I could do other than just say sorry over and over again.

The truth is I never expected the test results to come back any other way. But Nicole was so convinced that somehow Eric and Sloan wound up with our baby.

She really took it pretty hard, huh?


I mean, of course she did. I don’t know how else you could take it. You, uh– Do you think she at least is now accepting reality?

Yes. She appears to have. But I thought she’d accepted it before. So I don’t know if it’s going to stick. Lately, Nicole’s behavior has been rather erratic.


[tense music] Oh, I’m erratic, am I? What, do you think I’ve gone off the deep end? Just say what you mean, EJ. You think I’m crazy.

When you left the accident site with the baby, you were supposed to take him straight to the hospital. We both know you didn’t do that, because at first nobody could find you.

I did go straight to the hospital. The place was crawling with cops. I panicked, and so I went to Sloan’s house instead. I figured since she was your lawyer, she might be able to help. Leo, I didn’t know what to do. I was running out of time. I couldn’t deal with the baby. Rolf was waiting on us. We needed to get out of town. And then just like that, Sloan and Melinda Trask agreed to bring the baby to the hospital for me.

Melinda Trask? That ice queen was a part of this?

Yeah, She was at Sloan’s house when I got there. Anyway, I left town. And naturally, I just assumed that Sloan would bring the baby to the hospital like she said she would. But then I got back to Salem and I figured that she kept the baby for herself.

That lying illegal eagle.

I know. And now she’s passing him off as her adopted son while EJ and Nicole are mourning their dead baby.

Nicole, good morning.

Um, I should, uh– I should probably get going. I’ll see you later, Dad. And Nicole, I– I am sorry.

I’m–I’m sorry, too.

So what, you think I’m crazy to question whether our baby was really dead?

I never said that.

And now you think that even though I’ve seen the evidence in black and white, it might– the DNA might not be enough proof to convince me, because what, I’m not living in reality, because I’m a hormonal, erratic, crazy mess?

I certainly do not think that you are crazy, Nicole. I think you’re grieving. You’ve been through so much, and I am very worried about you.

[sighs] The first time I lost our child, I did go off the rails. Then I stole Sami’s baby, and I tried to pass her off as my own. And when I accused Sloan of doing the same thing, maybe I was projecting. You can call off the men in white coats, EJ, because I’m not going to lose it. I just needed to know for sure. And now that I do, I– (SOFTLY) Oh, God. This is it. This–this is my life again. And I will try to find a way to get through it. I will wake up every day, and I will put one foot in front of the other, just like I always have, over and over again.

I think every day about the babies that we have lost. We will never, ever forget them. But right now, the pain is excruciating. It eclipses everything. But Nicole, someday, someday you will feel joy again.

Will I, EJ?


A part of me knows you’re right. But right now in this moment, it doesn’t feel like it.

[sobs] Oh, it hurts.

You know, yesterday– yesterday you said that you had given up hope of feeling a baby kicking inside you, of giving birth, of bringing a child home from the hospital. So… I was thinking… maybe we could try again.

[ominous music]

Talk about multitasking. Do you want me to take him for you?

Uh, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve got this. We make quite the little team, don’t we, Jude?

[baby coos] Oh.

Hey, what smells so good?

I put cookies in the oven for your dad’s visit.

So career, baby, and homemade cookies?

Oh, don’t be too impressed. They’re the, you know, ready-to-bake kind. Slice ’em, dice ’em, and stick ’em in the oven.

Yeah, but that was still a very nice thing of you to do.

[knocking on door] Mm.

[sighs] Dad.

Hey! Hey, dad yourself.

[laughs] Hi, Sloan. Where is this grandson of mine? Let me see. Oh, my God. He’s beautiful. He’s beautiful. Look at that face. You know what? He reminds me a lot of you when you were a newborn. I don’t know, something about the eyes. But then I guess I could just be imagining it. You know, the resemblance, I mean.

Hey! Ooh, good thing my Uncle Roman isn’t here. Seeing you bring someone else’s eats into his establishment.

Well, maybe your Uncle Roman should put cronuts on the menu.

So you–you want a coffee or something? Some candy cane eggnog?

What I want is for you to leave me alone.

So–so you’re mad at me?

No. I’m not mad.

You sound mad. I think you’re mad.

And I think you’re a genius.

Oh, OK. So would you mind telling me what it is that–

Why I’m mad? Huh. I don’t know, Tate. Oh, wait. Could it be because you slipped your arm around me without my consent and then you jumped on the opportunity to give the entire world the impression we were dating?


No. Why would I be mad about that? Hm?

Good morning, beautiful.

Ooh, you look like you need coffee.

Uh, yeah. I didn’t get my regular fix at home. I had to hightail it out of there.

Why? What happened?

Nicole overheard my dad and I talking about her mental state and got pretty upset.

Oh, man. Poor Nicole. Holly was just here, and I was talking to her, And she was telling me that her mom is having a really tough time right now. And god. Obviously, she just lost a baby and then she got her hopes up thinking that the baby was still alive. And I was hoping that the DNA test that Holly set up would help her accept the truth.

Yeah. I think she does accept it now. You know, it’s just I can’t imagine. It’s like getting your heart ripped out all over again. You know, I feel– I feel so bad for her. You know, for my dad. I mean, nobody should ever have to go through that, ever. You know, let alone three times. It’s just–yeah.

Sloan kept Nicole’s baby?

OK, let me back up a bit. So Sloan and her husband were trying to adopt. So they hired Melinda Trask as their attorney. They got matched with a kid. But in the last minute, it fell through. Lo and behold, that is exactly when I serendipitously show up on their doorstep with a little baby boy in my arms. Sloan must have thought it was, I don’t know, destiny. Because as soon as I left, she and her attorney concocted some kind of crazy plan to kill off Nicole’s baby so she could keep it and say that it was her adopted baby all along.

[tense music]

My God. I am flabbergasted. My mind is literally blown. But pookie bear, my love, just one little question for you. Why didn’t you tell me about this before?

So what are we calling this little guy? Does he finally have a name?

He does. Dad, I want you to meet Jude Roman Brady.

[tender music]

Jude Roman Brady. That does have a nice ring to it. Yeah, yeah.

Would you like to hold your namesake?

Oh, you bet I would. Yes. Nothing would make me happier.

Aw. Here you go.

Oh, my God. Oh. Hey, Jude. You know what? Beginning to think I was never going to meet this little guy. And the delay had me a little worried. You know, because, you know, when Rex told me he didn’t want me to meet Victoria, it turns out she wasn’t his kid. But that is not the case with Jude. I know he is your baby and my grandson. Right, Jude? You’re mine, right? Big guy. Huh? You bet. You bet on it.

Another baby?

I’m not saying right away. I realize that there is no replacing the child we just lost. But now, thanks to modern medicine, we know that you can carry a baby to term. So I see no reason why you can’t fulfill your dream of giving birth to a child–

Stop, EJ. Just stop it. Don’t you get it? It’s over for me, forever.

[dramatic music]

And how are you doing, boo?

Me? I’m–I’m fine. Yeah.

Yeah? You did lose a baby brother. And that’s your pain, too.

I know. It’s just–it’s like I told my dad, you know. I just feel so helpless.

Yeah, I get that. And hopefully you and Holly can be there for each other since you guys are both going through this.

You’d be OK with that?

Yeah. Yeah, of course. I’m–I’m just glad that I was wrong about her having feelings for you.

You weren’t maybe just a little jealous, were you?

Jealous? Me? Never.

Bummer. Bummer.

Yeah, and you know what? I’m really glad that she moved on from your dad to Tate.

Oh, yeah. You mean, since he’s actually her age, not married to her mother. Yeah, it’s a pretty big step up, I’d say.

Yeah, yeah. You know, I was all over the place when I was her age, too. Hell, I was all over the place when I first got to Salem not too long ago. So she will get it together. And I really hope things work out for her and Tate, because they’re really cute together.

Yeah. Hey, you know who else is really cute together?

No. No idea. Do tell.

I’ll do you one better.

[Christmas music]

Holly, I didn’t mean to like–

Of course you meant to. You knew I only told Chanel I liked you so she wouldn’t know I like Johnny. You took advantage.

OK, fine. Yeah, maybe I took advantage a little bit. You got me. Whatever. I’ll just tell them that I talked to my dad and that he totally flipped out, and now we have to break up, OK?

Don’t you dare.

Sweetheart, I– I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t mean it. I understand it’s too soon to talk about. Too soon to even think about.

EJ, this isn’t about timing. We can’t try again. We didn’t try in the first place. It just happened. It was a miracle I even got pregnant. And when I found out I might be able to carry this baby to term, I mean, all I could think about was when was the other shoe going to drop? I mean, I was a nervous wreck my whole pregnancy. And then when I heard the baby cry… and I held him in my arms, I thought, oh, my God, I finally broke the curse. But I was wrong, EJ. (SOBBING) I was– I was so wrong.

[somber music] And I just–I need you to hear me when I tell you this. I’m never going to have your child, EJ. And if you can’t accept that, then I don’t know where to go from here. Oh, God!


Hon, you OK?

Yes. I was just thinking I should go check on those cookies.

Cookies, yeah. I thought I smelled something good.

Hey, um, let me take him. Oh. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten to meet Jude sooner, I just– I did stop by the pub as soon as he came home.

Where was I?

I don’t know. Although I did run into Nicole in front of the pub. And you know, she wanted to see the baby.

Oh, my God, that had to be tough on her.

Yeah. It was. You know, she had this whole idea that Jude was her son.

Oh no.

Yeah. So I don’t know. She just had this idea that Sloan, she pulled off some epic baby switch. And I agreed to do a DNA test to prove that it wasn’t true. And Sloan, she kind of freaked out about it.

Sloan freaked out? Why?

Because I didn’t tell her at first. She thought I was giving credence to the idea that she was a kidnapping nutcase.

Well, it’s not a great way to start out parenthood. But everything seems to be good between you two now, right?

Yeah. I think she just feels better that Nicole’s finally accepted the truth that her baby’s dead.

I can’t believe you didn’t tell anyone that Nicole’s baby is still alive. We were almost charged with felony murder and the kid isn’t even, you know, gone. And Sloan knew the whole time!

I don’t know. Maybe because I didn’t feel like pissing off our lawyer was the wisest strategy at the moment. Besides, it wouldn’t make any difference for me. There were already so many other charges against me. So I figured I’d just pool all my energy into saving you. And in the end, Sloan was able to get the murder charges dropped and make a deal for you in exchange for me keeping my mouth shut.

Well, now you’ve opened it. Big time.

Right. And now this little nugget of information is far more useful to you than it is to me. Leo, I want you to choose your moment wisely and tell Sloan exactly what you have on her. She will do anything to keep this truth from coming out. And I mean anything.

So you’re mad that I said we were dating, but now you want us to date?

No, I don’t want us to date. Look, I ran into Chanel earlier today, and she’s totally bought into this fable that you and I are actually a thing. So I’m thinking, let her keep thinking that. That way, she won’t be suspicious. And she’ll never see it coming when I swoop in and steal Johnny right from under her.

You’re still on this whole Johnny thing?

Uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?

Because it’s a crash and burn, Holly. The guy is in love with someone else.

You know what? You’re a glass-half-empty guy, Tate.


Johnny just needs a little help to see me as a romantic interest. And get this. I have the perfect opportunity. He wants me to help him arrange some surprise dinner for his wedding gagiversary to Chanel, even though they’re divorced.

Why did he ask you?

Oh, he wants a woman’s touch, and I don’t know, I guess he trusts me.

OK, but you do get that they are going to be the ones attending this romantic dinner together, right? So how is that going to help you?

Well, that’s where you come in.

That’ll be $ plus tax.

What? I would have thought that dating the baker comes with some perks.

Oh yeah, it definitely comes with perks.


Uh, wow. OK. Who needs caffeine?

Oh yeah, I know how to perk you up.

Right here, in the square? Can I come by later?

I would say yes, but Mom is going to be there.

What about your place?

Chez DiMera is a bit of a funeral home at the moment, so.

Well then, I guess we will just have to wait.

[groans] Wait is a four-letter word. But hey, I actually did want to ask you, do you have any plans next weekend?

I–I don’t think so. Why?

Well, it will be two years since we got married in Italy. And if it’s OK with you, I’m planning something kind of special to celebrate our would-be anniversary.

Bet they don’t make cards for that occasion. Happy this-would-be-our-wedding anniversary if we hadn’t gotten a divorce.

OK. Yeah, yeah. All right, you think it’s weird?

No. No, I think it’s sweet. So what did you have in mind?

It’s a surprise.

[Christmas music]

Nicole, as much as I would love to have your child… I completely understand your feelings. I have two beautiful children. You, you have the light of your life, Holly. And we have each other. Our lives are already full. I mean so full. I was just trying to make you feel better. And I made you feel worse.

[tender music]

I wish there was something that could make me feel better.

I know.

That could make us feel better. So I guess we’re just going to have to get through this one day at a time.

Mm-hmm. Together.


Sloan, these are so tasty.

Roman, thank you. That’s very kind for you to compliment my baking as it is, especially after the whole infamous clam chowder incident.

[laughs] Look. I wanted to say– OK, I want to say this. I know I haven’t been the most supportive guy when it comes to your relationship with Eric.

Bit understated.

But now you’re married. You have a child together. And I know that it was devastating when you miscarried. And I know that it was your idea to adopt. And now Eric is a father because of you. And he’s also very happy, and I have you to thank for that as well. So Sloan, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into my son’s life.

[tender music]

This is a lot.

I know. So many options.

I don’t know if I can keep this secret. And what about EJ and Nicole? They’re mourning a baby who’s alive.

Oh no. Leo Stark is suddenly developing a conscience.

Oh. Nobody is more surprised than I am. It’s like I’ve been given Willy Wonka’s golden ticket of blackmail, and I’m throwing away the whole chocolate bar.

Pookie bear, keep the golden ticket.

They are quite rare.

I’ve given up my freedom for you. So please make the most of it.

OK. I’ll try.

Have a wonderful life.

“Have a wonderful life”? Hey. You’re talking like this is some kind of goodbye.

I know. I–I just don’t know when I’m– when I’m going to see you again.

I’m going to come back here and see you again.

Let’s just make this moment count, OK?

[somber music]

I will see you again soon.

OK. Well, you know where to find me. Have a wonderful life, Leo Stark.

Ooh, a surprise. OK, let me guess. You are going to recreate the dinner that we had in Rome with gnocchi and tiramisu and wine followed by more wine.


And then we’re going to take a stroll through a beautiful garden.

In December?

And then we’re going to go discover all the nooks and crannies of a quaint church. Am I getting warm?

That’s a very nice try, a very nice try. But not a chance. I’m not going to ruin the surprise.

Come on. Just a little hint.

My lips are sealed.

Oh. I think you underestimate me, G. I know how to unseal those lips.

Yes, you do.


OK, look, I’ll say this. It is going to be a night that you will never forget.

[Christmas music]

What now, Holly? You know, this is starting to get pretty old.

Hey you’re the one who agreed to help me break up Johnny and Chanel, remember? Plus, you owe me for that little stunt you pulled yesterday.

OK, fine. What do you want me to do?

You’re going to help me make sure that Chanel never makes it to that dinner with Johnny. What, why aren’t you saying anything?

Because it’s kind of a big ask, Holly. Me keeping Chanel from her own, what, gagiversary dinner, whatever you called it. So you know what, I think I deserve something in return.

All right, OK. Just say it. What do you want?

To go on a date with you– a real one.

Well, I must say that I think my dad’s opinion has finally turned the corner about our relationship.

Me, too. I’m just glad he’s finally so supportive.

Yeah, me, too.

You know what? I should actually get going. Jude is going to be ready to scarf down another four ounces in an hour.

All right, I’m on it. I missed a call. It’s from the attorney that Melinda was dealing with.

[tense music] He wanted to apologize for the adoption falling through. He’s sorry we didn’t get the baby. What’s he talking about?

I think maybe I’m going to go take a bath or lie down for a little while or maybe go for a walk. I don’t know.

You know, I have a thought. If you feel up to it, I’d love to take my wife out for her favorite meal later on. Or if it’s too soon or I’m trying too hard, please say so.

That would be nice, actually. Thank you.

Yay. Well, I better get ready for the day, get out of this robe and pajamas. I love you, Nicole.


I love you, too. Hey, are you all done with your iPad? Hate to admit it, but I missed my morning fix of Lady Whistleblower.

Oh, don’t we all? It’s all yours.

[doorbell rings]

I’ll get it.

[tense music]

Hi there. Bad time?

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