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by Michele & Cheryl

EJ Nicole and Leo

Dimitri told Leo the truth about the baby
We got some movement in the Nicole/EJ/Eric/Sloan/Dimitri/Leo storyline. Dimitri told Leo that Nicole’s baby didn’t die. He let him know that Sloan claimed the baby as her own. We’re glad that he told him what she did. She doesn’t need to get away with what she did. The writers seemed to enjoy putting the blame on Melinda for the plan. Sloan was okay with going along with the plan. She is just as responsible for what happened as Melinda. Dimitri informed Leo and he wanted him to blackmail Sloan. Hopefully Leo will make Sloan squirm when he reminds her that she took Nicole’s baby. She didn’t have the right to take the baby when he didn’t belong to her. It’s hard to feel completely sorry for Nicole because she’s getting her karma, but that’s a conversation for another time. We wanted to focus on Dimitri telling Leo the truth. This storyline is the only one starting to move along and we’re curious to see how it plays out.

Leo tried to tell Nicole and EJ about the baby
Speaking of the baby storyline, Leo tried to do the right thing. He wanted to tell Nicole and EJ the truth, but they didn’t want to listen to him. Nicole wouldn’t let him talk about it for some reason. She had a feeling that her baby was alive, but she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Leo didn’t have a reason to see Nicole since the baby was gone. The only thing he would have told her was the baby was alive. If she listened to him, she would have had her baby. Maybe Nicole should listen to people when they try to tell her something. It’s a writer’s troupe that Nicole kept interrupting Leo when he tried to tell her the truth. The writers had to find a way to keep the storyline moving. Leo decided to continue blackmailing Sloan. As much as we enjoy watching Sloan backed into a corner, what’s the point of doing that? Nicole and EJ didn’t believe him so they wouldn’t listen to him when he wanted to tell the truth.

Sloan gets away with everything got out of the call from adoption lawyer
Sloan is a true villain on the show. She always manages to escape trouble. Sloan could have been busted this week when the adoption lawyer called Eric. If you guessed that Sloan got out if it, you’re right about that. Sloan managed to lie to Eric to get out of the call. Let’s back up a bit. The lawyer called Eric to apologize about the adoption falling through. You would think Sloan’s goose was cooked. We weren’t surprised that she avoided getting caught. She came up with a lie and managed not to get caught.

Theresa wanted to cover her tracks
Theresa might need to take lessons from Sloan on how to cover her tracks. She decided to get rid of the hoodie she wore when she kidnapped Victoria. For some reason, she chose to bury the sweater in the park. If you’re thinking she’s an idiot for doing that, you aren’t alone. Brady and Tate almost spotted her doing that. She got lucky they didn’t see her burying the sweater. Theresa could have thrown the sweater in the garbage, but she chose to hold on to it. There were so many ways to get rid of the sweater, but she didn’t do it.

Jude was kidnapped
Sloan was careless when she took Jude out for some air. She chose to leave him in the town square unattended. What do you think happened? That’s right. Someone took the baby and the stroller from the town square. The baby got kidnapped in broad daylight and no one saw anything. There’s always people milling around outside, but no one saw who took the baby. The kidnapper managed to take him without the baby crying. Could that mean he knows the person who took him? Nicole turned out to be the culprit. She didn’t believe that her baby died and took the baby. Nicole must be fast because she took Jude and managed not to get caught leaving the stroller at the pub. She also took the baby to the DiMera tunnels without the staff seeing her.

Random moment of the week
We added a random moment because we didn’t see this coming without reading spoilers. Stephanie and Harris ended up going to bed together. They got drunk and woke up together. Stephanie had her reasons to drink, but why did Harris do it? He didn’t get into a fight with Ava, so he didn’t have a reason to drink. We were shocked when we found out they were going to be in bed together. He told her that he would explain later. The writers chose to recycle the story. Shawn and Talia had a drunken encounter earlier in the year and now Stephanie and Harris did the same thing.


Stephanie Jada and Harris

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